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April, 2009

‘Never Surrender’ Caption Contest: The Finalists

Hector Echavarria BJ Penn Quinton Jackson Never Surrender MMA DVD movie

After a furious ten-day session in which 453 captions were submitted, it’s time to bring this thing home. Below are the 11 best entries in our Never Surrender caption contest. Read them all below, then vote for your favorite in the poll on the right. The five captions with the most votes win their authors a DVD copy of Never Surrender, and the five runners-up win CagePotato "Hall of Fame" t-shirts. The last-place caption earns the bitter frustration of coming so close to success but falling just short. Voting ends tomorrow at 4 p.m. ET, and the winners will be announced shortly after. Thanks to everyone who entered, and good luck!

Steve: Hey guys, after the movie, let’s go to my bedroom, take our shoes off, lie down on my bed, take about 20 to 30 minutes, and…

Rodney: This was taken just before BJ returned to his trailer and failed to come back out for the second half of the movie.

Til: Ok you can have him this weekend, but remember — lots of food and no Red Bull.


Photos: Octagon Girl Logan Stanton in Fight! Magazine

Logan Stanton UFC ring girl MMA
Logan Stanton UFC ring girl MMA hotLogan Stanton UFC ring girl MMA sexyLogan Stanton Octagon girl MMAUFC ring girl Logan Stanton MMA sexy
(Courtesy of Fight! Magazine via MMAFightGirls)

Previously: Exclusive Interview: UFC Octagon Girl Logan Stanton


Kyle Maynard Loses by Unanimous Decision in Amateur MMA Debut

Kyle Maynard MMA Bryan Fry congenital amputee
(Wow. This actually makes UFC Iran look like a first-class promotion. Thumbnail images below courtesy of Sherdog.)
Bryan Fry Kyle Maynard MMABryan Fry Kyle Maynard MMABryan Fry Kyle Maynard MMA

Well, we’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is, Kyle Maynard made it through his amateur MMA debut last night in Auburn, Alabama, with no injuries whatsoever. Unfortunately, he lost the match in a unanimous decision (30-27 x 3), after his bantamweight opponent Bryan Fry spent all three rounds avoiding takedowns and keeping Maynard at bay with punches. Maynard was disappointed with the loss but vowed to return to the cage. As he told Sherdog:


Kyle Maynard and Bryan Fry Set to Get It On

Kyle Maynard MMA fight
(Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

Now we know the name of Kyle Maynard’s mystery opponent tonight: Bryan Fry.  He fights out of Baraboo, Wisconsin and is 0-2 as an amateur.  Normally there would be no reason for the MMA world to even be familiar with the existence of an 0-2 amateur fighter from Baraboo, Wisconsin.  But clearly this is not a normal situation.  Auburn Fight Night goes down tonight beginning at 8 pm EST, and you can watch it on the old internets via pay-per-view.


Stockton Really Is “Gangsta, Gangsta,” According to New Report

(More mindless violence in the 209.)

Nick Diaz isn’t joking about how dangerous his hometown of Stockton, California is.  A new report from Forbes (thanks to reader CMH for the find) named Stockton the fifth most dangerous city in the nation. Detroit is currently number one on the list, followed by Memphis, Miami, and Las Vegas.  The weird part is, of all the five most dangerous cities, Stockton is the only one with less than a million people.  We strongly suspect that it drops to ninth place on the most dangerous list when the Diaz brothers leave town for a fight, but could easily claim the top spot if they were to have sons.  Handsome, articulate sons.


Friday Link Dump

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Videos: Bruce Buffer Sells It, Ken Shamrock Finally Finds an Opponent

(Props: the UG)

Bruce Buffer may be the last sure thing left in the UFC.  Here’s footage of him introducing Anderson Silva at UFC 97 and making it into an event all its own.  Check out the hops on the Buff.  Who knew?  It used to be that Silva was guaranteed to give you your money’s worth.  With him not wanting to "risk" his belt, those days may be over.  At least Buffer still knows how to deliver.

After the jump, Ken Shamrock prepares to make his UFC comeback against an opponent who’s just his style.


Assemblyman Rob Walker Launches Facebook Group for MMA Support in New York

(Do it for the Hammer, the Terror, and Bones.)

With the vote to lift the ban on MMA in New York State imminent (or so we hear), our NY state assemblyman friend Rob Walker has taken to Facebook to drum up some more support. In the mission statement for his newly-launched group "Support Mixed Martial Arts in New York State," Walker writes the following:

I have been in talks with representatives from the UFC and we are trying to pass a bill that will allow for the sanction of the UFC. By joining this group we hope that it will help show people how much people want to see the sport be once again allowed in New York. The problem we are having is the miss conception of what the sport is. It has been called, "Human Cock Fighting" it has been criticized by everyone but what people do not realize is how far the sport has come.

Video: Kyle Maynard on Larry King Live

(Props: BloodyElbow)

Maybe you’ve followed our coverage of Kyle Maynard’s impending MMA debut — which goes down tomorrow at Auburn Fight Night, and can be seen live on for $14.95 — but you don’t have the whole story if you’ve never seen this man in action. We wanted to pass along the above clip of an appearance that Kyle did on Larry King Live a few years ago, which shows that yes, he can write his name (and type 50 words per minute), he has insane body control, and he can put you in a very painful keylock, if need be; the entire transcript of the interview can be found here. No matter what happens tomorrow night, we’re pulling for him…

After the jump: The poster for Auburn Fight Night, which promises another special guest with a completely different handicap…


Shane Carwin Is Not Impressed With Your Nickname Suggestions

Shane Carwin UFC fighter
(Just when you’re hypnotized by the look of peace and harmony in his eyes, he whips around and lops your head clean off.)

Rising UFC heavyweight prospect Shane Carwin chose a nickname for himself, no thanks to you people.  After hundreds of suggestions from you and from members of his official fan community, Carwin went with “The Engineer” as his official nickname.  It makes sense, since he is actually an engineer, which you would know if you’d read Neal Taflinger’s awesome cover story on him in Fight! Magazine.  But since we thought you people had some decent ideas we wanted to get Carwin’s reaction to some of our favorites, just to see where the Potato Nation went wrong.  Here’s what he had to say.