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’2011 Hottest Women in MMA Grand Prix’ Voting: The Quarterfinals

Gina Carano (#1)

Profession: Strikeforce fighter, actress
Special talent(s): Lip-biting, the Joust


Shannon Lee Marr (#5)

Profession: MMA model and ring girl
Special talent(s): Somehow, there are no videos of her on the Internet, so being really, really hot will have to be enough.

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  1. LOKI Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 12:29

    ...I didnt get to vote on the first one. SHINANAGINS!!!
  2. bgoldstein Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 12:30

    @ LOKI: Try again...I had the wrong poll up there for a second.
  3. jackthedrinker89 Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 12:34

    Yea it wouldnt ework for me either but it came up after i went back to it... and it got harder down the line this time cuz i picked Gina to get upset, i just couldnt go with the upset of Kelli Hutcherson beating Brittney Palmer :/ so sad Hutcherson is so fuckin hot...
  4. rlh61 Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 12:34

    It's all good now...
  5. LOKI Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 12:35

    OK, now it worked but damn...the field just seems so void of life and personallity. Honestly why does Gina get another buy round against a 'who now?' and if anyone votes for Arianny, the terrorists win!
  6. ReX13 Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 12:37

    Attention Potato Nation: Vote for Mercedes. Romeo X-Ray.
  7. Crap Factory Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 12:40

    Gina is hot but the "who now?" got my vote.
  8. ReX13 Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 12:40

    Jesus, Beej, you fucked up the formatting right proper this time.
  9. LOKI Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 12:43

    @Crap Factory-As she did mine. @ReX13-Sorry bro but in a contest between 2 unknown hot bitches as to whom I would hypothetically smash given the choice, visable nippage is the clincher every time.
  10. bgoldstein Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 12:47

    Yaaaaay, formatting is fixed. That was scary.
  11. rampagejaxson Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 12:47

    First off, Arianny should be banned from this competition because that smut is the reason for the cagepotato ban! Listen hoe, we were gonna see your p and v regardless whether we bought the issue or not, and besides people buy playboy for the articles ha! And second, Gina would have never gotten past Juju had you posted her most recent pics ( in her gallery!
  12. Bob Reilly Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 01:03

    They did post that pic.....
  13. stopdrinkingpee Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 01:12

    Wow, three really obvious choices this time: Arianny, Rhian, and Brittney. I chose Shannon in the other spot. Gina's cute, but kind of one-note and played out. Tough call, though. I have objectifying women down to a science, and I am going to hell.
  14. Stak40 Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 01:12

    Loki, typically I am wit you on the nippage but A. Mercedes in my opinion is way sexier and be you can look at the other chick naked a thousand times and her fake tits look like any other pair of budger fake tits.
  15. Stak40 Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 01:13

    budget not budger...fuck
  16. Kid Clam Curtains Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 01:13

    Kendra "Falcor" Perez better not make it to the next round.
  17. Fried Taco Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 01:14

    I'd rather drive a Mercedes than a Rhian.
  18. ReX13 Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 01:18

    Rhian is busted. Don't let me down, guys.
  19. LOKI Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 01:28

    @rampagejaxson-For realz AC, thas a Ho move! But eventhough I didnt vote for either of them, I still say its gonna be Arianny and Brittny Palmer in the final and BP will ultimately win out. @Kid Clam Curtains-Holy Shit!!! She does look like a muffuckin Luck Dragon!
  20. Denny Slim607 Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 01:54

    Arianny and Brittney Palmer are by far the hottest, but I am pulling for Palmer as she seems to be slightly more intelligent.
  21. jfjjfjff Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 02:17

    lets be honest, Brittney palmer is stubby and has ridiculous fake tits. i would bang her hard but saying she is "by far the hottest" is completely ridiculous. its pretty easy, vote for whoever shows nipple because they are the least uptight.
  22. Dizzylittlelord Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 02:30

    jfjjfjff tbh saying you wouldnt bang anyone on this list or for that matter most of the women walking down the straight is giving yourself far too much credit
  23. El Guapo Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 02:34

    Rex... Back up, fool! I saw her first!
  24. danomite Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 03:00

    I'd like to cast four write in ballots for Chandella Powell please
  25. Meaot Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 03:16

    This shit is rigged! You'd think there'd be a lot of MMA fans with fetishes outside the norm... BUT YOU'D BE WRONG!
  26. ReX13 Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 03:18

    i wouldn't fuck Rhian Sugden with El Guapo's dick and cecil's pupils pushing. Just saying.
  27. Cestus84 Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 03:28

    Ok, sorry guys I gotta complain. How the fuck is Ariannys flat ass still in this yet Miesha, Juliana and Carol are not??!! Fuck this rigged ass shit!!
  28. K130 Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 03:57

    Mercedes all the way... But I still miss Juju's hotness!
  29. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 04:19

    Gina, hottest MMA chick gettin round, the other bikini models and professional pouters might be Hot, but Gina is the hottest MMA chick here. PS I would fuck all of em, with El Guapo's dick, cecils balls, Rex pushin however the fuck they want it, I'd do em all
  30. Vera Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 04:22

    All i see here is ariane vrs Perez?you guys got to vote on others?
  31. Vera Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 04:25

    Aaaaah next page!!
  32. Vera Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 04:25

    Brittany Palmer is a farmer!
  33. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 04:53

    Brittany Palmer is to sedan as Kelli Hutcherson is limousine.
  34. RwilsonR Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 04:59

    Kelli Hutcherson is to torso as Jon Jones is to reach.
  35. RwilsonR Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 05:05

    Kelli Hutcherson is to torso length what Solomon Hutcherson is to tooth gap.
  36. RwilsonR Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 05:10

    This list was easy, though. You only needed to ask yourself this quesitons - which of these does not belong? a) Arianny - model b) Kenda - model c) Mercedes - model d) Rhian - model e) Gina - overweight fighter f) Shannon - model g) Kelli - model e) Brittney - model
  37. El Guapo Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 05:31

    Well I wouldn't fuck Rex unle.. Wait, what were we talking about again?
  38. FightZen Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 05:32

    Rhian gets the straight up Nips vote. Rhian's fish net bathing suit is to nips what glass is to windows...
  39. El Guapo Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 05:40

    Ohhhhh, right. You know, those are some nice funbags, I must admit. But keep in mind "nice funbags and no ass a top notch hosehound does not make"(ancient Chinese proverb), thereby eliminating 3/4 of the field. Sooooooo, Mercedes... FTW!
  40. iriseee Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 05:51

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  41. jfjjfjff Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 06:32

    @Dizzylittlelord you definitely misread what i wrote, "i would bang her..."
  42. yougui Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 06:48

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  43. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 07:26

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Fucken sunglasses, fuck off
  44. Baerel Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 07:39

    The shot of Mercedes sitting in the back seat of that red car is hot....very hot
  45. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 08:44

    I still say we cant really make a judgement until we know what these bitches are like at makin sammiches
  46. Jawbreaker_46 Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 09:01

    Arianny vs Britney in the finals, Britney takes it
  47. Momoplata Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 09:16

    can't wait to see which one of this biddies is making me dinner...
  48. Momoplata Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 09:16

  49. newotnek Says:

    Thu, 04/14/11 - 09:44

    Brittney Palmer with the over the shoulder look back and the toes turned in for the win. Thanks CP!
  50. LetMeStickItInYourRua Says:

    Fri, 04/15/11 - 01:10

    I will always vote for anyone over Arianny. Just because she is over rated. Mesha Tate is waaay hotter!
  51. GoTWhisKéY Says:

    Fri, 04/15/11 - 06:13

    Wow Brittney Palmer.... #1 for sure
  52. mDino Says:

    Fri, 04/15/11 - 06:23

    palmer is so ordinary looking. im voting for most booty.
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  54. agentsmith Says:

    Fri, 04/15/11 - 09:15

    @ ReX13: "Rhian is busted." The hell you say!
  55. agentsmith Says:

    Fri, 04/15/11 - 09:16

    I still can't believe Kelli beat Corrisa Furr.
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