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10 Songs the UFC Should Consider Replacing “Face the Pain” With

The Hard Rock Anthems

A “manly” sport like MMA warrants a “manly” soundtrack — something that elicits memories of Pabst Blue Ribbon and bear wrestling. These are two such songs.

8. AC/DC — “Thunderstruck”

Although it will lose a little of its luster now that Yushin Okami has been fired, “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC is easily the most appropriate song from the legendary Aussie group’s catalog to open a UFC PPV with. It’s tense, powerful, and practically written with an arena audience in mind — if only the same could be said for those overbearing Snoop Dogg/Fountains of Wayne/Dubstep mashups regularly featured in-between fights at today’s UFC events.

From a purely musical perspective, an AC/DC song is probably never going to blow your mind. Aside from being played every ten or so minutes on your local rock station since 1975, their three chord-structured, 4/4-based anthems are essentially the foundation upon which 95% of today’s hard rock/metal songs are built. Some would even call them one-dimensional, if that one-dimension wasn’t too busy rocking their f*cking socks off with Brian Johnson’s demon-screech.

And sure, AC/DC aren’t exactly a band that ever really evolved, but neither did Matt Hughes, and people still seem to like him enough, right?

A poor example perhaps, but the point is this: It is always easier to draw someone into a new experience by first providing them with something familiar. The California roll (and sushi in general) would have never taken off in America had Ichiro Mashita not decided to wrap raw fish and seaweed with rice, not the other way around. As such, a song like “Thunderstruck” would provide a far shorter gap to bridge for non-MMA fans or first timers than a man screaming “Ripping me into pieces!”

7. Pantera — “Walk”

On the contrary, having a song like Pantera’s “Walk” open your PPV would assure any noob partaking in the experience that sh*t is about to get real. Plus, dat guitar solo. (*slugs fifth of Jack and shadowboxes cat*)

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