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October, 2009

Okay, This Is The Worst Sucker Punch In MMA History

Sucker Punch Knock Out – Watch more Funny Videos

After following everything MMA for the last few years we’ve seen some pretty egregious sucker punch knockouts.  These violations of stated rules, good sportsmanship, and the social contract itself seem to pop up every now and then, and sometimes you can’t help but wonder how some of these people have stayed out of prison long enough to become MMA fighters.  But this one…it’s unbelievable.  We don’t know who these guys are, but by the look of it they appear to be fighting for some kind of belt in a cage that’s only slightly larger than a phone booth.  After a nose-to-nose staredown, the fighter with the Chuck-hawk gets the bright idea to blow his opponent a kiss.  What he didn’t know was that he was blowing that kiss to a complete sociopath.

So what makes this worse than sucker punches of the past, like Heath Herring’s swipe at Yoshihiro Nakao?  We’re glad you asked…


Dana White Can’t Stay Away From These Video Blogs, + Countdown to UFC 104 Preview

Well, they’re back.  UFC president Dana White may say that he’s done doing video blogs from time to time, but who’s he kidding, the siren’s song of talking into a camera is impossible to resist for very long.  In this edition, DW travels to Mesquite, Nevada to watch his cousin lose a fight (though we don’t get to see exactly how he loses, which is weird).  After that he heads to Los Angeles to give away some UFC 104 tickets with the help of Twitter, which, to hear Dana tell it, is the most magical invention of the last fifty years.  Don’t get us wrong, we use it too, but does he realize that it’s basically just Facebook status updates without any of the other perks?

After the jump, a preview of the UFC 104 "Countdown" show, including Lyoto Machida‘s hero’s welcome in Brazil after winning the light heavyweight strap.  What do you want to bet that Rashad Evans did not get the same response when he won it?


TUF 10′s Mike Wessel Gets Personal on Rampage’s Ass

Mike Wessel UFC TUF Ultimate Fighter
(Mike is not taking your bullshit. No sir, not today.)

Quote of the day from Team Rashad member Mike Wessel, via an interview on

The reason I get pissed off at Rampage is because he’s supposed to be a coach, and I used to be a coach as well. When Demico lost the way he did, Rampage started feeling sorry for himself. You could hear him saying things like, "Do I have bad luck?", and, "I can’t believe he tapped out to that bullshit". I remember he said something like, "I would never lose like that". Really Rampage? Really? You’re going to act like that big of a douche because one of your guys lost, even though he fought good? Demico went in there and surprised a lot of people, and lost, but who cares. Everybody loses. What did you do after your last loss Rampage? You went on a fucking cocaine rage and stayed up all damn night before you were driving your monster truck with a big logo on it through white fucking suburbia. Running from the cops where they had to shoot out your fucking tires. Then Dana had to come down and bail your ass out and send you to England so the media wouldn’t eat your ass apart, so you would still have a fucking career.

Wessel went on to deny Rampage’s claims that Team Rashad didn’t actually like each other, and while he was in a venting mood, he figured he’d blast the TUF producers for all the special treatment given to Kimbo Slice. As the story goes, Slice got to bring an audience to his fight against Roy Nelson:


Bellator To Return in April 2010 With Unprecedented Three-Network Deal

Jorge Marvidal Toby Imada MMA Bellator
(Toby Imada’s infamous flying inverse triangle choke of Jorge Masvidal at Bellator 5.)

Bellator MMA make a dramatic arrival earlier this year with a weekly ESPN Deportes series and a memorable string of viral videos on YouTube. But the league lost some momentum during the long negotiations for a new broadcast partner, and its fighters have struggled to find work. The good news is, the wait was worth it. This morning, Bellator announced an unprecedented three-part network deal that will put their product in over 100 million homes.

Bellator’s second season will launch April 8th, 2010, with 12 weekly live events that will air Thursday nights on FOX Sports Net and its regional sports network affiliates (reach: 82 million homes). Every subsequent Saturday night, a 30-minute highlight show will be broadcast on NBC (112 million homes), and an hour-long package will air on Telemundo (62 million homes). The deal also includes a third 12-week season that is slated to begin on August 12th. Both seasons are expected to follow the multi-tournament format established in Bellator’s first season, which crowned Joe Soto, Eddie Alvarez, Lyman Good and Hector Lombard the promotion’s champions.


Brett Rogers Will Tell Himself Whatever It Takes To Feel Good About This Fedor Fight

Fedor Emelianenko and Brett Rogers
(The photographer immediately regrets his joking suggestion that Fedor and Brett finish with a shot of them kissing.)

Going into a fight against Fedor Emelianenko has got to be terrifying.  We get that.  And in order to convince your feet to carry you into the ring, you probably have to tell yourself some crazy stuff.  Stuff like, ‘I have a very good chance at winning this fight,’ or, ‘Maybe he got cursed by a gypsy a couple weeks ago.’  But Brett Rogers seems to be taking the practice of lying to one’s self before a Fedor fight to an entirely new level.  First, he insisted that faking an injury would be the key to beating Emelianenko.  Now he says that, when you really get down to it, Fedor’s accomplishments aren’t any more impressive than his.

Talking with, Rogers said of Fedor, "He might be 30-1 but half those wins weren’t even under MMA rules, if you only count his MMA fights our records would look about the same."


Shawn Tompkins Says Chris Horodecki May Be Headed to WEC Very Soon

(After they showed that video entitled ‘Good Touch/Bad Touch’ in his Health class, Horodecki couldn’t help but regard every adult in his life with constant suspicion.)

When Shawn Tompkins announced that he was leaving Xtreme Couture and taking some fighters with him, you didn’t need to be a genius to figure out that one of those fighters would probably be long-time Tompkins protégé/surrogate son Chris Horodecki.  Those two have been down since the IFL cartoon logo days, back when Tompkins was just Bas Rutten’s assistant coach and Horodecki was still getting carded at R-rated movies.  But now Tompkins says that Horodecki is very close to finalizing a deal to send him to the WEC, and he expects to have the contract signed in “a day or two.” 


Videos: Genghis Con’s ‘Fast Lane Episode 4′ With Marquardt and Mousasi + Knockout of the Day

(Props: Genghis Con on Vimeo)

The latest film from MMA auteur Genghis Con focuses on two of the world’s most exciting fighters — Nate Marquardt and Gegard Mousasi — taking us through their early careers, their high-profile losses, and their current paths of success. As usual, the editing and music are pitch perfect, so give it a look if you have 20 minutes free. Otherwise, you can just check out the eight-second head-kick KO after the jump.


James Thompson Steps Up to Face Overeem @ Dream.12

James Thompson MMA
(Man that thing’s hideous.)

British slugger James Thompson has lost his last four fights, and eight of his last ten. His career highlights include getting pwned in 11 seconds by Aleksander Emelianenko, accidentally starting a riot in Montreal, and losing to Kimbo Slice. All of which makes him an ideal candidate for Alistair Overeem‘s next victim. MMA Fanhouse is reporting that Overeem’s "TBA" opponent for this coming Sunday’s Dream.12 show will be The Colossus, who most recently got knocked out by Jim York at Sengoku 7. (Video of that fight is after the jump; yep, he’s still doing that ridiculous gong-and-dash thing.) We don’t expect Overeem vs. Thompson to play out much differently than Overeem vs. Sylvester; it’ll be a deadly striker vs. a befuddled brawler, and Big James is going to leave the ring with yet another concussion to add to his vast collection of brain injuries.


Videos: A Highlight of Heartbreak, Another Devastating Boxing KO, + More

This video from MMA4Today is entitled "MMA Is Not Enough," but it could just as easily be called "The Agony of Defeat."  It’s basically four-and-a-half minutes of the saddest, most vulnerable moments in the lives of some of the sport’s best fighters.  Remember that Sesame Street video "Everybody Sleeps"?  Think of this as the MMA version: Everybody Loses.  Except Fedor.  For the purposes of this analogy, he’s the shark of the MMA world.

After the jump, another boxing knockout, plus Tiki Ghosn gets tough with Rashad Evans in an "Ultimate Fighter" scene from the cutting room floor.


Sakuraba Gets Galesic at Dream.12, Overeem Still Facing TBA

(Now that’s what a commitment to deadpan looks like. Props:

Dream’s great experiment inside a cage is now less than a week away, and though they’re inching closer they still haven’t finalized the complete lineup.  The most recent addition is Japanese legend Kazushi Sakuraba taking on Croatian striker Zelg Galesic.  Galesic was originally slated to face Melvin Manhoef who, like a couple other participants who appeared on the promotional poster, has since pulled out.  Instead, Sakuraba will go directly from fighting a pro boxer with no idea that leg kicks actually hurt, to fighting a guy who has what it takes to give him another Manhoef-style beating like the one that probably should have heralded the end of his career.  So basically, if there’s anything you’ve been wanting to say to Sakuraba, you better go ahead and say it now while you still have the chance.

Meanwhile, Alistair Overeem will head to Japan fresh off his assault on Tony Sylvester at Ultimate Glory 11 this weekend, and still there’s no word on who he’ll be facing when he steps in the white cage on Sunday.  Since the odds of Dream booking a top-ten heavyweight on less than a week’s notice aren’t all that great, it’s probably safe to say that Overeem will be getting his second squash match in as many weekends.  Maybe the reason he’s avoiding the U.S. isn’t fear of drug tests.  Maybe he just likes beating up on guys who are nowhere near his skill-level and getting paid for it.  Not having to pee in a cup at the end of the night, that’s just a bonus.

The current line-up for Dream.12, courtesy of Nightmare of Battle, is looking like this: