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Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?

June, 2009

Quote of the Day: Brock Lesnar Is Built Like a Black Man

Brock Lesnar MMA UFC Maxim
(Photo courtesy of Maxim.)

“I bet you I’ve taken over 60 steroid tests. In college I had 15 random drug tests in two years. I’ve taken drug tests for the NFL, the WWE, the UFC. I must be pretty good at masking steroids. God gave me this body: Are you jealous of it or what? Give me a break. I got the genetics of — not to get into racism or anything — but I’m built like a black man…It’s all genetics. I wouldn’t say we’re all created equal. That’s just to make the other guys feel good who don’t have what you’ve got.”

So says UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar in a new Maxim magazine profile, discussing the allegations of steroid use that have followed him from the WWE to the Octagon. For an entertaining recap of Brock’s life and career, read the rest of the article here. Or you could just read the two best parts after the jump…


Cro Cop to Fight “Mighty Mo” at Dream.10

Cro CopMighty Mo Siliga
(A match made in Japan.)

Maybe Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic wasn’t kidding about wanting to pack as many fights as possible into the years he has left, because’s Josh Gross is reporting that he’s agreed to fight K-1 kickboxer and occasional MMA fighter “Mighty” Mo Siliga at Dream.10 on July 20 in Japan.  So take that all you people who said Cro Cop wasn’t serious about fighting the best heavyweights in the world.  Siliga is an impressive 3-1 in MMA, with his last victory against the always tough available Ruben “Warpath” Villareal a little over two years ago.  The guy’s no Mostapha Al-Turk, but at least he’s not one of those annoying/bad-ass wrestlers that populate the UFC’s heavyweight class.


Diego Sanchez Exclusive: ‘I’ve Evolved, Clay Guida Hasn’t’

Diego Sanchez

Diego Sanchez headlines Saturday night’s “Ultimate Fighter” Finale on Spike TV just a little over four years after becoming the show’s very first winner.  Now he takes on Clay “The TUF-Slayer” Guida in a fight that, according to Sanchez, will catapult him into an immediate lightweight title shot.  Does that mean the same title shot is on the line for Guida?  Not so much, says “The Nightmare.”  He also had some interesting things to say about positive thinking, the upcoming B.J. Penn/Kenny Florian title fight, and how he feels about being the UFC’s resident weirdo.  All this and more in our exclusive interview. This is your second fight at lightweight.  Is the weight cut easier for you this time?

The weight cut’s gone great.  It’s been a lot better this time around.  I’ve been able to apply the right supplement and nutrition programs.  I feel right on point.  This week I was at about 171, and that’s right where I want to be.  The last ten pounds or so and the last couple days shouldn’t be too tough.  Then I’m fight ready.


The Lyoto Machida “Karate for MMA” Pick-Off Contest: Round 2

With MMA Madness reporting that Frank Lester vs. Nick Osipczak will be added to the TUF 9 finale, and the Grant/Markham scrap taken off the card, we have a pretty solid idea of what Saturday’s show will look like, barring any last-minute surprises. Here’s the lineup:

Diego Sanchez vs. Clay Guida (LW)
DaMarques Johnson vs. James Wilks (TUF 9 welterweight finals)
Ross Pearson vs. Andre Winner (TUF 9 lightweight finals)
Joe Stevenson vs. Nate Diaz (LW)
Chris Lytle vs. Kevin Burns (WW)

Melvin Guillard vs. Gleison Tibau (LW)
Mike Ciesnolevicz vs. Tomasz Drwal (LHW)
Brad Blackburn vs. Edgar Garcia (WW)
Cameron Dollar vs. Jason Dent (LW)
Frank Lester vs. Nick Osipczak (WW)

So if you participated in round 1 of our pick-off contest and you still want the Lyoto Machida "Karate for Mixed Martial Arts" DVD set, read on…


The Ultimate Fighter 9.12 Recap: No Spoilers, You Crybabies

The Ultimate Fighter TUF 9 U.S. U.K. welterweight bracket
(Click above for the completed TUF 9 welterweight bracket. Props: Wikipedia.)

With the last welterweight semifinal coming up, Team U.S. comes together for one last barbecue. Frank Lester gets all swoony over Dan Henderson, telling Hendo "your eyes don’t look bad at all" and "I wouldn’t fuck with you because of your ears." This is what six weeks without women will do to a man.

Damarques Johnson does his best to build up Lester’s confidence for his fight against James Wilks. He says James can’t absorb as much damage as Frank and be okay with it. We never really got to see why Damarques hates James so much, but Damarques tells us that "James is just such a pompous prick, and I want Frank to hurt him badly." He also refers to James as a "pretty boy." Seriously. This James Wilks. I think it’s safe to say that Damarques has a different standard of beauty than the rest of us. Just another example of how the absence of females can distort your perceptions.


Marcus Davis Isn’t Going to Let This Rivalry Go Easily, Is He?

Marcus Davis
(Davis continues to deftly straddle the fence between being an "American Fighter" and an "Irish Hand Grenade," but how long can his loyalties remain divided?)

It’s funny, Dan Hardy was the one who started the war of words prior to UFC 99, but now that the fight’s over it’s Marcus Davis who won’t let it die.  After refusing to shake Hardy’s hand in the Octagon and fuming over the split decision loss as he stormed out of the arena, Davis claimed that Hardy admitted backstage that he lost the fight (which Hardy naturally denied, because that’s just what you do in that situation).  Now Davis is basically demanding a rematch before the year is out, on the grounds that he won 12 of the 15 minutes in their fight:


Tim Sylvia Still Searching For Someone He Can Beat

Tim Sylvia
(Proving that only quitters stop when they hit rock bottom.)

When it comes to heaping one bad career decision on top of another, Eddie Murphy doesn’t have shit on Tim SylviaShowing up fat and then getting knocked the hell out by Ray Mercer either destroyed what few brain cells he has left, or it made him realize that he has to go even lower on the totem pole to find someone he can beat, because now he’s saying that he wants to be on the next season of MTV’s “Bully Beatdown,” and – get this – he wants to fight his actual childhood bullies:


CagePotato Power Rankings Updated

Jose Aldo MMA WEC
(Jose Aldo: Murdering his way to the #4 spot.)

After the recent whirlwind of MMA activity in the UFC, WEC, Strikeforce, and DREAM, I’ve updated the Heavyweight, Welterweight, and Featherweight pages of our Power Rankings section. Check ‘em out and let us know what you think. Do Jeff Monson and Brett Rogers deserve to sneak into the heavyweight list? Who do you think sits just outside of the welterweight top ten? Is it okay that I’m so biased towards the WEC’s featherweights? Feel free to peruse all our divisional rankings, though I realize that the middleweight list is severely outdated, and I might not even want to deal with it until after UFC 100.



Forrest Griffin Is a Supremely Confident Young Man

Watch Forrest Griffin Says He Would Drink Machida’s Magic Pee and Other Wittisms on

We couldn’t tell you how Forrest Griffin‘s physical preparation is coming along for his fight against Anderson Silva at UFC 101 (August 8th, Philadelphia) — but at least his head’s in the right place. Here are some highlights from a recent interview he did with

On the Silva fight: "People keep telling me that I’m a big guy and they think I’ll do pretty well. I don’t believe ‘em, I think they’re out of their minds…I’m planning on getting beat up by Anderson Silva…Yeah, he’ll probably beat me up. But I could still win the fight. Even fights I win I get beat up in. That’s just how I roll."

On his book, Got Fight?: "It’s just an insane sense of flattery that people would not only read your random thoughts, but maybe even pay money to read nonsense that you have to say…It’s a very short book. It’s not gonna take you a whole lot of time to get through, so I think you can pick it up and pretty much read the whole thing [at the bookstore] in two or three cups of coffee…and maybe a little piece of brownie or something, and you don’t have to buy the book. But if you would, try not to get brownie on the book because somebody may actually buy it for some misguided reason."


Cro Cop Stretches the Truth in Exciting New Ways

(Just a little brush. Props: MMA-Core)

All right, Cro Cop.  We were willing to give you the benefit of the doubt on the whole UFC/Dream fiasco.  But now you’re making that difficult by alternating between statements that seem doubtful and those that seem completely ridiculous.

In this new translated interview Cro Cop claims that he hasn’t signed with Dream yet, which is a direct contradiction of what one Dream official told USA Today.  Then he says that he still wants the UFC belt but decided not to sign with them because they weren’t going to give him another fight until six months from now, and that’s too long a layoff for a guy trying to pack as much action as he can into the years he has left.  But it doesn’t really get fun until he decides to blame Mostapha Al-Turk for the eye-poke.  Seriously.