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April, 2009

Dana White: Angel of Mercy or Hostage-Taker?

Hackleman Chuck Liddell UFC MMA
("No one is going to tell [Liddell] when he’s going to stop fighting," says John Hackleman. Photo courtesy of MMA Ring Report.)

In his prime, he was a Destroyer of Worlds. But the Chuck Liddell we saw lose to Mauricio Rua at UFC 97 earlier this month was so deteriorated that retirement talk was inevitable. Liddell’s footwork was achingly slow, and Rua proved that the holes in the Iceman’s defense could be punctured even after Liddell had spent months trying to patch them up. (Though maybe not.) These facts were clearer to Dana White than anyone else. Directly after the event, White announced that Chuck would absolutely be retiring from the sport, profits be damned. Later, he promised "a fucking war" if Liddell refused to hang up his gloves, ostensibly because he didn’t want to see his longtime friend permanently injured.

Well, Chuck hasn’t retired yet. And Dana might get that fucking war after all.


Emelianenko Overpowers Aoki at DEEP/M-1 Grappling Exhibition

Fedor Emelianenko Shinya Aoki
Fedor Emelianenko sambo Japan DEEP M-1 ChallengeFedor Emelianenko Shinya Aoki fightFedor Emelianenko Shinya Aoki DEEP M-1 Challenge JapanShinya Aoki Fedor Emelianenko Japan
Fedor Emelianenko throw slam Shinya Aoki grapplingShinya Aoki throw Fedor Emelianenko JapanShinya Aoki leglock heel hook Fedor EmelianenkoShinya Aoki Fedor Emelianenko M-1 Challenge DEEP Japan sambo exhibition
(Photos courtesy of Sportsnavi)

Though it was officially ruled "no winner" due to its status as an exhibition match, Fedor Emelianenko pretty much manhandled Shinya Aoki earlier today in Tokyo during their Sambo-ish bout at DEEP/M-1 Challenge 3rd Edition, tossing the Japanese lightweight around the ring before finishing him with a leglock. According to one fan’s report on BloodyElbow:

Fedor was basically playing with Aoki. He allowed him to get sub attempts like a flying armbar, a leg lock attempt, and even takedowns like the double leg and a nice seoi-nage. Watching it though, you could very much tell that Fedor was allowing Aoki [to] catch stuff for the sake of the fans. It didn’t stop him from picking him up and slamming him all around the place though, locking up subs of his own before letting go to stand back up. There was one instance where Fedor pounded the ground with a huge fist, right next to Aoki’s head — kind of a sign that, “hey, I can stop this at any moment, kiddo.”

Dana White Gets Humanitarian Award, Rails Against “Pussies in Hollywood”

(Props: Cage Writer)

Dana White received the Armed Forces Foundation’s Humanitarian Award, which he undoubtedly earned with all the fundraising work he’s done on behalf of American troops.  I mean seriously, the UFC put on an event to help injured soldiers when our own government couldn’t seem to find the money to treat them.  Most people would have just gone up there and accepted the award while saying a few words about how much the sacrifices made by American servicemen and women mean to him.  But Dana White isn’t most people.


Kenny Florian Talks Greasing Tip-Off Claims, Says Loss to GSP Hurt Penn

Kenny Florian

I spoke to Kenny Florian last week for this article on the effects of the dreaded “Octagon jitters,” and naturally our conversation turned to his upcoming UFC lightweight title fight against B.J. Penn at UFC 101.  When I asked about Penn’s claims that Florian had warned him of potential “greasing” by Georges St. Pierre before their UFC 94 superfight, Florian did his best to downplay the dust-up.

“I’m not sure what that was.  Maybe it was a miscommunication, after what I had said about Roger Huerta.  Maybe it was head games on his part.  Maybe he genuinely believes that.  I don’t really know.  But I have a lot of respect for B.J.  I think he’s a proud champion.  I think he worked hard for that fight against Georges, and he just wasn’t able to deliver.  That can be hard to deal with.  I think that loss hurt him.”


Kim Couture Pulls Out of Strikeforce Bout Against Miesha Tate; Marital Problems to Blame?

Kim Couture Miesha Tate Strikeforce MMA
(Well, at least now they’ll have to make a new poster where Miesha’s name is spelled correctly. Image courtesy of

Friends and fans of Miesha Tate were in for a shock yesterday when this bulletin notice was sent out from Tate’s Myspace page:

Date: Apr 28, 2009 7:32 PM
Subject: Kim pulls out…..
Body: So Kim "SugarFree" Couture is pulling out of the fight supposedly cuz her and Randy are getting a divorce………..I’m so pissed right now……Sugar Free my ass!!

Though Tate’s camp confirmed to PRO MMA that her May 15th Strikeforce Challengers bout against Couture had been scrapped, Miesha later took to Sherdog to back off her claim that Randy was headed for his third epic marriage fail:


Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin Official; Thiago Silva Pulls Keith Jardine

Anderson Silva UFC MMA
(What has two thumbs and hates to engage during title fights? Photo courtesy of CombatLifestyle.)

Judging from the comments in our last few posts, many of you already know this, but yes, the rumored light-heavyweight showdown between Anderson Silva and Forrest Griffin quickly became official last night; the fight will support the BJ Penn/Kenny Florian lightweight title fight at UFC 101, which will take place at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia on August 8th. And both fighters are pretty psyched about it. As Dana White told Yahoo!’s Kevin Iole, "Forrest loved the idea and said he’d do it right away, and Anderson told me he would fight anyone I wanted him to fight, no matter who it is." Silva’s manager Ed Soares added:

"Forrest is a bigger, stronger guy with a lot of cardio and he’s the full package. The other thing Anderson likes about it is that Forrest is a big name with a huge heart and is a fan favorite kind of a guy. That’s the kind of match that makes a legendary kind of a fight and that’s what Anderson wants.”

‘Never Surrender’ Caption Contest: The Big Winners, the Small Winners, and Mr. Irrelevant

(Holy crap, it’s the actual scene that spawned our contest photo! "The last guy who thought I was gay, I kick hees ass" FTW.)

*** Ed. note: We lost a few posts last night due to technical difficulties. To summarize, Til won first place in our Never Surrender caption contest with this line:

Ok you can have him this weekend, but remember — lots of food and no Red Bull.

He gets the DVD and a t-shirt for his troubles. Steve, newotnek, Rodney, and Androiddrew also win DVDs.

El Famous Burrito, altered, Jonesy, smashfacekillah, and Kevin F.  win t-shirts — swetard wins nothing.

If you’re a winner, send your name, address, and shirt-size (if applicable) to


Insane Rumor of the Day: Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin at UFC 101

(Forrest Griffin’s July 2008 interview with StrictlyFighting is suddenly relevant again. Skip to the 0:30 mark for Griffin’s thoughts on the Spider moving up to light-heavy.)

Both MMA Junkie and MMA Bay are independently reporting that UFC 101 (August 8th, Philadelphia) will host a semi-superfight between middleweight champ Anderson Silva and former light-heavyweight champ Forrest Griffin. It would be Silva’s first match at 205 pounds since his 61-second knockout of James Irvin last July — which also happened to be the last time Anderson was entertaining. If this rumor holds up, it would mean the following:


Video: Dana White and Chuck Liddell Check Out Some Nascar

Dana White and his forcibly-retired sidekick Chuck Liddell took a trip to Talladega to bask in the glory of Nascar this past weekend.  Luckily for us, he decided to videoblog the whole venture.  Part one is above, where we see that traveling with your young children in your private jet is quite different from traveling with them in the family minivan.  For starters, someone else watches them while you narrate the action for the cameraman who is documenting the daily events of your life.  For another, you are very, very rich.  


Rashad Evans Can’t Believe He’s Headlining Over Matt Hughes

Rashad Evans UFC champion

Rashad Evans may be the UFC light heavyweight champ, but the title doesn’t seem to have gone to his head.  Talking with him last week he mentioned that it’s both humbling and sobering to be at a point in his career where he’s the headlining attraction on a card with legendary UFC fighters he came up watching.

“Seeing a guy like Matt Hughes, it makes me kind of wonder, how did I get to be headlining over Matt Hughes on a UFC card?  I mean, Matt Hughes?  It’s Matt Hughes, man.  It just makes you really stop and think.”