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October, 2009

First Look: Quinton Jackson on the Set of ‘The A-Team’

The A-Team Quinton Rampage Jackson Liam Neeson Bradley Cooper Sharlto Copley
(Props: via WatchKalibRun)

Why so serious, Rampage? Yep, that’s former UFC fighter Quinton Jackson searching for his motivation on the set of The A-Team in Vancouver. To his right are Liam Neeson (as John "Hannibal" Smith),  District 9‘s Sharlto Copley (as Capt. "Howling Mad" Murdock) and Bradley Cooper (as Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck). According to ComingSoon, the flick will also feature Jessica Biel as an Army general who pursues the team — they’re casting for realism, I see! — and Patrick Wilson as a CIA operative.

More photos after the jump, which show that B.A. Baracus’s famous mohawk might have to be added in post-production.


Roy Nelson Explains His Babe Ruth Reference, Says Kimbo Got Special Treatment

Okay, so maybe our close reading of Roy Nelson’s cryptic Twitter update got a little carried away and missed the more obvious implication of “Big Country’s” Babe Ruth reference before last night’s fight with Kimbo Slice on “The Ultimate Fighter.”  While our interpretation is still more fun, Nelson’s makes more sense, especially when he explains it thusly:

My plan was, I was going to stand with him as long as I could. Because I wasn’t really going to shoot on him, just because that’s what he was expecting. And then if he came in flurrying, I was just going to bodylock him, take him down and crucifix him.  You know how Babe Ruth used to point to the fence and say, "I’m going to hit this home run"? I did exactly what I wanted: take no hits, get it to the ground and just win.

Whether the Bambino ever actually did that is still unclear, but no one can say Nelson didn’t do exactly what he set out to.  He also says that while Dana White may have felt the pummeling wasn’t too severe, Kimbo Slice looked “like the Elephant Man” afterwards, due to all the knots on his head. 


Shane Carwin Answers Reader Questions, Says Lesnar Doesn’t Respect MMA or Its Fans

Shane Carwin
(Calm down, Shane. It was a hypothetical question. I’m not saying you are a character from "Sex and the City." I’m just asking, if you were one, which one do you think you’d be? And don’t say Carrie. Everybody says Carrie.)

Thanks to the thus far undefeated University of Montana football team (go Griz), Shane Carwin was honor-bound to answer our questions and yours in an email exchange this week.  “The Engineer” may be a no-nonsense sort of guy once he steps in the Octagon, but fortunately for us he has a sense of humor about himself outside of it.  With his UFC heavyweight title fight against Brock Lesnar at UFC 106 drawing closer, we asked Carwin about everything from his reaction to Lesnar’s pre-fight trash talk to whether he can reliably use a normal-sized cell phone with his giant hands.  In the end, we felt that we came away with a greater understanding of this man of few words.

CP: What’s your reaction to hearing Brock Lesnar criticize your past opponents and your Division II wrestling title?  Do you think that there’s a significant difference in the quality of competition you two have faced in your respective careers?

SC: Brock seems to think selling or hyping a fight means disparaging one another’s opponents.  I think anyone who is fighting deserves the respect of other fighters, especially a champion.  I do not think Brock respects MMA or MMA fans.

As far as my collegiate accomplishments compared to his, saying D1 is better than D II in wrestling is a ridiculous comment.  There are plenty of elite wrestlers that did not even compete in college.  The fact is Title 9 and many other factors (like lack of fans) keep wrestling on life support and being a great wrestler does not guarantee you a scholarship.

I hope Brock knows Dana did not send me a script to go by.  I am coming for that belt.


With UFC Contract Negotiations Stalled Out, Could Dan Henderson Be Heading for the Door?

(The Henderson vs. Belfort fight from PRIDE 32 that the UFC has conveniently forgotten about.)

As strange as it seems now, there was a time when the Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping fight at UFC 100 was thought to be a #1 middleweight contender’s match. Then, Nate Marquardt blasted Demian Maia, Vitor Belfort ran over Rich Franklin, and suddenly things began to get complicated, both in terms of the UFC’s middleweight title picture and Hendo’s short-term career plans. It’s obvious now that the UFC wants Vitor to be the next challenger for Anderson Silva’s belt (despite the fact the Belfort has never competed in the UFC at 185 pounds), with the next title shot going to the winner of Dan vs. Nate. Unfortunately, Henderson isn’t currently signed to the UFC. A new report on Sherdog informs us that Dan has been a free agent since last month, and his latest round of contract negotiations with the UFC last week didn’t produce a signed contract:

“It didn’t go quite as I hoped. Let’s put it that way,” Henderson told Wednesday. “It could have been a lot better. Obviously I feel my value has gone up enough to warrant what I’ve asked for. I don’t think I’m being greedy by any means. There’s a lot of numbers being thrown around out there and I feel I should be paid what I ask for. They feel like, I guess, I’m not worth that though.”

‘TUF 10′ Episode 3 Recap: My Own Worst Innerme

(Kimbo vs. Roy, round 1+2.)

After all the hype, after all the brilliant video analysis, it finally happened: A fight that could have potentially headlined an EliteXC card, going down in front of about 30 people on a reality TV show set. Kimbo Slice vs. Roy Nelson. The Irresistable Force vs. The Immovable Fat Dude. No, you won’t see it on any Fight of the Year lists, but it happened. You can’t deny that it was something that happened.

Apparently, living in a house with no televisions or computers has the same effect as smoking an assload of weed, because Kimbo began last night’s episode in a reflective, philosophical mood, getting right with God and dropping pearls of wisdom like: "When I decide to shave the beard is when ‘Kimbo’ will be put to rest…but will Kimbo ever be at rest?" He realizes that he’s always operated in relation to an exterior enemy, but hold the fuck up because maybe this whole time the enemy is the eneME, or rather, the INNER ME? Has Kimbo been fighting himself his whole life? Oh my God, player.