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December, 2009

UFC 107: Live Results & Pseudo-Clever Commentary

(‘Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world.  Took the midnight train going n-e-where…’)

Diego Sanchez knows how to work a crowd into a frenzy using Journey lyrics, but does he have what it takes to win a UFC championship?  We’ll know soon enough, just like we’ll figure out whether Frank Mir’s swollen physique translates into victory or just large-scale embarrassment.  Either way, should be a good time.  We’ll be liveblogging all the action from start to finish, complete with misspellings, snap judgments, and fairly obvious comedic remarks.  Won’t you join us?

The action kicks off after the jump.  Remember to hit refresh often to stay current.


UFC 107 Preliminary Results

(Where’s a chaperone when you need one?)

Preliminary results from UFC 107 in Memphis, TN await you after the jump.  If you need someone to tell you that these may be spoilers, you should probably go ahead and let yourself freeze to death outside the Greyhound station right now.  No one will miss you.


Video: Diego Sanchez Positive-Thinks His Way Through the UFC 107 Weigh-In

You know how you can tell that Diego Sanchez‘s eccentricity is not an act?  Skip to the 3:10 mark of Dana White’s weigh-in video blog and watch him psyching himself up before he gets on the scales.  Dude is still more than twenty-four hours away from the fight itself at this point, but there he is, gently swaying back and forth while shouting ‘Yes!’ to himself, oblivious to the presence of any other human beings.  Normal people — even normal people who get really into the vague platitudes of Tony Robbins — would probably choose to play it a little closer to the vest.  Maybe they’d just think ‘Yes!’ over and over to themselves, or perhaps mutter it very softly.  Not Diego.  Probably because being embarrassed of his own actions has never even occurred to him.

Also worth noting here is one of B.J. Penn‘s cornermen, who stands just behind Sanchez as he works himself into a frenzy, and at one point glances back at Penn as if to say, ‘You seeing this?’  And yeah, Penn sees it and seems thoroughly unimpressed.  I can’t wait to see who wins the race to the center of the Octagon. 


Frank Mir Has Been Eating His Wheaties

(Frank Mir pauses a moment to flex his biceps and think about his childhood. Photo courtesy of Fight Magazine’s excellent UFC 107 weigh-in gallery.)

When Frank Mir has let his weight get into the 260′s in the past, it hasn’t typically been extra muscle tipping the scales.  Not unless that extra muscle was strategically hidden under layers of gut.  It’s no secret that he hates doing cardio, is prone to bouts of crippling depression, and he’s more than six years removed from the chiseled young Adonis who appeared on the cover of Muscle & Fitness.  But for UFC 107 Mir weighed in at a bulky 264.5 pounds, and for perhaps the first time in his career it was not a sign that he’s been letting himself go.

Quite the contrary, in fact.  Mir got with former Strongman Mark Phillipi and did a serious lifting routine to bulk up for this fight.  Now he seems pretty sure that he won’t get tossed around by the bigger heavyweights in the division, especially guys whose names rhyme with Lock Festner, but has he sacrificed any quickness and agility in the process?  The extra weight might really help against a corn-fed wrestler, but against a lanky French striker it could be more of a liability.  

What say you, Potato Nation?  Is this just one more sign that Mir is looking past Kongo and on to Lesnar? 


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UFC 107 Weigh-In Becomes Adult-Themed Entertainment

(‘Kongo, I don’t respect your ground game and don’t particularly like you as a person, so you know I have no reason to lie to you when I say this, but your ass is the most magnificent thing I’ve ever encountered.’ Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle’s UFC 107 weigh-in set.)

Who knows what kind of wacky scales they use in Memphis, but Natasha Wicks isn’t complaining because the end result was six different fighters stripping down to their birthday suits just to make weight.  Diego Sanchez initially weighed in at 156, which would have been just fine if he weren’t fighting for the 155-pound title.  So he did what several others who came before him did and took off his skivvies to make weight.  When he did, he clocked in at 154.5 pounds.  As Tennessee State Athletic Commission executive director/master of basic reasoning skills Tim Mullen explained: "Every fighter that was taking his shorts off was losing about 1.5 pounds, that must be what those things weigh."

With the help of a little nudity every fighter made the agreed upon weight, although the Alan Belcher-Wilson Gouveia bout was changed to a catchweight of 195 pounds before the weigh-in.  Full results are after the jump.


Amazingly, UFC 108 Continues to Lose Fighters

(Tyson knows you’re disappointed, but come on, look at how cute this puppy is.)

If ever there is a point where a fight promoter has no choice but to go in to the bathroom, put the shower on full blast, shut off all the lights and then have himself a good cry, UFC 108 has probably reached the point.  The January 2nd card that once had such high hopes has just lost another main card fight, as Tyson Griffin has been forced to pull out of his fight with Jim Miller due to an undisclosed injury.  Griffin now joins Anderson Silva, Brock Lesnar, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Gabriel Gonzaga, and Carlos Condit on the long list of fighters who were at one point or another expected to compete on this card.  At least it’s fine company he’s in.

But don’t worry, because the UFC has already found a replacement opponent for Miller.  It’s none other than former lightweight champ Sean Sherk, who is being bumped up from his preliminary card fight with Rafaello Oliveira to take Griffin’s spot. 

This qualifies as more of a reshuffling than a replacing, and it’s unlikely that any ticket-buyers still have the energy to get pissed off the changes in the lineup anymore.  At this point, if you’re going to UFC 108 and just found out that you’re seeing Miller-Sherk instead of Miller-Griffin, it’s sort of like if you went to the video store and rented "Goodfellas," only to realize when you got home that the DVD inside the case is actually "Casino."  Yeah, it’s not what you paid for, but it’s pretty close and sitting through it is easier than doing anything else.


Justin Wren: Yeah, He’s Cut Now Too

(The good news is, this lovely t-shirt is probably about to see a drastic price cut.)

The bloody fallout from last weekend’s "Ultimate Fighter" 10 Finale continues, and the latest victim is Justin "The Viking" Wren.  Though he appeared to be one of the better heavyweights on the show, choking out Wes Sims before dropping a very close decision against Roy Nelson, Wren lost a split decision against Jon Madsen on the prelims of the Finale and that was enough to earn him his walking papers.  Wren is only twenty-two, so he’s still got time to make another run at the UFC if he gets a couple of wins in the smaller shows. 

Do we need to point out here that, based on what we’ve seen from each of them, Wren would probably smoke Kimbo Slice, yet he’s being fired while Kimbo gets to hang around after barely beating a hand-picked opponent?  Do we also need to point out that this is kind of bullshit?  We didn’t think so.


Matt Hughes Says He’s Fighting Renzo Gracie in Abu Dhabi This April

(See Royce?  We told you this would happen unless you started with your day with a hearty country breakfast, but you just wouldn’t listen.)

The rumors are true, says Matt Hughes.  On his official blog, also known as your go-to source for decontextualized Bible verses and pictures of dudes holding rifles, the former UFC welterweight champ says he’ll be taking on Renzo Gracie on April 10 in Abu Dhabi.  It will be Gracie’s debut in the UFC, and his first fight since he won a victory via disqualification against Frank Shamrock in February of 2007.  This must be what Hughes was hinting at when he said he needed a fight against someone his own age that he could get fired up for.

Beating up and aged and overrated Royce Gracie (he hadn’t won a meaningful fight in at least six years when he fought Hughes) is one thing, but Renzo might prove to be a little tougher.  He’s more well-rounded, has stayed more active in the sport lately, and is known to be tight with Abu Dhabi royalty.  That’s not to say that he’ll have his buddy the Sheikh fill Hughes’ locker room with scorpions before the fight, but it’s still too early to rule that possibility out entirely.


Ben vs. Ben: UFC 107 Edition

(Slightly bored versus uncomfortably intense. Who ya got? Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle’s UFC 107 press conference set.)

With UFC 107 (which we’ll be liveblogging) set to rock Memphis, Tennessee’s precious little world on Saturday night, we take a moment to argue over who’s going to be wearing gold when the night is over, who’s got a championship in their future, and what the UFC should do about future events that get crappier with every news cycle.

Is Diego Sanchez going be the toughest challenger BJ Penn has ever faced as UFC lightweight champ? How do you see that fight going?

BF: I definitely think Sanchez is the toughest lightweight challenger Penn has faced, but that’s not saying all that much. Much of his career has been spent fighting bigger guys like Georges St. Pierre and Matt Hughes. The two times he has defended his title since beating Joe Stevenson for it, he fought Sean Sherk and Kenny Florian. Sherk basically took himself out of the fight by trying to outbox Penn, despite his T-Rex arms, and Florian just didn’t have anything with which to threaten him. Sanchez is better on the feet than both those guys, and he’s also more aggressive and harder to hurt.