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September, 2009

Some Questions Shane Carwin Won’t Be Answering, But We Will

You crazy guys.  We ask for serious questions that you’d like to hear Shane Carwin answer, and you give us a bunch of smart-ass responses that would only succeed in making the big guy want to do the old ‘Hulk smash!’ on our faces.   Fortunately, we did get a few good ones that Carwin will be answering in a forthcoming interview this week, and we sincerely thank those of you who proved to be of some use.  To those of you who asked the same question about when he’s going to quit his engineering job and whether he thinks that hurts his MMA career, we refer you to one of the many times that question has been asked and answered.

But to those of you who came up with questions that were too ridiculous to ask but also too ridiculous to ignore altogether, we decided a little shout-out was in order.  Carwin may not have time for your pointless questions, but us?  Time is all we got, man.


Roy Nelson’s Twitter Is Trying To Tell Us Something…

Roy Nelson Twitter status

Judging by his Twitter updates, Roy Nelson is really looking forward to tonight’s episode of "The Ultimate Fighter," perhaps so much so that he’s willing to spoil it for all 180 of his followers (and oh yeah, CagePotatoMMA is among that lucky few).  So what exactly should we take from this cryptic missive?  Let’s see if we can deconstruct these three sentences and find out what it is "Big Country" is really trying to say:

- Roy’s reference to Babe Ruth — not the candy bar — is clearly an attempt to distract fans from his own physique by reminding them of a great athlete with an even less impressive body than his own.  It’s kind of the same trick that girls use when they surround themselves with hideously-dressed bridesmaids on their wedding day.


Gina Carano Semi-Nudity to Hit Newsstands on 10/9

Gina Carano sexy weigh-ins

A public service announcement, via MMA Fanhouse:

Gina Carano and Randy Couture will be among the 30 male and female professional athletes posing nude or semi-nude in ESPN The Magazine’s first "Body Issue," which hits newsstands on Oct. 9. Couture’s cauliflower ear will be the focus of his spread and Carano will be posing semi-nude in "The Bodies We Want" photo section.
"You really get an idea of everything these guys and gals go through and the toll it takes sometimes," said Sue Hovey, the executive editor of ESPN The Magazine. "Randy has a very interesting looking ear, known as a cauliflower ear, and I think that when you’ll see it, you’ll realize that this guy goes through a lot to do what he loves."
Major names from the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Nascar, tennis and boxing will also be featured in the special issue, which will be released once a year. And yes, private parts will be strategically covered up.

As CageWriter points out, not all of the athletes in the issue are people you’d necessarily want to see naked. But still, Gina Carano, with strategically covered up private parts. Let’s hope that means lots and lots of hand bra.


Gina Carano (born April 16, 1982) was the first crossover star in women’s mixed martial arts, and was often referred to as "The Face of Women’s MMA." The daughter of Dallas Cowboys backup quarterback Glenn Carano, Gina was born near Dallas and raised in Las Vegas, where she went on to study psychology at UNLV. She began her career as a Muay Thai kickboxer before transitioning to MMA, and went on to win her first seven bouts. Her last fight, against Cristiane "Cris Cyborg" Santos in August 2009, was the first women’s bout to headline a major MMA event. Since her TKO loss to Santos, Gina Carano has been focusing on acting, and will soon appear as the lead in Haywire, an action film directed by Steven Soderbergh. Carano also appeared in the Oxygen reality series Fight Girls, and starred as "Crush" in the 2008 reboot of American Gladiators on NBC. Photos from her appearance in ESPN: The Magazine‘s "Body Issue" can be seen here, here, and here.

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F*ck You, Yahoo! Answers

MMA Halloween costume

Buy merchandise off the WWE website? That’s your best answer? Jesus Christ, Yahoo! Answers, where’s your quality control? (Not that I have a better suggestion. Personally, I would just duct-tape one of these to my body.) It seems that we have a long way to go in spreading awareness about our sport, and these uninformed jokers aren’t helping. I mean, check out these other "Best Answers"…


Faulty Comparison Alert: Elite XC’s Use of Kimbo Slice ? UFC’s Use of Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice The Ultimate Fighter
(In the sculpted chest hair battle, it’s already Kimbo: 1, Roy Nelson: 0)

If you were surprised how quickly Dana White changed his attitude about Kimbo Slice once the opportunity for the UFC to make money off the internet-brawler-turned-bread-getter presented itself, then congratulations, you have only just now discovered the sport of MMA, the UFC, and the business of fight promotion.  Welcome, we’re glad to have you.  Those of us who have been following this stuff in general, and Dana White specifically, saw this change of heart coming.

But over at Yahoo! Sports, Kevin Iole seems blown away by what he refers to as a “double standard” in the way the UFC is hyping Kimbo Slice.  Iole criticizes the UFC’s use of Slice for “exhibiting much the same behavior that Elite XC and promoter Gary Shaw were so roundly criticized for,” and also calls out White for giving Kimbo at least one more fight in the UFC after the show concludes, “regardless of the outcome of the show.”

On the surface, this seems like a valid criticism.  White used to say that the only way Kimbo would get in the UFC was to win a season of TUF.  Now it seems like it was enough just to show up.  But there’s still no comparison between how EliteXC pushed Slice and how the UFC is doing it.


“Rowdy” Roddy Piper’s Son In MMA Action This Weekend

Colt Toombs (seen above in the black shorts) is the son of pro wrestling great/star of one of the greatest B-movies ever made, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, which is reason enough to expect great and crazy things from him.  But as you can see, Colt is also a young MMA fighter with pretty decent stand-up.  This Friday he steps in at Sportfight XXVI "Domination", where he’ll be taking on Matt Slosser at 145 lbs.  Normally, we wouldn’t care about the son of a famous person who’s competing at a regional MMA event.  But not only is this Piper’s kid we’re talking about here, he’ll also be competing on the same event as Ryan Couture, who takes on Nick Albert in the lightweight division.  Talk about a stacked card.  All they need is Brooke Hogan to sing the national anthem, and this will be a historic night. 

It sure looks like Piper’s son can fight, but the real question is, can he cut a promo like this?


Kimbo Slice vs. Roy Nelson ‘TUF 10′ Hype Roundup

Kimbo Slice MMA UFC The Ultimate Fighter

In about 12 hours (give or take, depending on where you are in the country), Kimbo Slice and Roy Nelson will go toe-to-toe in the most highly anticipated exhibition bout in Ultimate Fighter history. Will the former street brawler prove himself to be "a real fighter," or will big-bellied Roy Nelson stick to the script and chew out a win? (Or both, maybe?) I’m sure you’re all sitting on your hands in unbearable anticipation, but feel free to read this stuff to pass the time until the moment of truth:

Kimbo Slice may be fighting at UFC 107, not the TUF 10 finale: A possible slip-up during a media conference call suggests that Slice will make his post-TUF debut on the December pay-per-view card in Memphis. Implication: Kimbo loses at some point during the season, but doesn’t embarrass himself, and his television popularity is enough to warrant an appearance on a big show.


Squash Match Alert: Fabiano vs. Semerzier, Lombard vs. Starnes

Wagnney Fabiano WEC MMA
(An impressive win over Semerzier could earn Fabiano a shot at 0-0 featherweight prospect Spencer Pratt. Photo courtesy of MMA Weekly.)

Unfortunately, not every fight can be as competitive as Tank Abbott vs. Butterbean. Two matchups came down the pipe yesterday that probably wouldn’t get approved if we were the ones holding the rubber stamps. First up…

Wagnney Fabiano vs. Mackens Semerzier: Top-five featherweight Fabiano was originally supposed to face Erik Koch at WEC 43 (October 10th, San Antonio), and even then we were like WTF, can this guy get an opponent that’s at least near the top 20? But Koch suffered an injury in training, and coming in to replace him on two weeks notice will be Mackens Semerzier, a 28-year-old U.S. Marine and Miguel Torres student who currently has an MMA record of 3-0; two of his opponents were making their pro debuts when he faced them, and the other had a record of 1-0. In other words, this is about as big a leap in competition as theoretically possible. Could Semerzier shock the world next month? No, absolutely not — his arms are going to end up where his legs used to be. On the bright side, maybe Fabiano can finally score a quick stoppage in the WEC and start earning the fan-respect that he deserves. And speaking of top-ten fighters being given sacrificial lambs…


As Long As Punking Matt Hughes Is The Thing To Do, Paul Daley Refuses To Be Left Out

(Paul Daley shows off a completely different kind of punch face.)

There was a time when fighting Matt Hughes meant signing up to get slammed through the mat before being mercilessly pounded on and dominated in a way that makes even tough guys want to go cry in the shower.  Now, instead of being a feared force in the UFC’s welterweight division, he’s the guy everyone wants to fight, preferably soon, before anyone else has a chance to put a beating on him and claim whatever is left of the Hughes luster.  It’s not enough of an indignity for a former champ to have every 170-pounder at AKA putting his name in the streets, now Paul Daley is doing it too:

“I want to fight Hughes, firstly because he’s a legend and second he’s former welterweight champion. He has a win over the current welterweight champion, and he has all the skills to exploit my weaknesses that the media and my ‘fans’ so often talk about. …I want Hughes, I don’t see why he wouldn’t want to fight me, unless he thinks he’s gonna lose.”

First of all, Daley’s two reasons for wanting a fight with Hughes are really one reason: Matt Hughes has a big name.  But he does have a point when he says that Hughes has the tools to help us find out if Daley’s ground game is truly as weak as advertised.  At least, the old Hughes had those tools. 


Roy Nelson: What a Bully

What you see here is a video from the Grappler’s Quest IV 8-man absolute division tournament finals.  Roy Nelson got there by beating Frank Mir via points in the first round, then Brandon Vera via kneebar in the semis.  In the finals he met a very pumped up Diego Sanchez, and although Nelson’s cardio begins failing him about halfway through the match, his size and strength advantage helps him toss "The Nightmare" all over the mat, effectively negating Sanchez’s positive mental attitude with sheer burlyness. 

Remember, this was back in 2003.  That’s the same year Kimbo Slice began to get his internet brawl on.  Does it put things in perspective to remember that back when Kimbo was throwing haymakers against nightclub bouncers in somebody’s backyard, "Big Country" was running through a grappling tournament full of UFC fighters, despite getting so exhausted that the expression on his face alone made onlookers want to vomit?  Yeah, probably.  Kimbo may have gotten the equivalent of an online associates degree in grappling via his recent crash courses, but Roy has a goddamn doctorate in this stuff.

Just for the sake of contrast, check out the video after the jump.  If Nelson doesn’t get tomorrow night’s "Ultimate Fighter" match-up to the ground right away, Greg Jackson is going to end up wondering why he even bothers to come up with gameplans for these jokers.