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February, 2009

Florian Hits Back on Penn’s Secret Text/Email Claims

(Your attempts at psychological warfare amuse KenFlo.)

Sounds like Kenny Florian isn’t buying B.J. Penn’s revised story about the alleged GSP greasing and ‘roiding tip off any more than we are.  Talking with Fighters Only, KenFlo dismissed Penn’s claims outright, saying:

"Yeah it went from an email, to a text to a friend of the camp. I think next it will be a fax, and then it’ll probably be a bird that delivered a telegram to him from a roommate’s brother’s dog’s owner’s sister,” Florian laughed. 
"It’s kind of ridiculous. BJ is known as a trash talker and he plays a lot of mind games. He does a lot of psychological warfare. …People have tried that on me in the past, but what they don’t know is that they’re playing checkers and I’m playing chess," he said.

There you have it, B.J.  Kenny Florian is not impressed with your attempts at mind games.  Try again.  Or just get in the gym and prepare yourself to kick his ass over the course of five rounds.  Either one, though I hear the second option generally pays better.


Wilson Gouveia: “I Don’t Need Ten Punches to Put Someone Away. I Just Need One.”

Wilson Gouveia

Wilson Gouveia’s rise through the UFC middleweight ranks was slowed last May when Octagon newcomer Goran Reljic staged a come-from-behind victory via second-round TKO.  For Gouveia the loss was the direct result of a very specific mistake on his part, and one he’s vowed to learn from but never to repeat as he heads into his UFC 95 bout with Nate Marquardt. Thanks for talking with me, Wilson.  How is your preparation coming for the fight with Nate Marquardt?

The training has been very intense.  I’m taking this fight very seriously.  I think it’s going to be the most important fight of my career so far.  Right now I feel very good.  I’m in great condition, no injuries, just ready to go.

Are you doing anything specifically to prepare for him?

Not really, to tell the truth.  In all my fights I try to be prepared for everything.  With Nate it’s no different.  He’s a pretty well-rounded fighter.  He’s good at everything.  I have to try and be prepared for the worst-case scenario.  He’s a good wrestler.  He’s got better takedowns than me.  I’ve been training a lot of jiu-jitsu off my back, a lot of stand-up.  

I think he’s good in everything, but I don’t think he’s great in anything.  I think his jiu-jitsu is good, but it’s not amazing.  His wrestling, I think, is his greatest strength.  But even with that, I don’t think he’s the best wrestler in the UFC.  His striking is good, but if you watch his last fight with [Martin] Kampmann, he spent like ten or more punches to put him away.  I really don’t need ten punches to put someone away.  I just need one.

You were on a good roll in the UFC until your loss to Goran Reljic.  What do you think went wrong for you in that fight?


‘UFC 95 Countdown: Sanchez vs. Stevenson’ Airs Tonight

UFC 95 Diego Sanchez Joe Stevenson MMA

To help hype you up for this Saturday’s UFC 95 in London — which will air via tape delay on Spike TV starting at 9 p.m. ET/PT — Spike is airing its usual countdown show focusing on the headlining fighters. The special debuts tonight at 11 p.m. ET/PT, with replays on Wednesday at 11 p.m., late Thursday night at 2 a.m., and Saturday at 6 p.m. Here’s the full lineup for #95:

Joe Stevenson vs. Diego Sanchez 
Dan Hardy vs. Rory Markham
Nate Marquardt vs. Wilson Gouveia
Demian Maia vs. Chael Sonnen
Josh Koscheck vs. Paulo Thiago

Terry Etim vs. Brian Cobb
Junior dos Santos vs. Stefan Struve
Mike Ciesnolevicz vs. Neil Grove
Per Eklund vs. Evan Dunham
Paul Kelly vs. Troy Mandaloniz

After the jump: Diego Sanchez gives us a look at his Lake Tahoe training camp with jiu-jitsu coach Xande Ribeiro, and discusses his drop to lightweight.


DREAM 7 Poster: Puro Winaru!

DREAM 7 poster MMA featherweights angel
(Props: Nightmare of Battle)

Proving once again that Japanese MMA organizations have much better senses of style than their American counterparts, here’s the latest promotional image for DREAM 7 (March 8th; Saitama, Japan; airing free on HDNet). You can download wallpaper images here. DREAM 7 will feature the first round of their featherweight grand prix, which explains the inspiration for the winged fighter shown above. But since I’m a dumb round-eye, I have no idea what those characters on the wing say. Can anybody help?

UFC 94 Poster: Pure Win
Fields Dynamite!! 2008 Poster


St. Pierre Slated to Headline UFC 100 in Las Vegas

(Looks like Thiago wants to make this one personal right away.)

While discussing the Quebec Athletic Commission’s new opposition to mixed martial arts (and potential blocking of UFC 97) on a Montreal sports-radio show, Dana White announced that the first building block seems to be in place for the UFC’s historic 100th pay-per-view event, which will go down this July in Las Vegas:

"UFC 100 will more than likely have Georges St. Pierre defending his welterweight title."

Though Thiago Alves wasn’t mentioned by name, it seems likely that the welterweight division’s #1 contender will not compete until he meets St. Pierre for the 170-pound strap. Adds FiveOuncesofPain:

[R]eports have suggested that in addition to St. Pierre vs. Alves, Rashad Evans will make his first title defense at UFC 100 against either Quinton Jackson or Lyoto Machida and that TUF 9 coaches Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson will do battle as well.

Speaking of Quebec, Dana White will be meeting this week with the Régie des Alcools, des Courses et des Jeux — which governs alcohol, racing, gambling and combat sports in Quebec — to discuss what rules the UFC would have to follow to hold their scheduled April 19th event at Montreal’s Bell Centre. Let’s hope Dana’s patented F-bomb-laced bullying convinces the board to have a complete change of heart, or else it’s no UFC for you, Montreal.


Video: Captain Shamrock Spears His White Whale

Sorry the quality is so weak, but this seems to be the only existing video of Friday night’s epic brawl between Ken Shamrock and Ross Clifton, which earned Shammy his first win since he knocked out Kimo Leopoldo at UFC 48 in 2004. We haven’t found video of the Tank Abbott/Mike Bourke brawl yet, so if you come across a link, please hook us up in the comments section. Shamrock and Tank will meet at a future Wargods card, sometime in April — which means that one of them will soon be on a two-fight win streak. Try to wrap your head around that one.


Ill-Conceived War Gods Event Ends…Predictably

(‘I want you! If you are morbidly obese and easily beatable.’)

Someone should invent a time machine solely for the purpose of going back to 1995 to inform the then proud Ken Shamrock that someday he would be fighting a 380-pound slob with a losing record in a “Valentine’s Eve Massacre” show in Fresno, and that he’d be glad just to get the win since it would be his first in six tries.  

The look on his face would have been worth all the effort and plutonium, though you’d need to hightail it back to 2009 to keep an enraged Shamrock from tearing your head off.

These days, you need have no such concern.  Unless you’re Ross Clifton.  He’s the 6-9 fighter who stands 6’8” tall and weighs 380 pounds and yet still can’t fight his way out of a Wienerschnitzel.  This, naturally, is why Shamrock chose him as an opponent for last night’s War Gods event.  Because even if Shamrock didn’t get him, heart disease probably would. 

Shamrock dispatched of Clifton with an armbar in the first round after dropping him with a punch.  Now he gets the match with Tank Abbott that he claims to want so badly.


Friday Link Dump

(Wow.  This looks like a shitty night of fights.  Props: MMA Scraps)

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Has B.J. Penn Lost His Damn Mind?

(Plotting his next move…)

Someone please explain to me what has happened to B.J. Penn.  Did he suffer some sort of brain trauma in his fight with Georges St. Pierre?  Is he playing an elaborate practical joke on all of us, or does he just crave attention?

First Penn came out this week claiming that Kenny Florian, the man who will likely face Penn in the Octagon next (coincidence?), sent him an email before UFC 94 to tip him off about GSP’s greasing.  When Florian denied it, asking Penn to produce the email as proof, Penn changed his story completely.  In a video post to yesterday, he claimed it was a text, not an email, and it was sent to a member of Penn’s camp, not Penn himself, and that it included charges of steroid use.  

I’m going to have to call shenanigans, as they say, and for several reasons.


CagePotato Comments of the Week: In Which Goog Owned All Your Asses

Nick Diaz Nate Diaz Stockton

This week we saw a CP reader named "Goog" emerge from obscurity to make a seriously strong case for CagePotato Commenter Rookie of the Year. Honestly, it was just win, win, win, and more win with this guy. Here were three of his best moments…  

Goog on "Quebec Athletic Commission May Block UFC 97 From Happening in Montreal": It was probably all just a matter of miscommunication, because I don’t think there’s anyone in the world, even Canada, that doesn’t know James Thompson will eventually hit the ground.

Goog on "War Machine Arrested in Vegas": And don’t count him out too long. You know he’ll only be there two days and he’ll say something that gets him thrown out of prison.

Goog on "Stockton, Stand Up! …And Move to Pretty Much Any Other City in the Nation": Maybe it’s so miserable BECAUSE the Diaz brothers are there. If you could get them to leave, you’d probably be looking at the next Boston.

Amazing. We’ll also give a nod to Ouch! That hurts on the aforementioned ‘Stockton sucks’ post, who wrote: Perhaps the Stockton chamber of commerce should stop using their slogan "Don’t be scared, homie"

Anyway, Goog my man, you’re eligible for up to three CagePotato "Hall of Fame" t-shirts. E-mail your real name, address, and shirt size(s) to Same goes for you, Ouch!, except you only get one. Try harder next time.