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December, 2009

Matt Hughes Predicts the Demise of Strikeforce

(This Christmas, why not give the gift that will rest on your child’s bedside table, silently judging him while he sleeps?)

Matt Hughes doesn’t want to alarm anyone, but he’s pretty sure that Strikeforce is doomed. It’s no one’s fault — other than Showtime, which is totally at fault — but we all might as well accept it, according to Country Breakfast.  Hughes updated his blog today, discussing the disappointing turn of events that led to his bro-4-life Robbie Lawler going fightless on Saturday night. Hughes makes vague reference to Showtime’s interference in the process, and seems to believe that this will be Strikeforce’s undoing, sooner rather than later. Wrote Hughes:

Last week I was in California with Robbie, Pena, and Foster, hoping they would find a replacement so Robbie could fight. It didn’t happen and I guess I’m just spoiled being with the UFC. From what I understand, Showtime really likes to stick their nose in Strikeforce’s business and because of that I don’t think that Strikeforce will be around for much longer; but enough with that.

That’s a bummer. Especially for all the fighters planning on competing on their next CBS show in April. For all we know, Strikeforce may not even be around by then. Someone better go tell Scott Coker, but be gentle. This isn’t going to be easy for him to hear.

Hughes didn’t stop with visions of Strikeforce’s coming collapse, however. He also answered critics who say that his planned scrap with Renzo Gracie in Abu Dhabi on April 10 is a pointless bout:


The MMA Minute: Volume Two

MMA Minute #2 – Watch more Funny Videos

Good news (for those of you who like watching a dude talk into a camera for short periods of time)! “The MMA Minute” is back for another episode, breaking down all the action from this busy weekend and giving you more insight than you probably needed into my personal life. This time I discuss which organization came out looking like the winner in the showdown between Strikeforce and the WEC, and then I more or less stare awkwardly into the camera until the strain of all the attention becomes too much for me and I burst into tears. That’s what it felt like anyway. Hope you enjoy it.


Exclusive: Kenny Florian Back in Training, Hopes to Fight Again Soon

Kenny Florian UFC 107
(Photo courtesy of Sherdog)

By Elias Cepeda for

Despite putting together perhaps his most impressive win ever at UFC 107, a second round submission of Clay Guida, Kenny Florian isn’t taking a break just yet. In fact, the lightweight contender tells CagePotato that he wants to fight again within three months.

“I want to get back in there within the next few months. I want to fight every three to four months. That’s when I’m at my best, that’s how I stay healthy and sharp. That’s the best time frame for me,” he says.

Florian (12-4) has yet to get word from his UFC bosses as to what is next for him and when, but hopes to hear something shortly and assumes he’ll be a part of the UFC’s first event in the state of Massachusetts. Florian is a Massachusetts native and resident and after professional MMA became legal and regulated there late last month, an August UFC card in the Boston area has been strongly rumored.

“I have heard nothing from the UFC as of right now but I’m hoping in the next couple weeks to find out. Right now I’m sure they are planning something for me for Boston but I’d like to do something before that and then fight again then. I’m getting right back into training [today] and will be plugging away the next couple of weeks until I hear a date,” Florian says.


‘Strikeforce: Evolution’ Salaries — Le Leads the Pack, King Mo Docked for Energy Drink Explosion

Scott Smith Cung Le Strikeforce MMA
(The face on the broad behind the cage pretty much says it all. Photo courtesy of Esther Lin/shosports.)

Salary info has been released for Saturday’s Strikeforce event, with headliner Cung Le taking home nearly a third of the $481,200 disclosed payroll. As you’ll see, Strikeforce doesn’t always follow the 100% win bonus structure that’s become standard operating procedure in the UFC. One exception is Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal, who doubled his $10,000 show-money with his victory over Mike Whitehead — but was reportedly fined 10% of his purse by the CSAC for spraying Rockstar Energy Drink all over the cage after his fight like a complete jackass. Hopefully Rockstar makes it up to Mo for the extra publicity he gave them. And now onto the numbers…

Scott Smith: $55,000 (no win bonus)
def. Cung Le: $150,000

Gilbert Melendez: $55,000 (no win bonus)
def. Josh Thomson: $30,000

Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza: $65,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
def. Matt Lindland: $50,000


How Will Strikeforce Push Fedor Emelianenko vs. Fabricio Werdum?

(Werdum displays some riveting mic skills in this interview with Ariel Helwani.)

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker told reporters at the post-fight press conference on Saturday night that Fedor Emelianenko’s next fight would most likely be against Fabricio Werdum on the April 2010 CBS show. As in, the same Werdum who recently won a lackluster decision over “Bigfoot” Silva, and got dropped from the UFC after getting dropped by a monster uppercut from Junior Dos Santos. In case you can’t tell, this isn’t the huge Fedor fight we were hoping Strikeforce would put together for their next CBS offering. With Alistair Overeem still MIA and a dearth of other heavyweights ready to step up to the big time, a guy on a two-fight win streak may really be the best they can do by April.

But if you thought it was tough to do a network TV promotional push with Brett Rogers doing all the work as the only fluent English-speaker in the main event, get ready for things to become even more difficult. Werdum doesn’t exactly speak the King’s English, and selling a fight between an inscrutable Russian and a fairly bland Brazilian to casual sports fans via a series of translators and facial expressions is no easy task. Maybe they can hype this thing through interpretive dance?


The Potato Index: Strikeforce/WEC Aftermath

(King Mo accidentally gets some Rockstar in his mouth while attempting to lather the mat with it. Photo courtesy of Fight Magazine.)

Two competing MMA events on Saturday night made for a busy weekend of arbitrary numerical calculations for the Potato Index’s super computer. We didn’t even get to play our customary Sunday game of “Oregon Trail,” that’s how hectic things were. But the numbers are in from Strikeforce: Evolution and WEC 45, so let’s take a look at who’s up and who’s down after Saturday night.

Scott Smith +109
A technically brilliant performance it wasn’t. Smith was clearly overmatched, but he hung tough, wore Le down, and then put his power to good use. It might not have been the best performance of his career, but it’s one people will remember for a long, long time.

Cung Le -77
He can say his acting career had nothing to do with the loss, but something made him fade down the stretch. He got tired and he got lazy and then he got knocked out. It’s almost as if taking a fight between movie roles as a favor to your boss is a good way to get your nose smashed into a pulp.


Video: King Mo Talks Victory, Looks Toward Mousasi and Fedor

(Props: StrikeforceFilms)

Discussing his quick-’n’ easy win over Mike Whitehead at Strikeforce: Evolution on Saturday, Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal stated the obvious — maybe Mike would have done better if he didn’t come in so fat. Without speed on his side, Whitehead was a sitting duck for Mo’s attacks. Though Lawal says he’ll fight anybody Scott Coker puts in front of him, a king needs a crown, and his ultimate goals are to fight Strikeforce light-heavyweight champ Gegard Mousasi and #1 heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko.

Hey, it’s good to have ambition. Still, we can all agree that Mo needs to face some tougher competition before he starts prepping for title fights. One of the few names that come to mind is Renato "Babalu" Sobral, who previously held Strikeforce’s light-heavyweight belt before Mousasi beat the fuck out of him. Strikeforce may want to give Lawal one more fight to develop him before making that matchup, but if you want to fast-track Mo to contendership, Babalu is probably the way to go. And with Coker’s 205-pound class as thin as it is, there may not be any other options that make sense.

As expected, Lawal’s royally pimpin’ cage-entrance was almost as entertaining as his fight, though it was unfortunately left out of the Showtime broadcast. Check out some fan-shot video and pictures of King’s "queens" after the jump…


Mike Brown to Return Next Month Against Some Dude

(Anthony Morrison vs. Patrick Upton, 4/28/07)

Less than eight weeks after he had his WEC featherweight title ripped from his waist by Jose Aldo, Mike Brown will return to the cage to start rebuilding. According to MMA Weekly, Brown competes next at WEC 46 (January 10th, Sacramento) against Anthony "Mean Machine" Morrison, a 14-6 veteran of various regional promotions who most recently scored a 69-second TKO over UFC vet Alvin Robinson at a Ring of Fire event in Denver earlier this month. With all the big names currently in the WEC’s 145-pound division, you’d think the former champ would draw one of them for his next fight. This is clearly one of those "get your confidence back as quickly as possible" kind of matchups — let’s hope Brown’s impatience doesn’t come back to bite him in the ass. WEC 46′s rather-stacked lineup currently looks like this:

Jamie Varner vs. Ben Henderson (for unified lightweight title)
Urijah Faber vs. Raphael Assuncao (FW)
Mike Brown vs. Anthony Morrison (FW)
Dave Jansen vs. Kamal Shalorus (LW)
Mackens Semerzier vs. Deividas Taurosevicius (FW)

Charlie Valencia vs. Akitoshi Tamura (BW)
Wagnney Fabiano vs. Frank Gomez (BW)
Eddie Wineland vs. Rafael Rebello (BW)
Coty Wheeler vs. Will Campuzano (BW)

After the jump: Morrison’s pro debut against Will Loushin, 6/30/06.


Mike Whitehead Gazes Into the Spirit World

(Props: MMA TKO)

Mike Whitehead enjoyed significant advantages in both MMA experience and sheer poundage when he faced off against "King Mo" Lawal at Strikeforce: Evolution last night, but neither could keep him from getting knocked into a wonderland of confusion before the first round was up.  That might be partly because when Whitehead fights as a heavyweight he shows up looking a little more rotund than usual, which doesn’t seem to help his speed or explosiveness any.  Or it could just be because Lawal really is as good as he says he is.

Whitehead came into this fight thinking he was getting hosed by being labled an underdog, despite having twenty-five more fights than Lawal.  That vacant stare in his eyes as the referee comes over to pull Lawal off of him?  We’d like to think that’s Whitehead looking into the abyss and seeing just how wrong he was.  Maybe with a change of attitude and a little less excess weight it could have been him guzzling Rockstar like it was neon pink champagne last night. 


WEC 45 Quick Results

(Donald Cerrone vs. Ed Ratcliff)

After struggling with keeping his knee strikes out of Ed Ratcliff‘s groin area for much of the fight, Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone managed to pull of a late submission victory to salvage his night at WEC 45.  Since Cerrone had already lost two points for the low blows by then, a finish was sort of necessary.  Just like an ice pack and one of those inflatable donuts is now necessary for Ratcliff, who goes home with his testacles damaged and a loss on his record.  At least he and Cerrone shared the Fight of the Night bonus, though it was only worth $10,000.  We’ve said it before, but this is a tough way to make a living, people.

Elsewhere on the card, Anthony Njokuani won Knockout of the Night for his headkick KO of Chris Horodecki (video of that is here), and Brad Pickett took home Submission of the Night for his Peruvian necktie finish of Kyle Dietz. 

Full results are after the jump.