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Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?

November, 2007

Kevin Randleman Staph Infection Update



Lookin’ good, buddy! For the “before” pic, go here



You Should See the Other Guy…


In a remarkable display of balls, Tommy Speer dominated Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver in last night’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter, despite an early cut that had full pints of blood squirting from his forehead. As Matt Serra shouted in his charming Lawn Guyland accent, “He’s bleedin’ like a pig, War!” Unfortunately for Team Serra, the fight would not be decided on blood loss alone.


Not MMA-Related, But…


The “Dude, you’re getting a Dell” guy is now a waiter at a Tex-Mex restaurant. Just thought you should know.


Michael Bisping Has Dreadful Taste

So I was skimming this mostly boring BuddyTV interview with Michael Bisping, when I came to this part:

Do you know what song you’re going to be walking out to on UFC 78 yet?
I do, yeah. It’s Puff Daddy and Jimmy Paige [sic] “Come with Me” from the Godzilla soundtrack.

Right. Nice. Okay, Cool.
Every time I go running and that song comes on, I always have to speed up. So I thought I’d put that on to excite me for a little bit.


Butterbean Out, Kerr Still in at XF’s ‘Havoc in Hollywood’


Why Xcess Fighting chose to hold their debut event at a gay nightclub is beyond me. At any rate, the super macho fight organization’s “Havoc in Hollywood” show goes down tonight — but if you were planning on heading out there to get a glimpse of Eric “Butterbean” Esch, don’t bother.


Unsubstantiated Rumor of the Day

According to Canvas Chronicle, Tim Sylvia will face Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira at UFC 81 for the vacant heavyweight title. Feel free to harass the Chronicle’s editor Ric Gillespie ( until the bastard reveals his source.


Tank Abbott’s Terrifying Debut Featured in ‘Ultimate Ultimate Knockouts’

Ultimate Ultimate Knockouts, a DVD collection of the all-time greatest K.O.’s in UFC history, hit stores today. Among the fighters featured are Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz, Andrei Arlovski, Matt Hughes and Matt Serra, but the most frightening knockout on the disc comes from David “Tank” Abbott’s jaw-dropping debut against John Matua at UFC 6. Looking at Matua — a 400-pound beast who, as Michael Buffer manages to say with a straight face, is “a practitioner of Kuialua, the brutal Hawaiian art of bone-breaking” — you’d think he’d be the favorite against the beer-bellied Abbott. But Abbott makes his presence known immediately, punching Matua so hard that he ends up in an Awakenings-style paralysis, and then mocking him for it.

These days, Tank Abbott is seen as a relic of simpler times, when strikers couldn’t be bothered with learning how to grapple. He’s lost seven of his last nine fights (including once to Frank Mir). But on that night…he was brilliant.


Ring Girl of the Week: IFL Holly



RioHeroes to Stream Championship Tournament Live Today; Bodog Opens the ‘Vault’

Today, RioHeroes will broadcast its super-lightweight championship tournament live on its website. The eight-man event will kick off at 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT, and will follow Brazilian vale tudo rules — meaning there’s no gloves, no rounds, no time limits, and all techniques are legal except eye-gouging, hair pulling, biting, and groin strikes. Single-night tournaments are brutal enough with gloves, so this one should be utterly insane.

RioHeroes LIVE MMA Fights – Watch more free videos

In other online fighting news, Bodog Fight: The Vault premieres today on Bodog TV. Every Tuesday and Saturday, the website will broadcast never-before-seen matches from Bodog Fight-sponsored organizations like SportFight, StrikeForce, XFC, and other leagues where the fighters are so pussy that they have to wear hand protection.


Brock Lesnar to Face Frank Mir at UFC 81 has reported that ex-WWE star Brock Lesnar’s first opponent in the UFC will be former heavyweight champion Frank Mir; the fight will go down on February 2 in Las Vegas. Mir is best known for his controversial June 2004 title match against Tim Sylvia, where referee Herb Dean stopped the fight 50 seconds into the first round after Sylvia’s forearm snapped in an armbar. Sylvia didn’t tap out, and refused to acknowledge that his arm was broken:

Mir was badly injured in a motorcycle accident three months after winning the heavyweight belt, and has been 2-2 since then. Still, he’s an ideal matchup for Lesnar; as much as fans want to see Lesnar challenged in his first fight, they also don’t want to see him steamrolled by a superstar at the top of his game. And Mir, who has scored six of his ten professional wins by submission, will certainly put Brock’s wrestling skills to the test. I’m not prepared to make a prediction at this point, so instead I’ll present my favorite paragraph from Tim Sylvia’s wikipedia page:

“Despite having been the UFC heavyweight champion and earning six-figures per fight, Tim Sylvia is always seeking new sources of revenue. While champion, he attempted to sell a Playstation 3 on eBay for well over retail price (although he did generously offer to autograph the box.) He also once, while still UFC heavyweight champion, raffled off the opportunity to go bear hunting with him in Ontario…tickets were $100 each, and ticket sales were limited to 100. This adds up to $10,000. There was nothing in the raffle to indicate that the money would go to any sort of charity, or to anyone other than Sylvia himself.”