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January, 2009

Videos: Fedor Is the “Baddest Man on the Planet,” Ishii Spars With Randy + More

Fox Sports Net aired their Fedor: The Baddest Man on the Planet documentary special last night, in which "the mystique of Fedor is uncovered," and "the secrets of the world’s most dominant fighter are finally revealed." And it was pretty damn entertaining, actually. Maybe not quite on the level of UFC Primetime (second episode airs tonight!), but we do get some insight into Emelianenko’s state of mind before and during fights, his shadowy training camp in Stary Oskol, his sado-masochistic bath-house routine, and his uniquely awesome way of trash-talking during grappling sessions. ("The crazy is coming. The crazy is going to happen now. It’s coming. Very soon.") Parts 1 and 2 are above, and parts 3-6 can be found at

Below: This Japanese TV clip shows Olympic judo gold-medalist Satoshi Ishii visiting Las Vegas, where he steps into the Octagon for the first time, tries on the UFC’s "open-finga-glovos," takes some standup tips from Stephan Bonnar, and gives Randy Couture quite a workout.  

(Props: Nightmare of Battle)

After the jump: Frank Mir has something very important to say.


Gina Carano Is the 73rd Hottest Woman in the World

Gina Carano MMA
(Photo courtesy of Esther Lin.) released their Top 99 Women of 2009 list this morning, and sandwiched between "Paper Planes" rapper M.I.A. (#74) and Lost actress Yunjin Kim (#72) is the world’s best-looking mixed martial artist and former American Gladiator, Gina Carano. Hey, score one for the presence of our sport in mainstream media. "Conviction" earned her place on the annual list via a month-long voting period that saw over 10 million votes cast by readers, and her 73-spot puts her ahead of such well-known hotties as Elizabeth BanksSophie Monk, and Maria Sharapova. Here’s an excerpt from AskMen’s bio:

Some guys live by a simple rule: they will never date a girl who could easily beat them up. Those poor saps are missing out on Gina Carano, one of the most attractive female fighters ever to enter the ring. How does such a beautiful girl end up beating people up for a living? For starters, she was raised by an NFL quarterback in Texas, giving her the tomboy edge she’d need. Secondly, she took Muay Thai lessons to stay in shape, but found out she was really good at it too. And finally, she toured around the world winning tournaments along the way. So, with a skill set like that, what else is a girl to do?

By now, you’re probably wondering who landed in the top ten. Well, get ready to start arguing:

1. Eva Mendes, actress and model
2. Megan Fox, actress
3. Marisa Miller, Victoria’s Secret model
4. Keeley Hazell, British model
5. Anne Hathaway, Golden Globe® Awards nominee actress
6. Alessandra Ambrosio, Brazilian model
7. Scarlett Johansson, newlywed and actress
8. Rihanna, GRAMMY® winning singer actress
9. Kristen Bell, screen actress
10. Kate Beckinsale, screen actress

People still like Eva Mendes? And all of a sudden, Anne Hathaway is hotter than Scarlett Johansson? Blasphemy. Clearly, the top ten should have gone down like this…


AP Story on UFC’s Battle for Legalization in New York Will Make You Laugh, Cry, and Continue to Hate Bob Reilly

(Oh, you fickle lady, you.)

In the old days it used to take something near to a seismic event to get the Associated Press to move a story on MMA.  That’s slowly changing, and this new report on the UFC’s legalization efforts in New York is a great example.  It’s all the same rhetoric from all the same interested parties that we’ve heard before, but once again Assemblyman Bob Reilly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to opening his mouth and allowing idiotic sounds to escape:

"What the people from Ultimate Fighting will tell you is that ‘We’ve changed the rules and it’s no longer this brutal, no-holds-barred sport that it was in the past,"’ Assemblyman Bob Reilly said. "That’s far from the whole story. What they don’t tell you is what is allowed. Kicking to the head. Kneeing them. Sitting on top of them and repeatedly punching them in the head and face. They don’t tell you those things."

They don’t?  Are they somehow hoping to keep it a secret?  

You have to love Reilly’s almost child-like understanding of what goes on in an MMA bout.  Sitting on someone and punching them.  Yeah, that’s a nuanced perspective if you’re an eight-year-old and you only recognize the mount position as that thing your older brother does to you when he finds that you rifled through his stash of nudie magazines.  And this is the man trying his best to keep the sport out of the state of New York.

But in case you’re wondering where Reilly’s peculiar little grudge against MMA comes from, he’d like you to know that it’s not really that big a deal to him:


Cage Potato’s Affliction: Day of Reckoning Pick-em Contest

(Fedor’s greatest enemy: nothingness)

We were so pleased with how many of you participated in our UFC 93 Pick-em Contest – despite the fact that most of you tasted bitter, humiliating defeat – that we’ve decided to run it back this weekend for “Affliction: Day of Reckoning.” 

Once again you get your chance to predict the results and win a prize, and once again you have to get your picks in to this forum thread by Saturday (1/24) at noon EST, or else you’re dead to us (for the purposes of this contest anyway).

But we learned a thing or two about how to do these bad boys after last time, so pay attention to our guidelines:


Fedor Emelianenko Wears Amazing Sweater to Affliction Press Conference

(Oscar, his life partner Tito, and their mentally-challenged adopted son Fedor. Mad props: MMA Mania.)

Earlier today in New York, Affliction held a press conference featuring Fedor Emelianenko, Oscar De La Hoya, Tito Ortiz, Donald Trump, Tom Atencio, and Vadim Finkelchtein. (I totally would have been there if not for the fact that something completely historic was happening at the same time; awesome scheduling as always, guys.) All the star power in the room was unfortunately upstaged by Fedor’s horizontally-striped pastel-hued Ultimate Sweater, which probably made De La Hoya and Ortiz very self-conscious about their boring tailored suits. When asked about his sweater, Emelianenko replied, "you dress for job you want, not for job you have."

Just kidding. But according to this Sherdog recap of the presser, here’s what actually went down:

— De La Hoya called MMA’s progress “incredible” and said he expected his company’s success in boxing to follow in MMA through working with Affliction. 

— Affliction VP Tom Atencio said he plans to promote four MMA events per year with Golden Boy. On the UFC’s counter-programming tactics, he said: "They’re going to do what they have to do to make sure that they’re the only game in town. With the organization that we have and the partners we have, I just don’t see that happening."

— "Day of Reckoning" color-man Tito Ortiz said he looked forward to “possibly” fighting for Affliction. 

— Fedor Emelianenko explained that prior to his World Sambo Championships loss in November, he wasn’t as prepared as he should have been, but he’s "fully motivated" for Arlovski. Regarding Arlovski’s much-publicized training with Freddie Roach and Roach’s criticism of Emelianenko’s boxing technique, Emelianenko said, "I never claimed that I had the best boxing technique in the world…[Roach] has trained a lot of great fighters and maybe he’s right, but we’ll see what happens in the ring. We’ll see what Andrei has to offer. We’ll see what I have to offer him.”

After the jump: M-1 Vice President Jerry "Gary" Millen completely bites Dana White’s style with his own video blog, which covers yesterday’s press engagements. What Fedor is wearing at the 4:42 mark may shock you.


Andrei Arlovski to Earn Over $1 Million for “Day of Reckoning”

Andrei Arlovski Ben Rothwell MMA Affliction
(Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

We were all a little shocked when Affliction’s impressively bloated salaries were made public following their "Banned" show last July. But the word on the street was that the super-high payouts were more of a publicity stunt than a part of the actual business model, and several fighters were reportedly asked to take pay cuts for their next Affliction appearance. Well, it looks like at least one "Day of Reckoning" fighter will be taking in considerably more bread this time around. Yahoo! Sports has the scoop:

[Andrei] Arlovski’s contracted pay was $170,000 for his final UFC fight last March, where he stopped Jake O’Brien. Arlovski received $500,000 to win and a $250,000 winning bonus for his first bout with the new organization, his TKO of Ben Rothwell in July.
With escalator clauses in his contract, his fight in the main event of Affliction’s Saturday pay-per-view card at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., will pay him in excess of $1 million, a number confirmed by UFC officials, who had right of first refusal on Arlovski’s new contract.

Assuming Affliction keeps half of each $44.95 pay-per-view purchase, Arlovski would need to pull in nearly 44,500 buys himself this Saturday to justify a million-dollar salary. Tom Atencio was adamant that "Banned" drew over 100,000 buys, which is impressive for a non-UFC event, but when your total fighter payroll is over $3 million, you’re kind of effing yourself in the A, financially speaking. Plus, Donald Trump Jr. gets his cut whether Affliction turns a profit or not. And Affliction’s partners/underminers in Golden Boy have already sold 17,000 seats to the Shane Mosley vs. Antonio Margarito boxing match in L.A. on the same night as "Day of Reckoning," which should steal a lot of spectators and media attention from Affliction. And of course, many MMA fans will be saving their money for "UFC 94: St. Pierre vs. Penn 2" on January 31st.

So yeah, a million bucks sounds about right.


Rich Franklin is a Little Banged Up

(‘Whoa, guys, I just had the worst dream.  Dan Henderson poked me in the eye and head-butted me and I lost the decision anyway and then…why are you all looking at me like that?  Where am I?  And why do I suddenly have no depth perception?’)

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets poked in the eye.  Word from Rich Franklin’s official website is that he will not need Anthony Johnson-esque surgery to repair the eye that Dan Henderson got knuckle-deep into, which is always good news. 

In addition to the eye-poke injury, Franklin also needed stitches in his head on account of the Hendo head-butt that opened up a nasty cut on his forehead, as well as stitches on his shin to close a cut resulting from one of his many kicks in the fight.  Basically, it was a rough night.  At least he had his special pink travel pillow to comfort him on the long journey home.

More pics of the damage “Ace” suffered are after the jump.  Take a look at those and then ask yourself anew, ‘Do you want to be a f*cking fighter?!’


Monson Update: Ex-Girlfriend to Turn in More Graffiti Pictures to Authorities

(A woman scorned…)

Note to self, don’t piss off Stephanie Trapani, the now ex-girlfriend of Jeff Monson, because once you do she is not above ratting you out to the cops for offenses unrelated to your destruction of her laptop and grandfather clock.  

In an updated report on Monson’s arrest in North Carolina, The Olympian reports that Trapani (the nursing student/part-time model pictured above) recovered Monson’s cell phone off the side of the road after throwing it out her car window, and found pictures on it of Monson spraying graffiti on other locations in Washington besides the Capitol building.  And she’s not keeping those pics to herself, either:

"I’m sure the prosecutors would like to look at that," she said.

Oh, Stephanie.  Break up with the man, call the cops on him when he goes apeshit in your house, but don’t do this.  Don’t help police in an entirely different state build a case against him for graffiti, of all things.  Don’t become a rat.  Because you know who likes a rat, Stephanie?  Nobody.  Absolutely nobody.

Trapani also said that she “didn’t agree with a lot of the things [Monson] did," and never shared his enthusiasm for anarchy.  Which should be a lesson to everyone out there.  When looking for a romantic partner, don’t settle for just blonde hair and big tits.  Find someone who shares your interests!


Arianny Celeste: Very Close to Naked

Arianny Celeste UFC ring girl

Aranny Celeste UFC ring girl     Arianny Celeste UFC ring girl

Maybe Arianny Celeste released these stunning new photos in an attempt to steal back some of the MMA news attention that’s currently being heaped on Octagon Girl newcomer Logan Stanton — we’re not exactly sure where they came from — but at any rate, they started circulating the Internet last night, and we truly appreciate it; props to the UG and Fightlinker for the early finds. Caution: Those thumbnail pics are slightly more NSFW than the main pic, and therefore way more awesome. Enjoy responsibly.


Arianny Celeste (born November 12, 1985) has been a UFC Octagon Girl since 2006. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Arianny is of Mexican and Filipino descent. She has modeled professionally since the age of 15, and previously attended UNLV, where she majored in fitness management and nutrition. Among her many magazine appearances, Arianny Celeste was featured on the cover of the May 2010 issue of Maxim, and was featured in the November 2010 issue of Playboy. Besides her duties as a UFC ring girl, Arianny also hosts the UFC Ultimate Insider web series.

Check out some of the UFC’s other hot ring girls…
Chandella Powell
Rachelle Leah
Ali Sonoma


James Irvin Returning From Painkiller Suspension as a Middleweight

James Irvin Houston Alexander UFC MMA
(The Sandman lands a superman-punch en route to his record-tying eight-second KO of Houston Alexander at UFC Fight Night 13 in April. Photo courtesy of NBCSports.)

MMA Mania reports that James Irvin — who was handed a nine-month suspension for testing positive for Methadone and Oxymorphone following his TKO loss to Anderson Silva last July — will be making his Octagon return at UFC 98 (May 23rd, Las Vegas). It will be his first fight at middleweight, as Irvin will be shedding 20 pounds from his jacked frame to face Miletich fighter Drew McFedries, who’s coming off consecutive losses to Mike Massenzio and Thales Leites. 

Since neither fighter has a winning record in the UFC — Irvin is 4-4 and McFedries is 3-4 —the loser could find himself without a contract after this one. What’s more, Irvin’s health could be a question; besides the sizable weight cut, Irvin was recovering from a broken foot during the Anderson Silva fight (which is why he was taking those potent painkillers in the first place), and was the victim of a bizarre knee injury during his fight against Thiago Silva in May 2007. UFC 98 will be headlined by the long-awaited grudge match between Matt Hughes and Matt Serra

In other UFC fight-booking news…

— Tyson Griffin will be looking to rebound from his October loss to Sean Sherk when he takes on Rafael Dos Anjos at UFC Fight Night 18 (April 1st, Nashville). Griffin has been successful five times in seven UFC appearances, though his last six bouts have gone to decision. Dos Anjos is the Brazilian Fury FC/Pancrase vet who was on the receiving end of the fifth greatest knockout of 2008 during his unfortunate UFC debut in November. 

Marcus Davis believes that Thiago Alves’s next opponent will be Mike Swick, though there’s been no official confirmation yet from the UFC. Davis has lost unanimous decisions to both fighters during his career, and wants revenge.

UPDATE: Also, TUF 8 losers Dave Kaplan and George Roop are throwing down at UFC 98.