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December, 2007

Separated at Birth? (#2)

Hong Man Choi…

…and Richard “Jaws” Kiel

(For the first installment of “S@B,” click here)


‘Teams’ Out, Title Fights In as IFL Announces 2008 Plan of Attack


In advance of a 3 p.m. ET media conference call, the IFL released this document to journalists, outlining the organization’s plans for 2008. Some of the highlights (which will be discussed in more detail later) are:

— “We will transition from the ‘teams’ (Silverbacks, Lions, Condors, etc.) nomenclature to a more open and fluid camp matchup system. The camps remain the essence of the IFL plan, and as already discussed, those camps that have already been most successful will continue on in the IFL…We will add Mario Sperry’s WorldClass MMA camp out of Las Vegas and Ian Freeman’s group from the UK.”

— Each of the nine camps will compete a minimum of three times over eight events in 2008, with four camps competing on each night. The eight events will be held at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey, and the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. Each event will include at least two title defenses. “The title defenses can either be existing athletes or a ‘one off’ from another organization or a ‘free agent’ matchup of a fighter available not signed to an organization.”


MMA Girl Makes Predictions, Causes Boners

The supa-foxy Joanne of MMA Girls — star of the ever-popular “how to pass guard” video — has released a new video of her predictions for UFC 79:

Wow…I’d watch this girl predict the results of a dog show. (And yes, put me down for five of those adorable little teddy bears!) Still, I disagree with Joanne’s claim that the Hughes/GSP match will go the same as the last one. I don’t see Hughes getting caught with a head-kick again, and he’s been preparing for a fight for the better part of a year, while GSP took the match on a month’s notice. But yeah, Silva, Sokoudjou and Clementi do seem headed for victories (I’ve never seen Soa Palelei or Eddie “The Manic Hispanic” Sanchez fight, so I won’t make a call one way or the other). Any disagreements, take it up with the comments section…


BREAKING: Tito Ortiz Shot Dead While Trying to Protect Kidnapped Family

I know, I didn’t hear about this either! But apparently there was a Turkish movie released last year called Kurtlar Vadisi Irak (“Valley of the Wolves Iraq”), about a group of Turkish soldiers who try to get revenge for a series of atrocities committed by Americans during the occupation of Iraq, and Tito Ortiz was in it. He’s actually the only American character with a conscience; the film also stars Billy Zane as a sadistic Army commander and Gary Busey as a Jewish-American doctor who harvests organs from injured Iraqi prisoners to sell to rich people in New York, London and Tel Aviv. In one scene (shown below), the survivors of a raid on an Arab wedding are being driven to Abu Ghraib prison via shipping container, when Ortiz’s character complains that the captives may be suffocating. His partner shoots the container full of air holes. When Ortiz threatens to report to incident, he is shot. Watch, if you must:

With a budget of $10.2 million, Kurtlar was the most expensive Turkish film ever made, and it was a box-office hit. To put that in perspective, the most expensive American film ever produced was Spider-Man 3, which had a budget of $258 million. So, nice try Turkey, but you’re not even close! Holla when you can hang with the big dogs…


Trash Talk: It’s So Hot Right Now!


“I’m not sure that he would be a contender anytime soon. I don’t think he would beat Rich Franklin. He certainly wouldn’t beat Anderson Silva or Dan Henderson. Not sure he’ll make a big impact.” — Jason MacDonald on Michael Bisping’s drop to middleweight

“I guarantee you that if I would have fought Silva both times in the UFC, I would have won. Not [because of] the cage, [because of] the referees. I guarantee I would have beaten him.” — Quinton Jackson on Wanderlei Silva


Shirtless Stranger-Choker Jon Koppenhaver Lands Second-Biggest Payday at TUF6 Finale


Though we’ve already discussed the salaries of each fighter at the Ultimate Fighter 6 finale on December 8, the customary fight bonuses handed out that night were kept under wraps until yesterday. The “Fight of the Night” was awarded to both the Huerta/Guida main event and the Koppenhaver/Rollins bloodbath, and each of the four fighters received an additional $15,000. Koppenhaver also picked up the $15,000 “Knockout of the Night” bonus, while Matt Arroyo scored the “Submission of the Night” purse for his acrobatic armbar of John Kolosci. So, the total payouts for each fighter are:


Idiotic Rumor: EliteXC’s 4-Way Freak Show


I wasn’t planning on posting about this — mainly because it’s ridiculous and there’s no real source — but it keeps popping up so I feel like I need to weigh in. Basically, is floating a rumor that EliteXC is considering a four-man heavyweight tournament that would include Kimbo Slice, Bob Sapp, Butterbean, and Tank Abbott.


Video Countdown: Top 10 Fastest MMA Knockouts

By CagePotato contributor Kipp Tribble

10. Jens Pulver vs John Lewis (15 seconds)
UFC 28: High Stakes was the venue for this classic KO. The left hook that Lil’ Evil lands is the stuff that bar-fight dreams are made of. Lewis hits the mat and appears to want to fight the ref for a few seconds until deciding he’s better off lying still. Not much to it, but damn what a shot to the face – and one that pushed Lewis into early retirement.

9. Gary Goodridge vs Paul Herrerra (13 seconds).
Way back in 1996 at UFC 8: David vs. Goliath, Goodridge squared up against Herrera in what was being billed as a “solid match.” If by “solid” they meant a guy getting elbowed almost to death, then solid it was. Goodridge quickly wrapped Herrera up and was on his way to a submission, but decided, “Why not? I’ll just try and kill him instead.” Double G then proceeds to land elbow after elbow to Herrera’s temple, rendering him pretty damn lifeless.

8. Aleksander Emelianenko vs. James Thompson (11 seconds)
Well, this one just makes us smile. First you have James Thompson, built like a Mack truck and shaking with fury. Then you have doughy Aleksander Emelianenko, who looks like he just woke up from a nap. As they meet in the center of the ring, Thompson gives Emelianenko a stare-down that would crush cement; Emelianenko calmly wipes a booger off his upper lip. If you haven’t seen what happens next, we won’t spoil it for you…


Hot Potato: Arianny Celeste

UFC Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste would like you to know that her official site,, has re-launched with never-before-seen modeling pics and candids. We’d like you to know that the pics on her MySpace page kick the ass of those on her official site. Why, just look at what we found during a few minutes of trawling…



Karo Parisyan: He-Man Woman-Hater


Karo Parisyan, who most recently bored us to tears at UFC 78, embarrassed himself again while appearing as a guest on Friday’s episode of Inside MMA. During a discussion of women’s MMA, Karo threw in his two drams:

“Look, I know all the women are going to hate Karo Parisyan now, but the cage is not for women…I mean, Gina Carano is a very beautiful girl. I don’t know why she wants to mess her face up to get in that cage. For me personally, I do not want to see any girl get in the cage and fight…Can’t they do one thing that guys do and they don’t? Just one? Give me a break. They do weight-lifting. They do wrestling. Not MMA, please. It’s too brutal for women.”

Parisyan went on to lament how, in glorious nation of Armenia, women are now allowed to ride in inside of bus.

For his blatant sexism, Karo’s punishment should be to watch this terrible commercial in a continuous loop for 24 hours straight. Parisyan also becomes the first recipient of CagePotato’s “Ortiz Award”, for his outstanding achievements in referring to himself in the third-person like a complete fucking jerkoff.

(Props: MMA Junkie)