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December, 2008

Videos: Arlovski 360, Mir Gets Philosophical, and More

Arlovski 360, Ep. 1 – Watch more free videos

From the moment this video declares Fedor-Arlovski to be the most anticipated heavyweight bout in MMA history, for the "undisputed" heavyweight title, you know what you’re getting into.  Still, the look of the video is impressive for a DIY internet effort.  It rips off all the cool things about the HBO 24/7 series, though since they spend the entire time pumping up Arlovski it reaches none of the emotional depth. 

Oh well.  It’s still the best promotional tool we’ve seen yet for this fight that’s just over a month away.  If Affliction’s not embarrassed by that, they should be.

After the jump, Frank Mir gets deep, plus a little something extra that you may hate me for, but it’s for your own good.


Friday Link Dump: Singin’ Dave Kaplan Edition

(Dave Kaplan cleans up on "The Singing Bee’s" Girl Power Night.  No joke.  The money line: "You’re making me nervous, Fatone!" Thanks to reader bpd for this.)

- Inside MMA previews Arlovski/Fedor. (MMA Scraps)

- Wagnney Fabiano in no hurry to get WEC belt. (Tatame)

- Phil Baroni wants back in the UFC.  Good luck, bro. (Five Ounces of Pain)

- Joe Rogan’s "Fight For The Troops" rant is pretty right on. (Fightlinker)

- Satoshi Ishii celebrates his birthday. (Suki MMA)

- Hong Man Choi not worried about midget Cro Cop. (Fighters Only)

- Dodgeball, Xtreme Couture style. (Xtreme Couture)

- If alcohol labels were more realistic. (Holy Taco)

- Goodbye Sparks, you will be missed. (Wall Street Fighter)

- The weirdest Jeff Goldblum moments are really weird. (Screen Junkies)

- Cop hits deer at 75 mph, and it goes flying. (Nothing Toxic)


Rashad Evans Is Immortal!!!

(Looks like things are about to get rough for digital Forrest.)

Rashad Evans is really excited about being in the UFC 2009 Undisputed video game.  Maybe part of it is because they released some nice little screen shots showing him getting his dominate on against Forrest Griffin, or maybe he just wanted to seem extra-enthusiastic so as not to risk a Jon Fitch-like predicament at any point in the future.

Either way, check out what Evans had to say to about what being in the game means to him:

"I never thought I’d be in a videogame, and I’m happy about that. To be a part of the whole organization and to be a part of the videogame, that’s my immortality right there. I may die next year, or in the next couple of days or whatever, but I’ll always be in that videogame."

Whoa, take it easy.  I can understand being pretty pumped about having your mug in a video game (the closest I ever came was making a character who looked kind of almost like me in the old Pride game – he specialized in Thug Jitsu, naturally), but it does not make you immortal.  I mean, look at Danny Sullivan, of Danny Sullivan’s Indy Heat.  He’s not immortal, and it was his game!  You’re a character in the game, and even Doink the Clown can say that.

To be honest, though, the screenshots do look pretty sweet, so I can almost understand why Evans is so happy he thinks he can die now.  Check out  a couple more after the jump.  Looks like the THQ people see Forrest spending a lot of time on his back at UFC 92.


Did Ishii Leave Behind $6 million to Hang Out With Dana White?

Satoshi Ishii judo MMA UFC Beijing gold medalist
(Yeah, they are less impressive in real life.)


Just two days after Satoshi Ishii made clear his interest in fighting for the UFC, UFC president Dana White has extended his hand to the 2008 Olympic judo gold medalist. According to a report on Nikkan Sports, White released a statement today through WOWOW, which televises UFC events in Japan, saying that Ishii has potential to become a great mixed martial arts fighter and applauding his smart decision to fight in the UFC.
White invited Ishii to watch UFC 92 "The Ultimate 2008" live in Las Vegas on Dec. 27, and Ishii has accepted. [Ed. note: Hopefully White didn't mean that Ishii could watch the event at home, on pay-per-view.] Ishii said on Wednesday that he wants to fight for the UFC instead of DREAM and plans to go in March to train with the American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Florida.

I initially doubted that the UFC would have much interest in Ishii, since he’s an MMA newbie with very little name recognition in the States (and a hefty price tag, probably). The only way this would make sense is if the UFC was planning on expanding into Japan soon, as some are suggesting. Even then it might not be worth it, unless they intend to put on as many shows in Japan as they do in the U.K. now. But Ishii is undeterred; he wants to fight in the Octagon so badly that he may be leaving an obscene amount of cash on the table in his home country. 


CagePotato Comments of the Week

Chris Leben UFC MMA bloody

Damn, is it Friday already? Well, you know what time it is. (No, not peanut butter jelly time.) It’s time to give away some t-shirts to some of our LOLiest commenters. This week’s winners:

Dangada Dang on "Michael Bisping Voted the Coolest Bloke in the U.K.":
Bisping makes a good point as the last person to get him on the ground was Abu Dhabi world champion Chris Leben.

Old, Bald and Irish on "No Ortiz Announcement at Today’s Presser":
All this "Affliction: DEATHWATCH (TM)" is making me nuts. Ya know when you see something horrible happen, like a car crash, and everything is in slow motion? That’s what following Affliction is like. Except, you’ve already seen the crash and you can’t peel your eyes away from the slo-mo sight of the mangled girls body ejecting through the front windshield as her $95 Affliction t-shirt gets sheared away from her skinless naked body as it sloooooowly rips on the broken glass while her pulverized bloody carcass gets forcefully expelled from the flaming vehicle.

Kinda like that…

…except Fedor is standing there on a street corner witnessing the whole thing with an emotionless expression on his face and an ice cream cone in each hand.
[Ed. note: Suck on that, Kadumel!]

milo bling on "Randy Couture Joins Cast of Stallone’s ‘The Expendables’":
if someone invited me to see this, i wouldn’t show up. but i guess it wouldn’t really matter.
[Ed. note: You had to be there.]

If you’ve been shouted out, please send your name, address, and size to to claim your CagePotato Hall of Fame t-shirt. Fuuuuuuuun!


Relive the Magic of Wandy-Page, Plus Five Reasons Why The Third Fight Is Completely Different

(Pride Final Conflict, 11/9/03)

If you’re like us, then those ESPN hype videos for Rampage-Wandy III at UFC 92 only aroused your appetite for destruction.  Might as well go back in time and look at how it played out.  Above is their first meeting.  Fight number two (with some of those crafty Fox Sports Net edits) is after the jump.  But only a fool believes that the fighters we see in these videos are the same exact ones we’ll see next Saturday night, and you aren’t a fool, are you?

Here are five variables to take into account when trying to predict the outcome of the third meeting:

1. Change of Camps: While Silva came to America to train, Jackson left.  Now Wanderlei is running around a converted warehouse in Las Vegas with a snorkel in his mouth and "Rampage" is over in England grab-assing with the Wolfslair.  We’ve seen Silva in action since relocating, and he looked good against Keith Jardine, but the jury’s still out on Jackson’s new crew.

2. Mind Games: Let’s be honest, no one knows for sure what’s going on in ‘Page’s head these days.  He’s had a rough few months, and now he has to fight a guy who’s knocked him out twice.  Everyone wants to see if Jackson still has his wits about him.  Either the pressure will elevate his game, or crack him like an egg.


Michael Bisping Voted the Coolest Bloke in the U.K.

(Photo courtesy of Zoo Magazine.)

Man, Daniel Radcliffe is going to be pissed.  According to the readers of Britain’s Zoo Magazine, the UFC’s Michael Bisping is the U.K.’s "coolest" man of the year.  Upon hearing the good news, Bisping described himself as “shocked.”  

You know who else is shocked?  Bear Gryllis.  That bad-ass survivalist dude from the Discovery Channel.  He finished seventh in the voting.  Seventh!!!!  And he drank elephant poop!  Hell, Noel Gallagher from Oasis was third.  Sup with that, Brtiain?  You guys feeling okay?

When it came to analyzing the meaning of these results, Zoo’s editor chalked it up to the “growing influence that UFC is having on young men in Britain,” as well as a changing economic and cultural climate. 

Other notables on the list:

4. Jason Statham (that guy)
5. Daniel Craig (James Bond)
12. Christian Bale (effing Batman, yo)
24. Ricky Gervais (this dude)
33. Simon Cowell (just stop)
36. Morissey (I thought you said “coolest?”)
60. Paul McCartney (he’s still British?)
86. Sacha Baron Cohen (if this isn’t cool, what is?)

In other Bisping news, the Wolfslair fighter tells MMA Bay that he’s not concerned about a potential bout with submissions grand wizard Demian Maia, because:


Videos: Rampage and Wandy Talk Grudge Match, Frank Mir Drills His Jits

(Props: MMA Scraps)

Anybody else psyched that Jackson/Silva III is just eight days away? Sure, it could be a one-sided stomping like their first two matches, but their upcoming meeting at UFC 92 has serious heat behind it. It’s no made-up storyline — these guys genuinely dislike each other. In the ESPN clips above, Rampage says that Wanderlei was lucky in PRIDE, but he hasn’t looked lucky in a while. He wishes Silva a good Christmas, because he isn’t going to be too happy come New Year’s. Silva, for his part, is upset with all of Jackson’s Internet-hatin’, which he doesn’t consider "a man’s attitude."

After the jump, fellow UFC 92 competitor Frank Mir works on rubber-guard techniques with the very-excitable Eddie Bravo. If Mir manages to catch Big Nog with one of these subs next weekend, Joe Rogan will not be able to stop screaming.


Sanchez/Stevenson Possible for February + More UFC Notes

Diego Sanchez UFC MMA Krush
(Why have I never heard about this magazine before? It’s like it was made just for me!)

Diego Sanchez, who recently announced his intention to drop to lightweight, will reportedly take on Joe Stevenson in his first 155-pound match, according to Sherdog. Sanchez has verbally agreed to the fight, which would take place at UFC 95 (February 21st, London), though bout agreements have yet to be signed.

It’s somewhat strange that the TUF 1 middleweight winner is dropping in weight after two impressive victories (over David Bielkheden and Luigi Fioravanti), and somewhat unfortunate that Stevenson may be heading for his third loss in four fights. "Daddy" could probably use a tune-up match after being choked out by Kenny Florian last month. But with BJ Penn chasing a welterweight belt, now might be the best time for Sanchez to get all up in the lightweight mix. For the record, Florian would welcome a rematch with Sanchez, who beat him at the TUF 1 finale. In other UFC news…


Update: Levens the Suspected Shooter in Murder-Suicide, According to Autopsy Results

Autopsies conducted by the Orange County Sheriff Coroner’s Office are leading authorities closer to ruling the deaths of the fighter and his wife a murder-suicide, with Levens as the suspected shooter.  A spokesman for the coroner described the fatal gunshot wounds to, saying: “It was a chest wound that penetrated her heart and killed her and his was to the head.”

The two were found next to one another in their bed, with a gun found next to Levens’ body.  Autopsy results put the deaths at around four days ago.

In the Laguna-Niguel condo the Orange County Sheriff’s Department found prescription painkillers and anti-depressants, though the pills were not in the typical pharmaceutical containers.  

An AP report claims that police had visited the condo twice in the last month, once for a possible overdose.  An “anonymous source” tells NBC Sports that Levens was “never the same” after the suicide of IFL teammate Jeremy Williams in May of 2007.

Levens’ one-time agent, Ken Pavia, described him as having become “disenchanted with his career and the sport.”

No suicide note has been found.