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August, 2009

Gilbert Yvel Reportedly Signs With the UFC

Gilbert Yvel MMA UFC
(This photo was taken directly after Gilbert stomped a waitress to death for bringing him a Bud instead of a Bud Light. Photo courtesy of CombatLifestyle.)

He may be infamous for biting, eye-gouging, and referee-assaulting, but that doesn’t mean Gilbert Yvel wouldn’t be a welcome addition to the UFC. Buried in a report about Lil’ Nog’s recent signing, MMA Weekly claims that Yvel is on the list of fighters who have been picked up by Zuffa after the collapse of Affliction. The 33-year-old Dutch heavyweight — who sports a record of 36-13-1 with one no-contest, and has claimed all of his wins by stoppage — most recently scored a grisly knockout over Pedro Rizzo at June’s "Ultimate Chaos" show. Before that, he got crushed by Josh Barnett at Affliction: Day of Reckoning, which snapped a seven-fight win streak.


NSAC Adds Instant Replay, Clarifies Greasing Rule, Asks, ‘Happy Now, BJ?’

Kevin Burns pokes Anthony Johnson
(‘After further review, the ruling in the cage is reversed. Anthony Johnson will not be charged with a timeout, and Kevin Burns may now be referred to as "Pokey" for the rest of his career.’)

There’s a saying in our little world: as the Nevada State Athletic Commission goes, so goes MMA.  Nah, I just made that up right now, but it might as well be a saying.  The NSAC plays a pivotal role in dictating general policy in the fight world, and for the most part they’ve set the gold standard that California has repeatedly failed to live up to.  Now they’re really getting with the times and adding instant replay for MMA (they’re not the first, however), but only for specific circumstances.  Keith Kizer explains when replay can be used:  

“It will be on the immediate ending of a fight due to injury and the referee feels that it would be beneficial to him or her to review the tape to see what the cause of the injury was. What caused that injury – was it a foul, was it a legal blow?”


Videos: The Stoppages of 2009, Anderson Silva Punch Tutorial + More

(Props: caposa3)

MMA compilation-video specialist "Caposa" has just released the fourth installment of a series featuring the year’s most memorable knockouts and submissions in North America. He also has a separate series devoted to Japanese MMA; you can see that, as well as parts 1-3 of this series, by clicking here. And if you do delve deeper into his work, you’ll notice that Caposa favors understated ambient music to soundtrack his vids, adding a soothing counterpoint to the visual brutality. Great stuff. This guy just might join the ranks of such MMA highlight reel legends as GenghisCon and me.


‘TUF 9′ Winner James Wilks Likely for UFC 105 Against ‘The Immortal’

James Wilks Damarques Johnson MMA UFC
(James Wilks chokes out DaMarques Johnson at the TUF 9 finale in June. Props: OC Register)

If you’re like us, you may have already forgotten that there was a ninth season of The Ultimate Fighter, which featured a bunch of guys from the U.K., two of whom won six-figure contracts with the UFC. But what TUF 9 lacked in drama and overall talent level, it more than made up for in…in…uh…sorry, lost my train of thought there. Anyway, James Wilks is probably going to fight Matt "The Immortal" Brown at UFC 105 (November 14th, Manchester). Oddly enough, it will be Wilks’s first fight in England; the well-rounded welterweight scrapper moved to the U.S. in 2000, and competed only in California before joining the TUF 9 cast. Brown is the TUF 7 vet and former drug addict who has looked very sharp following his reality show stint, and is coming off back-to-back stoppage victories over Ryan Thomas and (infamously) Pete Sell.

Also on the Manchester card will be Wilks’s TUF 9 rival, DaMarques Johnson. According to MMA Weekly, the Salt Lake City native will be taking on Peter Sobotta, who dropped a unanimous decision to Paul Taylor during his Octagon debut at UFC 99. Needless to say, the loser of this fight had better hope that Strikeforce is hiring. As of now, no other fights have been confirmed for UFC 105.


Video: Randy Couture Is Ready to Get His Stand and Bang On, + More

Episode three of’s “What It Takes” series with Randy Couture delves a little deeper into his striking training for the UFC 102 bout with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, and it seems as if Couture wasn’t kidding when he told us he thought kickboxing was going to be an important facet to beating Big Nog.  Considering that Nogueira got picked apart on the feet by Frank Mir, regardless of whether he was anywhere near 100% that night or not, it’s probably a sound game plan for Couture to use his wrestling to stay upright while testing Nogueira’s striking skills.

After the jump, a video promo for UFC 103 that actually succeeded in reminding us that there’s a pretty hype-worthy card coming to Dallas in September.  And that’s without even mentioning the Josh Koscheck/Frank Trigg fight that you all can’t stop talking about.  Just kidding.  We know it’s really Efrain Escudero/Cole Miller that has you truly pumped up.


Wanderlei Silva Undergoes Surgery to Become Freaky Space Alien, Can’t Fight Bisping at UFC 105

Wanderlei Silva post facial surgery
(Either Wanderlei had surgery or else he’s getting a head start on his James Carville costume for this year’s Zuffa Halloween party. Photo thanks to Fightlinker.)

It looks like the rumored Michael Bisping-Wanderlei Silva bout won’t be happening at UFC 105 in Manchester, England, and as usual when something bad happens, a plastic surgeon is to blame.  Bisping wrote in a blog post earlier this week that Silva had undergone facial surgery and would be out for the rest of the year.  Judging from the picture above that appears to be the case, and now at least we know what his manager was talking about when he said Silva would be taking some time off to heal his body and mind. 

Not that we can’t understand why a guy like Silva would opt to do something about the several pounds worth of scar tissue in his face, but it does seem like unusual timing.  Not only does this put him on the sidelines for a while, it also seems like money that’s bound to go to waste.  Unless Silva is considering retiring soon or drastically changing his fighting style, he’s probably got more scar tissue coming his way in the near future.

But now that we know for sure it won’t be “The Axe Murderer” who takes on Bisping at UFC 105, we ask yet again, now what?


CagePotato on’s Masterclash Podcast


A couple weeks ago, the dudes at were kind enough to invite me onto the fifth installment of Masterclash, their video-podcast covering manly, mannish, masculine issues, with a healthy dose of hell-yeah. (I’m the one with the CagePotato t-shirt and Grimhawk; don’t worry, I shaved it off yesterday.) The topics of the day were as follows: Which MMA technique would be the best to employ in a street fight? How much of your day is spent ogling women? What’s the greatest thing you could accomplish while on a cocktail of alcohol, cocaine, PCP, and hallucinogenic mushrooms? Which Taco Bell item gives you the most gastro-intestinal distress? Etc., etc. And we did it all while guzzling 40s of a malt liquor beverage that shall not be named. Mad props to Anthony, Jake, and Brian for letting me be a part of it. You can subscribe to Masterclash on iTunes simply by clicking here.



UFC 102 Video Hype: Marquardt vs. Maia

(Props: via MMA Mania)

Though it was snubbed from the UFC 102 extended trailer, the middleweight bout between Nate Marquardt and Demian Maia is as significant as any other fight on the card. At most, the winner will find himself one win away from a shot at Anderson Silva‘s 185-pound title. In the above video profile, Marquardt says his goal is to be the best in every area of MMA. He’ll try to keep the fight standing, but he isn’t afraid to go to the ground with Maia. After the jump, Maia describes jiu-jitsu as the "boat" that led him to MMA, and says he’ll be sticking to his strengths next Saturday. "It’s no secret, if I can grapple with him I prefer [it]." So whose gameplan will come out on top? Your predictions, please…


Quick Hits: Coleman/Ortiz Set for UFC 106, UFC 100 Gets an Editing Job, + More

(Mayhem Miller is back for another season of "Bully Beatdown," and he’s brought some friends with him.)

Good news for those of you whose lives have felt just a little bit emptier since the last time Tito Ortiz got his name in the news for actually fighting someone.  Seems as though Ortiz and Mark Coleman will go at it at UFC 106 on November 21.  Sources in Coleman’s camp say they’ve agreed to the bout, which means that as long as Ortiz doesn’t punk out the winner of this bout should have a career rejuvenation to be thankful for this year.  The loser will spend the holiday gulping down whiskey in a rocking chair, looking out the window at the dead leaves on the lawn and thinking about when he was young and the future seemed more like a promise and less like a threat.

In other news…


Free Agent Market Isn’t Looking Any Better For Strikeforce

(Little Nog faces a young and armbar-able Dan Henderson back in Pride.)

After Gegard Mousasi violated Renato Sobral on the cheap (at least as far as the IRS knows) at Saturday’s Strikeforce event, you may recall that we wondered out loud who they might possibly sign to face that guy, now that he’s their light heavyweight champion.  The only good options we came up with were “King Mo” Lawal and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, which would at least be enough to get them through the next six to eight months.  But unless Big Nog has no idea what’s going on in his brother’s life, at least one of those options is now off the table. 

During today’s UFC 102 conference call Nogueira said that his brother is coming to the UFC “for sure.”  While he acknowledged that there were still some details to be ironed out before the UFC could officially announce the signing of Lil’ Nog, he seemed absolutely positive that the deal would be done soon, which also means that Strikeforce will lose out on another good prospect for their light heavyweight division.