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November, 2007

Fight of the Day: Houston Alexander vs. Thiago Silva (UFC 78)

According to, Houston Alexander is already back in the gym with his coach Mick Doyle, trying to figure out what the hell went wrong on Saturday night and how to prevent it from ever happening again. They’ll surely be watching this video on repeat, which shows just where things fell apart. Instead of coming out swinging in his usual wildman style, Alexander calmly stalked Thiago Silva at the start of the first round before falling into a clinch. From there, Silva’s Chute Boxe jiu-jitsu skills take over, and Alexander is brought to the mat and mounted. Referee Dan Miragliotta steps in when Alexander seems to lose consciousness, but lets Silva haul off a few more times just to be sure. Not that I blame him — I certainly wouldn’t want those Jersey savages hounding me about an early stoppage…


Bisping to New Jersey: “Go to Hell”


Like King George III and Hugh Grant before him, Michael Bisping is quickly establishing himself as a Brit who Americans love to hate. During a post-fight press conference, Bisping was asked how he felt about the way the crowd reacted to him during UFC 78. His witty response: “They can all go to hell.” Listen to the audio here. As Mr. Sunshine reports, “it did put a slight grimace on the face of UFC president Dana White, who was standing behind Bisping.” Though we imagine if Dana was in Bisping’s shoes, he’d probably say something more along the lines of “Basically, Jersey can go fuck itself.”


Reminder: Forrest Griffin Is Tonight’s ‘SVU’ Villain


Be advised! Forrest Griffin and Ice-T’s wife Coco guest star on Law & Order: Special Victims Unittonight at 10/9c — as a possibly homicidal “ultimate fighter” and the woman who loves him. Detective Stabler better bring his A-game; you don’t just slap cuffs onto the man who tore apart “Shogun” Rua…


Ali Sonoma: A Remembrance


If you were bummed that Octagon Girl Ali Sonoma was M.I.A. during UFC 78, prepare to be even more bummed — the 23-year-old model has put down her ring cards for good. According to a blog entry on her MySpace page:

“I am no longer a ring girl for UFC…I am proud to say I am moving up to bigger and better things. There is always a time when you get comfortable at a job…you seem to lose focus on what your main goal is…I guess I got a little comfortable myself, of course, I loved the fights, loved the experience, but my real dream is to actually speak on camera, to act, not just shake my booty for the crowd. (even though it was a lot of fun while it lasted and I met some amazing people)”

This is truly a somber day. Let us celebrate Ali’s memory by gawking at some of her pictures, after the jump…


Friday’s Strikeforce Event Available Free on Yahoo! Sports


To see Cung Le kick ass, Sean Salmon get KTFO’d, and all of my predictions fall apart one by one, click here.


Premiere Date, Contestants Announced for Celebrity “Apprentice”


As reported here last month, the next season of NBC’s awful-behavior competition The Apprentice will be a celebrity edition featuring UFC star Tito Ortiz. The Associated Press has now reported that the season premiere is set for January 3rd, and the full cast of contestants has been officially announced. They are (in order of my own personal interest):

Tito Ortiz — UFC light-heavyweight with the super-heavyweight head
Gene Simmons — Kiss bassist/singer known for shameless branding, disturbingly long tongue
Lennox Lewis — Retired heavyweight boxing champion
Vincent Pastore — Big Pussy!
Stephen Baldwin — Born-again Christian, founder of Breakthrough Ministries, co-star of Bio-Dome
Tiffany Fallon — 2005 Playboy Playmate of the Year
Trace Adkins — Musical genius behind “Honky-Tonk Badonkadonk”
Nadia Comaneci — Romanian gymnast best-known for her perfect-10 pwnage of the uneven bars at the 1976 Olympics
Carol Alt — Model/actress/raw foodie
Jennie Finch — Sort-of-cute Olympic softball gold medalist
Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth — The ball-buster from season 1 of The Apprentice
Marilu Henner — Actress, diet shiller, host of America’s Ballroom Challenge
Piers Morgan — Poor man’s Simon Cowell on America’s Got Talent
Nely Galan — TV producer and Telemundo executive, and the only contestrant you’ve literally never heard of

The 14 celebs will compete in business-oriented tasks around New York City, and their performance will be judged by Donald and his Lil’ VeePees, Ivanka and Donald Jr. The grand prize won’t be a job with Donald Trump, but instead a $250,000 bonus to donate to their favorite charity. I know what you’re thinking — charity, right? — but at least it’ll be some good exposure for Kiss Kaskets.


Fight of the Day: Georges St. Pierre vs. Sean Sherk

Steroid accusations aside, Sean Sherk has had one of the most dominant careers in MMA. In 34 professional fights, he’s only lost twice, against superstars Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre. This fight from UFC 56 in November 2005 is Sherk’s only loss by stoppage, and his second-to-last appearance as a welterweight. As for St. Pierre, in two more matches he would be the UFC’s welterweight champion…


Reason #643 Why Korean Television Is Better Than American Television

(Hong Man Choi/Choi Hong Man on “Heroine 6″)

Have you ever seen a seven-foot-tall man move like that? And how ’bout that flower bouquet trick?!


Bad Times…


Pictured: Akihiro Gono’s pretzel-like armbar of Tamdan McCrory at UFC 78. The foot up the shorts is just there for added humilation.


Strikeforce Salaries Seem to Be Missing a Zero

(I’m only posting this picture because my Google image search for “moth flying out of wallet” was a total bust.)

Since the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board isn’t releasing fighter salaries for UFC 78 in order to maintain the fighters’ privacy, you’ll have to make do with the numbers from Friday’s Strikeforce event:

Jorge Santiago [winner] ($15,000)
Trevor Prangley [finalist] ($30,000)
Falaniko Vitale ($20,000), Sean Salmon ($5,000)

Cung Le ($50,000) def. Sam Morgan ($10,000)
Alistair Overeem ($30,000) def. Paul Buentello ($20,000)
Lemont Davis ($3,000) def. Brian Schwartz ($30,000)
Anthony Ruiz ($3,500) def. Bobby Southworth ($10,000)
Luke Stewart ($10,000) def. Bryson Kamaka ($1,500)

Eric Lawson ($5,000) def. Josh Neal ($1,500)
Anthony Figueroa ($4,000) def. Pete Sabala ($1,000)
Alex Crispin ($4,500) def. Clint Coronel ($3,000)
Chris Drumm ($1,000) def. Evan Esguerra ($1,000)
Dennis Hallman ($10,000) def. Jeremiah Metcalf ($5,000)

These figures include win bonuses that ranged from $500 to $5,000, though the participants in the middleweight tournament all received a flat fee regardless of their performance. Man, that’s called “doing it for the love,” people…

Though the Potato was a pathetic 1-out-of-5 in his predictions for the night’s action, at least the sure thing came through, as rising superstar Cung Le ended Sam Morgan’s night with a vicious body kick at 1:58 into the third round. To watch the fight (with aggravatingly un-synced audio), click here, and to see a post-fight interview with Le, click here.