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May, 2008

Photo Gallery: EliteXC “Primetime”

Phil Baroni entrance
(The New York Badass struts into the abyss.)

Some visual highlights from my visit to the Prudential Center. Click photos for larger versions; hold cursor over photos for identifications. All images courtesy of BG/, and may be reproduced with credit.

The dancer stationed in front of me all night.Busta Rhymes and Spliff StarMore EliteXC dancersPhil Baroni and his #1 fanEnter ColossusKimbo Slice ring entrance 1Kimbo must have just come back from a cruiseSlice supportersGreg Jackson @ the press conferenceJoey Villasenor @ the press conferencePhil Baroni arrivesRobbie Lawler (bored) and Scott SmithJames Thompson’s entourageJames ThompsonBrett RogersGary Shaw and Jon MurphyVillasenor talks about his respect for Phil BaroniPhil Baroni @ podiumGina Carano and her swollen legKimbo Slice and Gina Carano 1Kimbo Slice and Gina Carano 2Kimbo’s painted toesColon has shit for brainsBas RuttenMark ColemanMatt Hughes 1Matt Hughes 2Gary Shaw and interviewer with distracting cleavageBrett Rogers and Loretta HuntWAR KIMBO!!! (NJ MMA guidelines)


Kimbo Slice Press Conference Video Highlights

(Kimbo denies that he tapped during his fight with James Thompson.)

(Kimbo on Thompson’s horrific cauliflower ear.)

(Kimbo’s succinct evaluation of his ground-fighting ability.)


“Rogers, You a Hater!”: The EliteXC Press Conference Melee

Hey all; just got back from Newark, and boy is my t-shirt sweaty. Lots to talk about, of course, but I first wanted to share this highlight from the post-event press conference. As the fighters trickled in one-by-one, each was given some time to address the press before questions were directed at the group. Brett Rogers used his mic time to savage Kimbo Slice’s performance. “I’m a real heavyweight,” he said, “and that was some garbage-ass shit.” Regarding James Thompson, Rogers said “I didn’t know you could win three times in the same night and still lose.”

When Kimbo finally arrived, entourage in tow, Rogers was prompted to get back on the mic and repeat what he said while Kimbo was within earshot. No punk, Rogers complied. The above video — taken with my garbage-ass Canon PowerShot — is what happened next. Not sure how much of this is manufactured hype, or a calculated attention-grab by Rogers, but we think Kimbo just found his next opponent.


Elite XC: Live And All Up In Your Grill

(Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle.)

Your long wait for MMA on network television has finally ended. It’s not pay-per-view, it’s not YouTube, it’s CBS, bitches. My fellow MMAholics, we done came up. Settle in, grab yourself a cold one, and prepare for your world to be changed forever — and that’s just the Busta Rhymes performance!

Click more to get your liveblog on. Refresh every few minutes for the latest witty remarks and harmful generalizations. Hit up the forums to share your precious opinion with the rest of the Potato Nation.


‘Inside MMA’ Talks Elite XC With Elite XC Employees

Kimbo Slice on Inside MMA – Watch more free videos

Elite XC’s Jared Shaw (son of Gary), Kimbo Slice, and announcer Frank Shamrock showed up on HDNet’s ‘Inside MMA‘ to discuss tonight’s event with Bas Rutten and Kenny Rice. If you were expecting hard-hitting interviews or a Hardball-style journalistic gauntlet, prepare to be disappointed. Basically, it’s Kimbo’s trainer (Bas) giving air time to Elite XC while they make their case for this first CBS show.

Much of the highlights come from Jared Shaw, who calls Robbie Lawler “arguably, possibly the best 185-pounder in the world, aside from Anderson Silva.” Not only is that statement dubious to begin with, but what’s the point of calling someone the best in the world if you have to follow it with ‘except for this other guy who is obviously better’? Shaw goes on to try and hype the winner of the Brett Rogers-Jon Murphy as the newest entry into the “Kimbo sweepstakes.”

Sure, he says that now, but we all know that the only people who ever win those sweepstakes are old ladies in Florida. Check back later tonight for our Elite XC liveblog and get more comedic gems like that one, free of charge.


If You’re Watching “Saturday Night Fights”…

Do It Ferg

…and you see a guy wearing this shirt, that’s me.

Yeah I make iron-on t-shirts as a hobby, what.



CBS Sports Streams Undercard, Cage Potato Liveblogs

(Come on Dad, just once can’t we have a pleasant Saturday night where you don’t show your flaming Nazi tattoo and then pass out with a cigarette in your mouth? I invited people over!)

Hey Potato Nation. So, maybe you’ve heard that the big Elite XC on CBS show is tomorrow night. Does that sound familiar? Seems like we’ve mentioned it a time or two, I don’t know. The good news is, you don’t have to wait like all the rest of the network TV-loving suckers to get your fight fix tomorrow. CBS Sportsline will be streaming the undercard bouts live from 7-9 pm EST tomorrow night, and when the action hits the national airwaves you can count on Cage Potato to get our liveblog on.

It’s a great way to get all the sarcastic, snarky commentary that you’ve come to expect, only in real time! It’s like you’re sitting next to us on the couch during the event, only this way you don’t have to politely ask us to put our shirts back on and stop yelling. Good thing too, because we wouldn’t do it anyway.

Stop by Saturday night and check it out. As always, we can have ourselves some completely incoherent disagreements over every petty little thing in the comments section and the forums. Looking forward to it.


Roy Nelson-Kimbo Slice In The Works?

(Yeah, that’s a Confederate flag on his shirt. What? Too soon?)

You may recall that we speculated about a potential match between IFL heavyweight champ Roy “Big Country” Nelson and Elite XC’s Kimbo Slice not so long ago. Apparently we’re smarter than even we realized, because IFL CEO Jay Larkin is telling Five Ounces of Pain that it’s a very real possibility:

“If Kimbo wins, we’ll make that match (Nelson vs. Slice) without hesitation,” said Larkin. “We”ll do in on an IFL card or an Elite card — we don’t care. Promotions working together is the only way for this business to grow.”

Two things in response to this: 1) promotions working together is the best (though not only) way for them to gain ground against the UFC, so Larkin has a point there, and 2) the IFL obviously has way more to gain from this fight than Elite XC does, so don’t be surprised if it never happens.

Right now Elite XC has a network deal, some big name fighters, and enough hype to choke a horse. The IFL has a six-sided ring. You tell me whose prospects are brighter. When you consider that Roy Nelson is not only a major threat to actually beat Kimbo, but also relatively unknown and far less marketable to mainstream fans, you have to wonder what the upside would be for Elite XC.

It’s also telling that Jay Larkin is the one talking up this fight, while Gary Shaw is concentrating on blowing people’s minds with MMA’s Tiger Woods this weekend. That’s Kimbo, just in case you haven’t been keeping up. One can only imagine what Shaw will liken him to if he wins tomorrow. MMA’s Alexander the Great? Seems appropriate.


Gina Carano is Officially a Featherweight

Gina Carano
(Hey, she could be a lightweight and we’d still love her. Welterweight would be pushing it. Photo taken by Esther Lin for EliteXC; props to Fightlinker.)

Weigh-ins for tomorrow’s EliteXC “Saturday Night Fights” event were held today in Newark, and all fighters weighed-in successfully — meaning that all fighters succeeded in finding the scale and stepping on it. If you’re wondering whether all fighters came in at their assigned weight limits, well, that’s another story.

In what’s now a recurring theme in her career, Gina Carano missed her 140-pound limit by a wide margin, hitting the scale at 144.5, which is about what Urijah Faber and Jens Pulver will weigh when they check in for Sunday’s WEC show. As MMAMania reports:

Normally, she would have one hour to lose 3.5 pounds; however, learned from Nick Lembo, the New Jersey Athletic Control Board (NJACB) Deputy Attorney, that the regulatory body didn’t want her to cut any more weight at that time.

Therefore, prior to the official weigh-ins, a deal was struck between the Carano and Young camps that the fight would go on and “Conviction” would surrender a 12.5 percent purse penalty.

An embarrassing moment for Carano, to be sure. But on the bright side, Kaitlin Young will probably be able to afford that Jeep Wrangler now. The full weigh-in results are as follows:

Kimbo Slice (235.5) vs. James Thompson (257)
Robbie Lawler (184.5) vs. Scott Smith (184.5)
Joey Villasenor (184.5) vs. Phil Baroni (185)
Gina Carano (144.5) vs. Kaitlin Young (140.5)
Brett Rogers (263.5) vs. Jon Murphy (260.5)
Carlos Moreno (261) vs. Carlton Haselrig (263)
Chris Liguori (161) vs. Jim Bova (160.5)
Nick Serra (167) vs. Matt Makowski (171)
Wilson Reis (140.5) vs. Justin Robbins (140.5)
James Jones (154.5) vs. Calvin Kattar (155.5)
Zach Makovsky (135) vs. Andre Soares (134)
Mike Groves (154) vs. Joe Sampieri (155)

UPDATE: Kaitlin Young is ripped. Photo comparison after the jump.


The Nine Least Intimidating Fighters in MMA

baby kitten

Sure, it’s a hacky concept that you’ve probably seen before on an MMA forum, but we haven’t weighed in on it yet. Plus, Fighthype recently put together a list on the same theme that really sent us over the edge. (Lyoto Machida and Evan Tanner made their list, among other jacked and crazy-looking sonsabitches.) So without further ado, here are the fighters we wouldn’t mind coming across in a dark alley. Keep in mind that placement on this list is no judgment on their abilities as fighters, just on the fact that they look better suited to customer service or fast food restaurant management than cage fighting. Happy Friday.


9. Luke Cummo
Luke Cummo

8. Emmanuel Yarborough
Emmanuel Yarborough

7. Fedor Emelianenko and Wanderlei Silva (only when in drag)
Fedor Wanderlei