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10 Things the New UFC Fighter Uniforms Will Not Include

(“Trust me Roy, this thing is going to change your life.”)

According to BleacherReport, the UFC is working on a deal to create a standardized uniform for its fighters, including fight shorts, walkout shirts, and hats. The uniforms would consist mostly of UFC-branded product and logos — along with the brand of the apparel company — although there would be several spots on the shorts and shirt reserved for fighters’ personal sponsorships.

Clearly, the UFC is pursuing a more “major league” appearance, while trying to avoid any more embarrassing surprises. Until the uniforms are revealed, we can only speculate on whether they’ll bring a positive change (professionalism, yay!) or a negative one (loss of individuality, boo!). But no matter what they end up looking like, we can name at least ten things they won’t include…


Chains of any kind

Shoulder pads with big-ass spikes


Real fur

(Photo by Esther Lin)

Suits and ties

Clubs and dinosaurs

(Photo via Sherdog)

Unzipped leather jackets

(Photo via Getty)

Sweat pants

Any combination of pink and brown

Honorable mention: Vale tudo shorts with eyes on the ass. (Either they’ll be banned going forward, or all fighters will be required to wear them from now on.)

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