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August, 2009

Couture, Nogueira, Rosholt, & Marquardt Pocket Bonuses, Dana White Promises More Shows in Pacific Northwest

(‘Wait, what happened to that dude Frank Mir beat up?’/Photo courtesy

Dana White referred to each of his picks for the end-of-the-night bonuses at UFC 102 as “no-brainers.”  The UFC handed some extra cash for Fight of the Night to Randy Couture and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira for their main event scrap, Jake Rosholt for his submission/choke-out of Chris Leben, and Nate Marquardt for his one-punch KO of Demian Maia.  The bonuses this time around were worth $60,000, severely disappointing Nogueira, who, after UFC 100, was under the impression that these bad boys would be worth a cool $102,000.  Looks like that giant marble statue of a Minotaur that he was planning on putting in his front yard is going to have to wait until his investments mature.

The UFC reported 16,088 fans for a live take of $1.92 million.  Though ticket sales weren’t as strong as the UFC might have liked, Dana White said in the post-fight press conference that they’d come back to the Pacific Northwest soon, probably to Seattle next and eventually back to Portland.  Next time around, maybe they’ll keep ticket prices more in line with what people here are willing to pay, or else load up the card with some fights that might entice more out-of-towners.


UFC 102 Live Results + Commentary

Randy Couture UFC 102 MMA
("So, I feel that I’ll be comfortable wherever the fight goes, and as long as I can stick to my gameplan and — Shawn, if you don’t get that Flip Cam out of my face, I’m going to stomp you a new asshole. Seriously. Last warning." Photo courtesy of this set on Combat Lifestyle.)

The word "legend" gets thrown around a lot in this sport, to the point where it loses much of its meaning. Well, we won’t bother with the cliches. Suffice it to say that two old dudes are going to fight in Portland tonight, and one of them is so old that it’s hard to believe he’s still fighting, and the other is actually more old-looking than old, and maybe it would have been better if they fought like five years ago, in a city where people could actually afford to go see it, but here we are, and what are you gonna do.

Elsewhere on the card, Keith Jardine and Thiago Silva clash in a high-profile light-heavyweight scrap, while Nate Marquardt and Demian Maia fight for what may or may not turn out to be a #1 middleweight contender spot. Live UFC 102 results await you after the jump; refresh the page every few minutes for all the latest. Let’s have a good, clean liveblog. Obey all my instructions, and protect yourself at all times. If you want to order pizza, do it now, and go back to your couches.


UFC 102 Preliminary Card Results

Gabriel Gonzaga UFC 102 MMA
("That was me, Gabriel Gonzaga, before I joined Nutrisystem and Alcoholics Anonymous." Photo courtesy of this set on Combat Lifestyle.)

Spoilers after the jump…


M-1 Breakthrough Videos: King Mo Smashes the Smashing Machine, Fedor Taps Mousasi in Exhibition

(Fight starts at the 4:22 mark. Props: MMA Linker)

As expected, Muhammed Lawal‘s pimpin’ ring entrance took longer than his actual fight against Mark Kerr last night at M-1 Breakthrough in Kansas City, with the flashy Team Quest product needing just 25 seconds to steamroll the fighter formerly known as "The Smashing Machine." King Mo pounced for a single-leg as Kerr tried to throw a leg kick, then took his 263-pound opponent to the canvas and started slugging him in the head until Kerr was knocked out. I guess the oddsmakers know how to do their jobs after all.

Also on the card, Fedor Emelianenko and Gegard Mousasi went through the motions with their "sparring exhibition," which never came close to looking anything like a real fight, except for the end when Fedor won by armbar. That video and complete results from the event are after the jump…


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Gina Carano Breaks Her Silence

Gina Carano MMA Strikeforce
(Props: ShoSports)

Twelve days after her crushing loss to Cris Cyborg — and subsequent disappearance from the cage — Gina Carano took to her MySpace blog to begin the healing process. Yes, she’s still alive, and yes, she plans on rebounding from the first defeat of her career:

I wanted to take time to collect my thoughts and speak from the heart rather than spew out some cliché anecdote about a tough loss. I know I am a better fighter than the way I performed that night and was heartbroken to not give more to those who have been inspired. However, I find some relief in knowing that this has never been only about me, and now more than ever I feel freedom to learn and grow at my own pace. I make it a point to constantly remind myself throughout this journey who I am, what I am doing, and why. Life is the most amazing gift and I want to live it for the right reasons.

Must-See: DREAM Welterweight GP Highlight Reel, Anderson Silva Boxing at Wild Card Gym

(Props: spicadocious via Fightlinker)

This kickass highlight reel — which could also be titled "Rise of the Whitemare" — covers DREAM’s welterweight grand prix from earlier this year, in which Marius Zaromskis smashed his way to the top of an eight-man field that also included such notables as Hayato Sakurai, Shinya Aoki, and Andre Galvao. Highlights include Zaromskis’s fake-flying-knee superman punch at the 2:39 mark, and of course his knockout-of-the-year candidate against Jason High at the 4:19 mark. DREAM returns on October 8th with the semifinals and finals of its featherweight grand prix, the second round of the Super Hulk Tournament, and the lightweight title fight between Joachim Hansen and Shinya Aoki.

After the jump: Anderson Silva shows off his boxing skills against a local pugilist at Freddie Roach’s boxing club.


Mark Kerr Has No Chance In Hell, Oddsmakers Say

(For reasons that are still unclear, "Neanderthal Knight Rider" never got picked up by any major network.)

Former Smashing Machine Mark Kerr is forty years old, riding a four-fight losing streak, and weighing a not-so svelt 263 for his fight with "King Mo" Lawal at tonight’s troubled M-1 "Breakthrough" event.  You can decide for yourself which of those factors played the primary role in making him an almost comical 8-1 underdog in this fight.  BetUs currently has Kerr at +800, while Lawal is going off at -1600.  If you’re not much of a gambler, let us just tell you that that’s basically like oddsmakers saying there’s a better chance of Kerr’s head exploding on the walk down to the ring than there is of him winning this fight.


Ben vs. Ben: UFC 102 Edition

Randy Couture and Brett Favre
(They never sleep and they’ll never die.)

Well, here we are once again.  Time to battle it out over questions of who should keep it up and who should pack it in, how the UFC might get around Portland’s weak economy and ridiculous taxes in order to fill an arena, and so much more.

Who will win tomorrow’s main event? Subquestions: Is the winner worthy of a title shot and should the loser retire?

BG: I got Randy on this one. Both guys are coming off ugly losses, but while Couture’s could be chalked up to his massive size disadvantage against Brock Lesnar, Nogueira’s loss against Frank Mir seemed to be result of slowing reflexes and a softening of his famously iron-clad chin. Come to think of it, there’s a common theme in all three of Big Nog’s UFC appearances — he’s taken a lot of hard blows to the head, many of which have knocked him down, and he doesn’t seem to be able to do anything about it. Meanwhile, there’s nothing to suggest that Randy Couture can’t still be competitive against someone closer to his own size, and I think he can score a late TKO or unanimous decision over Nogueira with his striking and trademark clinch-boxing.
That being said, I have no desire to see Couture face Brock Lesnar again. They’re just not in the same weight class, and their first fight left no questions unanswered. Hopefully Dana White understands that there’s better uses for a legend like Couture then throwing him against the same brick wall. Of course, I could see Randy getting another crack at the belt if someone else manages to take it from Lesnar in the near future. And yeah, maybe Nogueira should retire if he loses tomorrow. He’s only 33, but after 10 years of wars, he looks and fights like he’s older than Randy. Risking more brain trauma is probably not in his best interest.

BF: I’m also taking Couture, but not because I think Nogueira has one foot in the grave, as you seem to believe.  I just think that Couture is the worst possible style match-up for him.  We all know that he wasn’t 100% against Frank Mir, but he’s supposedly doing better now and even at his worst he can take a beating, which is part of his problem.  But really, I don’t see how he mounts any effective offense against Couture.


UFC 102 Press Conference Recap: Dana White Talks Penn vs. Sanchez, Lighter Weight-Classes, Those Showtime Bastards

Dana White UFC 102 press conference
("One more question, then I gotta get the fuck out of here. Yes, Helen Thomas. What’s on your mind, gorgeous?" Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

The UFC held a press conference yesterday in Portland to discuss tomorrow night’s UFC 102 card, as well as other issues related to the organization’s future. Some highlights…

– Even though the UFC already has two events slated for November — UFC 105 (11/14, Manchester) and UFC 106 (11/21, Las Vegas) — Dana White revealed that a third November show was in the works, to be headlined by the lightweight championship fight between BJ Penn and Diego Sanchez; Penn/Sanchez was originally reported as the main event for #105. And get this: White said the tentative third November event wouldn’t be broadcast on pay-per-view or Spike. Could a network TV deal be in the works? “Wait and see boys… if I can pull this one off,” White said. "We’ve never had more [network] interest than right now. Obviously, I think all the hard work we’ve done over nine years and UFC 100 had a big part in it, too. I’m pretty confident we’re gonna have a deal very, very soon. I like what I’m hearing now more than I ever did before."

– Dana White may seem determined to counter-program Strikeforce to extinction, but his hostility has nothing to do with Scott Coker. Honestly. As he told reporters, “I’m not anti-Strikeforce, I don’t dislike those guys. I dislike Showtime, that’s who I dislike. I think they’re dicks, I don’t like them. I don’t like their attitude; they think they are better than they really are…The guy over at Showtime who I’m talking about knows who he is and I dislike him very much and my beef is with him, not really Strikeforce. They sucked at boxing, they got their ass kicked by HBO always at boxing yet they tried to stay in it. They got their ass kicked by HBO in programming, but they’re still around and they’re going to get their ass kicked in mixed martial arts too, just not by HBO.”