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October, 2008

Behind the $cenes: MMA Biz Roundup

Kimbo Slice Gina Carano MMA EliteXC
(Don’t expect to see these two fight for a looooooong time.)

— Golden Boy no longer plans to hold hybrid boxing/MMA cards with Affliction. As Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer explained the change-of-heart to, “We want to get to know the MMA market better and truly evaluate if there are synergies between the two sports. We are planning to do some focus groups where we will ask boxing and MMA fans how they would feel about it. Once we get the results of that, then we’ll be in a much better position to decide which strategy to apply.” Affliction’s MMA-only fight card on January 24th will still be co-promoted by Golden Boy.

— Though EliteXC’s fighters are currently in legal limbo because their contracts may be considered company assets in bankruptcy court, the regional promotions that Pro Elite swallowed up over the last two years could be immediately free to operate again. As Dave Meltzer reports:

Most deals [with Pro Elite] included putting the former owners under contract as executive consultants (and then not listening to them), giving them some cash as well as company stock, at the time worth millions and now worth almost nothing. The deals were structured as such that if Pro Elite went bankrupt, all could go back to promoting using the names they developed. King of the Cage, which was the only group profitable underneath the Pro Elite banner, is expected to continue running events as soon as possible. Cage Rage, a U.K. based group whose losses were so staggering they greatly sped up the demise of Pro Elite, is likely not to last much longer.


Cote: “I F*cked Him Up Really Bad” (!)

Wow…the delusions you suffer when Anderson Silva allows you to reach round three. As you can see in this video from MMACanada, Patrick Cote has a rather inflated sense of his own toughness following Saturday night’s debacle. After explaining that his knee was actually toast by the end of the second round, the Predator launches into the money quote:

“I proved to everybody that this guy’s not unbeatable. I think I fucked him up really bad ['you fucked him up' and 'oh, big time' his friends shout, possibly sarcastically]. My gameplan was good and I think he was scared to exchange with me. I received all his best punch and all his best knee and I was still there.”

Well, that’s a matter of opinion. It’s still unclear what was going through Silva’s head during those first two rounds, but I wouldn’t assume that he was scared of Cote (who never gave Silva reason to be), and the small handful of bored strikes he threw certainly did not represent “his best punch and his best knee.” Far from it. What we saw at UFC 90 was Anderson Silva at his most ineffective. Though hey, maybe he was going to make something happen in the championship rounds. Cote would also like you to know that he didn’t fake the knee injury, and he thought it was a little bit rude when Silva offered his hand to help him during the fight. Okay? Now let’s all forget that this ever happened.

Dana White, it should be noted, was understandably disappointed with Silva’s performance, and didn’t think it had anything to do with fear of Cote.


UFC 90 Bonuses + Videos

What a bizarre night. If, like me, you can’t quite make sense of what you saw last night, the video above gives you another chance to sort through it all. What does it say when Bruce Buffer provides more intensity than the main event?

Bonus awards for UFC 90 were $65,000 a piece and it played out like this:

Fight of the Night: Sean Sherk and Tyson Griffin
Submission of the Night: Spencer Fisher
KO of the Night: Junior Dos Santos

Awarding bonuses this time around must have felt like a strange process. There were only two submissions (Thales Leites’ choke of McFedries was not impressive enough somehow) and one knockout, and picking a fight of the night had to be a lot like picking a favorite Arena League football team. Apparently 15,359 people showed up to be disappointed by the most unsatisfying UFC in recent memory, with a live gate totaling $2.85 million.

Dos Santos’ vicious knockout of Werdum is after the jump, along with the so-called fight of the night and more.


UFC 90: Deep-Dish, Chicago-Style Liveblog

Anderson Silva Patrick Cote UFC
(As a Brazilian might say, Patrick is about to get haped. Photo courtesy of

Last week, I sent a letter to Dana White asking if the UFC’s tired old gladiator intro could be replaced with this for tonight’s broadcast. So, fingers crossed. Anyway, we’re about to witness the beginning of the end of Anderson Silva’s career (and possibly Cote’s, depending on how badly he gets injured tonight), a potential fight-of-the-night between the Pitbull vs. the Koscheck, a heavyweight feature that shouldn’t have even been approved by the athletic commission, and a few guys who couldn’t finish a fight to save their balls. Join us, won’t you? Round-by-round updates and commentary await you after the jump; refresh the page every few minutes for all the latest.


UFC 90 Undercard Results

Spencer Fisher Shannon Gugerty MMA UFC
(You just signed your own motherfucking death-warrant, Gugerty.)

After the jump, for spoiler-haters…


Friday Link Dump

(Check out the full UFC 90 press conference album at Combat Lifestlye.)

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Thiago Alves Makes Weight! Josh Burkman Doesn’t!

Thiago Alves
(‘Fixing to go eat, son!’)

Thiago Alves got a chubby monkey off his back and made weight by squeaking just under the wire at 171 this afternoon. Good to see some people can put down the fork when the pressure is on (yeah, that was a shot at you, Gina). The only UFC 90 fighter not to make weight today was Josh Burkman, who weighed in two pounds over at 173 for his preliminary bout with Pete Sell. The sad irony is that the former middleweight Sell was the fighter people were expecting to have trouble making the cut. He hit 170 right on the button for what Goldstein expects to be UFC 90′s worst bout. Sure is off to a hell of a start.

Before today’s weigh-in, Matt Hughes spoke to fans and answered some questions, as he’s known to do. When asked about the Randy Couture/Brock Lesnar bout coming up at UFC 91, Hughes sided with Lesnar, saying: “The younger, stronger, better wrestler right now is going to win.”

He also said he’s voting for John McCain, for those of you who were wondering. Weird, I know. Full weigh-in results after the jump.


Genghis Con: The Master Speaks

(“The Fast Lane, Episode 002″: Con’s personal favorite.)

Loyal readers of CagePotato know that we’re rabid fans of Genghis Con, the MMA highlight-video virtuoso whose films are marked by rare footage, unconventional song choices, and clever approaches to their subjects. We got in touch with Con to lift the mask from his shadowy persona and find out how he does it. If you’re unfamiliar with Con’s work, go here. Everyone else, read on…


So who the hell are you, anyway?
My name is Isaac Kesington — you can call me Ike. I’m 23 years old and I live in Georgia. I work at AT&T, doing office work, basically.

Why “Genghis Con”? Where did that name come from?
Well, I produce rap music too — I do beats and stuff like that — and that was my producer name before I started messing with MMA videos, so I just transferred it over.

When did you first start following MMA?
I think 2001. My friend kept talking about Tank Abbott, and how nobody could beat this guy, so I started watching the UFC with him and I rented a couple DVDs and just got hooked from there.

What inspired you to start making MMA videos?
I used to watch everybody’s highlight videos on the Internet, like Boondock’s, and I admired them for what they were doing. I hit up Boondock one time and he told me what program I could use to start editing videos, and I just started making them, about two-and-a-half years ago.

What was the first video you made?
It was a video about Zelg Galesic. It’s like two minutes long, and it’s pretty rough.

Kind of an obscure choice for your first compilation. Why Galesic?
Well I used to watch Cage Rage and I liked all the fighters, like him, Melvin Manhoef, JZ Calvancanti — those were the first three videos that I did. I just wanted to use smaller fighters that didn’t have a lot of videos out on the net.


‘Fighter’ Caption Contest: The Winners

Kenny Florian Fighter
(Kenny is sooooo happy for you!)

Aleksander Emelianenko Vladimir Putin Jean Claude Van Damme

This week’s Fighter caption contest — which centered on a chance encounter between The Grim Reaper, Pooty-Poot, and the Muscles from Brussels — was an overwhelming success, hauling in 440-ish entries, nearly all of which revolved around some combination of hepatitis and homoeroticism. Three of them were good enough to earn copies of Fighter, courtesy of Viking and Coach. But first, some honorable mentions:

crookshark: In spite of his fighting skills, Aleksander Emelianenko proved to be terrible at musical chairs.

Destro: Jean-Claude breathed a sigh of relief…finally, someone who was even more underdressed than he was.

Horror Fighter: Frank Dux stopped smiling when Aleks reached into his shorts and pulled out Jackson’s Harley-Davidson bandana.

Dangada Dang: Jean Claude recovering from what will go down in history as THE most awkward boner.
*previous record held by….Jean Claude Van Damme

And the winners are…


Dana White’s UFC 90 Video Blog Goes Meta

Dana White’s UFC 90 video blog 10/23/08 – Watch more free videos

Today on Dana White‘s UFC 90 Video Blog (though it was actually recorded yesterday) White talks with Steve Cofield about the video blog in a conversation that’s captured on the video blog. Is your mind freaked yet? No? How about if we post another picture with Criss Angel in the background? You guys seemed to love that.

The talk with Cofield is actually one of the highlights of this entry. They discuss EliteXC and Jared Shaw, who (surprise!) isn’t really happy about anything these days. This comes after White discusses the situation with the press, who push him a little for being so jubilant about EliteXC folding and leaving plenty of fighters and staff unemployed. As you might expect, White pushes back with swift retorts like “Too fucking bad. Go get another job.” Fortunately Kevin Iole is there to help him clarify this stance.

Those of you who were hoping that the dissolution of EliteXC and the sudden availability of Gina Carano would make White rethink adding a women’s division to the UFC, sorry. He says EliteXC’s fighters will get picked up, but when asked about interest in the women he replies, “not me.” Didn’t even need to think about it.