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December, 2007

Matt Serra Needs Jenny Craig ASAP

Matt Serra

Dave Meltzer reported about the current conditioning of UFC Welterweight Champion, Matt Serra in his recent print edition of Wrestling Observer dug this up:

“Matt Serra’s condition improved greatly over the past week. The week before he was in intense pain. This week he was still having trouble walking. While watching a training session, he almost considered going to the mat to demonstrate a technique, but then decided it probably wouldn’t be the smartest thing. He hasn’t been able to do any training and is probably more than 200 pounds.”

As you recall, Serra had some pretty extensive damage done to his back while training to step into the cage with Matt Hughes at UFC 79: Nemesis on December 29th. He’s now slated to meet the fighter who walks away with the win when Hughes meets Georges St. Pierre in the replacement match. This was supposed to go down in 2008, but with Serra ballooned up to 200+, we’re not looking for it to happen too early in the new year. Coming back from an injury like that is tough enough, but Dude, push yourself away from the dinner table after your 5th helping of yams. Yeah, we understand the way you guys fluctuate in weight and we’re not claiming to be training experts. What we do know is we want to see your next fight as soon as possible, so lay off the cheesecake and grab a diet soda. You’ve got LBs to shed.


Florian/Lauzon, Bonnar/Hamill Rumored for ‘Ultimate Fight Night 13′


Fine, we’ll be the first ones to say it — the scheduled card for January 23rd’s Ultimate Fight Night isn’t exactly turning our cranks. No disrespect to Swick, Cote, et al., but we have seriously low hopes for that mess. Luckily, the next UFN could be a killer, with two sure-to-excite bouts rumored to go down.

As MMA Junkie reports, Ultimate Fight Night 13 will air live on Spike TV on April 2nd, directly before the season premiere of The Ultimate Fighter 7. Lightweights Kenny “Ken Flo!” Florian and Joe “J-Lau!” Lauzon have agreed to a bout that will serve as the night’s main event, while Stephan Bonnar and Matt Hamill have also been discussed as a possible co-headlining bout.

The Florian/Lauzon fight could have major significance to the UFC’s lightweight picture, as the winner could possibly face Roger Huerta for the slot of #1 contender, and eventually face the winner of Penn/Stevenson vs. Sherk. As for Bonnar/Hamill, I have shameless schoolboy crushes on both the soft-spoken “American Psycho” and that big lovable deaf lug, so I know I’d be watching with a bag of Fritos, a bottle of hand-lotion*, and a mile-wide smile.

* Are anybody else’s knuckles drying out in this damned weather? What, you didn’t think I meant…oh come on, grow up!I totally LOVE WOMEN!


Clay Guida, There Is a Usurper to Thine Hair-Throne


(Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, who has knocked out fourteen men with his razor-sharp dreads in unsanctioned no-holds-barred matches in Cameroon, trains to kick L(R?)yoto Machida’s ass at UFC 79.)


Fight of the Day: Chuck vs. Randy 2

Chuck Liddell officially became a star at UFC 52 (4/16/05), avenging his previous loss to Randy Couture and taking the UFC’s light heavyweight belt, which he would go on to defend four times. Then somewhere along the line he discovered clubs and cough syrup, and the next thing you know he’s losing a decision to Keith Jardine. Let’s see if the Iceman can reclaim his past glory this Saturday at UFC 79 against Wanderlei Silva. Though Wandy’s knees might have other plans…


Good Advice

Just because we can’t get enough of his words of wisdom, enjoy this classic again.


UFC Weigh-In Details

Hughes/St. Pierre

Per, here’s the scoop for Friday’s weigh-in:

UFC 79: Nemesis fighters will suck in their guts for their official weigh-in this Friday, December 28 at 7 pm (EST). It’ll go down at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas and is free to attend if you happen to be in Sin City. If you want to check it out on-line, you can watch it live at, Yahoo!, and

Event Time: 6 – 8 pm (EST), with official weigh-ins at 7 pm

UFC 79 Betting Lines

Matt Hughes

Not that we’re enablers or even encouraging you to go out and get yourself a gambling problem, but throwing down a wager or two on UFC 79 just might make things more interesting. The early lines are shaping up like this:


  • Chuck Liddell (-105) vs. Wanderlei Silva (-125)
  • Georges St. Pierre (-240) vs. Matt Hughes (+190)
  • Ryoto Machida (-125) vs. Sokoudjou (-105)
  • Melvin Guillard (-260) vs. Rich Clementi (+200)


  • Chuck Liddell (even) vs. Wanderlei Silva (-130)
  • Georges St. Pierre (-240) vs. Matt Hughes (+190)
  • Ryoto Machida (-130) vs. Sokoudjou (even)

To get yourself good and educated about the whole process, MMA Betting Blog and MMA Junkie has some good info.


Yarennoka!: A Kick in the Balls

Hong-Man Choi

Props to Nightmare of Battle for the Yarennoka! rule change rundown. The first round will be 10 minutes, compared to 5 minutes for the second round. No draws, three judges choose a winner if the fight goes the distance.

But the ones that really take some pepper off the event are the no soccer kicks and stomps to the head of a downed opponent rules. Knee strikes are allowed except for the Fedor Emelianenko/Hong-man Choi fight. Seems Japan is Americanizing the event and it blows. Sure, we can see MMA rules becoming more and more unified and they’re certainly more rigid than they were in the early 90′s, but the Japanese removing these two doesn’t make a ton of sense. Are kicks to the head and face stomping life threatening? Yes, and that’s what is so fantastic about them.

In other Yarennoka! news, reports: ( has learned from a well-placed source that the eighth and final bout for Yarennoka! in Japan on Dec. 31 is expected to feature Roman Zentsov vs. Mike Russow. has also learned from a separate source that Russow is also under consideration to fight on M-1 Global’s first card in the U.S.

The bout between Zentsov and Russow is expected to kick off HDNet’s coverage of the event, which will commence on Jan. 1 at 6 a.m. ET. was also able to obtain a preliminary order of bouts on the card. It is as follows:

Fight 1: Roman Zentsov vs. Mike Russow

Fight 2: Makoto Takimoto vs. Murilo Bustamante

Fight 3: Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Luis Azeredo

Fight 4: Mitsuhiro Ishida vs. Gilbert Melendez

Fight 5: Hayato Sakurai vs. Hidehiko Hasegawa

Fight 6: Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Kazuo Misaki

Fight 7: Shinya Aoki vs. TBD

Fight 8: Fedor Emelianenko vs. Hong-man Choi 

The fight addition could be a good boost for Russow’s career who will be fighting his sixth match this year, with only one loss. This will be a good platform for him to show what he has to offer, but Zentsov is a beast and had his seven fight win streak snapped back in July. He’ll be hungry.

Stick around for more Yarennoka! scoops this week.


Versus Serves Up Holiday Cheer

Today is traditionally the most depressing day of the year, but Versus is giving us something to help cope. Starting at 5pm EST, the channel is airing an eight-hour WEC marathon. Fights we’re getting include:
-Our boy Urijah Faber when he took on Chance Farrar in the Featherweight Title Fight back in June.
-The Natural Born Killer Carlos Condit in his title fight against then number one contender, Brock Larson at WEC 29.
-Paulo Filho in his WEC debut against Joe Doerksen for the vacant WEC Middleweight crown (also from WEC 29).
-Razor Rob McCullough defending his Lightweight Title against Richard “Cleat” Crunkilton and Rani Yahya facing off against Chase Beebe at WEC 30.
-The California Kid pops up again, this time against Jeff Curran just two weeks ago. Other fights from WEC 31 will be Doug Marshall defending his Light Heavyweight title against Ariel Gandulla, Paulo Filho in the ‘did he or did he not tap’ fight with Chael Sonnen. And former UFC Champ Jens Pulver makes his WEC debut against Cub Swanson.
All fights are from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.
So get psyched, pour yourself some left-over egg nog and park it at 5pm (2pm PST) to relive some of the best fights of the past year.

Elbows vs. Long Arms: Stokin’ the UFC 79 Fire

Not that we need to do shit to keep you pumped about UFC 79: Nemesis, we’re going to anyway.  The holidays might have tore you away from the MMA universe for a couple of days, so we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss Chuck and Wandy waxing eloquent and chatting about strategy.
Liddell ‘splaining that he has long arms.
Silva revealing that he’s going to use his elbows.

More importantly, we’ve watched as the octagon has inched closer to the mainstream and it’s cool to see peeps like ESPN giving MMA more and more web space every month – even if they are looking at it through Dana White-colored glasses. Stay tuned for our full preview of the night later this week where we’ll break it down all proper for you.