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January, 2010

Renzo Gracie’s Only Problem Is His Wife’s Complaining

Our bro-4-life Ariel Helwani ran down to Renzo Gracie‘s NYC gym to ask the most affable member of Brazil’s first family of fighting why he feels the need to come back at 43 years old to fight in the UFC.  A smiling Gracie attributes it to his irrepressible love of combat, proving yet again that some guys are just born for this stuff and there’s nothing they can do about it.  Gracie refers to the chance to fight Matt Hughes at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi as "an honor," and says he’s already dropped twenty-five pounds, so now you can kind of see his abs.  Now if only he could get his wife to stop complaining about all the time he spends at the gym, he’d be golden.

If you watch this to the end, you’ll see Helwani asking Gracie to repeat one of his favorite Renzo-isms of all time.  He complies but, much like the "Planet of the Apes" remake, it lacks the fire of the original.  See what we mean after the jump.


Florian vs. Gomi For Fight Night 21? Sure, Why Not

(Howler Monkey vs. former sensation, who ya got?)

One of our favorite aspects of Twitter is watching people try, and then inevitably fail, to keep a secret.  It never gets old.  For instance, first the official "MMA Live" Twitter posts a teaser that Kenny Florian will be revealing when his fight with former Pride star and UFC newcomer Takanori Gomi will take place.  Sounds like a reason to watch the show, right?  Then right after that they tell us it’s at UFC Fight Night 21 on March 31st.  So, you know, mystery solved.

In any event, here’s a fight worth getting pumped about.  Florian is coming off his crushing loss to B.J. Penn, (edit: and the ensuing Clay Guida win, duh) but as he told us last month, he’s been working with Firas Zahabi, trying some new things, and itching for a fight.  Matching him up with Gomi right off the bat tells us that the UFC isn’t interested in letting "The Fireball Kid" start slow against some former TUFers and work his way up to the top of the division.  Instead it’s sink or swim, and right away. 

It’s been a couple years since Gomi has looked really impressive, but will his move to the UFC and a little training time at AKA be enough to spark a career renaissance?  Or is Florian too well-rounded for Gomi to overcome in his first Octagon appearance? 


UFC 113 Changes Date, Dana White Blames “Dysfunctional” Boxing Industry

(See? This is why you don’t get into a bling-off with Floyd Mayweather. Or any guy whose nickname is "Money," now that we think about it.)

Though previous reports indicated that the UFC was considering changing the May 1 date for UFC 113 so as not to compete head-to-head with the Floyd Mayweather-Not Manny Pacquiao fight, on Tuesday White told his hometown paper, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, that the UFC "was going May 1st still."  One day later, it was an entirely different story.  Cagewriter confirmed with White that the UFC has moved UFC 113 to May 8 in Montreal in order to avoid a showdown with a boxing pay-per-view bohemoth and, in classic fight promoter style, White has managed to find a way to interpret this as a sign that boxing is completely ridiculous:

"We were trying to not go the same night as boxing but these [expletive] guys can’t get out of their own way," White told Cagewriter. "I have never seen anything so unorganized, selfish and dysfunctional as boxing. It’s a joke!"

We can only assume that’s an edited quote, and that the full version features White going off on an ‘inconsiderate’ John Mayer for scheduling a concert in Florida on the same night as UFC 109 in Las Vegas, before then turning his ire on the ‘complete morons’ who run Disney on Ice.


Whoa…”Krazy Horse” Bennett Assaulted a Teammate with a Piece of Steel?

(Look on the bright side. At least he’s got bail money? Photo courtesy of

Remember when we said it would make for a better story if "Krazy Horse" Bennett‘s arrest for battery had actually happened at the gym where he trains?  Well, in this case ‘better’ means much, much worse.  According to details on the situation that acquired from a representative of the FIT NHB gym where the incident took place, Bennett assaulted a teammate with a length of steel during a training session and had to be restrained by other fighters in the gym. 

According to FIT NHB’s Tom Vaughn, "tempers flared" during a sparring session between Bennett and a larger teammate.  After a little scuffle, Bennett got dressed, left the gym, and then came back about fifteen minutes later.  That’s when "he walked down to the training area and pulled out a heavy piece of steel he must have found in the parking lot and began attacking the other fighter (from behind) with intent to do serious damage. He was tackled by two other fighters and disarmed."


Strikeforce Conference Call Notes: Nick Diaz Says He’s Not Ducking Jay Hieron, Has No Issues in California

Nick Diaz
(Wow. If that mug gets any meaner we might have to get a restraining order.)

Nick Diaz seemed a little out of sorts on today’s conference call to promote Strikeforce: Miami.  Or maybe that was completely in sorts for Diaz.  There’s no way to know for sure.  When asked to give an opening statement Diaz seemed a bit lost, replying, "Am I supposed to have something to say?"  Later, when asked to give an assessment of Marius Zaromskis‘ skills, Diaz shot back, "Why?  What is this shit?  I apologize.  I just woke up.  I didn’t even know this call was going down."  

Once Diaz got his bearings he managed to describe Zaromskis as "a good fighter," adding, "Anybody who’s going to be fighting at this level is a good fighter.  It’s like an oxymoron." 

It isn’t, actually, but no one was about to challenge Diaz on that after the struggle it took just to get any answer at all.  Fortunately, things got better from there.  Some notable moments:


Millionaire Pro Athlete Brock Lesnar Makes the Case For the American Health Care System

(Props: Cagewriter)

Not surprisingly, Brock Lesnar‘s dismissive comments about the Canadian health care system riled some people up today, prompting reporters to push him on exactly what went wrong when he was hospitalized in hockey country.  On a UFC conference call following his ESPN appearance, Lesnar said it wasn’t all Canada’s fault, but likened the care he received to "a third-world country," and praised the U.S. system as "a little radical, but we’ve got the best doctors in the world."

The way Lesnar sees it, our system doesn’t need reforming because it is totally kick-ass — an assessment that probably feels pretty accurate when you’re a millionaire at the Mayo Clinic.  True, as recently as 2007 medical bills accounted for 62% of all personal bankruptcies in the U.S. (and, of those, 78% had health insurance), but Lesnar is about as far from the poorhouse as anybody in the state of Minnesota, so obviously that’s not his concern.  He needed the best care money could buy, so he needed to be in a place where money could buy it.

As some of our friends on Twitter have kindly pointed out, it’s a little unfair for him to compare some small facility in Canada to one of the best medical facilities anywhere in the world.  But Lesnar isn’t trying to bash Canada.  He just wants us Americans to know that reforming a system where we spend more than any other country in the world, and yet ranked 19th among 19 developed countries when it comes to avoiding preventable deaths is completely unnecessary.  Need proof?  Well, Lesnar will be back in the Octagon this summer, won’t he?

After the jump, Lesnar’s full "Sportscenter" appearance, in case you missed it.


Rory Markham Says Nate Diaz Is Headed For Trouble at Welterweight

Rory Markham
(Markham lands a vicious head kick on Brodie Farber while pondering that age-old question, is it still a tramp stamp if it has a vaguely threatening message?)

It turns out that we aren’t the only ones who are skeptical about Nate Diaz‘s chances to make it in the UFC as a 170-pounderRory Markham, who will welcome Diaz to the division at UFC 111 on March 27, recently told us he doesn’t see the Stockton, Ca. product having a lot of success in the welterweight class, partly because he lacks the punching power, but also because he’s trying to make the jump too soon.

"Moving up and down in weight always seems like a simple fix, but you have to have time to do it. He’s not taking a lot of time to go up, and I think that’s going to hinder him greatly. If you don’t take it slow, you don’t put on the muscle right. I understand his motivation for going up, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea for him. He didn’t exactly carry a bunch of power at 155, and there are some heavy-hitters up here in this weight class. That’s something I know I carry. I can say that whole-heartedly and humbly."

Markham, who’s 1-1 in the UFC and has his own striking power to thank for 11 of his 16 career victories, says he had a somewhat unusual reaction to being offered the fight with Diaz over the weekend.


Brockwatch: Lesnar Is A Medical Miracle, Will Return This Summer

(Nice try diverticulosis, but no dice.)

Canadian socialized medicine may have tried to kill Brock Lesnar or at least end his career, but after an agonizing few weeks the big man "healed [him]self" and will return this summer to face the winner of the Shane Carwin-Frank Mir fight.  This is what we learned during Lesnar’s appearance on "Sportscenter" today. 

Sitting beside Dana White and wearing a t-shirt laden with all the usual sponsors (Fusion Ammo, Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches, etc.), Lesnar explained the entirety of his long medical odyssey from an early misdiagnosis to a collapse in Canada that left him at the mercy of lousy Canuck doctors, to his return to the U.S. where good old American doctors prepared to put him under the knife to fix his diverticulosis, which would have cursed him with a colostomy bag and ended his career.  But, after laying for days on end in the hospital and losing forty pounds, he went to get a second opinion, which also called for surgery. 

Lesnar went home, returned to the gym and put some weight back on, and when he came back to the hospital on January 5 it was, "a miracle; they were dumbfounded.  They couldn’t find any signs of any problems in my stomach."


Get Your Surprised Face On: “Krazy Horse” Bennett Was Arrested Again

Charles Krazy Horse Bennett
(Some artists work in oils or acrylics. "Krazy Horse" works in mug shots.)

Hope you’re sitting down for this one, Potato Nation, because it isn’t going to be easy to hear.  Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett, the Pride and EliteXC veteran with ten years worth of MMA experience, has been arrested.  Again. reports that Bennett was popped at 6:30 pm on Monday night "on suspicion of felony aggravated battery" at the FIT NHB gym in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he is listed as a team member.  It’s unclear whether that means he was simply picked up at the gym, or whether he actually committed the (alleged) battery there, though the latter would make for a much better story, especially if it happened during a training session.

Obviously, Bennett is innocent until proven guilty, but this isn’t the Horse’s first run-in with the law.  The guy’s been nabbed so many times there is a highlight reel of his mug shot photos, and it’s generally accepted that if you book him to fight there’s always a chance that he’ll miss the date due to being in jail.  His past exploits on the wrong side of the law have included arrests for drug distribution, kidnapping, domestic violence, and battery against a pregnant woman.  Yeah, we know.

After the jump, check some highlights from "Krazy Horse’s" career in legal violence


Firas Zahabi Is Trying to Recruit Gegard Mousasi as a Sparring Partner For GSP

(Can one gym even hold that much badass?  Magic eightball says, ‘Outlook not so good.’)

As UFC welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre puts on more weight and continues to dominate every 170-pounder in his path, finding sparring partners who can push him is apparently becoming more of a problem.  In a talk with, Tristar Gym owner and longtime GSP trainer Firas Zahabi says that he can’t even put him up against other fighters his own size in training anymore, adding "It’s getting scary.  Georges is getting better and better, believe it or not." 

That’s why he’s looking to add a new face to St. Pierre’s training camp: Strikeforce light heavyweight champ Gegard Mousasi.

Since he mentioned it no less than twice in the interview, we’re assuming Zahabi is serious about getting "The Last Gypsy" in the gym with GSP.  If it happens, we can only hope that the cameras are there to capture it for "UFC Primetime."  Though who are we kidding, St. Pierre-Mousasi is a sparring session worthy of pay-per-view.  Maybe they should just film it and keep it in the can.  That way, if GSP runs through Dan Hardy too quickly, they can go ahead and add it to the broadcast to make the fans feel like they got their money’s worth.  As an added bonus, it seems like the kind of thing that would really, really piss off M-1 Global.