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13 Random MMA Fighters Who Somehow Have Their Own Wikipedia Pages

Kevin Knabjian

Notable Achievements: Unfortunately, Kevin Knabjian is not a giant, fighting bird. Rather, he’s the guy covering up from Volkmann’s punches at the beginning of this post. He last competed two years ago, losing to Drew Fickett during the midcard of WMMA 1. The event was headlined by Sean McCorkle vs. Brian Heden. Ouch.
According to Wikipedia: “Together with fellow EIU student, Brian Ebersole, he started practicing MMA when he was in his freshman year of college.”

Chad Leonhardt

(Credit where credit is due: He rocks the “Jesus in a junkyard” look more convincingly than anyone I know.)

Notable Achievements: Leonhardt was Bellator’s go-to fighter whenever they’d visit the the Bible-thumping, redneck-infested swamp known as Northern Louisiana, and needed a local prospect to crush an out-of-state jobber during the undercard. Was eventually called up to Strikeforce, where he lost to Mike Bronzoulis at a Challengers event.
According to Wikipedia: “Leonhardt made his [Bellator] debut on May 9, 2009 at Bellator 9 against Dan Keenan. He won via KO in the first round.”

John Ott

(Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

Notable Achievements: The inspiration for this list was the discovery that John Ott has a Wikipedia page. Lost to Bobby Lashley in the main event of a Titan FC show, then was kneed in the face by Jake Rosholt in his next outing. Long live John Ott.
According to Wikipedia: “After being dominated for most of the fight, Ott got a break when Rosholt landed an illegal knee, resulting in a disqualification victory for Ott.”

Norman Paraisy

(Quote chosen strictly for its irony.)

Notable Achievements: Wanted to demonstrate that the French weren’t cowards during TUF 11, then quit during his elimination round bout against James Hammortree. Was given three separate chances to redeem himself in Bellator. Draw your own conclusions on how they worked out for him, and insert your own French jokes accordingly.
According to Wikipedia: “Paraisy made his Bellator debut in the first welterweight tournament against former UFC Middleweight Champion Dave Menne. He lost via submission in the third round, the first lost of his career.”

Dan Quinn

Notable Achievements: Yet another “crazy person who doubles as a mediocre MMA fighter” in a long line of them. Was kicked off of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team over allegations of sexual assault. Since then, he’s spent his time preaching the benefits of Stevia as a performance-enhancing tumor melter, calling out Kimbo Slice and making death threats toward Dana White — all while compiling a 5-7-1 record as an MMA fighter.
According to Wikipedia: “While attending [Notre Dame], he was involved in a bitter feud with Hall of Fame coach Lou Holtz and starter Frank Stams. Quinn alleged that Holtz assaulted players and engaged in illegal point shaving by not allowing him more time on the field to make ‘spectacular fucking plays’.”

Mike Seal

(A rare photo of Seal actually getting his hand raised. Props to Sherdog for the image.)

Notable Achievements: Does being completely forgettable count as an achievement? I was sitting in press row for Bellator 70 — where Seal lost to Jonas Billstein in the first round — yet I have zero memory of this fight.
According to Wikipedia: “Seal faced UFC veteran Eugene Jackson on June 9, 2006 at Strikeforce: Revenge. He lost via TKO in the second round.”

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