Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?

January, 2008

EXCLUSIVE! “Gladiator” Is a Curse!


So, here’s something interesting I noticed while looking up fight records on Sherdog today:

Ross “The Gladiator” Pointon: 5-10-0

Greg “The Gladiator” Wikan: 11-13-0

Orlando “The Gladiator” Weit: 1-3-0

Gabriel “Gladiator” Santos: 4-5-0

You hear that, people? The ghost of Maximus — father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife — does not want you to cheapen his memory by using “Gladiator” as your nickname. If you do, he will curse you with a losing record. And he will have his vengeance, in this life or the next.

Please spread awareness.


Fight of the Day: Anderson Silva vs. Chris Leben

Before he was the scariest man in the UFC, Anderson Silva had to make a name for himself at a lowly Ultimate Fight Night against Chris “Bed Pisser” Leben. Leben had put together five straight UFC wins by the time he stepped into the Octagon against the Spider at UFN 5 (6/28/06), but he was woefully outgunned by Silva’s laser-guided striking, and the match was called in less than a minute. Silva got a title shot against Rich Franklin for his very next fight.


Paulo Filho/Chael Sonnen Rematch Announced; Filho Called Out For Steroid Use

(“Do I look like a junkie?”) is quoting Paulo Filho‘s boxing coach, Josuel Distak, as saying that the WEC middleweight champ will next fight real estate agent Chael Sonnen in a rematch of their December ’07 fight (WEC 31). The last fight ended with Chael Sonnen submitting and claiming he didn’t. Distak claims Paulo “wasn’t well” in that fight and “Sonnen asked for a revenge and we accepted.” We’ll get to see if Chael really has turned a corner – since he was bitch-slapping Paulo for two rounds until the submission – or if Paulo truly “wasn’t well”. That fight made us look a little closer at Filho and the rematch will be very telling.

The excuse coming out of the champ’s camp for his ass-dragging at WEC 31 is that he had some difficulty making the 185 lbs for the fight. Distak is saying they’ll remedy this by moving the fighter up to a light heavy.

“Thanks God this will be Paulão’s last fight at 84 category. After this fight he’ll go up to 93kg category.”

For all you non-metric system Americans, 93kg is 205 pounds. And at light heavyweight, Filho might be a little outsized. Nothing a little juice won’t cure, according to Dan Henderson in a recent MMANews interview. are your thoughts on Paulo Filho?

Dan Henderson: I don’t think he has been very impressive in his last two performances since coming to the US but I think that’s what not being able to use Steroids will do to you. you saying Filho may be a juicer?

Dan Henderson: Well that’s my opinion anyway. He hasn’t looked good since he left Pride. Was steroid abuse a problem in Pride?

Dan Henderson: People didn’t get tested. So I suppose if you can get away with it why not.

Dan Henderson: Exactly.


Chuck Liddell on Conan O’ Brien: The Stripper Pole Is for the Guests

Here’s the video from Chuck Liddell’s appearance on Late Night With Conan O’Brien on Monday. The best exchange:

Conan: There’s an old adage in fighting…no sex before a fight. And when you’re training for a fight, no sex. What’s your feeling about that?
Chuck: I don’t believe in that, I never have. I actually go the opposite, I think.
Conan: Sex during the fight?

As Chuck explains, what’s harmful is going out and chasing sex all night, but he doesn’t have to chase it anymore so there’s no problem. Makes sense…

(Props: MMA Mania)


Belcher Out, Yundt In at UFC 81; Bronchitis Blamed

(We couldn’t find any photos of Rob Yundt, so here’s a Google Image Search result for “Alaska.”)

The UFC posted this message on their website late yesterday:

Unbeaten UFC newcomer Rob Yundt (7-0) has stepped in on short notice to replace middleweight up and comer Alan Belcher against Ricardo Almeida on Saturday night’s UFC 81 card in Las Vegas. Belcher was forced to withdraw from the bout due to a severe case of bronchitis.

Our most sincere “Sucks, bro” goes out to Belcher, who last fought at UFC 77 in October where he sliced a Panama Canal-sized gash through Kalib Starnes’s forehead. But hey, he probably would have been stomped by Almeida, a Brazilian middleweight who has beaten Ryo Chonan, Nate Marquardt and Kazuo Misaki in his last three fights.

All of Rob Yundt’s matches have been in the Alaska Fighting Championship organization, and judging from the following highlight reel, the dude’s a scary-strong wrestler. Going from fighting in the Alaskan wilderness to fighting on the main card of a UFC pay-per-view event is a huge opportunity for the kid, and we hope he makes he most of it. Still, that whole “three-days notice” thing could be an issue.


UFC Loses ‘Fireball Kid’ to Japan’s World Victory Road

(He’s got a little Captain in him.)

Though the UFC had been in talks to bring one of the best lightweights in the world to the Octagon, the two sides couldn’t come to terms, and it was announced today that Takanori Gomi has signed with Japan’s World Victory Road organization instead. Gomi will earn approximately $190,000 per fight, and makes his WVR debut at “Sengoku” on March 5th, to be held at the National Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo. No opponent for Gomi has been named yet, but the card is expected to host fights between Phil Baroni and Sanae Kikuta, Kazuo Misaki and Siyar Bahadurzada, and Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos and Makoto Takimoto; a bout between Roger Gracie and Hidehiko Yoshida has also been rumored.

So, this blows. With every botched high-profile negotiation, the UFC’s claim to having “the best fighters in the world” becomes even more suspect, and Gomi was a big one. In particular, we would have loved to see a potential re-match between him and B.J. Penn. Penn submitted “The Fireball Kid” at a Rumble on the Rock event in 2003, after which Gomi went on a ten-fight win-streak, plowing through the likes of Jens Pulver, Ralph Gracie, Luiz Azeredo (twice) and Hayato “Mach” Sakurai. If the UFC can’t open their pocketbooks for guys like Sakurai and Norifumi Yamamoto and offer them what they’re worth, this is going to keep happening. Until then, we’re stuck waking up at six in the morning to watch Japanese fight cards on HDNet…


Fighter Rankings 2.0


Announcement! Please check out our Power Rankings page, which now features insightful commentary on some of the fighters’ rankings. You can also leave comments for each individual weight class now, so fire away…


The Scoop on Roid Testing

(Keith Kizer can’t wait to stick it to you.)

Recently the Nevada State Athletic Commission announced that they would be conducting random drug tests. Meaning, MMA fighters can be tested at any time, regardless of whether they are scheduled to fight or not. And a missed test gets you a big “F” for fucked. While not a ton of details were provided in the initial announcement, MMA Junkie has since pulled a little more out of the executive director of the NSAC, Keith Kizer.

Although his answers started off like this – “I don’t know off the top of my head. I can’t think of anything specific….it’s hard to know all the possibilities….Ehhh. It’s hard to know in advance.” – he did answer some questions, one of which we already stated: if a fighter looks like he’s changed physically, then he’ll be tested.

Oh yeah, sure, sure. That’s possible. I don’t want to say it would be (a reason), but it could be. That’s a possible deal. I don’t want to say that would be a major reason to test a guy, but that’s a possible reason to test a guy.

Restating the point adds up to: “Yes, that will be the main reason we test a fighter.” But the good thing for fighters who – like those of you who have spent a night downtown because you were with your bud (who had some bud) when he got busted – they won’t be tested just because a fighter they train with got nailed for juicing. Although, Kizer admitted that if you were treated by the same doc or team, they might look into it. Again meaning, “yes.” But don’t misunderstand. No organization that is set up to police people and administer drug tests actually want to bust anyone. Cops don’t enjoy writing you tickets, do they?


WCF Fishin’ For Attention

(Dan Lauzon as “Jigsaw”)

World Championship Fighting’s new season is set to kick-off on February 8th. Along with some okay fights, the WCF has already announced they’ll have Dana White’s bald head glaring under the lights that night. And as if that wasn’t enough, they’ve got another announcement on their website. Seems that “Tapout” – the Versus reality show made by the guys at Tapout that travels around profiling up-and-comers – will be filming at the event as well.

MMA Fightline has a portion of the press release:

World Championship Fighting announces the filming of the “Tapout” reality show at the February 8 event.

The Tapout Crew will be filming another episode of their self-titled reality show on the Versus network at the World Championship Fighting (WCF) event in Wilmington, Mass., on Feb. 8 where Brockton-native Dan Lauzon will be the featured fighter for the episode which documents the Tapout Crew’s quest to search for the best up and coming Mixed Martial Arts fighters in the Country.

As a testament to the phenomenal growth of Mixed Martial Arts, The Tapout Crew went from selling t-shirts out of a trunk in the parking lot at mixed martial arts (MMA) shows in California 10 years ago to building their company into the largest apparel brand in the sport. The Tapout Company now grosses millions of dollars per year, has their own magazine publication, their own television reality show and sponsors many of the top fighters in the world including those in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Shall we stroke each other a little more?


Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira: Not Very Marketable