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June, 2009

TUF 9 Finale Pick-Off: Our Turn

Damarques Johnson
(Hey buddy, if it gets tough in there just remind that limey about how we saved their asses in WW II.  Works every time.)

After one of us floundered and one of us totally fucking ruled with our UFC 99 picks, we’re giving it another shot for tomorrow night’s “Ultimate Fighter” 9 Finale, just to make sure last week wasn’t some fluke.  Obviously, we’re ineligible to win Lyoto Machida’s “Karate for MMA” DVD set, which explains why our footsweeps haven’t been coming along like we’d hoped, but you can still get your picks in to our forums for round two of the first phase of this contest.  

In the meantime, take a glance at how we see it going down.  And while we’re on the subject of fight predictions, one of us is now all alone in first place atop at the CBS Sports Head-to-Head panel of MMA writers.  So take that, high school guidance counselor who advised me to “marry well.”


New Round 5 MMA Figurines Are Maybe Too Detailed

Dan Henderson MMA UFC doll figureGina Carano MMA doll figureMatt Serra UFC MMA doll figureCung Le MMA doll figure

Images of Round 5‘s fourth series of MMA figurines have been released, and my God, would you check out the moose knuckle on Mauricio Rua. You gotta respect the attention to detail, but this might be the work of a vindictive figurine artist/Chuck Liddell fan who got pissed off after UFC 97 and thought, okay hot shot, now I’m going to make you look like a woman. Meanwhile, Gina Carano is wearing long, loose-fitting shorts. So I guess they didn’t use my concept art after all…


The Ten Best Quotes From ‘The Ultimate Fighter: Team U.S. VS. Team U.K.’

10. "I’m here to get paid and hurt people’s feelings, so…it’s time to do the man dance." — Damarques Johnson, offering his mission statement.

9. "You just gotta do what you gotta do whatcha can." — Dan Henderson, on the meaning of life.

8. “Oiiiieeeeehhhh!” — Michael Bisping, every time a Team U.K. fighter landed a shot on an American, and sometimes when they just came close.

7. "Put another shrimp on the barbie!" — Rob Browning, not the most worldly gentleman, tries to mock the Brits with a beloved Australian catchphrase.


Nick Thompson Will Take This Strikeforce Fight, But He Doesn’t Have To Like It

Tim Kennedy vs. Nick Thompson Strikeforce
(It beats the hell out of welfare.)

In case you’ve forgotten, the Strikeforce Challengers event from Kent, Washington is on Showtime tonight, headlined by “Smokin” Joey Villasenor taking on the other “Cyborg” Santos.  You know, the dude one.  That’s all well and good and they even shoved each other at the weigh-in yesterday to add a little easy hype, but the story that’s being overlooked right now is just how much Nick “The Goat” Thompson obviously does not want to fight Army special forces bad-ass Tim Kennedy.  He’s not even pretending that this was his idea, or that he is anything but resigned to his fate at this point.  Just check out these quotes from Thompson, courtesy of Strikeforce:


Chris Lytle Reflects on a Life in the Fight Business, Drops Some Knowledge on the UFC’s New Guys

Chris Lytle

As fighters go, Chris Lytle is uncommonly honest with himself.  He’s one of the few guys in this sport who, when asked about his goals, doesn’t give you some boiler plate answer about a title shot.  He’s in his mid-thirties, in one of the UFC’s deepest divisions, and he’s coming off a loss.  He knows there probably isn’t much time left, so he wants to make the best of the opportunities he has to put on a show.  

In this candid interview Lytle talks about some hard lessons learned in the fight game, why he’s perfectly content to fight a guy like Kevin Burns on a Spike TV TUF Finale card, and what advice he has for the new crop of fighters who will be just breaking into the UFC on Saturday night. Thanks for talking with me, Chris.  It seems like the past couple of years your focus has really shifted to being in good fights rather than racking up consecutive victories.  Is the quality and entertainment value of your fights more important to you now than wins and losses?

Yeah, I mean, obviously I don’t want to say that I don’t care if I win or lose.  It’s painful to me when I lose a fight.  I go out there to do what I came to do and win, but I don’t want to win at any cost.  I want to put on an exciting fight and win.  When I do that, it’s great.  When I lose, obviously I didn’t do what I wanted to do.  But I’d rather go out there and fight the way I want and lose an exciting fight than win a boring decision.  That’s my mentality.  I want to fight my way.  I want to win, but that’s not the only thing on my mind.


Hot Potato: Penny Mathis (aka Jenny P)

Penny Mathis Jenny P
Penny Mathis Jenny PPenny Mathis Jenny PPenny Mathis Jenny PPenny Mathis Jenny P
Penny Mathis Jenny PPenny Mathis Jenny PPenny Mathis Jenny PPenny Mathis Jenny P

Props to "buggs mcmulligan" for turning us on to Penny Mathis/Jennifer Perez, an Internet model who has done stellar work for the MMA apparel companies Take a Nap Fight Gear and Hitman Fight Gear, among other brands. Be her friend at, and check out more pictures after the jump…


Knockout of the Day: Nick Felix’s 9-Second Head Kick of Jeffrey Escobar

Nasty MMA Head-Kick Knockout – Watch more Funny Videos

Last Saturday, Nick Felix won the ALLSTARMMA welterweight title at an event in Springdale, Arkansas, by Cro Cop’ing the crap out of Jeffrey Escobar. Escobar had come into the fight with a 3-0 record, with all wins by first-round stoppage; unfortunately, he didn’t even last 10 seconds that night. Just as impressive as Felix’s head kick knockout was the diving tackle the ref made to get him to stop whaling on his unconscious opponent. One more performance like that and he’ll be able to break into the top 5. For more ALLSTARMMA fight videos, click here.


Gambling Addiction Enabler: “Ultimate Fighter” 9 Finale

Clay Guida
(The best financial investment since GM?)

There aren’t a whole lot of internet sportsbooks offering lines on more than a couple of the fights from Saturday night’s TUF 9 Finale – something about laying odds on dudes most of us have only seen in the context of reality TV must be unappealing when it’s how you actually make a living – but fortunately you can find just about anything on the internet, whether it’s Asian Nazi porn or odds on the Cameron Dollar/Jason Dent fight that absolutely no one is talking about.  Here are the most current lines from

Diego Sanchez (-270) vs. Clay Guida (+251)
DaMarques Johnson (-310) vs. James Wilks (+250)
Chris Lytle (-225) vs. Kevin Burns (+185)
Ross Pearson (+165) vs. Andre Winner (-205)
Joe Stevenson (+136) vs. Nate Diaz (-145)
Brad Blackburn (-115) vs. Edgar Garcia (-115)
Melvin Guillard (+195) vs. Gleison Tibau (-245)
Mike Ciesnolevicz (-125) vs. Tomasz Drwal (-105)
Cameron Dollar (+215) vs. Jason Dent (-275)
Frank Lester (+195) vs. Nick Osipczak (-245)

Our picks…


Videos: Diego Sanchez In The Gym; Clay Guida, Like Carrot Top, Does His Best Work In Vegas

(Props: MMA Videos)

As we count down to the "Ultimate Fighter" season 9 finale on Spike TV this Saturday night, take a look at some of Diego Sanchez‘s preparations in the gym.  Looks like someone plans on countering Clay Guida‘s wrestling with the old fake kick/side kick combo.  Good times, good energy.  

After the jump, Guida chats with, whose interviewer simply could not sound more Canadian, and says he isn’t worried about people thinking he’s boring.  Dude’s just living to eat, sleep, drink, and punch Diego Sanchez. 


Bisping and Henderson Figure Their Fight Will Sell Itself

Michael Bisping Dan Henderson MMA UFC TUF 9

Last night’s season finale of The Ultimate Fighter ended with each coach telling us exactly what he thinks of the other guy; basically, Dan Henderson thinks Michael Bisping‘s a douchebag, and Bisping thinks Henderson’s time has passed. And maybe they’re both right. But with three weeks left until they face each other at UFC 100, tensions aren’t exactly building. Here’s a highlight from a media conference call held earlier today, via MMA Fanhouse:

"He does like to talk a lot," Henderson said of Bisping, before adding, "I’ve always said that he’s an alright guy and a very good fighter, and a very tough person. Maybe that was something that was the result of some of the things that happened on the show, being together too long. But I don’t dislike him at all. I don’t think calling him a douche bag means I hate him or anything like that."
For his part, Bisping said there were no hard feelings, and that he doesn’t view his UFC 100 fight with Henderson as a grudge match. "I’ve always respected him as a fighter and I respect him as a person," Bisping said of Henderson. "He’s not the first guy to call me a douche bag and I doubt he’ll be the last, so I didn’t lose much sleep over that."