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February, 2008

Mark Coleman Confirmed for UFC Hall-of-Fame

(The foot of a champion.)

Though reports about Mark Coleman’s induction into the UFC’s Hall of Fame have been swirling for a month, the UFC officially confirmed it today — Coleman will get the honor at UFC 82, which takes place in his hometown of Columbus, OH. Coleman’s career highlights include winning the UFC’s first heavyweight title and stepping on Wanderlei Silva’s head during a melee after his fight with Mauricio Rua at PRIDE 31.

As for the next fighter to follow Coleman into the UFC’s Hall of Fame, Dana White was quoted in an article as saying that Tank Abbott “absolutely will be in our Hall of Fame” when he officially retires. White also called Tank’s fight with Kimbo Slice “a farce.” Man, does he love that word or what! Unrelated but awesome Tank Abbott quote from the ESPN article: “I was in really great shape. Don’t judge a book by looking at the cover. Just because I got blubber on me, that’s genetics basically, thanks to my mother.”


Roger Huerta to Hit Big Screen in ‘Tekken’?


Roger Huerta may use his temporary hiatus from the UFC to try his hand at a movie career. Though he won’t be fighting in the Octagon again until September at the earliest, Huerta will reportedly stay busy by appearing as “Matador” in a film version of the video game series Tekken. According to IMDb, the movie begins production this month and is slated for release sometime next year. Check out the teaser trailer:

Now all they have to do is cast Kimbo Slice as Jeffry McWild in a movie version of Virtua Fighter, and we’ll be set…



(Props: MMAMania, CagePotato reader “Bill C”)


Small Potatoes: Morning News Roundup

(“Hey, you know what would make you feel better? A delicious Rockstar Energy Drink.”)

— If Dan Henderson beats Anderson Silva at UFC 82, Wanderlei Silva would drop to middleweight to fight him. Hendo and Wandy have fought twice before in the PRIDE organization; Silva defeated Henderson by unanimous decision in December 2000, and Henderson knocked Silva out during a long-awaited rematch in February of last year.

France is the latest European country to legalize MMA, and M-1 is looking to be the first promotion to hold an event there. Elbows, knees, and kicks on the ground will not be allowed in French MMA matches. Tapping out will be encouraged.

— Betting odds for Saturday’s Strikeforce at the Dome event have Bob Sapp as a -600 favorite, and Jan Nortje as a +450 underdog. Even though Nortje’s MMA stats have sucked, he’s done much better as a kickboxer. If you bet on fights, remember this: Sapp always has the capacity to lose.

— Chuck Liddell’s Iceman: My Fighting Life is #9 on the New York Times Nonfiction Best Seller list for the second week in a row.

— With great power comes a great big kick in the balls: That $325 million loan that Zuffa allegedly obtained through fraudulent means requires interest payments of approximately $23.9 million per year.

There, now don’t you feel smarter?


Hot Potato: Rebecca Love

Rebecca Love is a model/actress and former WFA and WEC girl – and we wish she still was. And don’t confuse her with the porn star Rebecca Love…although we’d for sure support that career decision. In case you’re wondering, her stats are:

Height: 5’5′
Weight: 110
Chest: 34D
Waist: 24
Hips: 34
Dress: 1

Check out more pics of this MMA hottie – with the simplest and sexiest tattoo ever – after the jump.


What Killed Ryan Gracie

The coroner’s report from

A little over two months since the death of Ryan Gracie, on December 15, the first toxicology report on the black belt’s death was released yesterday by the program Fantastico, on Brazilian television. According to the program, the document stated that Ryan’s death was not of natural causes. Listed in the report, therapeutic doses of the medicines midasolan, alprazolan, prometazina, clozapina, haloperidol and the fighter had already used intoxicating substances. Based on analysis of the report, the authorities will determine what caused Ryan Gracie’s death. Cardiorespiratory failure seems to be the most probable cause.

Interpreted: the Gracies’ personal psychiatrist killed Ryan when he visited him in the big house. R.I.P.

And let us take this opportunity to mention Kyra Gracie again.


Blogger Power! UFC Fight Night 13 Stretched to Three Hours

(“…so after about five bong rips me and my bro Nestor are like we’re starving we need burgers so we roll out but first he has to stop at some chick’s house don’t ask me why takes him fucking forever I think it’s the sister of this other chick he used to smash a few months ago but finally we’re back on the road and just before we’re about to pull into the drive-through he’s like…”)

Aided, presumably, by the Fightlinker-led charge to make Ultimate Fight Night 13 a three-hour live broadcast, SpikeTV will reportedly do just that. According to MMAJunkie:

The UFC has made no official announcement, and Spike TV could not confirm the news, but a source close to the event exclusively told that April 2’s UFC Fight Night 13 event will, in fact, run three hours…The MMA fanbase recently kicked off a letter-writing campaign to Spike TV executives asking that the broadcast run three hours rather than the usual two. UFC President Dana White recently stated that the decision was Spike TV’s — and Spike TV’s alone — to make, which prompted a campaign fueled by MMA blogs and message boards.

We know some of you took the time to send e-mails to Spike, so many thanks to you. In order to make sure there are enough matches to fill a three-hour broadcast, a bout between lightweights Nate Diaz and Kurt Pellegrino has been scheduled for the televised portion of the card; Diaz and Pellegrino last appeared at Ultimate Fight Night 12 in January, where they beat Alvin Robinson and Alberto Crane, respectively. This brings the number of fights on the card to a whopping 11. As of now, the card breaks down like this:

(lightweights) Kenny Florian vs. Joe Lauzon
(welterweights) Karo Parisyan vs. Thiago Alves
(light heavyweights) Matt Hamill vs. Tim Boetsch
(light heavyweights) Houston Alexander vs. James Irvin
(lightweights) Nate Diaz vs. Kurt Pellegrino

(lightweights) Frank Edgar vs. Gray Maynard
(lightweights) Spencer Fisher vs. Marcus Aurelio
(lightweights) Din Thomas vs. Josh Neer
(lightweights) Clay Guida vs. Samy Schiavo
(welterweights) George Sotiropoulos vs. Roman Mitichyan
(welterweights) Tommy Speer vs. Anthony Johnson

A revised official card should be released soon; we’ll keep you posted.


Oh, Jesus: Tito Ortiz Tapped for ‘Tarded Gracie Revenge Series

(Hey, if you say so buddy…)

Last week, we passed judgment on Settle Your Grudge, an ill-advised reality show that Rodrigo and Crosley Gracie are producing, in which two people involved in a feud get to settle it with some BJJ. Think People’s Court, except with the “due process and justice” replaced by “fighting.”

Well, it’s apparently not too lowbrow a concept for Tito Ortiz, who may be signed on as the “famous face” described in the original press release. MMAMania came across this posting on which lays out more gory details:

New TV Show Starring TITO ORTIZ is Looking For You!!!!

Do you have a beef with someone and tried everything to solve it but can’t? Did your best friend steal your girl?

Did your old roommate shaft you on your rent? Did you have a falling out with your best friend and have no way to solve it?

Also looking for competitive friends or friends with a problem they need to solve and the only way to do it is to fight it out!

UFC Champion Tito Ortiz is going to train you to battle out your problems in the Octagon!! We are looking for ALL SHAPES AND SIZES to walk into the ring and settle it once and for all!!!!

Both of you would need to come down and audition in our Hollywood studio, so you must live in Southern California!

Casting ASAP!

Can you feel the excitement?! It’s like they used a dartboard to determine how many exclamation points would go at the end of each sentence.

The posting reinforces what initially skeeved us out about the show’s concept to begin with — their attitude that when personal disputes get too heated, “the only way to [resolve them] is to fight it out!” It’s like they’ve never realized that losing a fight makes the average person more hostile afterwards, and winning a fight often makes the winner even more of a prick than he was in the first place. And if you’re answering an online ad to be on a reality show, chances are you were a huge prick in the first place.

By the way, we suggest you spend some time on, which seems to be the social networking site for the delusional, neurotic and fame-desperate. I mean, just look at some of the bullshit they need bodies for. Hello stardom!!!!


Fight of the Day: Giant Silva vs. Ikuhisa Minowa

We caught a glimpse of him in today’s highlight reel, and some of you (justifiably) felt that he should have been included on this list — we’re speaking of course about Paulo César da Silva, a.k.a. Giant Silva, the 7’2″ mixed martial artist and pro wrestler who compiled a 2-6 record in PRIDE and K-1. In April 2006, he faced Ikuhisa Minowa at PRIDE Bushido; despite having a 17-inch height disadvantage, Minowa brilliantly somersaulted into a takedown and, unbelievably, controlled Silva on the ground until he could end the fight with knees to Silva’s body and head. When it comes to sad freak shows, this was one of the best…


Kimbo and Nick Diaz’s Next; Tito/Lyoto Confirmed

Here’s some scoops for those nursing a post-President’s Day hangover.

— We’ve covered what we think would be dumb-ass fights for Kimbo Slice’s next war and what we think would be decent match-ups. Now the compass needle in the MMA universe seems to be pointing to Paul Buentello. The ex-UFC heavy – known as “The Headhunter” – has re-upped his challenge to Kimbo, as dictated to MMA Weekly.

“People want to see it. I think everybody wants to see it. Me and Kimbo should lace up the gloves. Everybody wants to see it and I think it’s time. He’s fighting all the guys I’ve already knocked out and I’ve already exposed. He needs to get off that buffet line I put out there and come over to my Paul Buentello taco shop and see if we can get to work.”

Buentello’s metaphors need some work, but it could be a fight worth parking your ass on the futon to see.

Pro Elite is reporting that Muhsin Corbbrey has signed to fight Nick Diaz in an EliteXC match on April 26th in Honolulu. No confirmation on Diaz’s signing the agreement. Corbbrey is 6-2 and trains with Din Thomas and John Blanken. If this happens, it will be Exploding Eye Nick’s first battle since his TKO loss to K.J. Noons last November. That fight was also notable for Nick giving the crowd the finger after he was declared the loser.

— Not that we’re calling Babalu a liar or anything, but Lyoto Machida’s manger, Ed Soares, has confirmed that the UFC light heavy fight between Lyoto and “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant Tito Ortiz will in fact happen on May 24th at UFC 84. The news comes via “The Lights Out Show” on TAGG – via MMA Junkie. Remember that Tito is saying that this is for sure his last fight with the ethically-challenged UFC.


CagePotato Public Forum — Wars to End All Wars

(Emmanuel Yarborough probably won’t make the list.)

Attention, Potato Nation: We’re looking to put together a massive, ambitious feature on the greatest MMA fights of all time, and we need your help with the nominations. Now, what makes for a truly great fight? Well, if it’s…

…a non-stop war where two evenly matched fighters leave their hearts on the mat (see: Frye vs. Takayama, Griffin vs. Bonnar 1).

…a match where one fighter is getting his ass handed to him but comes back to steal a victory (see Minotauro Nogueira vs. Sapp, or Nogueira vs. a lot of people, for that matter).

…a fight that settles a genuine grudge or rivalry (see: Royce Gracie vs. Sakuraba 2, Liddell vs. Ortiz 1).

…the arrival of a new hero — or a new villain (see: Severn vs. Macias, Abbott vs. Matua).

…a fight that represented a changing of the guard (see: Hughes vs. Gracie, Ortiz vs. Shamrock III).

…a match that ends in Aleksander Emelianenko knocking out James Thompson (see: A. Emelianenko vs. Thompson).

If you think your all-time favorite fight should be included in the feature, tell us what it is and what made it so wicked awesome. Thanks, as always.