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August, 2009

Strikeforce Announces Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brett Rogers For This Fall

Fedor Emelianenko and Brett Rogers
(Brett was dumbfounded when Fedor slipped him a ten dollar bill and asked to be seated at a quiet table somewhere in the back of the restaurant. Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle.)

At today’s Fedor Emelianenko meet-n-greet in New York City, Strikeforce announced that the top heavyweight’s next opponent will be everybody’s favorite work-doer, Brett "The Grim" Rogers.  There’s no solid date just yet, but Strikeforce is shooting for late October or early November, though we all know that if you announce the date of your big show too far in advance it just gives the UFC more time to work up a solid counter-programming effort. 

The decision to match Emelianenko up with Rogers means that Strikeforce is entering the build-up phase of their Fedor marketing approach.  According to our rankings, it’s the #1 heavyweight in the world taking on the #10 heavyweight in the world.  Not exactly a clash of titans, at least on paper, but as long as Rogers doesn’t test positive for steroids and Fedor doesn’t have any trouble with his Work Visa, I suppose we can’t complain.  Now who wants to guess what the odds will be on this one?  If Fedor is anything less than a 5-1 favorite, I’ll be stunned.


Knockout of the Day: Travis Wiuff vs. Keith Jardine

While aimlessly cruising Wikipedia last night, I learned that Keith Jardine‘s first loss came in his third pro fight back in February 2002, against MMA ironman Travis Wiuff in the quarterfinals of an Extreme Challenge eight-man heavyweight tournament in Iowa. Coincidentally, it was Wiuff’s third fight as well, and it took Diesel just six seconds to claim a victory via straight-right directly on Jardine’s off-button. The video is above, and the action starts at the 2:18 mark. Wiuff would go on to lose to Mike Radnov in the semis, while Radnov lost to tournament-winner Ben Rothwell in the finals.

Following the Wiuff fight, Jardine went on a 6-0-1 run, joined the second season of The Ultimate Fighter, and quickly found himself in marquee fights against Forrest Griffin, Chuck Liddell, Wanderlei Silva, and Quinton Jackson. This Saturday, he’ll take on Thiago Silva at UFC 102. If you believe in streaks, then the Dean of Mean has this one wrapped up. And of course, if he ever decides to walk out to the cage as Techno Viking, he’ll be unstoppable.


Four Things We’ll Know For Sure Once UFC 102 Is Over

Randy Couture arm wrestles girls
(The much-hyped mixed semi-doubles division of XARM seemed like a great idea at first. Only when Art Davie had to tell that nice blond girl’s parents how she ended up in a persistent vegetative state did he realize his folly.)   

UFC 102 may not have a title fight to draw Portland residents out of their coffee shops and dive bars, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty at stake this weekend.  Here are four lingering questions we can plan on getting some resolution to once this event is in the books.

1. If Randy Couture Will Ever Get One More Title Shot

Couture keeps talking about wanting another chance at UFC gold as if he isn’t in his mid-forties with only one fight left on his contract after UFC 102.  While we respect a guy with long term goals, how he performs in this fight will determine whether those goals ever come to fruition.  It probably won’t be enough just to beat Nogueira.  He needs to dominate him like he’s just another Gabriel Gonzaga with more scar tissue.  If he can’t do that the UFC will be taking a hard look at his price tag and future prospects when it comes time to talk about a new contract. 


Natasha Wicks Proves That a Job as an Octagon Girl Isn’t a Golden Ticket, After All

Natasha Wicks UFC ring girl
(Natasha Wicks, pre-UFC makeover. Photo courtesy of Calvin Dakari, via Model Mayhem.)

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent more time than you’re comfortable with imagining the glamorous life of a UFC Octagon girl.  In our minds it involves a lot of sitting around at Vegas hotel pools, fending off awkward advances from Mike Goldberg, and taking pictures of yourself with your cell phone.  A charmed life, indeed.  But judging by Ariel Helwani’s interview with Natasha Wicks, the newest addition to the UFC’s stable of professional hot chicks, it’s more like a part-time job among other part-time jobs.  In addition to filling Edith Labelle’s empty seat at UFC events, Wicks says she also works as a go-go dancer at the Wynn and as a caddy for local golf courses:

You actually caddy for golfers?
Yeah. I’m not just sitting in the cart like, ‘Hee hee.’ I actually do my job.

Do you suggest what kind of clubs they should use?
Yeah, sometimes. I’m not the best. I’m actually really bad at golf. It’s like the one thing I can’t pick up. I can pretty much pick up anything. Usually if I try something, I’m usually extremely competitive, and I like to try new things. But golf for some reason, for me, it’s just like I have goofy arm or something. I feel awkward-looking. I’m just impressed when people hit it. I’m like, ‘Wow, good job!’ So I’m probably even a better caddy, just because every time they even just hit the ball, I’m so impressed.


Sherk vs. Tibau Added to Nearly-Complete UFC 104 Lineup

UFC 104 poster MMA Lyoto Machida Mauricio Rua
(Props: xkingkongx)

The UFC has confirmed ten fights for UFC 104 (October 24th, Los Angeles), making the Machida vs. Rua headliner official, as well as adding a main card bout between Sean Sherk and Gleison Tibau. Sherk is coming off a disappointing unanimous decision loss against Frank Edgar at UFC 98, while Tibau most recently lost a controversial split-decision against Melvin Guillard at the TUF 9 finale in June.

Unfortunately, Sherk vs. Tibau comes at the expense of two other fights that are probably more worthy of main card status. Currently slated for the undercard are TUF 8 light-heavyweight winner Ryan Bader vs. Eric Schafer (who are both riding two-fight win streaks in the Octagon) and Yushin Okami vs. Chael Sonnen. Yes, Okami is on the undercard once again, despite his current three-fight streak against Jason MacDonald, Evan Tanner, and Dean Lister. My God this disrespect. You know, UFC, if you’re not careful, you’re gonna lose him.

The updated UFC 104 lineup is as follows…


Quinton Jackson Scores B.A. Baracus Role in ‘The A-Team’

Mr. T The A-TeamQuinton Jackson MMA Rampage UFC
(Mr. T pities your broke-ass chain.)

According to The Sun, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson has been confirmed for the role of perpetually angry B.A. Baracus in Joe Carnahan‘s movie remake of The A-Team. Jackson beat out rappers The Game and 50 Cent, who were also being considered for the role that Mr. T made famous. The casting is no surprise considering Jackson’s extensive acting reel, which includes being wrecked by Vinnie Jones in Midnight Meat Train, playing an MMA fighter in Never Surrender, and sexually assaulting our reporter. The flick is scheduled for release next summer, and will reportedly feature Liam Neeson as John "Hannibal" Smith and The Hangover star Bradley Cooper as Templeton "Face" Peck. The role of "Howling Mad" Murdock is still up for grabs at this time.


Somehow, Justin McCully’s Nickname Has Gotten Worse

For some time now, Justin "The Insane 1" McCully has had one of the worst nicknames in the UFC.  By implying that the owner of such a nickname is not only crazy, but possibly the only crazy person alive, it’s a nickname that manages to be both cliche and nonsensical all at the same time.  But that apparently wasn’t enough for McCully.  He had to go and get tricky with the spelling.


Video: This Is What It Looks Like When Writers Fight

You read all about it yesterday, now watch the video of best-selling author Matt Polly’s first/last MMA bout.  It isn’t the most technically pretty fight you’ll ever see, though the Tuff-N-Uff announcers compare Polly to Fedor Emelianenko and Neo from the Matrix before finally concluding that he’s "one of the fastest fighters" they’ve ever seen in that promotion.  Whitest, maybe.  But fastest?  Still, Polly used his range and killer jab to pick his young opponent apart over two rounds until he quit on his stool, and damned if it doesn’t make us proud to see a fellow nerd kicking a little ass. 

Now go write that book, Polly.  Cage Potato readers want to hear more about the IFL incident.  Don’t let them down.


This Randy Couture Video Blog Makes You Wonder, Why Is He A Heavyweight?

Okay, we already know the answer to that question: getting KO’d by Chuck Liddell was no fun any more and any division that Tim Sylvia is at the head of has ‘easy pickings’ written all over it, which Randy Couture himself basically admitted.  That said, Couture weighs 221.8 pounds at the time of this filming and he’ll probably be around that size when he steps into the cage at UFC 102 on Saturday night.  Maybe it won’t be a deciding factor against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, but if he really does get that rematch with Brock Lesnar that he wants, it’s hard to see how showing up at least 45-50 pounds lighter than your opponent isn’t a disadvantage.

Couture has obviously done well as a heavyweight, despite being closer to 205 than 265.  But now that the Lesnars and the Carwins are moving in to MMA, is the 220-pound heavyweight a relic from a bygone era? 


Photos: Chuck Liddell Trains for ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Chuck Liddell Dancing With the Stars Anna Trebunskaya
Chuck Liddell Anna Trebunskaya Dancing With the Stars Chuck Liddell Anna Trebunskaya Dancing With the Stars Chuck Liddell Dancing With the Stars UFC
(Props: via Fightlinker)

A punch-drunk fighter with a heart of gold learns to love himself again through the graceful (life) lessons of an auburn-haired dance instructor. No, it’s not the plot of a new Mickey Rourke/Isla Fisher romantic comedy. It’s Chuck Liddell‘s real fuckin’ life, so get used to it. (It’ll help if you put on this song, and try to pretend that this is all just part of some badass training montage.) Season nine of Dancing With the Stars premieres on September 21st. Will the Iceman’s moves be up to snuff, or will the judges starch him harder than Sugar and Shogun combined? And what are the odds that Kimbo Slice will join DWtS for season 10?

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