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June, 2009

Fight-Related Controversy of the Day: Dirty Move or Misunderstanding at Champions of Champions 2?

(Props: MMA Fanhouse)

Remember that big kickboxing card in Jamaica that we alerted you to on Friday?  Well, it happened, but not without some controversy.  In a much-anticipated (at least among kickboxing fans) bout, Nathan Corbett dropped Nathan Spong with a sweet little right hook.  Though Spong managed to get up, the ref took a long look at him and decided he was done. 

Here’s where it gets tricky, though.  The referee, as you see in the replay from the above video, steps back as if to recommence the fight, but instead he waves it off.  That’s when Corbett charges in to finish Spong off before the ref can stop him.  Seems like a miscommunication, right?  Only because of this miscommunication the result of the bout is changed to a ‘No Contest,’ which we learn when Cedric the Entertainer (seriously) gets on the mic.


Yet Another Crushing Blow For The Last Living Limp Bizkit Fans: No UFC 100 Concert

Fred Durst
(The man who helped set off a jerk-off facial hair revolution.)

Those of you who planned a trip to Las Vegas for UFC 100 solely to hear Limp Bizkit play that one song that sounds like all their other songs are in for some disappointment.  The concert is officially off, reportedly because the UFC and Interscope Records couldn’t come to terms on DVD rights or the UFC’s choice of venue.  And since we all know that it’s either the UFC’s way or no way, Limp Bizkit will not be entertaining UFC fans in Vegas on July 10.  They may, however, schedule their own show somewhere else in Vegas on the same night, but will Brock Lesnar get to rock out to it with his shirt off?  Seems sadly unlikely.

In a statement released by the band we get a glimpse of what it’s like when non-fighters have to deal with the UFC’s inflexibility:


Videos: Tito Ortiz Talks Future Plans, UFC 101 Preview + More

(MMA Fanhouse)

In this installment of the Tito Ortiz Talks About All the Cool Stuff He’s Got Planned, None of Which Will Actually Happen Show, the Huntington Beach Bad Boy discusses the fight league he’s not starting with Strikeforce called Punishment Fighting Championship, and his not close-to-finalized fight deal with Strikeforce. Honestly, we hate posting these Tito-related non-stories, but maybe some of you are interested in his continuing plunge into irrelevance. Anybody?

After the jump: A flashy little trailer for UFC 101, and a new career-spanning Dan Henderson highlight reel from Machinemen.


Drew Fickett Hits Bottom; Fight With Shannon Ritch Canceled Due to Intoxication

(Let’s remember the good times…)

Drew Fickett used to be the most entertaining drunk in MMA. But over the last year, his increasingly erratic behavior and 2-7 skid against fighters he should have been able to destroy have sent up red flags about his well-being. Saturday night, he hit his bottom. "The Master" was booked to face prolific submission victim Shannon Ritch at a Rage in the Cage event, and was barred from fighting because he showed up intoxicated. As Ritch explained on the UG:


‘Ultimate Chaos’ Results and Videos: Lashley Tears Through Sapp, Yvel KOs Rizzo, Atencio Breaks Hedderick

(Bobby Lashley vs. Bob Sapp. Props to MMA Scraps.)

We were promised a train-wreck — what we got was slower and far less dramatic. (An ice-cream truck crashing into a tree, maybe?) Bobby Lashley got down to business right away in his main event fight with Bob Sapp at last night’s "Ultimate Chaos" show in Biloxi, taking the Beast down immediately and working some steady ground-and-pound in half-guard for a couple minutes, until Sapp tapped from the abuse. Unfortunately the ref didn’t see it, so Lashley was forced to beat on the helpless 322-pounder some more until a second tap finally caught the ref’s attention. Lashley moves to 4-0 in his budding MMA career, and plans to fight again in September.

The co-headlining fight looked like it was going to turn out the same way, with Pedro Rizzo quickly establishing top position on Gilbert Yvel and throwing down elbows. But Yvel stayed active, kicked Rizzo off and escaped to his feet. Back to his comfort zone, Yvel unleashed a striking assault that sent Rizzo to the mat, and knocked him out cold with strikes from the top. Yvel increased his record to 35-12, with 30 wins by KO/TKO; after the fight, he confirmed that he’ll be facing Paul Buentello at Affliction: Trilogy on August 1st.


Bob Sapp Outweighs Bobby Lashley By 66.8 Pounds (!!!)

Bob Sapp Ultimate Chaos
(We’ve always said that Bob Sapp is a modern day Christ figure. At last, photographic proof courtesy of Combat Lifestyle.)

Bob Sapp weighed in at an absurd 322.2 pounds (or roughly 2 1/3 Miguel Torres’s) for tonight’s "Ultimate Chaos" main event against Bobby Lashley in Biloxi, Mississippi.  Lashley came in at a puny 255.4 pounds, so maybe he has the flu or something.  This begs the question, will a nearly 67-pound advantage be enough to negate Lashley’s athletic and conditioning-related advantages, or does it just mean it will take both Sapp’s cornermen, along with a few sturdy volunteers from the audience, to carry him back to the locker room after he’s been choked out?  All we’ll say is, lift with your legs, boys.

Full weigh-in results for tonight’s event after the jump.  Just out of curiosity, anybody watching this live?


Friday Link Dump

Event poster
(Lack of MMA on TV got you down? Check out some live kickboxing action tonight.  Also available on Dish Network.)

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Affliction’s Tom Atencio Talks “Ultimate Chaos” Fight, Doesn’t Give a Damn What the Critics Think

Affliction VP Tom Atencio
(What’s he looking for?  A war.)

I spoke with Affliction VP Tom Atencio for this week’s SI column on his fight with local card dealer Randy Hedderick at tomorrow night’s “Ultimate Chaos” event in Biloxi, Mississippi.  Contrary to my suspicions before our talk, I came away convinced that Atencio isn’t doing this so much as a self-promotional Affliction publicity stunt, but rather because he genuinely wants to.  What makes me think so?  Mostly his reluctance to even talk about the fight, as well as mild surprise that anyone would want to talk about him considering the other fights on the card.

He also offered some insight on his life as a highly-publicized but low-level MMA fighter, as well as his career as a fight promoter.  And naturally he managed to slip in some shots at the UFC…


CagePotato Comments of the Week

It’s been a minute and a half since we’ve done our weekly t-shirt giveaway, and if the rumors are true, our "Hall of Fame" shirt might become outdated next month. So it’s time to dump some of these rags. Earning themselves free tees this week are:

Bootylam on "Frank Lester, Mike Ciesnolevicz, Tim Boetsch Released From the UFC": "Get ready for a surprise!"
[Ed. note: Dude? Exactly.]

ktfo on "Bob Sapp Re-Evaluates Life After Breaking Toilet": yup, you know its fake cause bob sapp won

El Famous Burrito on "Lee Murray Breathes The Air of a Free Man For a Few Fleeting Moments": Of course they didn’t go for that trade. It was complete shit. England has to sweeten the deal: Lee Murray for Mohamed Karbouzi + 2 terrorist prospects to be named later. I hear there’s this kid in Uzbekistan with a 100-mph Molotov Cocktail Curveball.

Kevin Marshall on "Lee Murray Breathes The Air of a Free Man For a Few Fleeting Moments": @UFC fan
"and we give a fuck…whyyyyyy?"

Because he was an MMA…fighterrrrrr.
And he was involved in the biggest heist in…historyyyyyy.
And this is an MMA…websiteeeeee.
And it’s an interesting…storyyyyyy.

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Jon Jones Doesn’t Think Lyoto Machida Is Christ or Bruce Lee

Jon Jones Andre Gusmao UFC MMA
(Bones puts a hurtin’ on Andre Gusmao at UFC 87. Photo courtesy of MSNBC.)

Saying you have Anderson Silva figured out? Old and busted. Saying you have Lyoto Machida figured out? New hotness. In a recent interview with USA Today (via MMA Mania), undefeated light-heavyweight prospect Jon Jones flexed his trash-talk muscle for the first time:

“I think Machida is getting a lot of hype, and I know he has lots of big wins over a lot of big fighters, and a lot of experience over me. I don’t think he’s Christ; I think he’s very beatable. They’re looking at him and his karate like he’s Bruce Lee. He’s not Bruce Lee…I honestly believe that a great Muay Thai champion will beat a great karate fighter any day; it’s been proven on lots of occasions.