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January, 2010

Hot Potato: Brazilian MMA Fighter Carina Damm Strips Down

Carina Damm hot MMA fighter

Carina Damm hot MMA fighter Brazilian

Speaking of women’s MMA, Brazilian BJJ specialist (and steroid pioneer) Carina Damm can be seen in five galleries of eye-popping photos over at; thanks to Fightlinker for the tip. Damm, who is currently riding a nine-fight win streak, will compete at the next Jungle Fight event in Vila Velha, Brazil, on February 27th. More highlights from the shoot are after the jump…


Strikeforce to Crown 135-Pound Women’s Champ Next Month; Contender Tournaments to Begin in April

(Takayo Hashi vs. Chisa Yonezawa @ GCM Valkyrie 2, 4/25/09)

After putting on the biggest women’s fight in history last year, Strikeforce is preparing to build women’s MMA even larger. According to a recent press release, Sarah Kaufman and Takayo Hashi will battle for the promotion’s first women’s 135-pound title at a Strikeforce Challengers event scheduled for February 26th at the Civic Auditorium in San Jose; tickets are on sale right now.

With a perfect record of 10-0 (eight via TKO), the hard-hitting Kaufman is one of the world’s best female fighters, and has been gaining recognition in Strikeforce thanks to the dominant decision victories she scored over Miesha Tate and Shayna Baszler in 2009. Takayo Hashi (12-1; 4 wins by submission, 8 by unanimous decision) has competed primarily in Japan, where she was one of the standouts of the SmackGirl promotion. Hashi most recently choked out Chisa Yonezawa at a GCM Valkyrie event last April, and avenged her only loss to Hitomi Akano in 2007. She’s known primarily as a grappler, while Kaufman is known primarily for beating the crap out of grapplers.


Videos: A Jiu-Jitsu Lesson From Toby Imada, Matt Serra Video Blog #2, + More


Remember when Toby Imada pulled off that awesome inverted triangle choke in the Bellator tournament last year?  Of course you do.  Your brain isn’t so clogged with Snickers bars and "Golden Girls" reruns that you could go and forget a thing like that.  It was by far the best submission of the year.  Now that we’ve moved on to a new year and Imada no longer has to worry about all you jokers biting his style, he’s going to go ahead and show you how it’s done.  Forget about Blanche and Sophia and the gang for just a few minutes and pay attention.

After the jump, check out round two of Matt Serra‘s video blog, and listen as Don Frye shares a very special memory from the Pride days, just for the hell of it.


Matt Serra Still Hasn’t Found Himself a Triggonomics T-Shirt

Matt Serra
(Looking good, Matty! Photo courtesy of Tokyo Five.)

Long Island’s Matt Serra may love to crack jokes, but he wants you to know that it’s not all he’s doing as his fight with Frank Trigg at UFC 109 grows closer. In our exclusive interview, Serra gives us his thoughts on his opponent, his career in the UFC, and why he spends so much time in the barbership.

This fight comes at a time when you and Frank Trigg are both coming off losses and both in your mid-thirties. Where do you think this is going to leave you if you win or if you lose?

I don’t really know, and I don’t care. That’s up to whoever does those rankings or whatever. Technically, I’m coming off two losses. Do I feel like that? No, because I don’t even feel I lost my last fight. They offered me Frank Trigg, and I don’t look at as my chance to move up or anything like that. I see this as an entertaining fight and an exciting fight, on paper, and a good match-up. That’s basically how I look at it. I had the belt, and if my career leads back there then great. If it doesn’t, I’m looking for exciting fights.

Since you are coming off two losses, even though, as you said, the fight with Matt Hughes could have gone either way, do you worry about your job security if you lose this fight?


UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi Finally Official; Will Be Held at ‘Ferrari World’ in Yas Island

Ferrari World abu dhabi UFC
(Ferrari World artist’s rendering courtesy of

After weeks of private negotiations and public vagueness, the UFC has finally confirmed that their April 10th show will indeed take place in Abu Dhabi, home of their new partners at Flash Entertainment. Though concerns about the venue delayed the event’s official announcement, an existing outdoor stadium was eventually selected over the gravel-pit setup that Marshall Zelaznik had been touting. From the press release on

UFC to make history in Abu Dhabi at UFC 112
Abu Dhabi, UAE – The world’s greatest indoor sporting event goes outdoors on April 10 as the Ultimate Fighting Championship® organisation lands in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates for the first time.
Some of the world’s greatest mixed martial artists will appear on the historic open-air UFC 11 event at the Concert Arena, Ferrari World, Yas Island.*
Topped by a double main event, two UFC world titles will be on the line at UFC 112. First, UFC lightweight champion BJ ‘The Prodigy’ Penn puts his belt on the line against No.1 contender Frankie ‘The Answer’ Edgar and then UFC middleweight king Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva defends his crown against fellow Brazilian striker Vitor ‘The Phenom’ Belfort…

Exclusive: Frank Trigg Still Holds a Grudge Against “That Fool” Jerry Millen

PRIDE Trigg Millen Ranallo Rutten announcers MMA
(Three out of four former PRIDE announcers agree: Jerry Millen is an opportunistic douchebag.)

By contributor Mike Russell

Nearly two years have passed since the collapse of PRIDE Fighting Championships and although the future of the organization most assumed to be dead is somewhat foggy, one fact that has been made crystal clear is that a growing number of ex-employees of the beloved Japanese promotion despise the show’s former American producer, Jerry Millen.

If you recall, Bas Rutten was the first to open up about Millen’s lack of professionalism and knowledge of mixed martial arts as well as his abusive treatment of former commentators Stephen Quadros and Mauro Ranallo. Here’s the quote from Bas’ original post from the Sherdog forums:

“He went out with me and Stephen Quadros the first night, we went to see some Pancrase fights. I realized that he didn’t like Stephen at all. [I] don’t know why. He would ask me what I wanted to drink, and while Stephen was standing next to me, he wouldn’t ask him anything and gave me only a drink. I asked Stephen afterwards if he did something to piss him off. Stephen had no clue. But I knew that there was something going on. Next thing I [know] is that they fired Stephen a show later. Now I guess that Jerry now needed a new victim that he could push around, and Mauro Ranallo was that victim. Why? Again, I have no clue, but he started to mess with him. I believe because he saw that Mauro was unbelievably talented and maybe he was jealous?

Ranallo, who like Rutten worked for the promotion prior to Millen being hired, quit PRIDE in 2006 citing his differences with Millen as his primary reason for leaving:

I felt it was an untenable environment to work in. It was commonly known since day one that I’ve had difficulties with the American producer, Jerry Millen. Apart from Millen, I loved working with all of my colleagues at PRIDE, especially the Japanese staff. They treated me very well, but I think my future as a broadcaster lies elsewhere.

Now Ranallo’s former broadcast partner Frank Trigg has entered the fray to add his account of Millen’s evil ways in an exclusive and candid interview with


Better Know a Fighter: Marloes Coenen

(Coenen vs. Yoko Takahashi I, 5/3/01)

After looking at the incredibly uneven betting odds on the "Cyborg" Santos-Marloes Coenen Strikeforce women’s lightweight title bout, we couldn’t help but wonder whether Coenen is walking into certain doom on Saturday night.  Since she’s fought mostly in Europe and Japan, we haven’t gotten the chance to see many of her fights until now (except this one), but come on, she can’t be that outmatched against "Cyborg," can she? 

In the interest of at least attempting to know what we’re talking about, we did a little research on Coenen.  What we learned is that her stand-up is decent, though not without some defensive holes, and she really knows her way around an armbar.  Seriously.  The fight you see above was Coenen’s fifth professional bout, and one of three meetings with Takahashi.  She won them all in the first round (two by armbar, one by TKO) and the fights only got more lopsided as Coenen improved over the years. 

What’s interesting is that Santos also fought Takahashi at EliteXC: Heat in 2008, where "Cyborg" won a decision.  So that’s got to be an encouraging sign, right?  Coenen totally owned a fighter who took Santos the distance.  Right?  Guys?

More of Coenen’s fights are after the jump, including her second meeting with Takahashi, her loss to Erin Toughill, and a video of what appears to be Coenen abusing some poor girl from the local middle school.  Seems more and more like either Coenen gets Santos to the mat early and submits her, or else she gets her lovely facial features rearranged.


Forrest Griffin and Little Nog Added to UFC 113 in Montreal

(‘Lastly, I’d like to thank the good people at Fisher-Price for finally making an award that isn’t a choking hazard. I’m just saying, it’s about time, you know?’)

The date of UFC 113 have shifted just a bit, but the fight card keeps getting better.  As reported earlier today, a light heavyweight scrap between Forrest Griffin and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira has been added to the Montreal event.  Griffin’s coming off his decision victory over Tito Ortiz at UFC 106, and Little Nog smoked Luis Cane in his UFC debut on the undercard of the same event, so these two are both on the upswing with exactly the same amount of rest time, give or take an hour.

Your presence at this website suggests that you’re probably enough of an MMA fan (or misguided potato fetishist) that we don’t have to tell you this, but this is an excellent fight.  Griffin is still trying to erase the memory of the drubbing he received from Anderson Silva, and Nogueira is trying to continue a win streak that is six fights long and counting, so both these guys have plenty at stake.  In a perfect world they could both have their way.  Ours is not a perfect world, my friends, but it is an interesting one at times.


Chuck Liddell Isn’t Going to Make This Easy on Us, Is He?

(Props: Fight Magazine)

I blame Brett Favre.  His success with the Minnesota Vikings this year must have every forty-something pro athlete thinking that they still have a few more good years in them.  Maybe some of them do.  But maybe some of them are going to get their brains turned into soup while they find out they’re wrong.

Lately Chuck Liddell is sounding like he won’t be happy until he becomes a cautionary tale.  Coming back to coach "The Ultimate Fighter" opposite Tito Ortiz makes good enough sense, and even the a third fight against The HBBB isn’t such a bad idea.  Liddell’s already beaten Ortiz twice with relative ease, so why not do it once more now that his own reflexes have slowed just enough to make it competitive?  But Liddell doesn’t want to stop there.  As he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

"I would like another fight and then I want another fight after," he said. "Hopefully, Dana’s happy with my two wins and I get a shot at a contender and then a shot at a title. That’s four fights and that’s about as far forward as I’ve thought."

No kidding. 


Gambling Enabler: Strikeforce – Miami

January has been a slow month for those of us who thrive on the thrill that comes with losing large sums of money on MMA fights. But fortunately we’re going out with a bang this weekend thanks to Strikeforce: Miami, which brings us a loaded fight card on Showtime and provides the opportunity to make reckless decisions that will haunt us for years to come. The good news is, with the launch of our brand new MMA FightPicker game, you can now get all the fun that comes with predicting fights against your CP brethren, but without the threat of getting your thumbs broken when you can’t pay up. You’re welcome.

Odds for Saturday night’s Strikeforce event come to us from

Nick Diaz (-220) vs. Marius Zaromskis (+222)
Cris “Cyborg” Santos (-550) vs. Marloes Coenen (+461)
Robbie Lawler (+160) vs. Melvin Manhoef (-175)
Herschel Walker (-325) vs. Greg Nagy (+250)
Jay Hieron (-264) vs. Joe Riggs (+275)

The breakdown…