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July, 2009

Uh, About Tito Ortiz’s New MMA Promotion…

Tito Ortiz MMA
(Photo courtesy of The Insider.)

Tito Ortiz, to Trib Total Media: "I’m starting my own organization also with Strikeforce called Punishment Fighting Championship; not just as a promoter, I’ll be competing."

Strikeforce Director of Communications Mike Afromowitz, to MMA Fanhouse: "I don’t know anything about it."

Well, that settles that. Tito, you have fooled us for the last time. Just as E! banned Speidi, CagePotato will now enact a news ban on Tito Ortiz until he actually does something newsworthy. Seriously. Even if it’s the slowest of slow news days, and the only story going around is that Tito is "very close" to signing a deal with DREAM to participate in their "Super Douchebag Tournament," we won’t cover it until it actually happens. That’s our promise to you.


Win ‘The Stand Up Game,’ Ranger Up’s Sityodtong Shirt In Our Fabio-Approved Caption Contest

Arianny Celeste MMA UFC Fabio

I know what you’re thinking: That’s just too much sexyness for me to handle; I must turn off my computer for a while and walk around the block until my head clears. And Fabio knows you’re thinking that too, and he’s cool with it.

Apparently, the above image was shot during an infomercial-taping for Fabio’s Healthy Planet Protein System, and since we just came into the possession of some very cool prizes, we’re using it as the basis of a caption contest this week.

First up, we’ve got a signed copy of Greg Jackson and Kelly Crigger‘s new book for Victory Belt, The Stand-Up Game, in which Jackson shares his arsenal of striking techniques and methods for developing game-plans; the book even includes a chapter on street-fighting. Also, we have Ranger Up‘s new Team Sityodtong tribute tee to give away. If you haven’t checked out RU’s shirts before, do yourself a favor.

Please submit your captions to the above picture in the comments section below by noon ET on Friday. The best one will get the book, the second best one will get the shirt, and any other runners-up that we deem worthy will get the Hall of Fame. Cool? Well, get goin’.

Jackson's MMA The Stand Up Game book