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July, 2009

Video: Ray Mercer Not a Fan of Head Kicks

(Props: MMA Scraps)

Before Ray Mercer became known as the unstoppable heavyweight juggernaut who wrecked Tim Sylvia in 8 seconds, Mercer had a two-fight kickboxing stint in K-1, losing his debut to Musashi by unanimous decision in June 2004. His second bout against Remy Bonjasky at the K-1 World GP 2005 in Seoul was even less successful. We won’t spoil the suprise for you, but the fight (if you can call it that) starts at the 3:53 mark of the above video and ends very shortly afterwards. It’s pretty sad when losing a match to Kimbo Slice by submission still isn’t the low point in your fight career.

Speaking of Merciless, the former WBO boxing champ and Olympic gold medalist may have his next MMA bout booked. American Top Team boxing coach Howard Davis Jr. is in negotiations to put Mercer against old-schooler Marcus "Conan" Silveira in the main event of a December 12th MMA card called "U.S. vs. Brazil," put on by Davis’s new Fight Time Promotions company.


Henderson/Franklin II Still Not Listed On; Major Announcement Ahead?

Rich Franklin Dan Henderson twitter UFC MMA

Rich Franklin gives us the heads-up that the UFC may be re-thinking the main event for UFC 103 (September 19th, Dallas) — which is great, considering it was a garbage-ass fight to begin with. MMA Junkie claims that the bout, though officially announced, was never added to the UFC 103 event page to begin with. It seems like odd treatment for an upcoming main event, unless something else is in the works; it’s been speculated that because of recent events, Franklin or Henderson could instead face off against Vitor Belfort or He Who Shall Not Be Named at #103. Belfort would be an awesome fill-in, though September might be too soon a return for You Know Who. Adding fuel to the rumor fire is Dana White’s recent announcement that the UFC will be holding a press conference on July 31st to discuss "a lot of crazy things." Stay tuned…


UFC and Affliction Officially Look at Each Other, Shrug, and Say, ‘It’s Cool’

Dana White
(You’re next, pussies.)

One of the great/weird things about this business is that two men can spend months calling each other every name they can think of, questioning each other’s manhood, and generally suggesting that they wouldn’t mind if the other was struck down by the vengeful hand of a just God, and then in an instant they forget all that and are hugging like a couple of kids saying goodbye at the end of summer camp.  Usually it’s just the fighters who go through this metamorphosis, and only after they’ve passed through the purifying flame of unarmed combat.  But as Dana White and Tom Atencio proved, it’s possible to reach that end without ever actually punching one another in the face:

"We are excited about the return of Affliction to the UFC and look forward to seeing our fighters once again walk into the octagon wearing the Affliction brands," UFC president Dana White stated. "Affliction is an innovator of mixing fashion with this sport, and we are looking forward to working together to promote the sport."

See what we mean?  It’s kind of creepy, right?  Meanwhile, Xtreme Couture is on the verge of a mass suicide, Fedor flew all the way to southern California in order to find out that the fight was off, and a once-proud Vitor Belfort has been reduced to a B.J. Penn sparring partner.  So ends the great t-shirt-maker-turned-fight-promoter experiment.


Friday Link Dump

(So it’s officially the craziest day in MMA history now. Thanks, Dana White’s Twitter.)

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Affliction Shit-Show Update: Fighters to Be Compensated, Affliction to Be a UFC Sponsor Again?

UFC's Dana White and Affliction's Tom Atencio
(Whaddaya say, best buds again?)

So after this morning’s news that Affliction: Trilogy was being canceled altogether you might be asking, ‘Sup Affliction?  You going to promote any more shows ever?  You going to give any money to those fighters you just screwed?  And what does this do to your relationship with Strikeforce and the UFC?  Judging by recent developments, Affliction’s answer to all those questions would probably be, ‘Shit, man, I don’t know.  Can you just take me home?’

Basically, it’s a mess right now.  The stories are coming in from all sides and some of them are changing by the hour.  Allow us to try and make sense of it:


Report: Frank Mir and Cheick Kongo Look to Rebound at UFC 107

Cheick Kongo MMA UFC
("Another opponent that will tool me on the ground? YES!" Photo courtesy of MMA Frenzy.)

According to a new report on (which was also confirmed by MMA Mania), former UFC interim heavyweight champ Frank Mir is tentatively scheduled to face Cheick Kongo at UFC 107 (December 12, Memphis). Mir will try to bounce back from his crushing loss to Brock Lesnar at UFC 100, while Kongo is coming off his own smothering defeat against Cain Velasquez at UFC 99. The match would support the headlining light-heavyweight scrap between TUF 10 coaches Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Rashad Evans.

We know Kongo hits hard, but if Mir can get this one to the mat, his massive jiu-jitsu advantage could decide the fight. No matter what happens, both guys have a lot to lose in this one. (I wonder if Mir will keep pushing his "cocky bastard" routine now that he’s been completely humbled?) Speaking of UFC 107, Rampage and Rashad will be the subjects of a Primetime mini-series on Spike, showcasing their preparations for the match. Think about it, know it, see it.


Putting a Human Face to the ‘Affliction: Trilogy’ Tragedy


Getting busted on a random steroid test and running an MMA organization into the ground may seem like fun and games to you, Josh Barnett. But it’s not so funny to all the fighters who depended on "Affliction: Trilogy" for a paycheck and some much-needed exposure. The above video shows an in-shock Rafaello "Tractor" Oliveira, breaking the bad news to BJ Penn; Oliveira was scheduled to face Takanori Gomi on the event’s main card, in what would have been the most high-profile (and, we’d assume, well-paying) fight of his career by a wide margin. Now he’s back to square one, and swallowing his sadness. Tough break, man.

But hope remains in the BJ Penn camp…


F*ck It, Affliction’s Cancelled

Fedor Emelianenko
(In retrospect, the search for possible replacement opponents was getting ridiculous.)

We can all stop speculating and arguing over who should replace Josh Barnett against Fedor Emelianenko on next Saturday’s Affliction: Trilogy fight card.  That’s because there isn’t going to be an Affliction: Trilogy fight card, says’s Josh Gross.  Apparently Tom Atencio and Co. just decided to go the cut-our-losses route and called the whole thing off.  Fighters were notified this morning, or at least their representatives were, since fighters don’t typically get up before 11 am.  This morning though, they may have jolted out of bed with the strange, unpleasant feeling you get when a bunch of money has just slipped out of your grasp.

Looks like our Saturday night just freed up for next weekend.  Anyone want to go bowling or something?


Question of the Day: Will Josh Barnett Be Held Responsible For The Demise of Affliction?

Josh Barnett
(Loosely translated it means: ‘Screw this drug-testing stuff, I’m going back to Japan where they know how to treat a brother.’)

The good news for Affliction is that people are talking.  Josh Barnett’s failed steroid test and the ensuing media storm has, at the very least, gotten Affliction’s third event in the news.  This week Josh Barnett was #73 on the Google Trends list.  That put him well behind search topics such as “Michelle Obama haircut” (#29) and “dog takes baby from crib” (#25), but the point is, there’s some buzz now.

The bad news is that the buzz is mostly surrounding the one guy who we know will not be fighting Fedor Emelianenko next weekend.  Maybe the interest extends to the panicked search for a new opponent, at least for some people.  But who, aside from the hardcores who already know why Brett Rogers would be a sort of okay opponent and Paul Buentello wouldn’t, is willing to pursue it that far?


Videos: Marius Zaromskis ‘New Incredible Fighter’, Kikuno vs. Dida + More

(Props: OlavDigre via IronLife)

Now that we all know who Marius Zaromskis is, it’s time for fanboys around the world to crown him "the next Anderson Silva" — and this new AC/DC-soundtracked highlight reel makes a pretty strong case for that claim. The UFC needs to sign this dude so he can start head-kicking some of the weak links straight out of their welterweight division. The Whitemare is balls-out excitement, 150% of the time. Believe that.

After the jump: Another highlight reel, for another "next Anderson Silva," and a strange little fight from DREAM.10 that you may not have seen yet, but really should.