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October, 2009

Want a Piece of the UFC? Make Them an Offer.

(Props: Bloomberg.)

In the same month that Zuffa announced it had taken out a $100 million loan to pay off part of a revolving credit line and provide a payout to the owners, Dana White is now hinting that a 10-15% stake in the UFC could be sold to a private investor. As he told Bloomberg News:

"That’s a possibility. But for what we value this thing at, you’d have to find somebody right now with a lot of cash laying around, who wants to come into this business, get a piece of it, and just kind of sit over there and not tell us what to do."

Hmm. How much cash does Shane McMahon have laying around at the moment? And why does Zuffa need so much of it lately? Has the UFC become financially overextended? Are the Fertitta Brothers looking to cash out following the Station Casinos collapse? At any rate, if you have nine figures to invest in an exciting sports property and don’t mind the fact that you’ll have zero input in the company’s direction, give Dana a call.


UFC Bookings/Rumors Roundup: Koscheck, Escudero, Griffin, Daley + More

Frank Trigg Josh Koscheck MMA UFC
(Props: The Sun)

The UFC is reportedly making its first visit to Virginia for UFC Fight Night 20 (January 11th; Fairfax), and the lineup is starting to come together. Here’s what we’re hearing:

Josh Koscheck (13-4), fresh off his first-round TKO over Frank Trigg at UFC 103, will be taking on Mike Pierce (9-1), who most recently scored a big upset over Brock Larson in his Octagon debut at UFC Fight Night 19. Koscheck is under the impression that he’ll be getting Georges St. Pierre soon, though he’s probably still in line after his teammate Mike Swick.

TUF 8 winner Efrain Escudero (12-0) and Nik Lentz (17-3-1) have agreed to meet each other in a lightweight bout. Escudero’s last win was a first-round TKO over Cole Miller at UFC 103, while Lentz defeated Rafaello Oliveira by decision at the same event. Not exactly a step up the ladder for Escudero, but the UFC has a way of building up their TUF winners slowly.


Reports of Dan Henderson’s Strikeforce Signing May Be Greatly Exaggerated

Dan Henderson indian
(Walla Walla-themed fan art courtesy of We also recommend checking out this breathtaking drawing of Fat Fedor.)

As one of Dana White’s official mouthpieces, you sometimes have to take Kevin Iole‘s articles with a grain of salt. Following the report that Dan Henderson is on the verge of signing a deal with Strikeforce, we’re now wondering: Was the story put out in an attempt to put pressure on Hendo or affect public opinion of him? Because at the moment, Henderson is denying it completely. As Henderson’s friend and business partner Aaron Crecy told MMA Fanhouse, "We had a brief get-to-know-you session with (Strikeforce) and met them for coffee, but to say he’s close to signing would be a gross misrepresentation." And as Dan himself told MMA Weekly, "I’m still hoping to come to terms with the UFC, until I heard this…I’ve never even seen an offer from (Strikeforce).”

So, a ray of hope for Hendo fans who want to see him get his rematch with Anderson Silva at some point, even if he still isn’t close to terms with the UFC when it comes to money. But why would Yahoo! and the UFC puff up a "possibly" story into an "imminently" story? Could they be testing MMA fans to see how much people really want Henderson to stay in the UFC? And will the UFC adjust their offer depending on the results?


Video: Alistair Overeem Destroys Tony Sylvester at ‘Ultimate Glory’

(Props: MMA Turf. Apologies for the lack of sound.)

Well, we expected a pointless mismatch, and a pointless mismatch is what we got. Last night at Ultimate Glory 11 in Amsterdam, Alistair Overeem whipped Tony Sylvester as if he’d discovered the American fighter banging his wife and keying his car at the same time. Sylvester was only able to get off one leg-kick during the 83-second execution, which was marked by Overeem breaking down his opponent with knees in the clinch before ending the fight with a standing guillotine. There’s an odd moment at the 0:52 mark of the above video in which the referee seems to wave off the bout before separating the fighters so that Sylvester can take more abuse. Damn, maybe Sam Hoger would have put up a better fight after all. Overeem is now slated to compete next Sunday at DREAM.12 against an opponent who’s still TBA. (I guess they’re still checking on Canseco‘s availability?) Full results from Ultimate Glory 11 are after the jump…


Now That We’ve Met Fedor, How About This Brett Rogers Dude?

Thursday we looked at CBS’ first efforts at promoting the November Strikeforce event featuring some bored-looking Russian guy named Fedor.  What that ad failed to mention, however, was that this Fedor character wouldn’t just be hitting tires and scowling at the camera on November 7 — he’d actually be fighting someone.  That someone is none other than Brett Rogers, but could a brother even get a Stephan Quadros quote about how good he is?  Not with Fedor hogging the spotlight, apparently.  Fortunately, there’s the internet, which never forgets anything that happens to anyone, ever.  Above, we start with Rogers’ first pro fight against Chris Clark, who looks suspiciously like D-Lo Brown with dreads.  Don’t worry, this won’t take long.

The journey continues after the jump.


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Dan Henderson Says Goodbye to the UFC, Hello to Strikeforce?

(Somebody go tell Bisping that the coast is clear now.)

Remember those contract negotiations that between Dan Henderson and the UFC that had slowed down of late?  Apparently they slowed all the way to a halt, and now Hendo may be headed for Strikeforce.  The crazy part? UFC president Dana White seems content to just watch him go:

“We have a good relationship with Henderson, and there are no hard feelings,” White said. “He had a figure he believed he was worth, and we had our own figure, and we weren’t able to get together.”

Just like that, Henderson’s highlight-reel knockout of Michael Bisping goes from a career-rejuvenator to a UFC swan song.  DW can’t really hold this one against Strikeforce if they do end up signing Henderson, though his grudges haven’t necessarily been limited by rationality in the past.  Still, the UFC had every chance to keep Hendo and ultimately decided he wasn’t worth the money he wanted.  What, did they feel like they had too many credible middleweight contenders at the moment?


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If your favorite fighter is Nick Gonzalez you would rather jerk off then get to know a woman.
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Wyatt on "Hot Fighter Alert: Mika Nagano":
If she wore a school girl outfit and beat some enormous freak on New Year’s eve via Aoki-plata, Japan would just f*cking explode.

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Ok Ok, so nobody noticed that her penis is wearing a watch?

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The WEC Is Going to Need Their Interim Lightweight Belt Back, If That’s Cool

Benson Henderson WEC MMA
(Eh, it was mostly plastic anyway. Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

Following Benson Henderson and Donald Cerrone‘s five-round war at WEC 43, lightweight champ Jamie Varner said he’d be down to take on Henderson in December, which seemed a little selfish considering Varner had spent the last nine months recuperating from his Cerrone-related injuries, while Henderson had just sustained his. Certainly Varner and the WEC would allow their new interim lightweight champ at least a three-month turnaround before putting him in another tough battle, right? Well, if Rashad Evans has the correct information, that’s not the plan, and Bendo is about to get screwed:

Earlier today on ESPNs “MMA Live,” guest host and teammate of Donald Cerrone at Greg Jackson’s Submission Fighting, Rashad Evans, had this to say when asked if it looked like Henderson and Varner would still be fighting in December to unify the belts even in spite of “Smooth’s” medical issues: “No it doesn’t, and it looks like ‘Cowboy’ is going to go ahead and get the fight with Varner.”

Interview: Ben Rothwell Says He’s About to Make The Gamblers Happy

(Image courtesy of Fight Magazine.)

After nearly ten years in the fight business, moving from one small organization to another, Ben Rothwell will finally make his UFC debut next Saturday night at UFC 104 in Los Angeles.  There he meets highly-touted AKA fighter and former All-American wrestler Cain Velasquez.  Talking with Rothwell for this week’s column on the heavyweight clash, he says he has some surprises in store for the people who are still basing their opinions of him off the Andrei Arlvoski fight, and if Velasquez found himself in a little bit of trouble against Cheick Kongo, he’s really in for it on October 24.

You were supposed to make your UFC debut against Chase Gormley, who most people had probably never heard of.  Instead you get Cain Velasquez. That’s a much bigger first fight.  What do you think of Cain?

BR: He seems like a hard-nosed guy.  He’s got the wrestling background.  He’s got a lot of hype behind him and he’s feeling good right now.  He’s had everything go his way.  But I’m going to hit him and make him uncomfortable and we’ll see how he does when things don’t go his way.  I’m going to be the guy that can actually stop takedowns, the guy who can handle him on the ground, and the guy who’s going to hit him harder than he’s ever been hit before.  These are all things that are different for him. 

Do you think he’s yet to face anyone with a good enough takedown defense to really test him?