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January, 2009

Amir Sadollah Forced to Pull Out of UFC Fight Night 17

Amir Sadollah UFC MMA hospital Skoal chewing tobacco
(At times like these, it’s the simple pleasures that sustain us. Photo courtesy of CombatLifestyle.)

Due to an injury sustained in training, TUF 7 winner Amir Sadollah will not be facing Nick Catone at UFC Fight Night 17 (February 7th; Tampa, Florida). No, he didn’t break his funny-bone. According to MMA Weekly:

[S]ources indicated that the fighter suffered a broken clavicle in training that pushed him out of the fight…
Sadollah and Catone were originally scheduled to meet in November 2007, but a last second leg injury forced the "Ultimate Fighter" winner off the card and instead of finding a replacement, the UFC opted to push their match-up back to February instead. Before his previously scheduled match in Nov, Sadollah had a leg infection that put him in the hospital and out of action for an extended period of time.

This sucks just as bad for Nick Catone, who has been inactive since last June, just waiting for Sadollah to get his shit together. Luckily, the UFC is trying to find a replacement for Amir so that Catone can still compete next month.

As for Sadollah, he’s also been inactive since last June, when he submitted CB Dollaway at the TUF 7 finale. That fight is still the only pro MMA match on Sadollah’s record. There’s no word yet on when he’ll be able to return to competition, though perhaps Amir should take this as a sign that God is very displeased with the idea of him as a cage-fighter.


CagePotato Comments of the Week

Jeff Monson police MMA UFC riot
("Listen bro, you rough up your girlfriend or one of your multiple wives, that’s your business. But when you assault a grandfather clock, somebody has to go to jail.")

Hey, who wants a CagePotato t-shirt? Oh yeah? So buy one you cheap bastard. (For one thing, they’re great for hiding your gynecomastia.) Here are the witty commenters who will be getting their shirts for free:

The irish car bomb on "War Machine: ‘F*ck an Obama’":
w washed up
a ass hole
r retarded mother fucker

m mentally ill (expects sympathy hahaha)
a arguably gay
c cant hold back a full face of tears on every occasion he gets
h he acts like a little bitch
i i dont even know why he gets this much attention hes such a loser
n never going to fight in any company worth mentioning ever again
e evan tanner is one of the most respectable people in mma history so go home
and cry yourself to sleep little johnny

agentsmith on "Gambling Addiction Enabler: Affliction’s Day of Reckoning": The nostrils truly are the windows to the soul

Jugger on "Monson Update: Ex-Girlfriend to Turn in More Graffiti Pictures to Authorities": Check it out! Steph just updated her facebook status:
"I was going to rat on Monson for cheating on me and two other women, but some creepy stalker named ‘Crap Factory’ explained to me how wrong I am for answering the Cop’s questions about my ex’s past exploits. I’ve decided to forgive him for wasting a year of my life, lying to me, possibly giving me an STD, getting violent with me, and basically kicking me in vag while I was down. Thanks Crap Factory! You are my new moral compass!"

If your name has been called, please e-mail with your real name, address, and size, and we’ll have a shirt out to you in 6-8 months. 


Bobby Green in For Horodecki, + More Affliction Videos

("The Upgrade" will get his chance to earn that t-shirt, after all.  Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

With Chris Horodecki being pulled from Affliction: Day of Reckoning after failing his physical with a bulging disc in his neck, the organization has reached out to 7-1 southern California fighter Bobby Green to step in as a replacement against Dan Lauzon.  Important things to know about Green:

– His nickname is “King,” which is kind of weird.
– He’s never faced anyone of note in any major organization.
– He was suspended for three months and fined $500 after testing positive for marijuana following his victory over Raymond Ayala at Total Fighting Alliance 10 last March.

There, now you’re up to speed.  The question now for Affliction is whether this bout will stay on the pay-per-view portion of the card, or whether it will be pushed down in favor of the Jay Hieron and Jason High bout.  The latter sounds like the better idea, since guys who take fights on a couple days notice aren’t often known for putting on pay-per-view worthy performances.

More Affliction-related videos, like Fedor and Andrei vlogs, are after the jump.


Ben vs. Ben: Affliction “Day of Reckoning” Edition

(Looks like Andrei’s the only thing standing between Fedor and another trip to the scary rollercoasters.  That is not a safe place to stand.)

Is it sad that this installment of Ben vs. Ben is forced to dwell on questions surrounding Affliction’s possible demise?  A little, but that’s life.  We can’t just pretend that they aren’t paying Andrei Arlovski roughly 20,000 t-shirts for an event that has no clear path to a profit…or does it?  That discussion and more awaits you below.

What are the odds that this is Affliction’s last show?

BF: -300.  In other words, 3-1 odds that we’ll never see another Affliction MMA event again.  I’m not happy about that, but if I’m being honest I have to look at how difficult it’s been for them to get a second show together, how much they’ll spend on it and how little of that will be recouped in ticket sales or pay-per-view revenue, and I can’t see how they justify another money pit of a show after this.

Of course, three has always been their magic number.  That’s how many shows they said they were committed to, and it would give them the chance to put on the Josh Barnett-Fedor Emelianenko fight they’ve obviously been angling for since the start.  But if Arlovski’s getting over a million bucks for this fight, imagine what it would cost to put on Barnett-Fedor alone, not to mention the rest of the card.  It would be an obvious money-loser, and even Affliction can’t bleed cash forever.  If they don’t pull out a miracle on Saturday night, they’re going to pack it in.

BG: I really hope nobody at Affliction has their fingers crossed and breath held for this miracle of which you speak. Between Margarito/Mosley and the UFC’s usual counter-programming and market saturation, Affliction won’t even be outperforming their first event in terms of ticket sales or pay-per-view buys. But I have to assume that they already know this. Maybe Atencio & Co. are bad at running an MMA organization, but they’re not childish enough to believe that money will literally fall out of the sky. And yet they sign Gegard Mousasi to fight in their third event, and announce they’ll be promoting four events a year with Golden Boy.

I’m not Affliction’s CFO, so I don’t know how much money the company is willing to lose on this MMA pursuit. But is it naïve to think that they wouldn’t be making these concrete plans if their future really depended on the financial performance of "Day of Reckoning"? Short answer: yes. Still, I’m going to set the odds for this one at a more generous -200. Now if I could just find a gambling site that offers a parlay bet on "Affliction won’t put on a third show" + "Tito Ortiz will never fight again," I could probably make a decent profit…


Main Card Confirmed for UFC 95 in London

Joe Stevenson UFC MMA
(Joe Stevenson: Ready as he’ll ever be.)

The UFC has confirmed the televised lineup for UFC 95 (February 21st, London), which will be broadcast for free via tape-delay on Spike TV. Here’s what the card looks like at this point:

Main Card
Joe Stevenson vs. Diego Sanchez (LW)
Dan Hardy vs. Rory Markham (WW)
Nate Marquardt vs. Wilson Gouveia (MW)
Demian Maia vs. Chael Sonnen (MW)
Josh Koscheck vs. Paulo Thiago (WW)

Terry Etim vs. Justin Buchholz (LW)
Junior dos Santos vs. Stefan Struve (HW)
Per Eklund vs. David Baron (LW)
Paul Kelly vs. Troy “Rude Boy” Mandaloniz (WW)

Though it’s not yet listed on the UFC’s website, heavyweight Cage Rage standout Neil Grove will reportedly make his UFC debut on the undercard, against Justin McCully, and John Hathaway may be included on the card as well.

Not an awesome lineup, but free is free. Still, I’d rather see heavyweight prospect Junior dos Santos on the main card welcoming 6’8" submission specialist Stefan Struve into the Octagon, rather than the Dan Hardy/Rory Markham bout — which somehow has the #2 spot. But as long as Josh Koscheck scores another brutal knockout, Demian Maia produces another Submission of the Night, and the Sanchez/Stevenson fight delivers, it’ll be worth everyone’s time.


Miguel Torres Returns in April for Hometown Fight Against Brian Bowles

Miguel Torres Yoshiro Maeda WEC MMA
(Torres poses with victim Yoshiro Maeda after their epic battle last June. Photo courtesy of koolpaw.)

#1 bantamweight /#5 pound-for-pound fighter Miguel Torres will reportedly make his next title defense at WEC 40, which will be held April 5th in Chicago; the venue will be announced soon. Unsurprisingly, his opponent will be Brian Bowles (7-0, all wins by stoppage), who clinched his #1 contender status last month by choking out Will Ribeiro at WEC 37 — the same event where Torres retained his bantamweight strap by beating the tar out of Manny Tapia. Ferocious local support should be behind Torres, who lives and trains in East Chicago, Indiana, and made his name by competing in small shows in the area. WEC 40 will also feature another bantamweight match between undefeated Joseph Benavidez and Jeff Curran, who is dropping a weight class after taking consecutive losses at featherweight to Urijah Faber and Mike Brown. The winner of the Torres/Bowles fight will likely take on the winner of the Benavidez/Curran fight in a title scrap later this year.

Remember, WEC 38 goes down this Sunday, headlined by Varner/Cerrone and Faber/Pulver II, and WEC 39 is scheduled for March 1st, featuring Mike Brown vs. Leonard Garcia and Carlos Condit vs. Brock Larson.

In other important non-UFC matchup news…


Ali Sonoma is Also Willing to Show Off Some Skin

(Nothing like a photo shoot in someone’s backyard in Simi Valley to make you feel like you’ve really arrived.)

Tremendous props to Fightlinker for this find.  Not to be outdone by the semi-nude pictures of Arianny Celeste that hit the internet this week, former UFC Octagon girl and Diego Sanchez ex-girlfriend Ali Sonoma has a charming little layout of her own at the absolutely not safe for work (even if you work at a strip club) website, Girls of Desire, via some other site called Next Door Models.

So why is Ali in her bikini on a porn site?  Are there more pictures that are just as barely tasteful but without the bikini?  Are times really that hard for a girl who once proudly carried the UFC’s Octagonal round signs?  Is this the kind of future Logan Stanton has to look forward to?

These are the questions we just don’t have answers for right now.  What we do have, after the jump, are more pictures.  Let’s call these kind of safe work, assuming the people you work with are cool with you looking at a woman’s ass in a thong.  And if they aren’t, just quit right now.  You deserve better.


The World According to Brock Lesnar’s Facebook Page

Yeah, Brock Lesnar and I are friends on Facebook.  We’re also both friends with Fedor Emelianenko, and probably a lot of people we went to high school with who we were never friends with in real life, but that’s Facebook, isn’t it?  The point here is, check out Brock’s status.  If nothing else, this thing that claims to be his Facebook page thinks he is now officially fighting Frank Mir at UFC 98 in May, as previous rumors have suggested.

Fortunately, Brock has helpful friends like Paul Wallin there, who livens all of our days with a cute little Mir-is-a-pussy joke that’s straight out of eighth grade.  Real nice.  Nothing says, "I have no actual experience with women or their genitalia" quite like that old classic.

And don’t worry, one of Brock’s other Facebook friends has already warned him to beware of the "angle lock."  Hear that, Mir?  Looks like someone just gave away your whole game plan.  Now what?


Videos: “I Am A Fighter,” Carwin Q+A + More

(Props: MMA Mania)

Above: Not only is Fedor Emelianenko a fighter (see the above video for verbal confirmation), he was also the subject of New York Times profile yesterday. Maybe after Saturday night he’ll finally start getting some damn respect around here. Below: Everything you wanted to know about up-and-coming heavyweight Shane Carwin, courtesy of his newly-launched website, After the jump: Tim Sylvia talks about how bad it has sucked to watch his ass getting kicked by Fedor in a seemingly endless loop in all of Affliction’s promotional videos. Also, he calls Andrei Arlovski a "douchebag" and "bad for the sport."


Affliction Has Even More Competition This Saturday

 Danny Bonaduce Jose Canseco celebrity boxing
(Horrifying image courtesy of

It’s bad enough that Affliction’s "Day of Reckoning" show has to compete with the Antonio Margarito/Shane Mosley boxing match that’s happening a half-hour away. Also vying for your entertainment dollar this Saturday night — live at the Ice Works Skating Complex in Aston, PA, and available on pay-per-view for $12.99 — is a Celebrity Boxing Federation match between former child star/radio personality Danny Bonaduce and former baseball star/’roid snitch Jose Canseco. While Canseco is 0-1 in CBF matches, having gotten his ass kicked by Vai Sikahema last July, Bonaduce has whipped a string of D-list stars in boxing events, including Donny Osmond, Barry Williams, and Bob Levy. Regarding the matchup, Bonaduce had this to say:

"I have beaten drugs, I have beaten alcohol, and I believe I have beaten being a man of bad character. I’m 5’6," 165 lbs. He is 6’6," 265 lbs. It’s the only thing left for me. I will beat the giant."

According to this profile of the Celebrity Boxing operation, CBF put on an event in November headlined by Phil "Bam’s Dad" Margera and John Wayne "Dude Who Got His Dick Cut Off" Bobbitt. What can you say — they know what the people want. Sorry, Fedor, but I have a feeling you’ll be beating Andrei Arlovski’s ass in an empty arena. A laughably low-budget promo video for Bonaduce vs. Conseco is after the jump; props to CP reader Danny-Eyal for the tip.