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May, 2009

Videos: ‘Countdown to UFC 98′ Preview, Hari KO’s Schilt

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In the above excerpt from the UFC’s next Countdown show (which premieres Thursday at 11 p.m. on Spike TV), we get a closer look at Lyoto Machida‘s crazy father Yoshizo, and the grueling karate training he put his sons through. Am I the only one who wants to see how Yoshizo would do in a Seniors’ MMA league? Maybe throw him in the cage against Frank Mir’s dad

After the jump: Video of the main event bout between former K-1 heavyweight champ Badr Hari and current K-1 super-heavyweight champ Semmy Schilt at Saturday’s "It’s Showtime 2009" kickboxing event in Amsterdam.


De La Cruz and Good Advance to Bellator Welterweight Finals; Vera and Sanchez Also Victorious

(Bellator VII highlights, courtesy of

Bellator‘s welterweight tournament finals were settled on Friday night in Chicago, as Lyman Good and Omar De La Cruz got their hands raised in the semis after dominant performances. Good increased his record to 9-0 with his whipping of Jorge Ortiz (highlights begin at the above video’s 4:15 mark), as he poured on an overwhelming barrage of strikes over two rounds until Ortiz’s face fell apart and the fight was stopped due to a cut. De La Cruz was just as aggressive in his fight with former UFC middleweight champ Dave Menne (see the vid’s 6:15 mark), throwing down some of hardest punches from the top that you will ever see in your life, before ending the fight with a lights-out right hook. Good and De La Cruz will meet in the welterweight finals on June 12th in Uncasville, Connecticut.

In non-tournament action, Kerry Vera won a thrilling three-rounder over Leslie Smith in her MMA debut (highlights begin at the video’s 1:28 mark), and UFC vet Eddie Sanchez scored the fastest knockout in Bellator history with his 10-second demolition of Jay White (skip to 3:39). Full event results and the complete video of the must-see Vera/Smith fight are after the jump…


Video: Bobby Lashley Chokes Out Mike Cook

Look out, Bob Sapp.  Bobby Lashley is for real, or at least real enough to choke the hell out of Mike Cook in 24 seconds.  Cook apparently came down to the ring wearing a lucha libre mask, which right there just pissed Lashley off something fierce.  The former pro wrestler used one overhand right and then moved straight into a guillotine that finished the fight, flattening Cook out and leaving him flopping around on the mat like a fish.  Embarrassing. 

Lashley’s now 3-0 and has a date with Bob Sapp on June 27 in a fight to determine once and for all who looks scarier with their shirt off.


Strikeforce Results: Evangelista DQ’d For Illegal Knee

Strikeforce Evangelist knee
(Illegal knee to the shoulder?)

Last night’s Strikeforce Challengers event sought to answer the old question, what’s the most unsatisfying ending to a fight, aside from a draw?  The answer is a questionable disqualification, which is exactly what happened after Billy Evangelista landed what was ruled to be an illegal knee against Mike Aina last night, bringing a stop to the bout in the second round.  Said Evangelista:

“I feel bad at what happened, but I am definitely planning to protest,’’ Evangelista said. “Nothing I did was on purpose. I thought I had timed the knee perfectly and that he was on his feet when it was delivered.’’

If Evangelista really does protest (and he has a decent case, if you bother to take a look at where that knee landed) that will make Strikeforce two for two on Showtime events that result in formal protests with the California State Athletic Commission.  Full results from last night’s Strikeforce Challengers event are after the jump:


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Kerry Vera: Another MMA Fighter’s Wife Prepares to Step Into the Cage at Bellator VII

(Kerry’s muay thai fight in Thailand for the Oxygen network’s "Fight Girls" show.  Check out Brandon being all supportive.  Awww.)

As we told you earlier, Kerry Vera, the wife of UFC fighter Brandon Vera, is making her MMA debut at tonight’s Bellator event.  We decided to find out if this is just some Kim Couture situation or if Vera is really serious about kicking ass and possibly even taking names.  Here’s how the conversation went.

This is your first MMA fight, but you’ve done some kickboxing in the past.  What made you decide to do MMA now?

I just wanted to do something more.  I figured, I’m probably not going to be fighting for too much longer so I wanted to try MMA and see what would happen.  It’s fun.  It’s a whole new challenge for me.

What do you know about your opponent?  I hear she’s undefeated.

I don’t know much.  I know she’s from Colorado (laughs).  That, and she’s had a few MMA fights.  That’s all I really know.


Video: Dana White, Forrest Griffin, and Kenny Florian on ‘Dr. Phil’

UFCs Dana White, Forrest Griffin and Kenny Florian on Dr. Phil – Watch more Funny Videos

The UFC prez and two of his henchmen showed up on Dr. Phil today, during a very special show about dangerous teen trends. After one segment where a boy’s smartie-smokin’ led him to marijuana (gasp!), it was time to cast an eye on the alarming trend of basement fighting. Dana White, Forrest Griffin, and somebody named "Kenny Florini" were on hand to tell two young aspiring fighters that what they were doing wasn’t cool. Well, Forrest did say he appreciated their spirit, and Kenny was basically like "just be careful," but Dana really laid down the law when he explained how boxing resulted in more deaths than mixed martial arts. That’s what we call "staying on message."


BJ Penn Wants to Bring ‘Greasegate’ Dispute to an Actual Court of Law

BJ Penn GSP UFC 94 MMA Georges St. Pierre

When BJ Penn said "to the death" before his UFC 94 welterweight championship bout against Georges St. Pierre, we thought he meant fight to the death, not litigate to the death. While the rest of the MMA world has long since lost interest in Penn’s claim that GSP enjoyed a vaseline-related advantage during their match in January, Penn himself is working to get the issue moved from Nevada State Athletic Commission hearings to a Nevada court.

During a NSAC hearing on Wednesday, the commission acknowledged receipt of four documents submitted by Penn’s attorney Raffi Nahabedian and his mother Lorraine Shin — among them a request for a full accounting of the evidence that Keith Kizer used in deciding not to file a formal complaint with the commission against Georges St. Pierre, and (this one’s important) a request for a definitive statement on the commission’s decision regarding disciplinary action and/or sanctions to be taken against St. Pierre and his cornermen, Greg Jackson and Phil Nurse.


Charges Against Jeff Monson Dropped, Ex-Girlfriend Still Might Be in Trouble

Jeff Monson

Despite Jeff Monson‘s commitment to anarchy and breaking stuff, the American legal system cut the wandering MMA fighter some slack recently, dismissing the charges against him for the grandfather clock-bashing domestic dispute he got himself into back in January.  

As you’ll no doubt recall, Monson was arrested for “assault on a female” and “damage to real property” after an argument with his then-girlfriend, Stephanie Trapani, who had just found out Monson was still married and also playing the hell out of the proverbial field.  She threw his cell phone out the window of her moving car, so he smashed her grandfather clock and her computer, and even allegedly put his hands on her.  Though Monson only denies that last charge, the court apparently decided to drop all charges against him last week after ruling that the case had been “misclassified” and Monson had been improperly held.


Chris Wilson Kind of Bummed About Armed Robbery in Brazil

Chris Wilson
(At least now fighting unarmed people seems easy by comparison. Photo courtesy of

UFC welterweight fighter Chris Wilson is, for the most part, a pretty laid back guy.  But even for him it sounds like he’s a little too nonplussed about this home invasion robbery/kidnapping at gunpoint that happened to him recently.  Wilson, who’s lived in Brazil on and off ever since his parents were Baptist missionaries there, was recently in Brazil with his wife and two kids training for his fight with Brock Larson at UFC 98.  Everything was going fine, and then this happened: