Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?

August, 2008

Bigfoot Will Fight His Steroid Charge

Antonio Bigfoot Silva MMA EliteXC
(Image courtesy of MMA Mania)

From Antonio Silva’s manager Alex Davis, via the UG:

On Behalf of Antonio “Big Foot” Silva, as his Manager I come to this forum to declare Antonio’s innocence. These are Antonio’s words:

Dear Family, Friends, Fans and Public, I did not use the steroid Boldenone, or any other steroid of prohibited substance. I dont agree and never have agreed with the use of this kind of product in order to win, for this is cheating. I will go to the full extent of my power and the law to prove my innocence in this matter.

Looks like we may have another Sean Sherk situation on our hands. Sherk’s one-year suspension for Nandrolone was reduced to six months after he raised questions about the potential mishandling of his urine sample (which the California State Athletic Commission was never able to answer). As stubborn as the CSAC tends to be, a suspension-reduction is probably the best-case scenario for Silva. After all, proof for his side of the story is going to be very hard to come by…


Dewees, Silva Pop Positive in California

(Honestly, how did we not see this coming?)

After all the speculation as to the identities of the last two fighters to test positive from last month’s Affliction and Elite XC cards in California, we have our answer. MMA Weekly reports that Affliction’s Edwin Dewees and newly-minted Elite XC heavyweight champ Antonio Silva are the guilty parties.

Dewees tested positive for Nandrolone, that old familiar friend, only unlike Sean Sherk his levels didn’t fall in the debatable range. While Sherk got nailed with 12 ng/mL, Dewees tested at 499ng/mL. The California State Athletic Commission’s Bill Douglas remarked that the level of Nandrolone in Dewees’ system was “hard to explain.” Unless, of course, you consider the explanation that he was rightfully worried about getting pounded on by Rogerio Nogueira.

Antonio Silva, on the other hand, tested positive for Boldenone, a veterinary steroid commonly used on horses. Oh, the lengths a man will go to just to claim that Elite XC heavyweight title. A false positive in Silva’s case also seems unlikely, since, according to Douglas, the drug has a long half-life in the body.

Both fighters have been suspended for a year and fined $2,500. As the MMA world shakes its collective head at them and simultaneously breathes a sigh of relief that it wasn’t Fedor, we await the totally lame excuses/explanations that are sure to follow. Injured in training, perhaps? Maybe a contact high from too much time spent at the racetrack? We can’t wait to hear it.


KJ Noons Unmoved By Shaw’s Criticism

KJ Noons

Strangely, it seems as if Jared Shaw’s strategy of openly insulting Elite XC lightweight champion KJ Noons in the press isn’t compelling him to play nice with the organization. Weird. Even the ultimatum — and everyone loves being issued an ultimatum — hasn’t convinced him to sign the bout agreement. So what is Noons planning to do?

According to a report from, nothing much for the time being. But it doesn’t sound as if Shaw’s remarks are helping any:

“A few things will be settled over the next few days,” Noons told “but for now we’ll just let Jared Shaw go off on his little rants and let him have his fun, this isn’t bothering me.”

“I just need a couple more days to get this stuff worked out and then I will be able to say my piece and clear my name of everything that is being said and everything that is going on.”

That doesn’t exactly sound like a man who’s eager to sign a bout agreement. That sounds more like a man looking for a way out. Apparently he isn’t moved by Shaw’s threat to make him “face public opinion.” Maybe he realized that if Jared “$kala” Shaw hasn’t been destroyed by public opinion yet, it’s not quite the all-powerful force it’s being made out to be.


Brock Lesnar Expected for UFC 91?

Brock Lesnar Frank Mir UFC MMA

According to the Pioneer Press:

Former Gophers wrestler Brock Lesnar, who is 2-1 as a mixed martial arts fighter, found out this week that Ultimate Fighting Championship would like him to compete next on a November card, but his opponent and site remain undetermined.

That November card (also known as UFC 91) will reportedly go down on 11/15 in Portland, Oregon, with a bout between Kenny Florian and Joe Stevenson likely to be on the lineup. The most prevalent rumor regarding Lesnar’s opponent is that he’ll be facing Cheick Kongo. In other UFC news…

— Anheuser-Busch has tapped Chuck Liddell and Anderson Silva as spokesmen for Bud Light. Which is kind of strange considering both of them are nearly unintelligible without a translator.

— A lightweight bout between Rich Clementi and Gray Maynard is slated for UFC 90 (October 25th, Chicago). Clementi has won his last six fights, including a submission of Anthony Johnson at UFC 76 and a decision win over Terry Etim at UFC 84. Xtreme Couture’s Gray Maynard increased his record to a perfect 5-0 with his unanimous decision over Frankie Edgar at UFC Fight Night 13 in April.

— Dana White will be appearing on A&E’s Mindfreak next Wednesday at 10 p.m. According to “With the use of a blindfold, a knife and a deck of cards, Criss attempts to teach UFC® President Dana White first-hand how to do a prediction of his own. Can Dana pull off a little magic with the help of the Mindfreak?”


EliteXC Issues Ultimatum to Noons, Books Shields vs. Daley

KJ Noons EliteXC MMA
(Noons: More elusive than Machida? Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle.)

Jared Shaw has had enough. The EliteXC vice president told MMA Junkie that KJ Noons has been given one more day to accept an October 4th title fight with Nick Diaz. “A bout agreement has been sent to KJ Noons,” Shaw said. “He has until 5 (p.m. PT Thursday) to accept it, or he can face public opinion.”

In a longer interview with MMA Junkie posted yesterday evening, Shaw strongly criticized Noons and his management for their unwillingness to commit to the Diaz fight. Some highlights:

“I’m sitting here and I’m drinking from a carton of milk right now. And the EliteXC lightweight champion KJ Noons’ face is on the back of this milk carton because he’s missing in action. I can’t seem to find him.”

“Since day one [Noons' manager] Mark Dion has been insinuating that EliteXC has been out to get KJ Noons. I just can’t figure that out. When a guy appears on the very first card — and the very first fight gets knocked out in the very first round off the very first punch — and we’re there to hold his hand and pick him back up and put him right back on television in a main event on ShoXC? And then when he’s 1-1, get him right back into a main event situation for the world championship against Nick Diaz, the legend who beat Gomi, how are you going to say that we’re not trying to help your kid? What more opportunity could we give the kid?”


Oh Hell No: Kimbo Slice to Face Sean Gannon?

(This seems like something we should relive on network television, right?)

The rumor mill has been churning this week as to who Elite XC will get to take on Kimbo Slice on their October 4 CBS event, which is being called something of a make-or-break show for the organization. In a new article on, Josh Gross adds another name to the list: Sean freaking Gannon.

As in, the Boston cop who defeated Slice in an ugly, amateurish brawl back in 2004. As in, the guy who later got a shot in the UFC, only to be trounced by the unremarkable Brandon Lee Hinkle. As in, the guy who is officially 1-1 in MMA competition. That Sean Gannon.

Gross says that difficulty signing Ken Shamrock and concerns that undefeated heavyweight Brett Rogers would actually beat Kimbo (apparently that’s enough to nix an opponent for Slice) are making the Gannon bout a very real possibility at this point.

There are many, many reasons why this is an idiotic idea. To name just one, Gannon isn’t an MMA fighter. He hasn’t competed since 2005, doesn’t seem to be actively pursuing a career in the sport, and hasn’t done anything that would suggest he should be fighting professionally on CBS. He’s just a tough guy who once fought and outlasted Kimbo back in his street brawling days. In other words, this fight would be a major step back for MMA, not to mention one that would happen on network TV.

Let’s all hope that this is nothing more than a vicious, hateful rumor. Let’s hope that when Elite XC executives hear of it, they scoff out loud. Let’s hope that when Brett Rogers hears of it, he doesn’t murder whoever is closest to him. Let’s hope, but let’s not be too shocked if it turns out to be true.


WEC Completes September Fight Card

(Urijah Faber talks upcoming title defense with ESPN)

The WEC has announced the full fight card for their September 10 event in Florida, and once again it’s a fairly stacked show from Zuffa’s minor leagues. Most notable is the official announcement that former UFC lightweight champ Jens Pulver will be taking on Leonard “Just Try and Make Those Charges Stick” Garcia. It also includes Urijah Faber defending his title against Mike Brown, and Paulo Filho making his return to action in a rematch against Chael Sonnen.

Making their WEC debuts are two Team Takedown members — Jake Rosholt and Johny Hendricks — who are definitely worth keeping an eye on in the future.

Here’s the full lineup:

Urijah Faber vs. Mike Brown
Paulo Filho vs. Chael Sonnen
Jens Pulver vs. Leonard Garcia
Danillo Villefort vs. Jake Rosholt
Rob McCullough vs. Donald Cerrone
Rani Yahya vs. Yoshihiro Maeda
David Avellan vs. Tim McKenzie
Johny Hendricks vs. Alex Serdyukov
Ed Ratcliff vs. Danny Castillo


“Day of Reckoning” Books Prince of Darkness

(“The Wizard” @ Ozzfest 2005)

TheMMANews and MMAJunkie are reporting that the music for Affliction’s second MMA event (October 11th, Las Vegas) will be provided by 59-year-old rock legend Ozzy Osbourne. Osbourne, who is sponsored by Affliction clothing, had been rumored to be the live performer at “Banned” in May, but Megadeth got the gig instead.

The heavy metal interludes from Dave Mustaine & Co. at Affliction’s debut card were criticized by many MMA fans, but I dig Megadeth, so their presence was fine with me, especially because they stuck to old classics and didn’t play any new material. As long as Ozzy stays away from “Mama, I’m Coming Home” and digs into the Black Sabbath songbook (i.e., “Iron Man,” “War Pigs,” maybe some “Sweet Leaf” or “The Wizard”), he should be good. Also, Andrei Arlovski is going to beat Josh Barnett via decision; you heard it here first.



DNC Protesters Looking to Learn a Little MMA

(‘Wish a motherf*cker would start some trouble in here.’)

So you were planning on going to protest the Democratic National Convention in Denver next week, but you’re worried about getting your ass kicked and possibly tear-gassed? Don’t even sweat it, man. Protest group Recreate ’68 has got your solution: learn some MMA.

Denver’s Gumm Mixed Martial Arts Academy (owned and operated by “two-time UFC veteran” Brad Gumm, who once beat Joe Stevenson…and then lost the subsequent rematch) is opening its doors to the protesters to help them learn some fighting skillz before it all goes down in the streets of Denver. Now try and tell me that MMA isn’t mainstream.

From DNC Disruption ’08 (via Fight Opinion):

Gumm Mixed Martial Arts Gym has provided an incredible opportunity for supporters of R-68. There will be many counter-protesters who will be accompanying us at the convention. An ounce of preparation for the worst possible scenario is a valuable and strategic move to ensure your personal safety.

Nothing would please me more than to turn on the news coverage of the DNC next week and see protesters triangle choking each other in the streets. Then, just when it turns into a chaotic, but highly technical Battle Royal, Barack Obama will have to come outside and start knocking people out with his patented Superman punch just to restore order. That’s executive power I can get behind.


Matt Hughes Fires Back at Media Critics

(The stuff you find under Tommy Speer’s mattress.)

Former UFC welterweight champ Matt Hughes has been taking some heat for his remarks about the Georges St. Pierre-Jon Fitch bout, which he admitted to walking out on during UFC 87. But in a rare response to the media and the fans, Hughes updated his blog to address the criticism and set the record straight. Kind of:

I usually don’t do this, but I’m going to break my rule this time. There’s been so much talk about my last blog entry that it’s amazing. Some of it is legitimate thinking, some of it is just from idiots. I never said the GSP fight was boring, the reason I walked out was because I wanted to beat the crowd. I didn’t think Fitch was going to get back in the match and the fight wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. If you want, you can go look at my last blog entry and see that this is basically what I said. So people criticized me for leaving the fight early and said that was disrespectful to GSP, I disagree, I just wanted to get out of there.

Hughes also responded to a Yahoo! Sports blog entry by Steve Cofield that interpreted his ‘GSP-looked-small’ remarks to mean that Hughes was implying St. Pierre had been on steroids for previous bouts. While that might have been a little bit of a stretch, and Cofield admits as much, Hughes’ attempts at backtracking on his ‘boring’ remarks are hindered by the wonders of modern technology.

His exact words to interviewers with PWB Podcast: “I gotta be real honest though, I was kinda bored with the match.”

Woop. There it is.