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November, 2009

Friday Link Dump

Takanori Gomi AKA
(Takanori Gomi spars at AKA. Read the full story at

- Jon Jones is preparing for lay-and-pray from Matt Hamill. (The Rumble)

- Nogueira-Velasquez could be moved to UFC 110. (MMA Weekly)

- Overeem insists that he’d rather be an MMA fighter than a kickboxer. (Fanhouse)

- Wanderlei Silva pledges to "kick the Bisping ass" for his fans. (MMA Scraps)

- A new sponsorship opportunity for Dana White. (Fightlinker)

- Is Dream on the verge of being sold? (MMA Payout)

- Giving Paulo Thiago his due. (Bleacher Report)

- Urijah Faber wants a piece of Jose Aldo. (Sherdog)

- Jim Kelly wants the Bills to draft Tim Tebow. (Scores Report)

- How to get rid of a one-night stand. (Ask Men)

- Home field advantage overrated in college football. (Asylum)

- The story behind this year’s pardoned turkey. (Holy Taco)

- 12 movies to be thankful for. (Screen Junkies)

- Workout mistakes every guy makes. (Made Man)

- 5 races that won Jimmie Johnson’s title. (All Left Turns)

- Bear mauls mentally handicapped zoo visitor. (Nothing Toxic)


Fedor Emelianenko Discusses Relationship with George Barnett, Don Henderson

(Props: MMA Mania)

Fedor Emelianenko sat down for a talk with "Russia Today," and because he wanted to make a good impression, naturally he wore the Glorious Sweater of Absolute Victory (BTW, have you done your best to win your very own t-shirt homage to it today?).  You might think that of all media outlets,  one with Russia in its name would do the best job of translating for Fedor.  You’d be wrong.  Not only did they choose someone with a hilariously wrong British accent to do the voiceover, but they can’t seem to correctly translate a fighter’s name to save their lives.  As a result, we get to hear all about Fedor’s friendship with George Barnett, Don Henderson, and even Kevin Rudlebaum.  Good guys, really.  Only thing I can’t understand is, who’s this Mark Coleman character he refers to? 


Happy Thanksgiving, Potato Nation!

giblets turkey thanskgiving
(Giblets, motherfucker!)

As we sit down to enjoy this great feast — a representation of the bounties the past year has provided — we thought it would be fun if we all went around the table and listed the things we’re thankful for. First and foremost, we’re thankful for all of you, who swing by every day (or at least every week, right?) to read our posts and make your adorable little opinions known. We’re thankful for the fighters who risk life and limb to entertain us in the name of the greatest sport in the world. We’re thankful for our families for their love and support, and our friends for making life interesting. We’re thankful for our good health, and our general lack of horrible infections. We’re thankful that we don’t live inside War Machine’s head. We’re thankful for all the men and women of the U.S. armed forces who might be spending the holiday very far from home. And of course, we’re thankful to have jobs that don’t require us to put on pants or even get out of bed most days. (War laptops!)

Okay, your turn…


Great, Now Gabriel Gonzaga Is Out With Staph Too

(No matter how many times they told him not to walk around the gym barefoot, he just wouldn’t listen. Yet another problem that could have been solved with flip-flops.) 

The season of injuries and illnesses in the UFC shows no sign of letting up, and unless Dana White decides to man up and apologize to that gypsy he offended, we may be in for a long few months. The latest victim of the dreaded staph infection is Gabriel Gonzaga, who was slated to take on Junior Dos Santos at UFC 108. Now Gonzaga will be taking on some antibiotics instead, and the UFC is left without an opponent for the up-and-coming Dos Santos.

The easy replacement might be Cain Velasquez, who just lost his opponent when Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira pulled out of their fight with a staph infection (this is why you don’t share swim trunks, guys). Of course, there’s also guys a little lower down the food chain, like Pat Barry. He’s just coming off a win over Antoni Hardonk, and if the UFC decides they’d like to reschedule Velasquez vs. Shane Carwin in light of Lesnar’s heath issues that might be the better way to let these guys build themselves up some more. Or it’s possible that the UFC will just throw up their hands and say, ‘screw it, if these guys can’t learn to use the antibacterial soap we keep sending them, this isn’t worth it.’  Probably they’ll just get someone else, though.


Nick Diaz Ain’t Scared to Fall Off a Bike, Homey

(Props: The Garv)

We have no idea why it took us so long to see this, but at last month’s Xterra World Championship in Hawaii, Nick Diaz, who loves himself a triathlon, had a minor mishap during the biking portion.  For some reason there was a camera mounted on his handlebars, and now we get to enjoy the action without getting our knees and elbows all scraped up.  The best thing about this is that after he falls, as we should have expected, Diaz just doesn’t give a fuck.  He just gets up and grabs his wheels and he’s off and rolling again.  We’d say you got off lucky, bike.  That was worth a Stockton heybuddy at the very least.


Report: GSP vs. Dan Hardy Slated for March in Newark — Wait, Seriously?

Dan Hardy crying boo hoo gif UFC
(Don’t worry, buddy, Cory Booker has done wonders with the murder rate.)

If MMA Fanhouse is to be believed, Georges St. Pierre‘s next welterweight title defense against Dan Hardy won’t go down in Canada, Las Vegas, or the U.K. According to a source with knowledge of the situation, the scrap will instead go down in March at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. It would be the UFC’s first visit to Jerz since UFC 78. Fanhouse offers the only possible explanation:

With neighboring New York likely to host a crucial vote on MMA sanctioning in 2010, the UFC’s visit next door could also serve as a lobbying tool, giving New York legislators an up-close look at the organization and its financial impact in bringing an MMA fight night to the state.

Following UFC 105, Hardy told reporters "I’ll fight [GSP] in Canada, in Vegas, in the U.K., on the moon, in a phone box on the corner, in the car park. As long as he brings his belt along for me to take off, I don’t really mind. This is a great opportunity and I’ll fight him anywhere." He then added, "Well, anywhere but Newark, obviously. Good Lord, man, have you seen that place?"*

* Clarification: Hardy didn’t actually say this last bit. Our apologies to any Brick City residents who took this seriously…


Erin Toughill Dumps Barrel of Haterade on Kim Couture

Kim Couture bikini
("If hatin’ is your occupation, I probably got a full-time job for you." More hair-raising photos of Kim at Fightlinker.)

Not everybody is in the holiday spirit this week. Over on the UG, MMA fighter and former American Gladiator Erin Toughill weighed in on a thread about Kim Couture’s performance last Friday. Things got very ugly very quickly:

Kim was NEVER training MMA before she met Randy. Even if I married Randy (being at the "level" I am now) it would NEVER make me a world class Greco Roman wrestler lmfao thru marriage.
Kim has gone on record numerous times saying she "built" the Couture name/brand & it was nothing b4 her. Kim was interviewed post "sparring" with Wand Silva saying, "Silva had to turn it UP, when I turned it up" lol believing that she was actually making Wand spar HARD. She has said "it’s really hard for Randy to pass my rubber guard" lol believing that her "guard" can keep the ICON away. Kim had lunch w some ladies from the XC gym b4 her fight. She had some lip augmentation done. Girls askd howd it affect her fight? Kim said, "It would not. I dont get hit in sparring OR when I fight. I have a ‘black style’ when it comes to boxing". That is word for word and it blew me away lol Kim has "improved everywhere" and has taken 3 weeks off from training in a year…yet lookd like she has been training for 3 weeks, total.

Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown: It’s Not Just Sengoku and Dream For NYE, It’s Sengoku vs. Dream

(Aoki has been on the internet all day trying to figure out who these Sengoku jokers are. It would probably help if he didn’t keep pausing every five minutes to shop for new tights on Amazon.)

Instead of splitting the Japanese MMA vote with two separate New Year’s Eve events, Sengoku and Dream have decided to not only combine their efforts, but to pit several of their fighters against one another in a Sengoku vs. Dream battle royal.  Of course, because they’re still a little over a month away from the event, the organizers haven’t seen fit to nail down the complete fight card yet.  That’s just not how they do, but chances are that the final lineup will be co-headlined by the K-1 bout between Masato Kobayashi and Andy Souwer, along with Hidehiko Yoshida taking on MMA newcomer Satoshi Ishii in the battle of the gold medalist judokas.

Aside from that, it’s a toss up.  Several cross-promotional fights are expected, but far from finalized.  If you were hoping to see Dream lightweight champ Shinya Aoki take on Sengoku lightweight champ Mizuto Hirota, well, first you’ll need to explain to Aoki exactly who Hirota is:

"Who’s the champion now? Because I don’t know,” [Aoki] said. “Right now, I’m number one. I feel that I’m [at the] top now, and if I fight him, I fight him. I didn’t say I wanted to fight him, and no one knows who he is, so if we fight … well, I’ll have to think about it.”

Oh, Shinya.  You crazy guy.  Allow us to provide a little primer for you after the jump. 


Videos: Fight Night Danavlog, Horodecki Talks WEC, + More

The Dana White video blog has once again reared its head to give us a glimpse of the fight night happenings surrounding UFC 106.  Mostly it’s a lot of DW wandering around, shaking hands, going back to the locker room and asking fighters if they’re ready to go (there’s only one right answer to that question), then congratulating the winners and consoling the losers afterwards.  At the 6:55 mark Dana has an uncomfortable encounter with Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson, who insists, "He got robbed," even as White tries to avoid looking at her as best as he can.  The whole conversation proves once again that Ortiz’s bitching and complaining never stops — it never even takes a breather.  Josh Koscheck, as you might imagine, is less than sympathetic.

If all this bores you, just skip to the end to see Ariel Helwani get some extended camera time, this time wisely wearing a shirt not made out of bathrobe material.  Chris Horodecki speaking up, plus an entertaining little fight, await you after the jump.


PSA: War Machine Is Losing It

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