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November, 2009

Josh Neer’s Manager Effectively Illustrates the Problem With Josh Neer

(Josh Neer: just a hairless orangutan trying to make it in this big, bad world.)

It was hardly surprising to see Josh Neer get the boot from the UFC after his decision loss against Gleison Tibau at UFC 104, and it’s even less surprising that his manager, Mickey Dubberly of KO Dynasty, issued a statement to assure the throng of Neer fans that “The Dentist” would be back in the UFC as soon as he wins a couple in the minor leagues.  But what’s oddly telling is the rationale Dubberly used to make it seem as though Neer was the aggrieved party in all this, and how similar that rationale is to Neer’s attitude in his last two losing efforts in the UFC:

Unfortunately Josh was matched up with fighters that wanted to take him down and lay on him to grind out a victory. If you are going to take Josh down then at least try to finish him, just don’t lay on him and hold him down. Most fighters are not going to want to stand and bang with Josh, and they just want to play it safe, hold him down, and get the win. Josh wants to put on exciting fights, and there is nothing more frustrating to Josh than not to put on an exciting fight for the fans. Right now we have a few offers from different organizations that want to sign Josh immediately so we are just weighing our options, and going with the best opportunity for Josh. Josh will be back in the UFC after he wins a few fights outside the UFC. We appreciate all the support Josh’s fans have given him.

You know that annoyed face Neer started making every time he was taken down by Tibau in his last fight, and by Kurt Pellegrino in the fight before that?  This statement is basically that facial expression put into words.


Mess Around with Dog Fighting, Answer to Brett Rogers

(Props: CP reader John)

As Brett Rogers approaches what could very well be the zenith of his celebrity in the run-up to his fight against Fedor Emelianenko on CBS this weekend, he has decided to do something good with his pre-fight fame by taking a bold stand against dog fighting.  The stilted delivery of these few lines might make you glad that "The Grimm" didn’t get that role as B.A. Baracus after all, but dammit, I dare you to look at an enormous man who is holding an adorable puppy and tell him that his acting sucks.  Ain’t nobody that heartless.

While looking over and seeing the other MMA fighters who have lended their support to this very worthwhile cause (Cung Le, Rob McCullough, Tito Ortiz, and former Rogers/Fedor victim Andrei Arlovski, among others), I couldn’t help but notice that Fedor’s name was conspicuously absent from the list.  Kind of makes you wonder, no?  Why won’t he tell the world how he feels about dog fighting?  What is he hiding!?!  Is it the bloated, scarred pile of dog corpses in his Stary Oskol basement!!!?!??

Call me an alarmist now, but when it’s finally revealed that Fedor draws his strength from the blood of puggles, then we’ll see who looks like the idiot.


Report: Kimbo Slice and Houston Alexander Will Meet at a 215-Pound Catchweight

Kimbo Slice UFC
("Which hand’s the penny in, motherfucker? WHICH HAND?!?")

From via MMA Junkie:

Several published reports have surfaced in recent weeks indicating [Kevin "Kimbo Slice"] Ferguson will take on light heavyweight striker Houston Alexander sometime after the conclusion of [TUF's] 10th season. The Times has learned from a source close to the Alexander camp that the fight has indeed been agreed to and that it will be contested at a special heavyweight catch weight of 215 pounds on "The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale" on Dec. 5 at The Pearl at The Palms in Las Vegas.
According to the source, the fight was originally going to take place at light heavyweight. But Ferguson, the source said, is not able to make the drop to 205 pounds, and the two fighters agreed to the bout at 215 pounds. Ferguson weighed in at 230 pounds for his fight with Nelson on the show, which was filmed over the summer. And on a media conference call two days before that episode aired, he said he was then just short of 235 pounds.

Sweater-Watch: Fedor Emelianenko Attends Sunday’s Bears Game Wearing You-Know-What

Fedor Emelianenko sweater bears
Fedor sweater Fedor sweater Fedor sweater

In an attempt to guard himself from all the stray bullets that continuously fly around Chicago, Fedor Emelianenko once again donned the Glorious Sweater of Absolute Victory during an appearance at the Bears/Browns game on Sunday. Emelianenko sustained no bullet wounds, and the Bears won — once again proving the fearsome power of the horizontally-striped invincibility cloak.

Speaking of the Last Emperor, Emelianenko just wrapped up a media conference call with Brett Rogers and Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker. Some highlights, via MMA Fanhouse:


Must-See: Marius Zaromskis Gets the Genghis Con Treatment

You know you’re somebody in the world of mixed martial arts when A/V genius Genghis Con makes you the subject of one of his mesmerizing videos.  That’s why we’re still waiting for that highlight reel featuring clips of us sitting at our computers to the tune of obscure Japanese pop bands (and we won’t wait forever, Genghis), but in the meantime we can entertain ourselves with some of the Con’s most recent work on new Strikeforce signee Marius "The Raging Demon" Zaromskis.  It’s everything we’ve come to expect from our favorite video editing machine.  The video game-esque music is the perfect compliment to Zaromskis’ ridiculous string of head kick KO’s, and nothing tells you that the guy has a Street Fighter II-like overconfidence in himself quite like the attempted backflip attack at the 2:37 mark.

Not that we can’t understand the reasoning behind it, but we’re still a little disappointed in the change of nickname for Zaromskis.  Sure, "The Whitemare" is the kind of thing that might not play in the U.S., but at least it’s unique.  "Raging Demon" sounds like a skateboard company started by a group of guys who dropped out of community college.  The very least Strikeforce could do is to give him a nickname that is as quirky and uncommon as his last one, even if he ends up hating it as much as Gegard Mousasi despises his.   


Videos: Gomi, Sato from Vale Tudo Japan 2009

(Rumina Sato vs. Cory Grant, 10/30/09)

You may have been too busy putting the finishing touches on your half-assed pop culture-referencing costume to notice, but Takanori Gomi was one of several Japanese MMA fighters to get back into action at Vale Tudo Japan 2009 in Tokyo this past weekend.  The event also included Rumina Sato, who you see in the above video effectively using those pesky leg kicks to soften up Cory Grant before putting him away, and Takeshi Inoue, who dispatched former Shooto champ Alexandre Franca Nogueira with strikes in the fourth round.

Video of Gomi’s five-round battle with American Tony Hervey is after the jump.  It’s a pretty fun little scrap, and definitely worth watching.


CagePotato Halloween Costume Contest: The Finalists

Arianny Celeste Halloween
(Might as well face it, she’s addicted to blood. Photo courtesy of

Now that our post-Halloween hangovers have almost completely subsided, it’s time to present the finalists for our MMA costume contest. Take a look at the best submissions after the jump, and please select your favorite costume via the poll on the right. Remember: $175 in MMA Warehouse gift cards are on the line, so vote thoughtfully.


Rising Welterweight Star Marius Zaromskis Signs With Strikeforce

(All hail the new Cro Cop. Props: lqdocelot19)

Dream Welterweight Grand Prix champion Marius Zaromskis — who recently scored his third-straight first-round head-kick knockout at Dream.12 — has signed a multi-fight contract with Strikeforce, according to Sherdog. The 29-year-old Lithuanian will still be able to compete in Dream, but could make his U.S. debut at Strikeforce’s December 19th event in San Jose. As you can see on’s fighters section, Zaromskis’s awesome but slightly-racially-tinged nickname "The Whitemare" has been changed to the more generic (but still appropriate) "Raging Demon."

It’s a fantastic pickup for Strikeforce, which has been basically waiting for Nick Diaz to get his shit together before they can crown somebody their welterweight champ, to the great disgust of Jay Hieron. Now, Zaromskis can take on Hieron for the vacant belt if Diaz continues to act squirrelly, or kick the crap out of someone like Joe Riggs to establish himself in America first. More to come…

Semi-related: Undefeated lightweight prospect Lyle "Fancy Pants" Beerbohm signs two-year contract with Strikeforce.


Hand Surgery Postpones Machida/Rua Rematch Indefinitely

Shogun Rua Lyoto Machida UFC 104
(Well, at least you’re both winners in *our* book. Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

The "immediate rematch" between Lyoto Machida and Mauricio "Shogun" Rua just got a lot less immediate. Following the controversial outcome of their title fight at UFC 104, Dana White wanted to set up a re-do as soon as possible, hoping for UFC 108 on January 2nd. Unfortunately, Yahoo! is reporting that Machida needs surgery on one of his hands, and won’t be ready to return in two months. As of now, it’s unclear when Machida vs. Rua II will actually happen.

The postponement is just the latest in a unbelievably cursed stretch for the UFC that’s seen a number of headlining fights go down due to acting aspirations, injuries, and illnesses. Speaking of which, don’t expect to see Anderson Silva defend his middleweight belt against Vitor Belfort any time soon either. According to Silva’s manager Ed Soares, the Spider is still recovering from elbow surgery, and won’t be ready to compete in time for UFC 108. As with Machida, Silva’s return date is uncertain. Said Soares: "At the end of the day, it’s going to be a great fight [against Belfort]. Like I said before, I don’t think he deserves a title shot, but that’s over with now. It is what it is."