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October, 2009

Cage Potato Tribute: The Leg Kick

(Antoni Hardonk vs. Sherman Pendergarst @ UFC 65, 11/18/06)

Leg kicks may not seem impressive to everybody, particularly certain MMA judges whose names rhyme with Schmecil Feeples, but as anyone who has ever been hit with a good one knows, they really, really hurt.  Sometimes they hurt so much that you want to quit fighting.  Other times they hurt so much that you have to quit fighting.  Still other times they just gradually chip away at you until you’re a fraction of the man you were when you entered the cage.  Leg kicks are not only an effective weapon that deserves to be scored with some respect for their cringe-inducing power, they can also end a fight.  They have ended fights, in fact, and probably will end a few more before this grand MMA experiment draws to a close.

And so, as a tribute to the power and majesty of the leg kick, we offer the following.  Take note, Cecil.


Urijah Faber to Return in January Against Raphael Assuncao

Urijah Faber Tonya Evinger
(If he can handle that, he can handle anything.)

According to a new report by MMA Weekly, former WEC featherweight champion Urijah Faber will return to action for the first time since his decision loss to Mike Brown in June, when he takes on top contender Raphael Assuncao at WEC 46 (January 11th, Sacramento). Faber has spent the last few months rehabbing the hand injuries he suffered against Brown, but described the January event as "perfect timing for me."

Though Assuncao may not be a household name yet, the 14-1 submission specialist has won both of his appearances in the WEC (decisions over Jameel Massouh and Yves Jabouin) and we consider him to be one of the ten best featherweights in the world right now. Faber vs. Assuncao is slated to be WEC 46′s co-main event, supporting the lightweight title unification bout between Jamie Varner and Benson Henderson — unless Henderson needs more time to recover from his own injuries, in which case it’ll be up to the California Kid to carry the card. Will Faber be able to re-establish himself in the division he ruled for almost three years, or will Assuncao put himself on that map as the WEC’s next featherweight star?


Brett Rogers Is a Dead Man: Fedor Brings Back His Lucky Sweater

Fedor Emelianenko sweater
Fedor Emelianenko press conference Fedor Emelianenko press conference sweater
(Props: TSGIGOR via Bloody Elbow)

Like a knight suiting up for battle, Fedor has thrown himself into his latest round of publicity obligations armored in what has become known as The Glorious Sweater of Absolute Victory. If you’ll remember, he lit up New York in the horizontally-striped number before his Affliction fight with Andrei Arlovski, and we all know how well that turned out. These photos were taken at a press conference held today somewhere in Russia — we just wanted to clarify that, because there’s an "M-1 Affliction Challenge" logo on the wall, and the word "Strikeforce" is nowhere to be seen. Anyway, Brett Rogers’s loud t-shirt just broke eye contact and pissed itself. Somebody may be paying you to wear that thing, Grim, but we highly doubt it wards off spells from jealous women…


Irony Alert: The “Raging Bull” Calls MMA Savage

The people at Reuters caught up with 88-year-old former boxing great Jake LaMotta to get some of his crotchety opinions on the current state of the fight game.  Not surprisingly, the “Raging Bull” is not a big fan of our beloved MMA.  Boxers typically aren’t, and old people almost never are.  Since LaMotta is both, he’s right there with Bob Reilly when it comes to anti-MMA sentiment.  What’s sadly ironic, however, is his choice of words when articulating exactly what he doesn’t like about the sport:

"When they hit you on the floor? That doesn’t make any sense, it’s savage. …It’s out of control, I still think the regular way is the best way."

Savage?  This is the guy who, rumor has it, only realized what a terrible person he’d been for his whole life after seeing the Martin Scorsese biopic on himself.  According to IMDB, after seeing the film, which included scenes of him beating his wife, Vickie, he is said to have asked her, “Was I really like that?”  To which she responded, “You were worse.”

He also admitted to throwing a fight in 1947, for which he was suspended by the New York State Athletic Commission.  In other words, the man is not a moral compass by any means.  Great fighter, though.  It’s just a shame he can’t appreciate it in others.

(Props: Cage Writer)


Matt Mitrione Says He’s Not Crazy, But He Must Allow The World To Believe That He Is

Matt Mitrione Ultimate Fighter 10
(‘Anybody want to go throw some furniture off the overpass?’)

You might think that you know what Matt Mitrione is doing when you watch him on “The Ultimate Fighter,” but the truth is he is straight playin’ ya’ll.  That’s the message in his Fight Magazine blog, where he once again insists that nothing is as it seems in his world, and everything is done for a reason that only makes sense to him.  In the case of last night’s episode, the reason is purely for his own amusement, because his mind is too damn active to allow him to just sit around and act like a normal human being.  It’s a blessing and a curse, people:

As far as talking about voices in my head it was kind of a joke. Nobody here likes me so let’s see what I can do to freak out the camera people. I was going stir crazy. I had no other friends in the house at the time except for Darrill and I couldn’t really tell Darrill what I was doing at the time. It was my own personal joke. It was a way to keep myself entertained. I have a really active mind and I can’t sit around and stare at the other people in a house. I gotta stimulate myself. When I was in the cage and I told T and Rashad that I had a conversation with my wife in my head I was trying so hard not to laugh as I said it.


Fight of the Day: Alistair Overeem vs. Ricardo Fyeet

(Props: DrTurboFightChannel)

Before he was a spinach-eating heavyweight wrecking machine, Alistair Overeem was just a wiry kid with a dream. Here’s the video of his MMA debut at the age of 19 against the very insane-looking Ricardo Fyeet, at the first "It’s Showtime" event in the Netherlands in October 1999. It’s amazing to see how far Overeem has come in the last ten years. Check out his broke-ass gong-and-dash when the fight starts at the 1:45 mark, and that sad attempt at a guard-pull at 3:01. In what would later become a recurring theme, the Demolition Man manages to finish his opponent by guillotine choke. Overeem didn’t have long to savor the victory; he fought again just four days later at a Rings event in Tokyo, losing to Iouri Kotchkine by majority decision.


‘TUF 10′ Episode 7 Recap: A Bad Night for Cardboard Doors

Mitrione vs. Junk, TUF 10 – Watch more Funny Videos

The hate train continued on last night’s ep of The Ultimate Fighter, which opened up with the coaches mocking each other’s losses. Rashad imitates Rampage getting wrecked by Wanderlei Silva in their first fight, and Rampage imitates Rashad’s "stanky leg" routine against Machida. Rampage calls Rashad "Gayshad." Rashad calls Rampage a whiny bitch. God, I could watch this all day.

So, back to business. Rashad picks Matt "Meathead" Mitrione to fight Scott Junk, who is frighteningly amped up in the staredown. Dana White likes Scott in the fight, because of all his experience. By default, Mike Wessel vs. Marcus Jones will be the final fight in the round-of-16.

Directly after the picks, Rampage and Rashad get into it again. You can watch the scene here, but basically, Rashad says he’s going to make Rampage quit just like he quit in the competition (!), and Rampage says that it’s his fighters who have quit, not him. (Cut to a very hurt-looking Kimbo Slice.) Rampage repeats that he’s not a coach, but he brought some dudes who can coach, and they’re doing a great job, ain’t that right? (Cut to a very confused looking Wes Shivers and Zak Jensen.) The coaches nearly come to blows. Rashad has one shoe off, totally ready for it. Rampage: "Take both shoes off. I’m in your face now. Touch me. Please."


Ask The Potato

Dan Henderson choked
(What can we say, Dan?  The girl is obviously a die-hard Anacondas fan.)

It’s time again for us to raid our forums and single out the most and least ridiculous among you for mockery and education.  Buckle up.  If you’ve got a question of your own, and dear God we hope you do, please go here and jot it down.  Extra points for making it semi-coherent.

Do you think it’s a huge mistake for the UFC to let Dan Henderson just go like they have? – Ballentine

Short answer: yes.  Long answer: probably, but it depends how much money he really wanted and how much money they really thought he could get elsewhere.

The upsides with Henderson are: 1) he’s a hard-ass who doesn’t bitch and complain a lot, and does more or less whatever you need him to, 2) fans know who he is and generally like him, 3) and he’s the only guy in the UFC so far to convincingly win a round against Anderson Silva.  At a time when the UFC is struggling to find both credible challengers for Silva and main event-caliber draws, Hendo is a guy who can offer both.  Hard to understand why you wouldn’t want to keep him around.


Exclusive: Dana White Talks UFC 104, Says Kimbo Slice Preferential Treatment Rumors Are “Crock of Shit” Interviews Dana White – Watch more Funny Videos

The last time Cage Potato sent one of our wily female correspondents to interview a UFC star, it very nearly ended in a sexual assault.  But undaunted, we decided to try again when we heard Dana White would be at the recent “Ultimate Fighter” tryouts, and fortunately for our enthusiastic young interviewer DW is no “Rampage” Jackson.  In this exclusive video interview the UFC prez calls accusations that the UFC gave Kimbo Slice preferential treatment a “crock of shit,” saying that Kimbo had his manager present at his TUF fight, which he claims isn’t necessarily all that special, but no entourage and certainly no phone calls home.  White blames it all on Roy Nelson, but “Big Country isn’t the only one singing that song.  As for his remarks about TUF not being over till it’s over, well, I think we all know what that means: Poppa Slice is going to get to bang again, eventually.

All this, plus commentary on UFC 104, Junie Browning’s departure from the UFC, and what prompted Jackson’s supposed retirement from the UFC in this exclusive video interview.  Enjoy.



For the Record, Shane Carwin Wouldn’t Have Pussied Out of His Fight Against Lesnar

Shane Carwin fans UFC MMA
("I gotta be honest, guys, I’m on so much NyQuil right now that I can’t tell which one of you is Logan and which one is Natasha.")

From a blog post published yesterday afternoon on

Everyone from the UPS driver to my boss has asked me how I feel about Brock pulling out of the fight on November the 21st. My initial reaction was disappointment. My heart honestly sank as I thought about my family and friends making the trip, and all the training, preparation and excitement I had for this fight.
Last week was the first week that I actually started feeling better from a strain of the swine flu. I had lost over 15 pounds (something I could not afford to loose) and had just pulled some muscles in my leg during training. As 104 approached my manager said, “we should be thankful we are not fighting, from your re-broken nose to the leg, this wasn’t our time”. As I prepared to go to 104, I began slowly realizing what was ahead of me; I needed to be home training and rehabbing, not traveling and missing days of necessary time with my Team. I was due to be fighting for the UFC Heavyweight title. I called Jason back and said you are right, but I can’t go to LA I need to train.
I was reminded about my commitments to the fans at Kmart and the Q&A, and I knew I had to go. In LA I was reminded exactly why we do this sport. Fans were all over the place and every interaction was a positive one. While at Kmart I meet a young man who competes in the Special Olympics and he said he looked up to us fighters. I was so taken back by the fact that he put us fighters on a pedestal. Here was this young man who defied incredible odds in life to reach the Olympics and he pushes himself every day to do things you and I take for granted. I was bitching about a flu, my leg (that would heal), and taking time away from training and this young man looks up to me? He gave me his Octagon necklace and I do not think he realized what an impact he made on me.