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“UFC 135: Jones vs. Rampage” Bonuses: That Other Diaz Banks 75k

Eat a dick, Steven Seagal. Props: MMAFighting.

Nate Diaz was clearly in a win or go home situation heading into UFC 135. Winning only three times in your past eight fights won’t exactly get you on Dana White’s good side. Especially when your brother is Nick Diaz. Fortunately for Nate, he easily locked in a fight ending armbar in the first round against Takanori Gomi. The 75 grand he pocketed for Submission of the Night honors? Just icing on the cake where he’s from, homie.

The only other fight on the card to end in submission, Jon Jones’ rear naked choke against of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, took home Fight of the Night honors. There really isn’t much else to say about this one, save for a sarcastic comment about how Rothwell vs. Hunt was far more deserving of FOTN honors. But you guys have higher expectations of us than that. Also, Josh Koscheck’s first round knockout over “K1 Hughes” earned him Knockout of the Night honors. This fight marks the fifth time in Koscheck’s career that he’s taken an end of the night bonus from the UFC, and also the second time he’s taken home KOTN honors. He also won Knockout of the Night for his performance against Yoshiyuki Yoshida back at UFC: Fight for the Troops in 2008.


  1. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 10:57

    I missed the diaz fight (long story about a skunk walking through the pet door). Was nick There?
  2. XENOPHON Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 11:04

    I missed some of the action during the Gomi fight, but I have to agree that Hunt got robbed of a well earned bonus. How about Hunt vs Schaub down the road?
  3. EJayy Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 11:15

    Well, Hunt I've never seen someone as tired as Rothwell was, ever, so I thought Hunt should've finished him. On a side note though, how about this Nate kid. Goddamn is he back!
  4. Taintimus Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 11:17

    As much as I don't like the Diaz brothers, Nate looked really good against Gomi. The Jones/Rampage fight was kind of one sided, not sure i would haven given that FOTN. I think Hunt/Rothwell deserved it. Te Huna's KO was pretty sweet, too.
  5. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 11:23

    Nate Diaz is not back nor was he ever here. He beat an aging puncher who he was already favored to beat anyway. Put him up against any relevant LW or even a non relevant LW with a wrestling pedigree and you will all be once again saying how he is just a shadow of his brother.
  6. Taintimus Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 11:24

    What about giving Hunt winner of Struve/Pat Barry? or maybe Travis Browne? Schaub would be a good choice, too.
  7. Smitty Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 11:26

    The Hunt/Rothwell fight was definatly NOT FOTN! They were gassed at the end of the 1st round. They didn't deserve a bonus. The UFC got it right. Bones is the future!
  8. Joedirt Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 11:38

    Whole card sucked.
  9. Taintimus Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 11:40

    but at least with hunt/rothwell fight, anything could have happened. All the other main card fights were, for the most part, one sided.
  10. XENOPHON Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 11:41

    I read someone talk about having fights in Denver...bad idea. I agree. Even Jones with his youth and conditioning looked like he was tired out by the 3rd.
  11. XENOPHON Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 11:43

    @Joedirt . Thought it sucked too...
  12. JaredB Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 12:37

    Who thinks to book a whole shit ton of heavyweight fights in Denver? Browne vs. Broughton might not have been quite the atrocity it was in Denver at sea level.
  13. JaredB Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 12:38

    And I for one, would love to see Mark Hunt make himself a winning record on Struve or Schaub's glassy ass chins.
  14. edhedicus Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 12:43

    At sea level Browne finishes that fight. New rule, no HW fights more than 500 feet above sea level.
  15. KINGMADE Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 01:30

    This is where Karma comes in and says Hunt vs Roth was FOTN becuase they brought it all 3 rounds. Eat a dick Karma the whole damn card sucked. You have problems when a Nate Diaz fight is your best one.
  16. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 02:20

    Awww Snap KingMade grew a SACK. No seriously the entire card didn't suck. Someones still peeved Uncle Quinton got choked out? Don't be mad bro buy Glad. ANYWAY Next subject what the fuck is this bullshit where we give any credit to Browne any credit at all I mean sure he put on a nice clinic when it came to not finishing the fight when He should have several times. As for the Hunt and Rothwell fight you got me Kingmade I sorta Impressed with the heart they showed at the end of the Second round. You can always find an easy way out of a fight nobody makes you finish anything, think about it. - Oh and WARRRRRRRRRRRRRR DIAZZZZZZZZZZZ
  17. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 02:37

    I will be at CFX 17 Karma. That is if it happens? Who are you fighting? oh, I see it now they have the fight listed as an exhibition match between you and reality . Loser (which is always you) has to shave their douche bag Faux hawk You must be so proud to be fighting on a regional card that is less than two months away and still doesn't have a venue or even a listed fight card. I mean that is just a huge step in the right direction.
  18. Drinks2Much Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 02:48

    how come noone is talking about that poor bastard who got his jaw broken? fuckin nasty
  19. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 02:55

    Douchebag faux hawk? reality? Who cares if its a regional card bro I'm an amateur you seem very angry would you like a hug? I am always the loser? You will be at the CFX event I am Sure you will be as well. It has a Venue location well done sport, you must be retarded or special needs pick one. Angry little fat keyboard midget needs a break from the computer.
  20. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 02:56

    @Drinks2Much - Yeah that was a vicious uppercut he even kind of had that oh fuck look all over his face. It was insane.
  21. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 03:16

    @ karma Nice response, way to skirt the issue. Who are you fighting then? When will fight card be up? When can you buy tickets? when will they advertise the event? Oh thats right they wont because it is not even a for sure yet. I assume the venue you are talking about is the plymouth memorial hall yet on their website the event is not listed. nor is the event listed on the CFX website Putting all the facts together this is the reality. You are not a blip on any promotions radar and you filled out one of those "do you want fight" things on the CFX site. They called you back and offered you a fight for a venue they MIGHT have. You being the excited teenager you are now think that you are going somewhere because of a fight I will put money does not take place. Choose your battles nephew. You wont win an internet troll war when you are so well represented on the internets as a never was washout of an amateur mma fighter.
  22. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 03:39

    First of all Bad troll I am not trying to win an internet battle. I an Amateur fighter with a winning record and the fights going to happen, I don't know who my opponent is yet because sorta how it works until about a month before the event when it comes to Amateur events. Shocking. As for the card I don't know the details on how they run their promotion and my coach is the one who put me on the card not me sparky. Feel free to try harder next time, So as far as wash out I think you are insanely misguided in your piss poor attempts to troll someone who can't be trolled. Try again Gangsta.
  23. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 03:44

    Thats sorta how it works*
  24. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 03:48

    Well, well. you seem to be the misguided one as you cant be trolled yet you keep responding to everyone of my posts. In the troll world that means I win. Also I researched your gym. Talk about the back burner on the stove, for such an up and coming young prospect they make no mention of you on their website. Rising son seems to be the type of gym that my nephew would train his delusions of grandeur at. oh wait maybe it would be a good fit for him as you seem to be doing the same.
  25. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 03:52

    I don't train at rising son anymore not to mention they don't list any of the fighters on the sight. You really are a bad troll it's adorable perhaps trying harder as I suggested might work for you. Not to mention I don't think they update their website at all if ever so whatever that's worth. - Oh I am far from being trolled see thats the failed logic bad trolls use. I am just playing video games on the computer and tabbing over for some good old amusement. Hey I want to thank you for the sudden interest in my fighting though I always have room for a nutthugger such as yourself sir.
  26. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 04:03

    @ karma Are you kidding me. I was just joking around until i came across this article from the Dunkirk observer. Straight from the horses ass himself. "During February 2009, I got into an altercation with a gentleman who tried to assault me," Watts said. "So, two weeks later on March 6, when I went to an event in Rochester, I found myself cornered by two guys who happened to be close friends of the aforementioned gentleman. They were also two-three times my size. But it was business as usual for me. I ended up handling the situation and facing serious charges. Wow! talk about an idiot. This kid really thinks he is the shite. Oh and by the way all of the cagepotato members who gave money to you should be upset. You knew you were going there without a shot in hell of even getting through the door. how despicable of you to do such a thing. Lastly I think i will do research into your relationship with Cagepotato. It is starting to whiff of sponsorship.
  27. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 04:15

    Your going to research my Relationship with Cagepotato? Seriously? Thats awesome I love all this attention. I see you found the VERY PUBLIC and VERY WELL KNOWN ABOUT ARTICLE the New Paper did about me I did get into a huge fight that almost landed me some time upstate New York. Another story for another day though right? - I don't know how many times I've had to say this but when I posted the if you want to help send money here part on Cagepotato. It mentioned that there was a huge chance I wouldn't get on the show because I didn't meet the requirements. Thus everyone who donated New the entire situation Fact for Fact god like I said you really are a bad troll. - This is just all to funny at this point continue on kind troll I wasn't hugged enough as a child so this is fun.
  28. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 04:22

    It sounds like you were hugged quite a bit in the boys homes you supposedly went to. I am going to call linda tommorrow and see what she thinks about you accepting money from a for profit entity like cagepotato and also wearing their products and thanking them in post fight speeches. You are about to get trolled in real life son. lets see how funny it is then.
  29. amsterdamheavy Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 04:22

    Successful troll *is* successful, all the denials in the world cant change that. Amateur MMA stand out AND a psychologist. This kid is the *whole fucking package* and only 155 to boot.
  30. jaikin Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 04:30
  31. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 04:31

    Your calling Linda? who is Linda? Not to mention Cagepotato has given me no money so feel free to troll away in real life sir. Bad troll is bad.
  32. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 04:38

    I think He's calling Linda Mcmahon oh shit son!
  33. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 04:38

    Linda Shields is the CEO of CFX. You know the org. you will be fighting for next month. I have already forwarded your KOTC fight where you mentiion cagepotato multiple times and the posts about you being fight team captain. I have also added to that the archives of you asking for money ( a no no for amateurs) from the cage potato members. I also included a few very nice quotes of yours from the archives that display an obvious attachment and loyalty to Cagepotato and its related brands. Dont hate on me if you or your coach gets a call from either Gary or Dave in the next couple weeks here to explain why you will not be fighting on their card. It is so easy to get you replaced when they have not even advertised yet. Good luck as a future amateur.
  34. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 04:42

    It is more than possible and probably likely that with all of this info together they will consider you as being sponsored by cagepotato. As an amateur fighter they will probably not even do much research,you are so easy to replace. Lets just see what happens.
  35. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 04:46

    Asking for Money is not a No No when I was residing in Wisconsin sir not to mention that the MONEY I recieved was only for the trip to New Jersey, Hotel,Travel,Food you know that nonsense. Thus there was no financial Sponsorship during any of my fights. There was also no transfer of money from Cagepotato to Myself, not to mention you certainly don't have a video to my KOTC fight. lets see what else, oh Yeah Gear Sponsorships are as legal as day sir and me wearing a logo and thanking them for the publicity I get from them wont get me in any trouble. Feel free to continue to talk out your ass its adorable I can't wait to be Contacted.
  36. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 04:52

    no you did not accept money directly from cagepotato but you used their for profit website as a vessel for you collections. That coupled with the gear sponsorships is just enough to call the matter into question and like i said with you being a no name fighter they will probably just drop you than want to deal with the hassle. Lets just wait and see what they have to say. I do have that fight vid because lucky for you I save random vids like that in case the user or copyright issues take them down.
  37. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 04:58

    You didn't save the video. Like I said bad troll not to mention just in case you've already been cut off at the pass nice try better luck next time.
  38. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 05:07

    Sponsorship is defined as a mutual relationship between a fighter and a single entity where both parties agree on terms of payment and allowable exposure. There is no way of knowing if the money you took from cagepotato members (which would have not been available to you if not agreed upon with ben goldstein) was used for only travel expenses. Aside from that the level of commitment and loyalty you have shown toward cagepotato implies that you are solely dedicated to that entity. Hence financial sponsorship. How did i know about your AOKI tights if i dont have that vid? and even if i didnt the comments on the page where it used to be and the quotes you gave to the observer ( about how it would not be possible without cagepotato) are enough to cause alarm
  39. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 05:13

    I have receipts for everything that went on from the second I purchased my Ticket on the train, to when I changed it over to a plane ticket to the point of coming back to Wisconsin all of which tallies up to the exact amount contributed by the Potato Nation. Now as for the whole me wearing the Logo and supporting the site you can't prove anything thus it's all hearsay thanks for playing but none of this holds up as relevant fact in any form of reality. - Keep it coming baddie
  40. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 05:15

    Oh and you Could have simply read the post that still exists and thats how you could know about my Scramble Spats. Better luck next time. TRY HARDER... Bad troll.
  41. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 05:19

    Cant prove it. Do a google image search of Jeff Watts MMA and see what comes up. The first pic is one of you with your douche bag faux hawk wearing a cagepotato shirt. and like I said b4 CFX will not waste their time researching. the evidence i sent them is enough to call the situation into question and to avoid the hassle they will just say you are no longer need. One other thing in you last post you were talking about hearsay in which you pretty much admit hwhats going on and that i just cant prove it. Real smart guy. i am forwarding that one to Linda as well.
  42. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 05:23

    furthermore it is obvious that Ben goldstein used the publicity he received from your TUF tryout to increase the traffic on his website. Once again financial sponsorship. Cash money does not have to change hands between you and Ben Goldstein. You both obviously profited from the incident and any monetary gain is considered sponsorship.
  43. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 05:25

    You are an Idiot who knows nothing about what he's talking about. All you are spewing is hearsay and has no baring on reality thats the simple fact keep sending emails I bet that won't make you look at all unstable. Perhaps it's time to pick up drinking again? The First rounds on me, not to mention as far as the state of Massachusetts is concerned none of my fights are considered legal sanctioned fights. Do you know what that means? It means you get to eat dick. Thanks for playing.
  44. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 05:27

    I wasn't a resident of the state of a Massachusetts nor did I compete here none of this is relevant and holds no barring on anything. Continue emails away anything you want sir its hilarious I think I said this a few times earlier but.. BAD TROLL IS BAD..
  45. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 05:30

    How is it hearsay if there is photographic,video, and text to confirm the incident? And in case you didnt hear me the first four times i said it. CFX will not care, you are so irrelevant and easily replacable that they will just drop you to be rid of the hassle. Mark my words you will not be fighting for CFX come november. I drink crown on the rocks. Are you still coming to mass even though you wont be fighting?
  46. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 05:31

    ,and text evidence*
  47. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 05:37

    i said this earlier too "Good troll is good" cause you have responded to everyone of my posts which is my ultimate goal. Sooooo..... uhmm.... in my book I am doing a pretty good job.
  48. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 05:37

    I live in Mass now dumbass did you miss that part of the conversation? I know you come off inherently stupid but I figured I'd give you more credit then you obviously deserve. What you fail to understand is that you are a nobody and are completely irrelevant not to mention you come off somewhat angry no apparent reason. Just remember if you keep hugging my nutts like this people are going to start talking. Anonymity suits you well sir I'll see you in November look for the guy wearing the COLORFUL Spats. With the big fucking Mohawk keep an eye out bad troll.
  49. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 05:39

    where are your seats at? Do fighters kicked off the card get free tickets?
  50. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 05:44

    Bad troll right there ^
  51. jque Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 05:45

    newly sober you are a fucking idiot. i think you are a full blown stalker and you need psychological help buddy. Poor fella must have no life if he wants to spend so much time and effort to get you taken off one card lol

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 05:45

    Sober is one of these internet tough guys Karma.. if he were in front of you I would bet my house on it that he would just quiver and shake like the little bitch that he is.. also I think his mom should stop paying his bills and she should kick his ass out of the basement no one cares about little Drunks that just talk shit to people trying to do something with their lives... Sober is the biggest bitch alive.. I bet to top it off he is a Rashad fucking evans fan faggot!!! I hope you shit yourself later troll fuck.
  53. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 05:48

    Delusional mma douchebag who thinks he is going somewhere in the sport and feels he is superior to all us lowlifes on cagepotato right there. ^^^^^
  54. jque Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 05:52

    newly sober is probably still sucking on his mammas titty, eating hot pockets in her basement and jacking off to karmas picture
  55. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 05:52

    @ mmainmyblood Youre right, Karma would probably beat me in a fight. Who cares! Thats not what this is about. Its about me being tired of Karma thinking he is so much better than the rest of us because he knows a few ways to choke a dude out while humping his pelvic region.
  56. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 05:55

    lets just wait and see what happens come Nov. Either way you all lose. In one scenario your little mascot loses and has to eat crow. In the other he wins and we have to see his head swell larger than it is.

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 05:59

    Im gonna have a beer and then watch the game.. because I can without the need to get plastered.
  58. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 06:00

    So this is a peronsal Vendetta because I shit on terrible things that you type up. Like how Jones isn't going to have to go up in weight for more then a couple years and etc,etc. Anyway thats here nor there I honestly couldn't care what little stunt you think your pulling. Do you really think the people who run a Promotion to make money care about what you have to say? nope, specifically when it involves some insane theory thats not true. A handful of people here don't like me guess what? I'm okay with that. I don't go out of my way to provoke or shit on them in real life because honestly I don't care. Do what you think you have to, Bad troll you are bad.

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 06:01

    I for one believe that some people (I wont say any names) need a good ass kicking in life to get normal. That day will come and when it does.. just remember payback is a mother fucker.
  60. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 06:05

    You crossed the line insulting me first. So yes, I will take it to the next level and as we speak I am putting the presentation I plan to deliver to CFX together. Beyond that I plan to do all that is in my power to destroy your dreams of competing in MMA. I dont know if I will succeed nationally but i know I will succeed in Mass.. I live here to buddy and I know quite a few people. Tough thing being on the end of a rope and not knowing who is cutting it in half.
  61. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 06:07

    i think MMAinmyblood is talking to you karma
  62. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 06:13

    just kidding. I couldn't care less about any of you. Good luck in November Karma. I truly mean that. i hope you get the win and i hope you go far, as MMA seems to be your dream.
  63. towelie Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 06:19

    somebody make a video similar to Rocky IV for Kos vs. Penn. I want that fight to happen. Penn could be Rocky, Hughes as Apollo etc. Would only have been made a cooler idea if Kos said something in the 135 pressers about Hughes psuedo last fight, "if he dies, he dies." Do it.
  64. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 06:21

    I don't think you realize how small the Community really is in MMA. I didn't personally insult you sir I insulted your ideas put together all the shit you want to. I don't really care because what you fail to realize is that all of the things you are accusing me of doing would of happened in a state where there was no Governing Athletic commission you obviously don't understand how these things really work do you? TALK TALK TALK TALk thats all your doing.
  65. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 06:22

    Seriously... Dammit. Okay I gotta go change my pants I might of shit myself once during the past few hours. Job well done Sober.
  66. newly sober Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 06:32

    forever alone. thanks for turning a boring sunday afternoon into a semi boring one. I really do wish you the best in your fight and I will be there cheering for you. It is no mans place to hamper anothers dream.
  67. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 06:42

    Well I appreciate those kind words hit me up after the fights I'll buy you a beer.
  68. texican666 Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 06:57

    So did anyone catch Strikeforce Challenger Series Friday night? A free card with way more exciting fights then last nights UFC. The UFC heavyweights last night looked horrible compared to the heavyweights on Strikeforce. High altitude or not, last nights heavyweights looked bad. The UFC needs Strikeforce's heavyweights. Travis Browne thinking he is a top 10 heavyweight is a delusional motherfucker. On a side note, I usually love reading you fuckers posts, funny as hell. Today, things seemed to get a lil personal. Good to see things were put back into perspective in the end, but I miss the slapstick comedy from you guys.
  69. HandsofGold Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 07:21

    @newly sober Says I agree man
  70. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 08:00

    jeez, if you turn into that much of a nasty little fucktard by being "newly Sober" I'm gonna keep drinkin, and BTW karma did not proposition CP for money or its users, it was put forward by us , the commentors that we chip in , if we wanted, and give our CP mate Jeff a hand, end of story.
  71. Todd M Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 08:51

    ^LOL FBF, Seriously troll or not newly sober is a pathetic human being, angry because someone else is doing what they want in life, jealousy is a female trait, BITCH
  72. RwilsonR Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 08:54

    I'm with FBF - let's all keep drinking!
  73. KINGMADE Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 10:00

    I will not go as far as sober did on Karma, but Karma is fucking retarded for calling the Roth vs. Hunt fight a good one... These 2 are fucking PRIZE fighters who gassed after an uneventful first round. They are not amateurs. PRIZE FIGHTERS.
  74. RSparrow Says:

    Sun, 09/25/11 - 11:25

    Karma and "newly sober", please text message each other next time
  75. Xanderschultz Says:

    Mon, 09/26/11 - 12:23

    Dude, sorry Karma for having to go through that. That was redic! Sometimes you gotta take a loss on these internet battles to win, ya know. If your training hard for MMA, theres just gonna be people who have more time and energy for silliness like "newly sober". I've never commented on here before, but that shit was just silly. Keep your head up, and keep working hard!
  76. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Mon, 09/26/11 - 04:01

    CP loves karma CP says to newly Sober " Fuck off you worthles piece of low breed shit" and yes, I'm fucken drunk agin, and you , you newly sober CUNT,can go drown in yer own cum you really are a vindictive fucker ( oh the irony) LOL
  77. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Mon, 09/26/11 - 06:18

    Thanks for the love guys.
  78. Fried Taco Says:

    Mon, 09/26/11 - 07:53

    I'm confused, did newly sober talk to his AA counselor sometime in the middle of all this?
  79. dranokills Says:

    Mon, 09/26/11 - 08:29

    wow Im not even gonna read all that shit. hey sober troll, you talk out your gay ass. hey newly troll,you obsess so much about karma it kinda comes off as gay stalky-stalkerton. hey trolly troll...........fuck off, nobody but you can hear your head rattle. Karma rock on.....keep telling it like it is. just cause jealous nobody,pinheaded,lame ass, 3 bag-o-dicks eating,fucktard don't like ya, it doesnt matter. a big shout out to my brother from oz.
  80. XENOPHON Says:

    Mon, 09/26/11 - 11:13

    @dranokills . Come on, where does all that love come from? I really liked the purple lip-stick video and the other skits. There talented, I'm being honest. Cage Potatoes might be allowed to be boiled or get mashed, but they don't hate.
  81. SnackDaddy Says:

    Mon, 09/26/11 - 11:31

    I can't believe what an idiot this newly sober freak-show is.
  82. SethF Says:

    Mon, 09/26/11 - 11:46

    Wow, I thought you were all moved by my poetic recap of which fighters got bonuses, and it turns out you were all just commenting on whether or not amateurs can be sponsored (From my understanding, yes they can, it's the organization that's not allowed to pay them in most states). . Now I need a drink...
  83. Ringo Says:

    Mon, 09/26/11 - 11:53

    WTF just happened here? If being sober makes you a bitter asshole Im gonna keep drinking till I die... that being said i will get one right now in my lunch break.
  84. jaikin5 Says:

    Mon, 09/26/11 - 05:06

    Sex tool for sell that you will like them ,welcome to
  85. URL Says:

    Fri, 10/11/13 - 10:59

    ... [Trackback]... [...] Read More:“ufc-135-jones-vs-rampage”-bonuses-that-other-diaz-banks-75k/ [...]...
  86. jalia parsnip Says:

    Sun, 12/01/13 - 02:58

    “UFC 135: Jones vs. Rampage” Bonuses: That Other Diaz Banks 75k | Cagepotato... The Absent Game...

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