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December, 2008

The 12 Greatest MMA Photos of 2008

Props to CombatLifestyle, Sherdog,, Fight! Magazine, TMZ, and the Las Vegas Sun.

#12: Wanderlei Silva celebrates his destruction of Keith Jardine at UFC 84.

Wanderlei Silva UFC MMA

#11: Urijah Faber bags himself a couple of sasquatches.
Urijah Faber MMA WEC tall girls

#10: Rashad Evans rushes in to finish an already knocked-dead Chuck Liddell at UFC 88.
Rashad Evans Chuck Liddell UFC MMA

#9 (tie): Paul Taylor knocks Chris Lytle’s jaw loose; Taylor gets his foot lodged in Lytle’s mouth.
Paul Taylor Chris Lytle UFC MMA

After the jump: A naked Gina Carano, a punch-drunk Kimbo Slice, and a rather disappointed Joe Stevenson.


UFC 92 Videos: Quinton Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva, Rashad Evans vs. Forrest Griffin

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Jackson, Evans, Griffin Take Home UFC 92′s End-of-Night Bonuses

Forrest Griffin Rashad Evans crotch grab kiss taunting UFC 92
(In some cultures, that’s considered a compliment. Props to IrishLew)

Following a shocking night of fights in which Quinton Jackson exacted revenge against his arch-nemesis, two new champions were crowned, and my sure-thing parlay bet was shit all over, the UFC handed out $60k bonuses to the following fighters…

Knockout of the Night: Quinton Jackson, obviously. Though eight of the Ultimate 2008′s ten fights ended in stoppages due to strikes (seven within the first two rounds), Rampage’s left-hook stiffening of Wanderlei Silva was a picture-perfect one-punch KO, and represented a dramatic return to form. Will Jackson/Griffin 2 be next?

Fight of the Night: Forrest Griffin and Rashad Evans for their light-heavyweight championship main event. After an even first round, Griffin found his groove, landing strikes with regularity and ending the second frame with an on-the-button superman punch. But Evans proved just how "athletic and explosive" he really is when he knocked Forrest to the ground in the third and finished him off with some devastating punches from the top — becoming the second consecutive TUF winner to hold the 205-pound strap.

Submission of the Night: Nobody, since no fight ended in a tapout. But hey, you don’t like that gay foreplay stuff anyway.

UFC 92 drew 14,103 spectators for an impressive (though not record-setting) live gate of $3.47 million.


UFC 92: The Ultimate Liveblog

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The MGM Grand is abuzz as the start time for UFC 92 closes in.  Tapout t-shirts flood the casino floor and bored girlfriends in halter-tops linger near the slot machines, popping their gum and sipping Michelob Ultras as part of their continued vigilance against carbs.  Truly, it is a magnificent scene.  And though it may not be officially the main event, all over town you can hear people talking about Wanderlei Silva and “Rampage” Jackson.  The consensus seems to be that short of one man growing wings and flying out of the Octagon, nothing that happens in this fight will be too great a surprise.  That’s how volatile and unpredictable it is.

Your favorite liveblogger is live and on the scene at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, so stick with me all night for news, results, wisecracks and analysis.  Prelims are scheduled to get started at around 5:15 PST.  If you’re holding out hope of seeing Antoni Hardonk and Mike Wessel broadcasted tonight, you might want to skip over that so as not to have it spoiled for you.  Or not.  Your choice.

I would remind you to hit refresh often, but you already know to do that.  You sharp devil, you.


Videos: Dana White’s Video Blog; UFC 92 Weigh-Ins

Spend some quality family time with Dana White over the holidays.  Long story short, Dana White loves a good prank.  Even the same prank.  Over and over again.  Also, Dana White is riiiiiiiich.  So who’s going to get pissed?  Not Rashad Evans, apparently.

Weigh-in video is after the jump.


UFC 92 Weigh-In Report

Wanderlei Silva and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson couldn’t just get up on the scales and call it a night.  Nope, there had to be a little extra curricular activity, just to further steal the show with their third fight.

It was an intense staredown to begin with after each man made weight at the MGM Grand this afternoon.  The two were nose to nose when Jackson said something that the microphones didn’t pick up, but it must have been naughty because Silva shoved him immediately.  If you want my guess, Rampage was pulling out one of his old bad breath jokes.  Silva has struggled long and hard with gingivitis, and dental stuff in general is a sensitive topic for him.  

Dana White quickly got between them, followed by almost everyone else on the stage, just to play up the drama.  I tell you, it was enough to make you miss Pride.

The rest of the weigh-in went smoothly and predictably.  Frank Mir got booed.  Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Forrest Griffin both got very warm welcomes.  And all fighters made weight (though Dean Lister did have to strip down to hit 186).  The only other excitement was Cheick Kongo pulling the seventh-grade bully move of faking a lunge at Mostapha Al Turk during their staredown.  To his credit, Al Turk didn’t flinch.  Looks like Kongo won’t get those two free punches he was hoping for.

Full weigh-in results are after the jump.  Don’t forget that we’ll be liveblogging all the action Saturday night, so tune in early and often.


Justin Eilers Shot and Killed

Former UFC and EliteXC fighter Justin Eilers is dead after being shot in the chest Thursday night.  Eilers was reportedly at the home of an acquaintance in Canyon County, Idaho and had argued with an ex-girlfriend who was also at the house, before being asked to leave.  Eilers refused and, according to Sherdog, “began throwing dishes and other objects in protest.”

The owner of the home, James Robert Malec, a forty-eight-year-old man believed to be Eilers’ mother’s husband, produced a gun and shot Eilers once in the chest.  Emergency medical personnel attempted to save his life when they arrived at the house and found him wounded, but were unsuccessful.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.  Eilers was thirty years old.

To make matters worse, Eilers’ young son, his mother, and his ex-girlfriend are all said to have been in the room with him when he was shot.  Malec was arrested and charged with second-degree murder.

Fans may remember Eilers for his UFC battles with Andrei Arlovski and Brandon Vera.  His last fight was against Antonio Silva for the EliteXC heavyweight title in July, where he lost via second-round TKO. 

Depressing times in the world of MMA.


Done With Kimbo, Dan Quinn Calls Out Mir and Obama

Previously: WAR QUINN!!!


Post-Holiday MMA Catch-Up

(Junior Dos Santos spars with Mauricio Rua at the Team Nogueira gym in Rio.)

Even though we’ve been pretty much off the clock since Tuesday, and didn’t post any actual news, you honestly didn’t miss much. But let’s get you up to speed…

– Junior dos Santos, the Team Nogueira heavyweight who scored a shocking upset knockout of Fabricio Werdum during his UFC debut in October, will meet new UFC signee Stefan Struve at UFC 95 (February 21st, London). Struve is a Dutch fighter whose 16-2 record includes 12 wins by submission.

– Cristiane "Cris Cyborg" Santos has signed a one-fight deal with Canadian MMA organization XMMA, and will fight at their February 27th event against an opponent to be named later. (Don’t get your hopes up, it won’t be Carano.)

– Though MMA competition is currently banned in Ontario, the UFC will be pushing hard to do a stadium event in Toronto in 2009.

Frank Mir is openly bitching about how he has to go five rounds tomorrow night. Don’t worry, buddy, we’re sure Big Nog will be kind enough to sub you before the fourth.

– Satoshi Ishii is a total UFC mark.

– WEC bantamweight Will Ribeiro, who suffered a serious head injury during a motorcycle accident in Brazil, is starting to make some recovery. According to Ribeiro’s manager Ed Soares, "the doctor seems very hopeful." 

Sherdog is infecting your computer with spyware and adware.


UFC 92 Vlog #2 + Press Conference Highlights

If big, beaming smiles were an indicator of mental health, then Dana White’s latest video blog stands as proof that Quinton Jackson is fully recovered and ready to rock. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. In this clip, DW checks in with UFC 92′s marquee fighters before a press conference on Monday, including Rashad Evans, who is apparently dressing for the job he wants rather than the job he has. We also learn that Dana can never sleep in Japan ("oh, fuck no"), ‘Page and Wandy find endless amusement in bodybuilder underwear, and Brock Lesnar still can’t deal with modern technology. Later, Dana shows off some of his totally sweet Christmas gifts, introduces us to Arianny Celeste’s sister (!), and has his bald head markered up by a mischievous Lorenzo Fertitta. But don’t worry: He gets his revenge by electrocuting an underling. Merry Christmas!

After the jump: Highlights from the aforementioned press conference, courtesy of ESPN.