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January, 2010

Videohype: Lawler vs. Manhoef by Genghis Con, Chael Sonnen Is Supposed to Lose + More

(Props: GenghisConMMA via BloodyElbow)

Of Robbie Lawler‘s 18 wins, 15 have come via KO/TKO; of Melvin Manhoef‘s 24 wins, 23 have come via KO/TKO. We may not agree with Lawler’s strategy going into tomorrow night’s fight, but sometimes you just have to say "fuck it, this is going to be a slugfest, and it’s going to be awesome." Genghis Con‘s preview compilation for the middleweight battle captures that spirit perfectly. Lawler vs. Manhoef is going to end with somebody staring at the ceiling, the owner of a brand-new concussion. The only questions are: Who will it be, and how long will it last?

After the jump: Wes Sims makes it very clear why he’s such an enormous underdog against Bobby Lashley, and Chael Sonnen takes a break from his homophobic Republican heel routine to speak candidly about his upcoming UFC 109 matchup with Nate Marquardt, which will very likely produce the UFC’s next middleweight title challenger.


Gilbert Yvel and Pat Barry to Have Kickboxing Match with MMA Gloves On

(If this fight were in prison, we wouldn’t even have to think about who to bet our smokes on.)

Good news for all you members of the First Church of the Stand and Bang, heavyweight strikers Gilbert Yvel and Pat Barry are going to give you some of what you crave at UFC 115 this summer.  According to the Las Vegas Sun, both guys have agreed to a bout that hardly needs any gentlemen’s agreement about how it will go down.  Both fighters are known as much for their love of kicking and punching people as they are for their reluctance to engage in the ground game, so this should be a stand-up battle all the way, and probably one that won’t last very long.

Barry’s coming off a second-round TKO of Antoni Hardonk at UFC 104 in October, and Yvel got knocked out by Junior Dos Santos in his Octagon debut at UFC 108 earlier this month.  Yvel may have the experience advantage and a total willingness to fight dirty, but if he looks as sloppy against Barry as he did against Dos Santos he could be in for a rough night.  According to what he told the Sun, however, that was just first time jitters:


Oddsmakers Agree, Bobby Lashley vs. Wes Sims Is an Epic Squash Match

Bobby Lashley
(Uh-oh, looks like someone ate that half a sandwich in the office refrigerator that Bobby was saving for lunch. He wrote his name on it for a reason, people.)

When we had trouble finding betting odds for the Bobby Lashley-Wes Sims fight for our Strikeforce: Miami edition of the Gambling Enabler, we initially chalked it up to the fact that the bout was a late addition.  Maybe we were right, or maybe it just took a little longer for oddsmakers to count this high.  A quick glance at today reveals that Lashley is anywhere between a 12-1 and 15-1 favorite to beat Sims on Saturday night. 

Those of you who believe deep down that "certified black man" Wes Sims will take this can make a handsome profit by throwing some cheddar down on him while he’s still a 7-1 underdog.  Or you could just bury that cash and hope that a money tree grows in your backyard.  At least if that plan fails you’ll be able to dig your nest egg up again in time to bet it all on Frankie Edgar

So basically, what we’ve got here is another Lashley fight where he faces off against someone who was brought in to lose, this time on about a week’s notice.  Lashley still talks like since he’s only had four fights, fans shouldn’t expect him to fight anyone other than the Bob Sapps or Jason Guidas of the MMA world, but you can only have so many squash matches before it becomes a game of diminishing returns.  If Lashley wants to be taken seriously, it may be time for him to admit that his palooka punch card is just about full.


TUF 11 Update: Fighters, Coaches, and Head Games

Tito Ortiz Chuck Liddell TUF 11 The Ultimate Fighter
(Sorry, Chuck. If you had your own clothing line, maybe Dana would let you replace the Ultimate Fighter logo with your own brand name. But you don’t, and now you look like an asshole. Photo courtesy of

The eleventh season of The Ultimate Fighter kicks off on March 31st. Here’s some stuff we’ve learned about it lately…

— According to recent reports by FiveOuncesofPain and Bloody Elbow, the middleweight castmembers selected for the show include KOTC/Bodog vet Kyacey Uscola (18-15), Australian EliteXC vet Kyle Noke (16-4-1; won a unanimous decision over Uscola in September), Victor O’Donnell (8-1; seven wins by submission), Travis Lutter BJJ student Cleburn Walker (8-4), Kris McCray (5-0; all wins by first-round stoppage, three in under a minute), American Top Team product Charles Blanchard (7-2), Warren Thompson (5-0; all wins by stoppage), and Charlie Lynch (6-0; all wins by stoppage). The Boston Herald also reports that Greg Rebello (9-2) and Woody Weatherby (7-3) will be part of the cast.

Chuck Liddell’s assistant coaches will be his longtime trainer John Hackleman, highly regarded boxing coach Howard Davis Jr., jiu-jitsu ace Scott Epstein, and Strikeforce middleweight champ Jake Shields. Tito Ortiz’s assistant coaches will be his longtime trainer Saul Soliz, WEC lightweight Rob McCullough, BJJ ringer Cleber Luciano, and, as promised, a public-relations specialist to be named later.


James Toney Has Officially Gone From Annoying Pest to Hilarious Mess

(Props: MMA Scraps)

If the internet age has taught us anything, it’s that by the time you start posting videos of yourself pleading for someone to give you something, you have passed a point of no return.  For whatever reason, people stop taking your requests seriously once they see you shouting into a cheap video camera while your boys mill around impatiently behind you.  Bonus points if you pause your video rant to say hello to a "beautiful girl" off camera who may or may not actually exist, and may or may not actually be beautiful. 

This is James Toney‘s second "UFC call out" video, and by far the more entertaining of the two.  The fact that he’s pumping these out now probably means that negotiations have stalled after Dana White made an offer that Toney described as "a joke."  So now he’s resorted to semi-coherent DIY video productions to get his big money fight in the UFC.  Yeah, that’s probably been the missing piece of the puzzle all along.

If I could ask the internet to grant me one wish, it would be for someone to break into Brock Lesnar‘s home, tie him to a chair, force him to watch this video, and record his reaction for us all to see.  I realize that’s a tall order, but maybe we could get Big Stacks there to do it.  If he’s James Toney’s bodyguard, I’m guessing he’s done a lot crazier stuff for a lot less reward. 


Robbie Lawler Says He Wants to Stand and Bang with Melvin Manhoef

Earlier this week we speculated that oddsmakers were only giving Melvin Manhoef the slight edge over Robbie Lawler because they thought Lawler was foolhardy enough to stand and strike with Manhoef rather than take it to the ground, where he would enjoy a distinct advantage. Unless Lawler is doing a great big fake-out in this video interview with Ariel Helwani, the oddsmakers know Lawler better than he knows himself. Yes, he realizes that he’s probably much better on the ground than Manhoef, and he probably also realizes that he could get it there if he wanted to. But that’s not how Lawler likes to party. He wants to go toe-to-toe with a man who’s known for having vicious stand-up and very little else. He wants to play to his opponent’s one strength rather than exploit his easily exploitable weaknesses. So he says, anyway.

Honestly? As much fun as it would be to watch Lawler and Manhoef play Rock-em, Sock-em Robots on Saturday night, a part of me hopes that Lawler is smarter than that. He needs a win more than he needs to prove what a stone cold bad-ass he is. Knocking out Manhoef in a stand-up war would be entertaining and impressive, but that’s like investing your savings in lottery tickets.  A 401k might not be as thrilling, but it is a lot less likely to leave you crying in the parking lot.

After the jump, part two of‘s series with Goran Reljic.  In this episode, Reljic spars with Forrest Griffin and shares a candid conversation about the challenges both of them are facing in the near future.


Photos: UFC 112′s Headliners Gather in Abu Dhabi

Vitor Belfort Renzo Gracie BJ Penn Frankie Edgar Anderson Silva UFC 112

Frankie Edgar BJ Penn Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Vitor Belfort, Renzo Gracie, BJ Penn, Frankie Edgar, and Anderson Silva pose for pictures in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, while Ferrari World looms in the background. Photos courtesy of the UFC 112 Facebook page. More shots after the jump…


Gegard Mousasi Thinks He’s Fighting King Mo in April, Is Currently Training With GSP

(Props: truplya777)

As we learn in the above video interview from Aaron Tru, Strikeforce moneyweight contender Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal doesn’t really know who or when he’ll be fighting next, while Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion Gegard Mousasi says he’ll probably be fighting King Mo in April. As soon as the news reaches Lawal, he should be thrilled, considering he wants that belt and already has Mousasi figured out. Strikeforce’s 4/17 event on CBS is also rumored to feature Fedor Emelianenko vs. Fabricio Werdum, and Jake Shields vs. Dan Henderson.

Speaking of the Armenian Assassin, Mousasi has accepted Firas Zahabi’s invitation for him to train with UFC welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre. According to a report on Sherdog, Gegard and GSP have been working out together in Miami this week, helping St. Pierre get ready for his March 27th meeting with Dan Hardy. It’ll be the first time that Mousasi has been part of a training camp in the U.S.:

“I am nervous being away from my family and friends for two weeks and I don’t think of it like Georges is calling me for help,” Mousasi told Sherdog. “I think he is a great athlete that wants to train with different fighters to improve himself. To be honest, I’m curious about everything, curious how he does things and if I have to say something specific that would be how he puts everything together to be able to take down opponents with ease…I always train for my fights in Holland. This is just a learning experience…I will take what I learn and try to do it in Holland, but I don’t prepare for fights in other gyms. I always try to prepare for my fights in Holland.”

Thanks for the Memories, Razak Al-Hassan

(He’d prefer cash, but if you’ve got some spare ligaments laying around he’ll take those too.)

Razak Al-Hassan, the fighter best known for the grisly arm injury he suffered after he absolutely refused to tap out against Steve Cantwell, has received his walking papers from the UFC, according to Five Ounces of Pain.  This is one we probably should have seen coming.  The arm-popping loss to Cantwell happened in Al-Hassan’s UFC debut at the injury-riddled Fight For The Troops event in December of 2008.  That kept him out of action for a good chunk of the following year, though he still claimed to adhere to a tapping-out-is-for-bitches mentality

When he finally returned in 2009 Al-Hassan lost a split decision against Kyle Kingsbury at UFC 104 to drop him to 0-2 in the Octagon, which is the equivalent of calling in sick to your first day of work at a regular job, and then showing up late, reeking of weed on your second day.  You may not always get fired, but no one will be surprised if you do.

Best of luck finding a new fighting home, Razak, and don’t get down on yourself.  Plenty of guys with good records elsewhere struggle in the UFC, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t good fighters.  Just look at Tiki Ghosn.  We’re not making you feel any better, are we?


Video: Dana White Can’t Stand/Is Totally Pumped About This Kimbo Slice Guy

George Orwell once said, “To see what is front of one’s nose needs a really good internet video editor.” Since he said this long before the invention of the internet, it probably confused the hell out of people. But as this new video from Lookoutawhale demonstrates, once more Orwell turns out to be right and everyone who doubted him feels like an idiot.

It’s not that we didn’t know how dramatically Dana White’s opinion of a guy can change once the opportunity to make money off of him presents itself. He’s a fight promoter.  Hyping stuff, sometimes through gross exaggerations of the truth, is what he does.  We knew this. But something about seeing the contrast between what DW claimed to believe about Kimbo Slice before he was in the UFC and what he had to say about him after he signed on for "The Ultimate Fighter" really slammed the point home.  White is a salesman, and salesmen tend to value honesty less than they value sales.

Again, we knew this. It’s just probably a good idea to remind ourselves every once in a while.