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April, 2009

The Fight Fan’s Guide to Vegas: Special UFC 98 Edition

Las Vegas pool party
(So…you guys are Matt Serra fans, I take it?)

You’re wondering, ‘Say I go to UFC 98, what am I supposed to do in this Las Vegas place to entertain myself before and after the fights?’  Fortunately, we’ve got you covered.  We asked the guys from and MMA Fix what out-of-town MMA fans like you might be interested in, and then we combined their advice with some of our own personal favorites.  Enjoy.


Bobby Lashley Staying Busy, Will Fight Mike Cook Next Month

Bobby Lashley MMA WWE
(Okay, but just so you know, shooting out jets of sparks from your arms is currently prohibited under the unified rules. Photo courtesy of

I guess Bobby Lashley is serious about this cage-fighting stuff after all. MMA Mania reports that the former WWE star has signed with Canada’s Maximum Fighting Championship promotion, and will appear at their "Hard Knocks" event (May 15th, Edmonton) a month before he collides with Bob Sapp in Biloxi. Lash will be taking on Mike Cook, a Frank Shamrock-trained heavyweight who’s either 6-3 or 5-5, depending on who you ask. Will Cook further expose Lashley as a work-in-progress, or will Lashley redeem himself after his unsatisfying performance against Jason Guida? "Hard Knocks" will be broadcast live in North America on HDNet, and will feature UFC vets Marvin Eastman, David Heath, and Trevor Prangley.

MMA Mania also reveals that the June 27th Lashley vs. Sapp pay-per-view event has been given the official name of "Unarmed Combat." Din Thomas is expected to be on the card (along with Tom Atencio), and Lashley’s fight nickname is now "The Dominator." Yawn. Come on guys, I think we can do better than that…


The Santino Defranco ‘TUF 9′ Blog #3: Of Porn-Staches and Stank Breff

The Ultimate Fighter TUF 9 U.S. vs. U.K.
(You think that’s gay, just wait ’til you see what they did to Andre Winner‘s rainbow-colored booty-shorts.)

Ricardo Feliciano abuses the English language, Cyrille Diabate abuses alcohol, and more behind-the-scenes nuggets from Wednesday’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter, courtesy of Team USA lightweight Santino Defranco.


Jason Dent and Frankie Lester are officially part of the "Independent Americans". The fighters from the USA, myself included, were by no means a cohesive unit like the UK fighters. Team UK ate together, with head chef and cooking captain Dean Amasinger at the helm. They played together, participating in sports, WWE-style wrestling matches, and other limey-esque games generally led by England’s bouncer of the year and lead playwright, Dave Faulkner. And, with my new knowledge, thanks to modern technological devises such as cameras and tele’s, I have seen that they trained together, led by the "Gov’na" himself, Michael "TV will show how I can throw a tantrum" Bisping". The American counterparts, on the other hand, would have little to do with one another.

To the defense of the seemingly megalomaniacal Americans, we had just met each other and were now being recorded 24 hours a day by camera crews, some of whom had handlebar porn-staches and even went to the extreme of hiding in our closets in the middle of the night. That was a bit awkward for us. Team UK, however, had almost two weeks to get acquainted with each other before filming began. Team USA was not afforded that luxury, as we fought and were immediately thrown in a house with an angry, drunk hobbit. We were getting to know every one’s personality and idiosyncrasies during the first few weeks of filming. There was, however, a common ground of distaste between the Yanks, personified by the "Count", Michael Bisping.


Ask the Potato

(Lesnar’s fighting style is truly an inspiration to asshole big brothers everywhere.)

Gather round, Potato Nation.  It’s time to sort through the latest batch of your Ask the Potato questions and see what kind of pointless queries have been bouncing around in your precious little heads.  If you  have a question of your own, by all means, let us know in the forums.  If you already asked a question and we still haven’t answered it, we’re probably not going to.  Ask a better question.

Which fighter as of right now has the most drawing power, and why?? – Rokabee

The difficult part about answering this question is correlation vs. causation.  How do we know it’s any one guy drawing huge numbers, and not the timing or the overall card?  The best we can do is look at the highest performing pay-per-views and sell-out events and try to figure out which fighter consistently shows up on those cards.  When we do it that way over the short term, the answer is Brock Lesnar.  Every pay-per-view he’s on does better than the last one.  Thing is, he’s only been on three so far.  If we were fucking doctors or scientists or something, we’d probably say that was too small a sample size.  But we’re not, and you did say, “as of right now,” so there’s your answer.  His pro wrestling fanbase, the sheer curiosity as to what he might become in MMA, plus his volatility make Lesnar a consistent draw.

Are knees to the body on the ground the single most destructive and under-used strike in MMA? You wouldn’t figure it would take too many well planted knees to just ruin an opponent, but you don’t see many guys in side control try it. Wassup wit dat!!! – Dmonicideals


Hot Potato: Danielle Loveland

Danielle Loveland ring girl Fight Magazine photo
(That’s what you’re wearing to dinner? It’s Arby’s, Danielle. They have standards.)

God bless those jerks at Fight! Magazine.  They finally stopped throwing wild parties long enough to upload some photos from their extensive library on to their website.  Yeah, there’s a lot of good fight pics, but the best part is the ring girl spreads that you’ll find in every issue.  That’s how we found out about Danielle Loveland, a ring girl for TUFFNUFF who appeared in their February 2009 issue.

Things you should know about Danielle: 1) She used to be a lifeguard at the pool at the Palms in Las Vegas, 2) She’s "been a gymnast and a cheerleader my whole life pretty much. I’m real athletic – very flexible," and 3) her personal website contains some very NSFW (that means naked) photos.  Check out her MySpace page if you feel like you need to know more about her interests.

Some more pics of her, including one that makes the best use yet of the sexy black belt theme, are after the jump.


UFC Quick Notes: Firings, Rematches, The Land Down Under + More

Jason Day MMA UFC
(As if this wasn’t humiliating enough, Jason was also forced to pay for his own rape kit. [What, too soon?] Photo courtesy of MMAWeekly.)

Recent reports have indicated that middleweight Jason Day and welterwight Josh Burkman are the latest fighters to be canned by the UFC. Though Day won his UFC debut against Alan Belcher last April, he then lost back-to-back fights against Michael Bisping and Kendall Grove, both by first-round TKO. Burkman’s exit is even less surprising, as his loss to Pete Sell at UFC 90 was his third-straight Octagon defeat. Akihiro Gono was also cut last month after dropping two straight.

— After bumbling regional ref Rick Fike stopped their first fight way too early, lightweights Aaron Riley and Shane Nelson will get another chance to tangle at UFC 101 (August 8th, Philadelphia). Nelson was awarded a TKO victory at UFC 96 after knocking Riley to the mat in the first round, but Riley immediately invoked the "what the fuck is your problem?" rule and the crowd backed him up with chants of "Bullshit!"


Kevin Randleman Will [Not] Fight Anybody, Anywhere

(Props: D Wizzle’s World)

Above is a video of former UFC champ Kevin Randleman announcing his comeback at a press conference for "Shamrock vs. Diaz" earlier this month, in which he said, and I quote:

"When I say this, I mean it, it comes from the heart: I’ll fight anybody, anywhere. So when Scott [Coker] says it’s time to get down and dirty, understand, I’m not coming back to lose, and I’m not coming back to back up…there’s a lot of 205′ers out there, we can have a nice round-robin…we can all bang."

Granted, Randleman made it clear later that he’d really like to fight Tito Ortiz, but we weren’t expecting him to turn down the first fight offered to him after his "bring ‘em on" press-conference speech — especially when his employer could use the help. From a new MMA Fanhouse report:

Strikeforce suffered a tough break when current light heavyweight champion Renato "Babalu" Sobral pulled out of his June 6 title defense against Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante earlier this week…As a result, Cavalcante (7-1), a former EliteXC fighter who trains with Anderson Silva, was left without an opponent.
FanHouse has learned that the newest member of Strikeforce’s light heavyweight division, Kevin Randleman (17-12), was offered to replace Sobral against Cavalcante, but the former UFC heavyweight champion turned down the fight. No specific reason was given.

It’s Official: Fedor vs. Aoki in “Sparring Exhibition”

(The hoax match-up the world has been talking about since never.)

It’s a crazy rumor no more.  Now Fedor Emelianenko vs. Shinya Aoki is a crazy fact, according to press release sent out today by M-1 Global.  The two will square off in a "five-minute special sparring exhibition" at the "M-1 Challenge Presented by Affliction" on April 29 in Tokyo.  So what will the lightweight and the heavyweight try to do to each other over the course of the most bizarre and pointless five minutes in MMA history?  According to the press release:

Complete rules of the Fedor vs. Aoki sparring exhibition are still being negotiated, but it will be presented as a special attraction during a 19-bout event scheduled to feature head-to-head M-1 Challenge matchups between host country Japan vs. England, Team USA West vs. South Korea, and Spain vs. France.

Well, that’s appropriately vague.  I guess this is what happens when you start to run out of credible opponents (who won’t ask for a lot money to fight you) but you still want to get out of the house and break a sweat: you spar with a skinny guy in tights.  Sounds reasonable.  Oh, wait.  No, it’s completely insane.  But what do we expect at this point?


Gina Carano Claims Not To Care About Money, Despite Glaring Evidence to the Contrary

Gina Carano
(This pose yielded very different results during the Robbie Lawler shoot.)

Gina Carano and Ariel Helwani continued their star-crossed romance in an interview for MMA Fanhouse, mixing friendly banter with actual questions about when the hell we’ll see Carano fight someone.  Long story short, it’s going to be in Strikeforce, eventually, but they’re still working out the details.  One would assume that the major detail in question is money.  Carano was working extremely cheap for Elite XC, and now she has the chance to hold Scott Coker over the coals and really stack that paper, son.  Only Carano claims – get this – that money is not a big deal to her:

Frankly, I am absolutely unmotivated by money. And I know that maybe people take that and don’t understand what that means, but I am just not. What I am interested in is people that have respect. Not only respect for me, but people who have respect for women in MMA. So, the better that I can do for myself and the better I represent myself – which I have to work on all of this, by the way – the better it is for the sport.

Now I’m no business mastermind, but if I were to write a book about how to negotiate a contract the first chapter would be entitled: “Don’t Publicly Claim That You Aren’t Interested In Being Paid Lots of Money.”  The second chapter would be called: "The Power of Blackmail," so now you know why I’m not writing that book. 

But even if you’re willing to believe that Carano is the kind of idealist who doesn’t want to get paid as much as she possibly can for doing a dangerous and difficult job that has a very limited window of opportunity, then you have to find a way to reconcile that Gina Carano with this Gina Carano:


Video: Chuck Liddell Gets Balls Wrecked by Mandy Moore

(See, there *is* life after fighting. Props to CagePotato reader Bjorn S. for the tip.)

Instructions for watching the new music video by UFC mark Mandy Moore, titled "I Can Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week":

1) Go to your iTunes and cue up a song that’s 2:51-3:00 in length. Perhaps "White Tar" by the Bronx.

2) Make sure the volume control on the above YouTube player is all the way down. Trust us, you don’t want to hear this mess.

3) Hit play on the video and on your iTunes as close to simultaneously as you can manage.

4) Find something else to do until about the 1:41 mark. Those blue toenails can only belong to one man.

5) Now watch carefully starting at 2:10. Mandy seduces the easily-seduceable Chuck Liddell by opening up her trenchcoat. Chuck gives her the dumbest drooling man-child look before realizing, "Hey, why is this chick who just caught me banging her sister trying to show me her tits? Uh-oh."

6) Look low, kick low. Oldest trick in the book.