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November, 2009

Phil Baroni Earned His Money at UFC 106

Phil Baroni after UFC 106
(‘Best eva!’ just doesn’t have the same ring of authority when you say it through a bunch of gauze.)

Dana White posted this picture of a battered Phil Baroni to his Twitter account today, remarking "Phil baroni sent me this today and said ‘welcome back to the ufc’ phil is tough as nails!"  True, but he might also be a tough-as-nails fighter who’s worried about losing his job, hence the subtle reminder that he endured this beatdown for the UFC’s benefit, while only pocketing $25,000 for his trouble

If you needed a reminder that fighting other people in a cage was a tough way to make a living, this ought to do it.  Baroni has been in the sport for nearly a decade, and, after taxes, training costs, and management, he comes away with not even enough money to buy a new Toyota Camry.  That’s ironic considering that he now looks like someone who’s been in a pretty bad car accident.  Let’s hope his sponsors came through for him.  Let’s also hope that he’s been putting some of that money away for his retirement, which might be right around the corner.


Darrill Schoonover Gets Stop-Lossed; Returns to Active Duty After ‘TUF 10′ Finale Fight

Darrill Schoonover TUF 10
("Hey. My eyes are up here.")

The Ultimate Fighter‘s Darrill Schoonover isn’t just a promising heavyweight with a minor drinking problem and disturbing tattoos; he’s also a U.S. Army veteran who spent four years serving our country. Schoonover will make his official UFC debut at the TUF 10 finale on December 5th, but his long-term career plans just became a little more uncertain. As he explained on Shambala Sports Radio:

"I fight December 5th — I’m not allowed to say who I’m fighting — but I have my fight on the finale, and then after that, I just got orders, got called back in active duty into the Army. I was in the Army for four years, I got out with an honorable discharge, I’ve been out for almost two years now and they just called me back. On the orders it says ‘Operation Enduring Freedom,’ so I’m pretty sure I’m going to Afghanistan. Not 100% yet, but that’s what my orders are telling me…
I have four years active, and then I have four years inactive, which means I don’t have to report to anybody, I don’t have to do anything. But if for any reason anything happens in the future, then they can call me back at any time…At first I was kind of pissed. I was just like, ‘Yeah well, I’ve already served my country for four years and I’ve already been out for almost two years. I’m getting my fighting started and getting the ball rolling with all that, and now you’re calling me back.’ At first I was kind of mad, but then the very next day, I just accepted it. I was just like ‘yeah, I gotta go over there and do what I gotta do,’ and then come back in a year and continue working on my fighting."

Damn, dude. Can’t Dana pull some strings? It would be just his luck that Darrill wins the contract, then has to take off to hunt Bin Laden’s homeboys — a perfect end to a season where the coaches don’t even fight. Schoonover will be deployed for 400 days, and hopes to lose enough weight so that he can compete at light-heavyweight in the future. But no matter who he faces next month at the TUF 10 finale, he’ll be in good company…


UFC 106 Complete Salary Figures

Tito Ortiz Forrest Griffin UFC 106
(If you ask us, that’s worth 50 grand right there. Photo courtesy of the Toronto Sun via Fightlinker.)

We’ve already passed along the headliners’ payouts from UFC 106, but now the complete salary list has been released by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, so we figured hey, why not share them with you people? The UFC paid out $1,301,000 in disclosed salaries and bonuses, with 57% of that total going to Forrest Griffin, Tito Ortiz, and Josh Koscheck. Check out the pay scale below, and keep in mind that the figures don’t include income from sponsorships, undisclosed "locker-room bonuses," and cuts of the pay-per-view, or deductions for taxes, insurance, licensing fees, and tanning salon memberships.

– Forrest Griffin: $250,000 (includes $150,000 win bonus)

– Tito Ortiz: $250,000

– Josh Koscheck: $246,000 (includes $53,000 win bonus, $70,000 Fight of the Night bonus, $70,000 Submission of the Night bonus)

– Antonio Rogerio Nogueira: $170,000 (includes $30,000 win bonus, $70,000 Knockout of the Night bonus)


The Potato Index: UFC 106 Aftermath

(Though they were locked in a tender embrace, Forrest couldn’t fight the feeling that they were slowly drifting apart. Photo courtesy of

The data has been crunched and the numbers are in. See who’s up and who’s down after UFC 106 with another edition of the Potato Index.

Forrest Griffin +73
Is there anyone who needed a win more than FoGriff? No robbery here, he took over in the later rounds and earned that decision. He continues to be the 205-pound division’s workman fighter, even if he’s still quite a ways from being in the title hunt again.

Tito Ortiz -82
As usual, Ortiz follows up a loss with a lot of complaining and a litany of injury-related excuses. Some things never change. Still, in a strange way it’s kind of nice to have our old villain back again.


The Strangest Thing Happened to Me at the Raw Vegas UFC 106 Afterparty

So there I am at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone after UFC 106, relaxing, enjoying some adult beverages, when the Raw Vegas producer comes up to me and asks if I’ll interview UFC Octagon girls Natasha Wicks and Logan Stanton.  Because I’m a sucker, I said yes.  Some interesting things I learned:

- The consensus opinion among the Octagon girls is that Josh Koscheck is a total faker.  This does not seem to have endeared him to them.

- All three of the girls aren’t necessarily the best of friends.  Logan wouldn’t say who the outsider is, but let’s just say that all of the girls were supposed to be at this party and only two came.

- You don’t appreciate what Dave Farra does until you have to try and do it yourself.  Then you just hate him even more.


Thomson/Melendez Rematch Re-Re-Re-Scheduled for ‘Strikeforce: Evolution’

Gilbert Melendez Josh Thomson MMA Strikeforce
(Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

In the 17 months that Josh Thomson has been Strikeforce’s lightweight champion, he has defended his title exactly zero times. His only fight since grabbing the belt from Gilbert Melendez in June 2008 was a non-title squash match against Ashe Bowman last September, and he hasn’t been able to compete at all this year due to a series of leg injuries. And even though a planned rematch with now-interim-champ Melendez has been canceled three times already, Strikeforce is rolling the dice again. According to GracieFighter, Thomson vs. Melendez II will go down at "Evolution," Strikeforce’s December 19th show at the HP Pavilion in San Jose.

Despite being constantly jerked around by Thomson’s withdrawals, Melendez has been able to fight twice since last June, scoring stoppage victories over Rodrigo Damm and Mitsuhiro Ishida. The Ishida fight at Carano vs. Cyborg avenged Melendez’s first career loss; beating Thomson would clean his slate completely. With Thomson coming off a year-and-a-half of injuries and inactivity, you have to like El Niño’s chances. The current lineup for Strikeforce: Evolution looks like this…


Greatest MMA Highlight Video of the Year: “Courage”

(Massive props: GYVIDEOS, The Killers)

Cro Cop‘s head kicks. The Gracie Train. The double-knockout. The Randleplex. The flying inverse triangle choke. Severn‘s suplexes. Inoki’s slaps. Coleman‘s daughters. The entrance. The face-off. The blood. The towel. The destroyed limbs. The shaving gel endorsement. The agony and the ecstasy. The subtitle of this film is "MMA Is Just a Sport." We know better than that. Two more GY PRODUCTION films are after the jump. Happy Monday.


UFC 106 Aftermath: End of Night Bonuses, Griffin vs. Ortiz III + More

(Tito Ortiz complains about not getting UFC 106‘s Fight of the Night bonus, and disputes the scoring of his match against Forrest Griffin. Koscheck’s expression at 2:34-2:36 pretty much sums it up. Props: Cagewriter)

— Though Josh Koscheck and Dana White have reportedly butted heads in the past, it’s clear that Kos is back on DW’s good side. For his second-round submission of Anthony Johnson at UFC 106 last night, Koscheck picked up both the $70,000 Submission of the Night bonus, and a $70,000 Fight of the Night bonus (which Johnson also received). As Dana White explained, "I have to publicly say that [Koscheck] always steps up, always wants to fight, fights the best in the world, and I’m blown away with his performance tonight." Still, is that enough justification to reward the chaotic mess that Koscheck vs. Johnson turned out to be?

Koscheck’s $140,000 bonus take adds to the $106,000 in show/win money he earned from the fight, meaning he came up just short of headliners Ortiz and Griffin, who were paid $250,000 in disclosed salary. UFC 106′s Knockout of the Night bonus went to Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, who needed just under two minutes to run over Luis Cane.


UFC 106: Live Results + Commentary

Tito Ortiz Forrest Griffin UFC 106
(Bruce Buffer is fairly confident that Griffin will outstrike Ortiz to a unanimous decision. Joe Rogan is peaking on a DMT trip and is desperately trying to keep his shit together as Tito’s head explodes into a screaming ball of golden phosphorescence. / Photo courtesy of the UFC 106: Weigh In Pics set on

After an ancient curse claimed Brock Lesnar, Mark Coleman, Ricardo Almeida, and Karo Parisyan — and even threatened the velvet voice of Mike Goldberg — we’ve finally arrived at tonight’s bedraggled UFC event, which will be headlined by a do-over between Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin. Guiding us through the action this evening is special guest liveblogger Chad Dundas; please make him feel welcome. Round-by-round results from the UFC 106 pay-per-view broadcast are after the jump, beginning at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT. Refresh the page every few minutes for all the latest, and say a little prayer that Josh Koscheck doesn’t accidentally gouge his eye out in the locker room while putting on his cup.


Strikeforce Challengers Results: Kerry Vera Puts A Hurting on Kim Couture

Strikeforce Challengers went down in Kansas City last night, and as you can see from the video above, it was not a good night for Kim Couture.  Despite some early success against Kerry Vera, "Sugar Free" got rocked against the cage midway through the first and that was all the opening Vera needed to finish the fight.  The loss drops Couture to 1-2 as a pro, with her only win coming against hapless bystander Lina Kvokov after getting her jaw wrecked by Kim Rose.  Kind of makes you think that maybe taking an interest in your husband’s hobbies is nice, but isn’t enough to base a pro fighting career on. 

In other action, Kevin Casey, the fighter who starred alongside Spencer Pratt in the worst rap video of all time, defeated Chad Vance via submission in the first round.  In the main event, Tyron Woodley remained undefeated with a first-round submission of Rudy Bears.  Full results, and a photo that will make your blood run cold, are after the jump.