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November, 2009

Score Some Fedor-Sweater-Stripes in Our Six Deuce Caption Contest!

Fedor sweater t-shirt
(Props: Six Deuce Clothing)

Though the Glorious Sweater of Absolute Victory was never tracked down to an original retailer — giving more weight to the theory that Fedor Emelianenko simply found it in a forest one day, held in the jaws of a white wolf with green eyes — you can still get a small dose of horizontally-striped power thanks to Six Deuce Clothing, which is preparing to release the breathtaking t-shirt shown above. The Fedor-sweater-tee (along with four other new designs) will be available for purchase on beginning this Friday; their one-day Black Friday sale will also feature some of Six Deuce’s older t-shirts for just $10 and a 15% discount on all orders over $50.

But first things first — you want that GSoAV shirt, and we can get you one. All you have to do is come up with a creative and hilarious caption to the photo after the jump. Please submit all entries to the comments section of this post by next Wednesday at noon ET; finalists will be announced later that day for voting, and the top three caption-writers will each win a shirt. Got it? Now go out there and make Fyo’door proud!


In MMA, It’s Still Better (Financially) To Be Famous Than Good

(Photo courtesy of Esther Lin.)

It’s a fact of life in the world of MMA: when it comes to getting big paydays in a hurry, fame trumps skill every time. We saw it with Kimbo Slice, who made half a million to dollars to lose to a mid-level fighter in the weight class below him. We saw it with Brock Lesnar, who debuted in the UFC with just one pro fight to his credit and made $250,000 in guaranteed show money. But we also see it in small ways, such as Kim Couture’s $10,000 take for her losing effort in Strikeforce Challengers last Friday. By comparison, Kerry Vera, who starched Couture in the first round, made four grand to show and another four to win. Main eventer Tyrone Woodley made $3,500 and $3,500. His losing counterpart in that bout? He took home just $2,500.

So how is it that a 1-2 fighter who has yet to prove that she has the skills to warrant an appearance on TV can pocket the biggest check of the night on a card that features several more experienced up-and-comers? Simple. She shares a famous person’s last name, which makes her kind of famous. Sort of.


Matt Hughes Will Still F*ck Up a Deer When He Needs To

(We haven’t seen anything look this lifeless in Hughes’ arms since the end of the second B.J. Penn fight. Hi-yo!)

Matt Hughes still hasn’t said for sure what his future in the UFC will look like, opting instead to narrow down possible matchups through the process of elimination.  But just because he hasn’t been given anybody to ground-and-pound recently doesn’t mean he’s lost his taste for blood.  Hughes posted pictures from his recent deer hunt on his blog, and also took time to congratulate HIT Squad product Brian Foster on his brutal TKO of Brock Larson:

Last Saturday was UFC 106, HIT Squad’s own Brian Foster fought a very tough Brock Larsen. I knew the match up was going to be tough, so we really put our time in with Brian at the gym. If you watch the fight, you will know that Brian did very well and almost made Brock look bad. Brock’s a great guy, I’ve trained with him a lot and I’m sure he’ll rebound from this.

Almost made him look bad is one way of putting it.  Totally owned him is another.  The dominating win for Foster was a great way to bounce back from his loss to Rick Story at UFC 103.  And as you’ll see after the jump, not only did he finish the fight in impressive fashion, he also stuck the landing on the celebratory backflip.


Report: Wanderlei Silva vs. Michael Bisping in Australia

Wanderlei Silva Keith Jardine
("Damn it…what did I just come down here for?")

Contradicting previous reports that Wanderlei Silva‘s next opponent will be Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 110 (February 21st; Sydney, Australia), Fighters Only UK says that the Axe Murderer will instead be taking on Michael Bisping:

Verbal agreements for the clash have been given, although Fighters Only understands that bout agreements are not yet drawn up. The fight will not be official until these are signed and returned by both men…
Silva and Bisping were due to fight at UFC 105 but the Brazilian legend had surgery on his face to remove scar tissue that had built up around his eyes. He was unable to make the November 14th date with Bisping and Denis Kang was drafted in instead…Silva had been rumoured to be facing Yoshihiro Akiyama at the UFC Australia event, but UFC president Dana White commented offhand after UFC 106 that the fight was most likely off. Today’s news explains that remark.

WEC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Strips Down for the Troops

Watch Brittney Palmer – Girl of the Month on

Brittney Palmer is truly America’s Girlfriend. Here she is seductively preparing baked goods, posing on a motorcycle while wearing an American flag bikini, lying down in the backseat of a car (that most American of pastimes), and stripping down to her bare ass in somebody’s bedroom. She reveals that she’s not much of a cook — feel free to send sympathy cards to her boyfriend, Donald Cerrone — and explains that being an American "is pretty much just having freedom to do and say what you feel." As Thanksgiving approaches, please remember to exercise your rights as a citizen of this great nation by being as big of an asshole as possible. Ah, patriotism!


Brittney Palmer (born June 24, 1987) has been a WEC ring girl since 2008. Raised in San Diego, Brittney worked as a boxing ring-card girl until she discovered MMA. Brittney Palmer also works as a professional dancer in the X Burlesque show at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. She’s the longtime girlfriend of WEC lightweight contender Donald Cerrone. 

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Kimbo Slice’s TUF Finale Opponent May Be MMA’s Worst Kept Secret

Kimbo Slice
(‘Look dog, I spent five hours baking this loaf of bread. Now you eatin’ it one way or another.’)

Spike TV and the UFC are still trying to play it close to the vest when it comes to who Kimbo Slice will be facing in his official Octagon debut at next weekend’s “Ultimate Fighter” finale. Too bad they’re the only ones concerned with keeping it under wraps. Slice already removed the element of surprise somewhat with a recent Twitter posting, but in an appearance on the “Todd N Tyler” radio show (via Bloody Elbow), Houston Alexander said several times that he’ll be taking on someone named Kevin Ferguson at the event. The hosts of the show naturally follow this statement up with a bunch of lame puns about Kimbo’s name, because they’re radio hosts and a certain number of lame puns per hour is required by their contracts.

In addition to telling us that he is the undisclosed first UFC opponent for Ferg, Alexander also insists that he’s “practicing boxing, takedown defense, it’s just crazy.” Man, that is crazy. It’s almost like he’s preparing for a fight with both stand-up and ground aspects. Though, Mr. Alexander, allow us to make a suggestion: kick him in the leg. Over and over again. The TUF editors have basically begged you to.


Fact Check: Tito Ortiz May Have Exaggerated the Extent of His Injuries

Tito Ortiz UFC 106
(The beanie?  Tito says it’s to cover up his exposed brain matter. Photo courtesy of Fight Magazine.)

I was just sitting here working on a get well card for Tito Ortiz – you know, because of his cracked skull – and just as I was almost finished gluing the little tissue paper flowers onto the construction paper, I happened to see the list of medical suspensions handed down by the NSAC after UFC 106. The injured foot that Forrest Griffin mentioned in his post-fight interview? That’s on there. The smashed face that Luis Cane obviously suffered from a Little Nog left hand? That too, only it’s described as an “orbital fracture,” which is just the medical term for smashed face. But you know what’s not on there? Tito Ortiz’s cracked skull. Or his bulging discs. Or any injury worthy of a suspension.


Better Know a Judge: Lester Griffin, the Guy Who Scored It 30-27 for Forrest

UFC 106 Griffin Ortiz scorecard
(Scorecard image courtesy of BSurely. Click to enlarge.)

UFC 106′s Griffin/Ortiz rematch was a tricky one to judge, not just because the first two rounds were fairly even, but because it was contested both on the feet and on the ground — and as we’ve seen many times in the past, MMA judges can have vastly different opinions on the relative value of each aspect of a fight. In the end, Glenn Trowbridge saw it 29-28 for Tito Ortiz, while Marcos Rosales had it 29-28 for Griffin. The deciding vote was cast by a guy named Lester Griffin, who, from his angle, witnessed a one-sided shellacking. His 30-27 score for Forrest Griffin was later described as "crazy," "outrageous," and "insane" by Dana White. Lester was the only judge who scored round 1 for Forrest, and (along with Rosales) credited the second frame to Forrest as well, which is arguably an even more controversial choice.

So who is this guy? As jkd4200 pointed out, Lester Griffin is known to some as "Surf Dog," an original member of the full-contact stick-fighting collective Dog Brothers. Warning: What you’re about to see may shock you…


Videos: Andrei Arlovski vs. Jean Claude Van Damme, Georges St. Pierre vs. Taylor Swift

(Props: MMA Mania)

When we first saw this trailer to Universal Soldier: Regeneration, we were pleased to learn that Andrei Arlovski not only has a role in the flick, but is actually one of the three leads along with JCVD and Dolph Lundgren. Despite his prominence, the Pitbull was apparently given no lines, which is probably for the best considering his accent is thicker than Ice-T’s wife’s ass. [Ed. note: Yes, I graduated from the Michael Schiavello School of Genius Pop-Culture References.] Can Andrei parlay his skills as Tough Silent Guy into a long-term film career, or will he have to go back to his crappy day job?

After the jump: Some douchebag ruins a poor girl’s big moment.


More Great UFC 106 Photos

(‘Just great, Anthony. Because of you, now Josh is squinting.  Do you hear me?  Squinting!’)

As usual, Fight Magazine has a ton of awesome photos from UFC 106, including this moment of sober reflection where Anthony Johnson gets glared at by Mario Yamasaki before being sent to a neutral corner to think about what he’s done.  Johnson appeared to be pretty angry at himself for kneeing Josh Koscheck while he was down, and then he saw the replay on the big screen.  That’s when his remorse turned into indignation.  Little did he know that his own eyeball would get skewered just moments later.

To see the full gallery, go here.  To see the winner of the Punch-Face of the Night award, continue on after the jump.