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May, 2008

Gina Carano Works Out For Muscle & Fitness, UFC 84 Press Conference Videos

Gina Carano Workout – Watch more free videos

Does Gina Carano do anything that isn’t filmed? All signs point to no, she doesn’t, but then who can blame her? If you were that attractive and could kick like that, you’d probably want cameras around to document it as well. Too bad you’re not, though. Your life would be so much better. Think more money and a bunch of free American Gladiators stuff and less crippling loneliness and TV dinners. Better yet, don’t think about it. It will only get you down.

UFC 84 press conference videos after the jump.


Sean Gannon to Re-Emerge From Obscurity?

Sean Gannon Kimbo Slice fight
(And now that anonymous bald man in the sweat pants is landing magazine covers and headlining a show on CBS. God bless America.) is passing along the rumor that EliteXC is working to get Kimbo Slice in the cage with Sean Gannon, the Boston police officer and former Golden Gloves champion who put Kimbo down for the 30-count during an unregulated basement brawl in 2004. As Slice has said, “I would literally give my left nut — but I wouldn’t tell anybody — to fight him again.” Slice’s fight with Gannon was a chaotic mess, hampered by a lack of clarity on the rules; Kimbo thought it would be bare-knuckle boxing like his previous fights, and was thrown off when Gannon began throwing knees and attempting choke-holds. Gannon’s subsequent notoriety landed him a shot in the UFC, where he got his ass kicked by Branden Lee Hinkle at UFC 55. Jesus Christ, did those guys tie their wagon to the wrong Internet fighter or what?

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time I saw Gannon’s name today. He was actually name-checked today in a Wall Street Journal article (!) about police officers who moonlight as MMA fighters:

Some of the biggest names in this sport, whose main league is the Ultimate Fighting Championship, are police officers. Sean “the Cannon” Gannon, a Boston police officer, achieved notoriety when he defeated street fighter Kimbo Slice in a bare-knuckles, backyard brawl. “Big John” McCarthy is the most well-known referee; he just retired from his day job as defensive-tactics instructor for the Los Angeles Police Department…

Forrest Griffin, who ranks among the top six light heavyweights in the world, quit his job as an officer in Augusta, Ga., four years ago to become a professional fighter. He first became interested in fighting in 1999, when he trained at the police academy. Though Mr. Griffin, 29, misses some things about being a police officer — like high-speed chases — he says quitting was an easy decision. “It was like, do you want to play in the NBA or do you want to be a cop?” he says. “Everyone wants to make lots of money to be on TV.”


UFC 84: Live Results and $100 BetUs Pick-Off

Ahsy Larry Chappelle’s Show
(Gambling rules!)

Heads-up, P-Nation: We’ll be posting live results of the UFC 84 pay-per-view card tomorrow beginning at 7 p.m. PT / 10 p.m. ET, so please stop by during the event and drop us some comment love. To make the night even more exciting, Damon D of BetUs has offered a $100 free play credit to the CagePotato reader who can predict the entire card with the most accuracy. (Go here to refresh yourself on our three-point scoring system). You’ve already seen my predictions, so head to the official UFC 84 prediction thread and throw down your final picks. You may only enter once, all entries must be posted by tomorrow at 4 p.m. PT, and if we catch any cheaters editing their entries after the event begins, the ban hammer will come down harshly upon thee. Alright, let’s kick some ass!

Related: I just got this e-mail from my mom:

———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Fri, May 23, 2008 at 1:34 PM
Subject: mother speaking
To: Ben Goldstein

Hi Ben,
It may be funny when other people vomit, NOT. Don’t you pull any stunts like even suggesting you would take Ipecac. I hope you know that stuff has side effects.

Mommmm, you’re embarrassing me!


Dream.4: Mayhem-Jacare, Sakuraba-Manhoef

(It’s all fun and games until Melvin Manhoef kicks you in the head.)

Someone at Dream hates Kazushi Sakuraba. The Japanese organization announced some of the match-ups for their fourth offering, including the second round of their middleweight tournament scheduled for June 15, and while Jayson “Mayhem” Miller and Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza promise to put on an interesting show, pitting walking highlight reel Melvin Manhoef against an aging and battered Sakuraba seems almost irresponsible.

Then again, if Pride taught us anything it’s that Japanese MMA organizations love a mismatch almost as much as they love to see a game Sakuraba take fights he really shouldn’t. It’s not just that Sakuraba probably should consider retiring for good, though he should. It’s also that Manhoef is a bad style match-up for him. He’s an explosive striker with the potential to really hurt you if you stand in front of him for too long. And how long is too long? Well, unless the fight starts on the mat, Sakuraba is in trouble.

You’d think that if Dream wanted to see Sakuraba in the ring so bad they’d put him up against a grappler, where at least we could see an interesting ground war. Instead, they seem to want to see him battered mercilessly while his loyal fans look on in horror. To each his own, I guess.

The rest of the dream card is shaping up like this:

Shinya Aoki vs. Nagat Katsuhiko
Zelg Benkei Galesik vs. Kin Taei
Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza vs. Jayson “Mayhem” Miller
Gegard Mousasi vs. Yoon Dong Sik
Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Melvin Manhoef


‘Ben vs. Ben’: The UFC 84 Argument, Pt. 2

UFC ring girls
(Ring girls: Who needs ‘em?)

Here’s the second half of CagePotato’s head-to-head bitchfest on “Ill Will,” brought to you by the two similarly-named editors of this site. If you missed part one, click here.


QUESTION: What does Wanderlei Silva’s future hold?

Fowlkes: Keith Jardine will beat Wanderlei Silva at UFC 84, and when he does it’s going to create some difficult questions for “The Axe Murderer.” Dana White says that he loves Silva. You can see why he would. But as great as he is in terms of showmanship, aggression, and “gameness” (as the Brazilians say), Silva’s best days may be behind him, as is evidenced by his lack of significant wins in recent years.

He’s just taken too many beatings and slowed down too much for his style to be effective any more. He’s got to evolve or get out the game. The question for the UFC is, do they bet on a Silva renaissance or try to convince him to drop to middleweight and start anew?

If Jardine really thumps him, the UFC has to go with door number two. If he has a strong showing, they might try putting him against someone like Matt Hamill or Sokoudjou and figure either way someone gets a bump. Regardless, anything less than a win on Saturday means Silva’s UFC career begins to slip away, even if it might take another fight or two before it completely disappears.

Goldstein: I’m also expecting Jardine to win tomorrow, but not because Silva’s game hasn’t evolved or because his physical condition is on the decline. It’s simply because the rule sets and environments of the UFC and Silva’s old home in PRIDE are so different that they’re barely the same sport. Until Silva can prove that he can work effectively in the Octagon, I’m not betting on him. But I think he can get used to the new terrain in time, and once he does, he’ll have some more thrilling fights left in him.

Losing to Cro Cop, Henderson, and Liddell doesn’t mean that your career is over — it’s the kind of setback that can befall any fighter who continuously fights top competition. Dana White knows that too. Still, Wandy will probably be ordered to drop to 185 if he loses to Jardine. There aren’t a ton of big-money matchups for Silva as a middleweight, but if he can score wins against guys like Rich Franklin, Yushin Okami, and Michael Bisping, he’ll certainly be invited back up to 205 to rematch Chuck Liddell or take on Rampage for the first time in the UFC. Dana White has to be taking the long view on the Wanderlei Silva situation, especially when there are so many other rival leagues that would step over their own mothers to pick him up.


Houston Alexander Booked for Do-or-Die Match

Houston Alexander UFC
(Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

We give the UFC props for not shredding Houston Alexander’s contract as soon as he took his second consecutive first-round knockout loss last month against James Irvin, but even the most compassionate among us would agree — if it happens again, he’ll be heading out the door. D-Day for “The Assassin” is now looking like September 17th; MMA Junkie reports that Alexander has agreed to a bout against Eric Schafer at UFC Fight Night 14. Schafer made his Octagon debut at UFC 62 with a submission win over Rob MacDonald, but lost his next two bouts via TKO to Michael Bisping and Stephan Bonnar. “Red” has since rallied in the Gladiators Fighting Series organization, where he’s posted back-to-back wins. Alexander had reportedly been offered several fights in August and September before settling on the Schafer matchup.

In other UFC fight-booking news, MMAMania passes along a rumor that a middleweight match between Ed Herman and Alan Belcher will also be on the UFN 14 card. Both men are coming off losses, to Demian Maia and Jason Day, respectively. And speaking of middleweights, a fight between Alessio Sakara and Rob Yundt has been added to the undercard of The Ultimate Fighter 7 finale on June 21st. Rob Yundt lost his Octagon debut to Ricardo Almeida at UFC 81 after taking the fight on very short notice. Sakara is 3-4 with one no-contest in the UFC, and was most recently dropped by Chris Leben at UFC 82.

Read More DIGG THIS’s ‘MMA Live’, Episode 2

Here’s the second episode of ESPN’s new online series, MMA Live, co-hosted again by Kenny Florian. In this installment, the panel breaks down UFC 84′s main event, Tito Ortiz’s career, Mike Tyson’s rumored jump to MMA, and Rich Franklin’s rumored jump to 205. In the “MMA for Dummies” segment, Bas Rutten runs us through “The Exorcist,” a neck crank sub perfect for when your opponent just ain’t givin’ up that rear-naked choke. If you missed the first episode, it’s after the jump.


Coleman Out of UFC 87, GSP-Fitch Added

(In retrospect, this was the wrong time to tell them that there’s no Santa Claus) announced today that a knee injury has forced Mark Coleman off the UFC 87 card in Minnesota on August 9, though Brock Lesnar will remain to face an as of yet unnamed opponent. They also announced the night’s main event, a welterweight championship match between title-holder Georges St. Pierre and top contender Jon Fitch. Also on the card, of course, will be Kenny Florian taking on Roger Huerta.

While the addition of the GSP-Fitch title fight isn’t exactly a surprise, it should make for an interesting fight and it’s encouraging to see that the UFC isn’t keeping GSP on the bench for too long following his win over Matt Serra.

As for the loss of Coleman, we won’t suggest that his knee injury isn’t legitimate, but, well, you saw this video we posted earlier, right?


Elite XC To Feature Mediocre Heavyweight Title

(Could Kimbo be getting a shiny new belt to play with?)

A championship belt is good for several things. Hitting unsuspecting rivals is one, picking up girls in the supermarket is another, but the biggest advantage lies in its ability to signify that someone has defeated the best in their field and attained the top spot. In order for that to work though, there has to be a legitimate field. Elite XC doesn’t really seem to get that last part.

Live Events President Gary Shaw said in a conference call recently that he has plans to introduce a heavyweight title some time this year, then proceeded to rattle off all of three people who might be vying for it:

“Kimbo’s there, James Thompson’s there, and obviously (Antonio) Junior Silva is right there at the top.”

Well, that sounds fun. You have a heavyweight title and three heavyweights — one of whom will necessarily lose next Saturday — to fight for it over and over again. Thrilling.

I might be more optimistic about the chances for Elite XC pulling together a strong heavyweight field if Affliction didn’t already have so many of the top non-UFC big men locked up. As it is, you have to expect that Elite would be eager to hand the belt to Kimbo Slice if he beats James Thompson. So does mean that he would then turn around and fight Silva? And then what?

Assuming Kimbo does end up with a gold and leather strap of some kind declaring him champion of the world, and assuming Elite XC can’t land any more quality heavyweights, the only sensible thing to do is to work for some kind of cross-promotion with the IFL to have Kimbo face Roy Nelson. The contrast in experience and personalities, the clash of two “champions”, it’s a no-brainer. Not to mention, the virulent racists out there would just love it.


Even Dana White Says Wanderlei Silva Needs a Win

(‘All right, time to stop screwing around and get serious here.’)

As some of us have been saying leading up to UFC 84, Saturday night’s bout with Keith Jardine is close to a do-or-die situation for Wanderlei Silva. While a loss won’t necessarily sign his walking papers from the UFC, neither will it provide him with a lot of job security. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at what Dana White had to say:

“Wanderlei has lost three in a row,” White said. “This guy has to win some fights here to stay in the UFC and stay at the top of the 205-pound division.”

“He’s one of these unique fighters who people just love to watch fight because of his mentality on fighting,” White said. “Obviously, though, [he] has to get a win.”

Now, obviously there’s a difference between saying Silva has to win a fight and saying he has to win this fight, but the implication seems to be that he’s certainly not immune from the roster cuts if things don’t turn around for him soon. Got that, Wanderlei? Just in case you were suffering from a lack of pressure.