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December, 2009

Weekend Link Dump


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– Alistair Overeem makes too much money in K-1 to fight in Strikeforce. (MMA Weekly)

– Shane Carwin’s manager in hot water over "pump and dump" stock fraud charge. (

– Brazilian trainer Marco Jara murdered after carjacking. (Sherdog)

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– Josh Barnett: The Biggest Loser of 2009. (Bloody Elbow)

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– Manny Pacquiao threatens lawsuit against Mayweather’s camp due to steroid accusations. (ESPN)

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– 25 awesome winter fails. (Holy Taco)

– Jaden Smith gets his ass kicked in Karate Kid remake trailer. (Screen Junkies)

– Best NASCAR Cup races of the decade. (All Left Turns)

– Eight women who are completely off-limits. (Made Man)

– Redneck Christmas barn party fight. (Nothing Toxic)

– Pope attacked by crazy woman during Vatican mass. (Break)


‘Dynamite!! 2009′ Update: Manhoef vs. Misaki Booked, Mousasi vs. Goodridge Possible + More

(DREAM vs. SRC video trailer. Props to and Led Zeppelin.)

With less than a week to go until the show, more matchups have been announced for Dynamite!! 2009, building on the event’s DREAM vs. Sengoku Raiden Championship theme. In middleweight action, veteran knockout artist Melvin Manhoef (23-6-1 overall, 2-2 in DREAM) will face Japanese mainstay Kazuo Misaki (22-9-2 overall, 3-1 in Sengoku). Though Manhoef had five kickboxing matches this year, his only MMA appearance in 2009 was a first-round submission loss to Paulo Filho at DREAM.10, in which he succumbed to an armbar after whipping Filho for the first two minutes of the fight. Misaki is coming off a submission victory over Kazuhiro Nakamura in August, followed by a brief athletic suspension for talking on his cellphone while driving, which resulted in him smashing into a police car.


Merry Christmas, Potato Nation

It’s Christmas today, Potato Nation.  If you’re somehow unfamiliar with the day, think of it as the Fedor Emelianenko of holidays, only slightly less grim.  Today we indulge in crass materialism while calling it ‘holiday spirit,’ and then we drink spiked egg nog and watch "Robocop" until we pass out on the couch.  Your traditions may vary, but it doesn’t matter.  The important thing is that today we stop mocking one another long enough to feel like family.  Or at least, you know, we try to.

From all of us at the Potato to all of you, Merry freaking Christmas.  May all your yuletide wishes come true, and may all your family squabbles be resolved without serious injury or police intervention.


Video: Dan Henderson Discusses Strikeforce Signing, Dana White’s Fat Ass

(Props: Sherdog)

No longer a free agent, MMA living legend Dan Henderson is slated to challenge Jake Shields for Strikeforce’s middleweight belt at the organization’s next CBS card in April. Dana White may take full responsibility for Hendo’s exit from the UFC, but according to Henderson in the video interview above, the signing was the best thing for him, really: "The opportunity to fight on CBS is huge…and you just don’t get that elsewhere. To have the opportunities to still be able to fight the top guys in the world, that was one of my main concerns, and they have that here as well. There’s no red tape to go through with sponsorships. Clinch Gear‘s not banned from the organization. I’m just happy all the way around."

Responding to White’s recent claims that he’s permanently "done" with Henderson, Dan was his usual respectful self: "I think the fans know Dana White. Personally, as far as our relationship, he’s still gonna be alright with me, but business-wise maybe he has to put on a certain front for certain things. And either way I’ll say that he’s still fat and he needs to diet down a little bit. I’ve been telling him for a long time. Hes spending a lot of money on expanding those suits."

As for his next opponent, Henderson described Jake Shields as "bigger than me…I think he does cut quite a bit of weight to get to ’85" — which seems like an odd claim based on information he probably made up. And sure, it’s no Henderson vs. Silva II, or even Henderson vs. Marquardt, but whaddya gonna do: "I don’t know how excited the fans are gonna be about that fight," Henderson said. "But I think it’s a good matchup and I’m excited about it."


Video: A Special Holiday Greeting From Cage Potato

Seasons Greetings From – Watch more Funny Videos

From all of us at Cage Potato to all of you in the wondrous land of the internet, Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus/winter celebration in honor of whatever other weird belief system you cling to for meaning. As a gift, we made you this video.  Thanks for sticking with us through another tumultuous year in the world of mixed martial arts. We’ll do our best to come up with even better smart-ass remarks about it in 2010.

To those poor bastards among you who are traveling this holiday season, stay safe and don’t forget that you can check out the mobile version of Cage Potato on your fancy cell phones. May the soft glow of our homepage bring you comfort as you pass out in an airport bar after your flight gets delayed.


A Last Minute Gift Idea For The MMA Fan In Your Life

Chuck Liddell Iceman hat
(Just imagine the disappointed faces on Christmas morning…)

This is an actual Chuck Liddell baseball cap in an actual dollar store (see, I wasn’t kidding about that) in Missoula, Montana.  I photographed it myself earlier today, but only after overhearing the following conversation between a father and his petulant pre-pubescent son:

Dad: Hey, look.  It’s an Iceman hat.  You love the Iceman!

Son: You don’t even know who that is.

Dad: Yes I do.  It’s Chuck Liddell.


Gina Carano Is in Love With Christmas, You Guys

Gina Carano Twitter photo
Gina Carano twitter Christmas
(Images courtesy of,

Gina Carano has been spending most of her time on a movie set lately, but she took a moment earlier today to make sure that everybody is in the holiday spirit. To be honest, I wasn’t until I saw that picture of Gina Carano. Now I’m ready to put some muhfuckin’ ornaments on a tree, y’feel me? Though Gina has kept quiet about her return to MMA, Scott Coker hopes to see her back in a Strikeforce cage next summer. In the meantime, we have enough MMA sex symbols to keep us busy


The 9 Most Embarrassing MMA Moments of 2009

MMA had more than its share of unforgettable moments this year — though many of them were unforgettable for all the wrong reasons. With 2009 drawing to a close, we’ve collected and ranked the year’s lowlights. Now let’s never speak of these things ever again…

#9: The "Hello Japan!" incident at DREAM.7 (3/8/09)

Fighting in the Saitama Super Arena must be an incredible experience. There you are, surrounded by 20,000 eerily quiet Japanese people who all seem to appreciate the intricacies of the sport. During his match against submission wizard Shinya Aoki at DREAM.7, American journeyman David Gardner tried to honor the occasion by waving to the crowd and saying "Hello Japan!" The problem was, Aoki had his back at the time, and as soon as Gardner’s hand went up, Aoki whipped his arm under Gardner’s neck and sunk in a rear-naked choke. "Oh my God it is so dumb," Bas Rutten lamented in the broadcast booth. Dumb is an understatement. Even "Wouldn’t Get Up From Butt Scoot" is a more respectable way to lose a fight. Way to represent the Red, White & Blue, Dave.

#8: Chuck Liddell dances with the stars (9/21/09-10/13/09)

When Dana White temporarily retired Chuck Liddell following his knockout loss to Mauricio Rua at UFC 97, few could have guessed that the Iceman’s next move would be an appearance on a dance-competition show that no red-blooded MMA fan in their right mind would ever watch. Liddell joined the ninth season of Dancing With the Stars with no formal dance training to speak of, and despite his best efforts he didn’t fool any of the judges, who called him everything from "graceless" to "gentle neanderthal." After four weeks of low scores and fruity costumes, Liddell was sent packing. On the bright side, Chuck expanded his fanbase on network television, outlasted fellow competitor Tom DeLay, and probably wound up banging his redheaded dance partner. Still, Tito Ortiz’s stint on Celebrity Apprentice now seems like the most badass thing in the world by comparison.


Videos: El Guapo Likes to Dance, Mike Goldberg Likes to Say Stuff Without Thinking

As much as we were hoping that this Bas Rutten video thing was a 42-part series from Fight Magazine, they seem to have reached a zenith with this video.  It’s titled "El Guapo Likes to Dance," after a song that Bas says he wrote.  "Stairway to Heaven" it ain’t, but it’s catchy and the accompanying footage also proves that it’s true.  Our prediction?  You will mock this video at first and then go about your day thinking nothing of it.  Then, about four hours from now when you’re doing the last of your frantic Christmas shopping at the dollar store, you’ll catch yourself singing it and bopping your head along with the beat.  That’s when you’ll look up and see everyone watching you, horrified and yet transfixed.  

For more of Rutten’s world, go here.  After the jump, the Mike Goldberg highlight reel that tells you everything you need to know.


The NSAC Hardly Even Had to Think About Jon Jones’ Appeal

(Jon’s first mistake was not refusing to answer Mazzagatti’s questions without an attorney present.)

When Jon Jones explained the basis of his appeal to the Nevada State Athletic Commission in the mysterious case of the 12-to-6 elbow strikes, it seemed like he had cause enough to warrant a thorough discussion about what should have been done when a deaf fighter can’t continue due to a shoulder injury, and yet can’t immediately communicate this to the referee.  Turns out we were wrong, because the NSAC refused to rule on Jones’ appeal on the grounds that they don’t overturn decisions.  Unless somebody was on drugs.

This means the loss will stay on Jones’ previously perfect record, and apparently we won’t even have the conversation about whether Mazzagatti should have brought a translator into the cage to find out whether the illegal strikes were really the cause of Matt Hamill‘s inability to continue.  Not that the NSAC’s decision should surprise anyone.  This is the same commission who turned down Anthony Johnson’s eye-poke appeal (also on Mazzagatti’s watch) due to "lack of remedy."

Sorry, "Bones."  If you can show that Hamill may have been smoking weed before the bout, then give the NSAC a call.  Otherwise, best to move on.