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June, 2008

Broken Jaws and Double Standards in Women’s MMA

(Quit staring, sicko. Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle.)

Steve Cofield has an interesting piece on Yahoo! wherein he lambasts the “sickos in the blogosphere” for reveling in Kim Couture’s pain after her fight in Las Vegas on Friday night. The main thrust of the article is Cofield trying to figure out what went wrong that allowed Couture to suffer a broken jaw, among other injuries, and still fight for three rounds. Cofield describes Couture as “ill-equipped to defend herself” and says that many fans left the arena that night “sickened” by what they saw.

This argument raises an obvious double standard regarding men’s and women’s MMA. Kim Couture isn’t the first fighter to suffer a broken jaw. She’s not the first to keep fighting with one either. The fact that she did so speaks to her toughness, and if she were a man we probably wouldn’t feel the need to say anything more about it than that.

But that’s not what’s happening, simply because she’s a woman. Suddenly, what would have been gutsy becomes sickening. We start looking around for someone to blame, rather than reminding ourselves that this is a tough business where people routinely get hurt and fight hurt.


Chris Horodecki Downplays Gomi Bout Rumor

Chris Horodecki with Bas Rutten

Earlier today lightweight prospect Chris Horodecki shot down the rumor that he will soon be fighting Takanori Gomi in Sengoku, though he remarked that he would certainly accept the bout if offered to him.

The internet has been abuzz with the news since MMA Weekly listed the Gomi-Horodecki bout in their rumors section regarding the August 24 Sengoku offering, though it still seems a long way from official at this point.

When reached for comment earlier today, Horodecki told Cage Potato that there have been no real discussions regarding a fight with Gomi. Horodecki said he’s still waiting for a fight, and would welcome the chance to take on a top ten lightweight like Gomi.

“Of course I’d fight him,” said Horodecki. “Why wouldn’t I?”

If the bout is eventually signed, the timing would likely work out well since Horodecki was previously preparing to fight on the IFL’s August event prior to its cancellation.


Rumor of the Day: Wanderlei vs. Thiago?

Wanderlei Thiago Silva Lyoto Machida MMA UFC
(Silva, Machida, & Silva: Attorneys at Brawl)

Via FiveOunces:

According to the June 23 print edition of the Wrestling Observer, [Wanderlei] Silva’s likely next opponent is undefeated light heavyweight prospect Thiago Silva. The bout could take place in October despite the fact that Wanderlei Silva has reportedly asked not to be scheduled to fight again until December.

The Observer indicated that Wanderlei Silva was given a choice of facing either Thiago Silva or Lyoto Machida. A specific reason for why Thiago Silva is considered the more likely option than Machida was not given, although Dave Meltzer indicated that the UFC is having trouble finding willing opponents for Machida.

Damn son, this Machida got everyone shook! But I ain’t mad: With their similarly aggressive styles, Wandy vs. Thiago has the potential to be a fantastic fight. Still, the UFC will eventually have to throw one of the Silvas at Machida, because it seems that only a hyper-aggro fighter who’d be willing to literally chase Machida around the cage (and absorb some damage in the process) would stand a chance of beating him. In the meantime, the UFC needs to go to their hungry/struggling 205-pounders and demand that they fight Machida; preferably, their LHWs who are sloppy enough for Machida to submit or knock out (lookin’ at you, Lambert). The Dragon will almost surely be fighting for UFC’s light-heavyweight title one day — it’s time to start getting him over with fans, and he’ll need to finish some fights before that happens.


Anderson Silva Is the Most Dangerous Man in the World

It’s official now, and he has the “Mantlers” to prove it. Here’s the Spider picking up his award at SpikeTV’s Guys Choice Awards on Sunday. Our kudos to Silva for his perfect pronunciation of “Sorry, my English is no good,” and to Chris Leben for providing Anderson with an entire highlight reel via their match at UFC Fight Night 5. Klitschko never had a chance.

(Props: MMA Scraps)


The 12 Most Embarrassing Actual Names on the Sherdog FightFinder

Spencer Dummer MMA
(War Dummer!)

12. Marcin Assman

11. Paul Rimmer

10. Spencer Dummer

9. Fernando Arreola

8. Mick Sacatidies

7. Justin Tittsworth

6. Dick Tiger

5. Kanako Takeshita

4. Jerry Hathcock

3. George Bush

2. Cade Swallows

1. Yakubkhodjaev Ahrorkhodja

Whaddya want, it’s a slow news day. Did we forget any?

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Jay Hieron Talks IFL Contract Status, Reacts to Jay Larkin’s “Gay Foreplay” Remarks

You know what the best part of this video is? It isn’t hearing IFL welterweight champ Jay Hieron do his best not to bash the IFL even though they canceled his next fight and yet aren’t allowing him to take another, though that is uncomfortable watch.

No, the best part is at the 1:54 mark when MMA Rated’s Ariel Helwani informs him of Jay Larkin’s comments comparing ground fighting to “gay foreplay”. The look on Hieron’s face at that moment, it’s priceless. He also goes on to say that he’s never met Larkin, which seems odd.

Hieron seems to be taking the whole IFL cancellation in stride, though I have to say I might be slightly more pissed off if my employer was keeping me from making a living. They aren’t giving him a fight in August, and also aren’t allowing him to look for other fights until after August. So basically they’re telling him to take the summer off, and if he doesn’t want to, then they’re forcing him to take the summer off. Nice.

Nothing like hanging out in fighter purgatory to make you wonder what happened to that organization that was supposed to be taking great care of their fighters.


UPDATE: Shields to Face “The Goat” for EliteXC 170-Pound Strap; Diaz to Face Denny

Nick Diaz Jake Shields MMA EliteXC
(Jake Shields’s legs are the only things that can make Nick Diaz smile.)

Dave Meltzer of Yahoo! Sports reports that Jake Shields will face former BodogFight champ Nick “The Goat” Thompson for EliteXC’s vacant welterweight title during the second CBS “Saturday Night Fights” broadcast on July 26th. EliteXC has been trying to establish Shields as its official 170-pound ruler since last fall, but Shields’s title shot has been foiled repeatedly, first by Mike Pyle’s contract disputes causing their match to be a non-title bout, then by Shields getting injured, then by Drew Fickett getting injured. As long as there are no more freak occurrences, Shields will finally get a chance to become a world champion, but the belt could be pulled from his grasp again — in the ring this time. Thompson is one of the best welterweights in the world, and represents Shields’s toughest test since April 2006, when he beat Yushin Okami and Carlos Condit in the same night at Rumble on the Rock 9. Shields has won his last nine fights; Thompson has won his last 12. Who will survive and what will be left of them?

In related news, the rumored rematch between 160-pound champ KJ Noons and Nick Diaz will not be happening on the July 26th show. Instead, Diaz will fight former King of the Cage champion Thomas “Wildman” Denny at the event, which will be held in Stockton. Denny has a 26-16 record, with wins over James Fanshier, Tony Fryklund, and most recently Malaipet Sasiprapa in a disqualification win at ShoXC in March. EliteXC most likely sees this as an easy win for the hometown anti-hero; it’s just too bad the booking had to come at the expense of matchups with Noons and Hayato Sakurai.


’10,000 BC’ Caption Contest: Logjammin’

Hughes Liddell Disneyland log ride UFC

10,000 BC comes out today on DVD and Blu-Ray, and Warner Home Video is providing one lucky CagePotato reader with a disc in the format of their choice. All you have to do to get it is provide a brilliant caption to the above photo of Matt Hughes, Chuck Liddell, some woman, and a terrified little boy enjoying a log ride. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but judging from the box cover it involves a battle between a caveman and a two-ton sabertooth tiger, and that’s good enough for me. Please submit your captions in the comments section by Friday morning at 8 a.m. ET; the winner will be announced shortly after. Good luck and God bless.

10,000 BC Blu-Ray10,000 BC DVD


MMA/Boxing Show in Vegas Debuts to Moderate Success

(Alessio finishes Spratt with a broken arm. Photo courtesy of MMA Weekly.)

Giving tickets away for free might not be the best long-term business strategy, but it had the desired effect for Las Vegas’ Thomas & Mack Center on Friday night. “A Night of Combat” drew almost nine thousand spectators with its promise of free tickets and a fight card divided between boxing and MMA.

To hear the Las Vegas Sun tell it, the show accomplished its modest goals through partnerships and an “outside the box” approach to fight promoting:

In this case, by giving tickets away, Libonati created a nice crowd, which met the needs of promoter Artie Pelullo, ESPN, Channel 13 News, Lotus Broadcasting and his other partners. Each received 1,000 free tickets of their own, to be distributed among the people with whom they do business. In return, Libonati got some free publicity.

To help underwrite the show, Libonati brought on a fledgling company called MLSE — Major League Sports Entertainment — which wants to introduce its brand to Las Vegas. On Friday night, MLSE shook hands with about 9,000 spectators, so it can be assumed its needs were met.


In the end, Libonati said the T&M will break even on the boxing-MMA card, probably even make a little money. He’ll make a lot more in the long run through business relationships that were made or maintained.

“Our model is you’ve got to create more than a receipt,” he said. “This type of special event thinking is what has made us unique in our industry. By creating special events, we are able to generate revenues that are shared by the entire campus.”

This, of course, was the same event that saw Kim Couture enter with high hopes and leave with some facial reconstruction. Also that night, John Alessio won by choking out Pete Spratt with a broken arm. He broke his forearm blocking a kick earlier in the fight, then grimly soldiered on toward the victory. You hear that, Kalib Starnes?


Sanchez, Hazelett Top TUF 7 Finale Payouts

Dustin Hazelett UFC Josh Burkman
(Dustin Hazelett earning his bonus money. Photo courtesy of

The list of official salaries from the Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale has been released by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. The numbers are below; each winning fighter’s payout represents a doubling of his base salary.

Diego Sanchez: $70,000
Dustin Hazelett: $64,000 (includes $20,000 Submission of the Night bonus and $20,000 Fight of the Night bonus)
Drew McFedries: $46,000 (includes $20,000 Knockout of the Night bonus)
Spencer Fisher: $36,000
Kendall Grove: $32,000
Josh Burkman: $30,000 (includes $20,000 Fight of the Night bonus)
Dean Lister: $28,000
Jeremy Horn: $25,000
Evan Tanner: $25,000
Amir Sadollah: $16,000
Matthew Riddle: $16,000
Jeremy Stephens: $16,000
Matt Brown: $16,000
Luigi Fioravanti: $10,000
Marvin Eastman: $9,000
C.B. Dollaway: $8,000
Dante Rivera: $8,000
Matt Arroyo: $8,000
Tim Credeur: $8,000*
Cale Yarbrough: $8,000*
Rob Kimmons: $6,000
Rob Yundt: $5,000

* Credeur and Yarbrough both reportedly received their to-show salaries, even though their match was canceled the night of the fight due to Credeur testing positive for Adderall.