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January, 2010

Sean Sherk Is Chasing James Irvin’s ‘Most Cursed’ Title

Sean Sherk 
(Sean Sherk groggily gets back to his feet as a spectator with tiny arms and a vague resemblance to Bruce Campbell yawns in disbelief.)

There are times when every fighter comes face to face with the end of the road. For Sean Sherk, withdrawing from three consecutive fights may be one of these times. As first reported by FiveOuncesofPain, the Muscle Shark has pulled out of his scheduled matchup with Clay Guida at the "UFC on Versus" event (March 21st; Broomfield, Colorado) due to lingering injuries. Sherk hasn’t competed since his unanimous decision loss to Frankie Edgar at UFC 98 in May. Since then, Sherk has pulled out of a fight against Gleison Tibau in October (shoulder injury), and was struck down by the UFC 108 curse (cut over right eye) after being penciled in to face Jim Miller.

Filling in for Sherk against Clay Guida will likely be Shannon Gugerty (12-4, 2-2 UFC), who was most recently choked out by Terry Etim at UFC 105, but has earned first-round submissions over Dale Hartt and Matt Grice during his stint in the Octagon.

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Video: Georges St. Pierre Considering a Permanent Move to Middleweight

(Props: MMA Fighting)

During the six-month layoff following his last title defense against Thiago Alves, Georges St. Pierre has been in the gym, getting even more jacked. Now walking around at 193 pounds of lean muscle, GSP is contemplating a move up to middleweight, and discusses what that would entail in the interview above. First off, he’d have to get even larger, and he’d do it through diet, not steroids, which is good to know. Also, the move would be permanent; he’s not interested in the back-and-forth weight-hopping done by guys like Anderson Silva and Dan Henderson. But like so many other UFC stars, he has no interest in fighting his friends and training partners, which include Nate Marquardt, Patrick Cote, and Denis Kang: "If I’m in mount position, and it’s time to land that big hellbow that will leave a scar on the forehead of my friend and knock him out cold with cerebral damage, if he’s my friend I will never do that." Good Lord, whatever happened to putting personal loyalties aside in the name of a paycheck?

Related: Diego Sanchez reportedly posted the message "Going back to 170" on his Facebook page last night, but it has since been removed. According to Sanchez’s manager, Jeff Clark, no decision has been made at this time regarding what weight class he will compete in next.


Tag Team MMA Is Probably Not the Future of the Sport

Cage Potato forum member Sodak posted a link to this ridiculous nonsense recently, but we were too busy paying attention to normal things to notice until now.  For those of you who have ever said to yourself, ‘You know, I like MMA but I just wish there was a way to get more dudes involved at once,’ your prayers have been answered.  Tag team MMA provides all the enjoyment of watching a fight where closed-fist strikes to the head are illegal, while also adding all the confusion of a total clusterfuck.

I’m sure this sounded like a great idea to somebody, probably somebody who still isn’t completely convinced that pro wrestling is fake.  They must have had grand visions of a tag team MMA empire featuring epic bouts between the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers and the devious Oxford Boys, who always win with help from their meddling manager, Professor Lankenshire.  But when this match ends in a tie and we have all four fighters going at it, writhing around on the mat in a pile of sweaty, desperate bodies, that’s the point when we have to realize that this thing is giving way too much ammunition to the ‘MMA is gay foreplay‘ crowd.  The last thing we need is to encourage those idiots. 

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some San Do to watch before the XARM championships come on.


A Message From Mackens Semerzier

WEC fighter and son of Haitian immigrants Mackens Semerzier would like to remind us that Haiti is in dire need of help after this week’s massive earthquake.  Since the thing that separates us from the beasts of the field is that we rally together to help our fellow man in times of distress (except, that is, for those of us convinced that our fellow man totally had it coming), this is one of those times where we should all do what we can.  If somehow you haven’t already heard this, you can text ‘Haiti’ to 90999 and make a $10 donation to the Red Cross.  I just did it and I can assure you that it’s quick, easy, and it won’t hurt your cell phone bill any more than that time you got into an unnecessary text message war with your ex-girlfriend.


Jens Pulver’s ‘Driven’ Film Needs Your Help

(Props: gregorybayne)

If there’s any MMA fighter who deserves to have a documentary made about him it’s Jens Pulver, who survived a profoundly abusive childhood and went on to become the UFC’s first 155-pound champion, but now faces his last ride after losing four straight fights in the WEC. The above clip is from a work-in-progress called Driven by filmmaker Gregory Bayne. If you watch it, you’ll most likely have a strong urge to see the whole thing. There’s one small problem: It’s not even close to finished, and Bayne needs funding to keep working on it. As he explains on

Jens is set to fight on March 6, 2010 in Columbus, Ohio. To insure that I can film the entire lead up to the fight, (his training, his day to day family life, any wrenches that get thrown into the mix), and join Jens in Ohio, I am seeking to raise $25,000 in just 20 days. These funds will be used to secure the gear we need for production (Additional HD Camera, lighting, and sound recording equipment), and to hire an additional cameraman and sound mixer, as well as to cover insurance costs, and all the costs of (transportation, lodging, etc.) associated with bringing the crew to the fight in Ohio. While this doesn’t represent the entire scope or budget of the film, it is the most pressing financial need as I hope to capture this story as it unfolds.

Right now, supporters have pledged $1,045 of the $25,000 goal, with just 16 days until the deadline. So if you have any charity-money left after giving your life savings to Wyclef Jean, click on this link to read more about the project — and what each level of donation will get you in return — and hit that green "Back This Project" box to toss in a few bucks. Every little bit helps.


Friday Link Dump

(Best of Pride airs tonight on Spike. Check it out if you’re home on a Friday night. Also check out the prospect of getting a life. Just kidding. Sort of.)

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Better Know a Ring Girl: Chandella Powell

UFC ring girl Chandella Powell
(No matter how many times she was warned about the dangers of traipsing around the kitchen in those heels, Chandella never believed a slip-and-fall accident could happen to her.)

It’s Friday afternoon, there’s no major MMA event going on over the weekend, so we thought we’d entertain ourselves by checking out new UFC ring girl Chandella Powell‘s hastily thrown together personal website.  After all, she seems to be a semi-permanent addition (at least until the UFC decides they want another fresh face) and yet what do we know about her?  I mean, aside from the fact that she probably won’t be willing to do any Raw Vegas interviews with me, what do we really know about her?

So I took to her website and found out…nothing, really.  Her ‘About Me’ section reads: "I am the UFC’s newest Octagon Girl.  I will update this about me soon!"  There are no links in the links section, and her profile on this modeling website says her birthday is January 1st, 1982, which just seems made up.  Seriously, who’s born on New Year’s Day?  Well, J. Edgar Hoover and J.D. Salinger, but they were both world class assholes.  

Anyway, one thing Chandella does have on her website is photos of her in various states of undress.  They are presented for your enjoyment after the jump.


UFC’s Most Cursed Fighter Will Try to Return in March Against Alessio Sakara

James Irvin UFC MMA knee injury

It’s kind of crazy to think about it, but UFC fighter James Irvin hasn’t been in the Octagon since his 61-second knockout loss to Anderson Silva, way back in July 2008. Since then, the Sandman has served a nine-month suspension for unauthorized painkiller use and pulled out of two different fights due to knee injuries. (This is the same guy who blew out his knee during a match against Thiago Silva in May 2007, broke his foot while training for a UFC 85 bout against Rashad Evans, and once fell out of the cage during a fight against Bobby Southworth.) And yet the UFC has stuck by Irvin, continuing to offer him fights that he very likely won’t show up for. Everybody cross your fingers, because Irvin will reportedly make his long-delayed middleweight debut at "UFC on Versus" (March 21st; Broomfield, Colorado).

If he can avoid injuries or other major misfortunes for the next two months, Irvin’s opponent will be Alessio Sakara, who most recently won a split-decision over Thales Leites at UFC 101, effectively beating him out of the UFC. Sakara was scheduled to face Rousimar Palhares at the TUF 10 finale, but was forced to withdraw due to injury. This has to be Irvin’s last chance to save his job — will he return to his old superman-punching, flying-knee’ing form, or will he get hit by a bus on the way to weigh-ins?


The Tekken Movie Trailer Succeeds in Making Us Want to Play the Tekken Video Game

(At least the costume designer can still dream of an Oscar.)

Our friends at Screen Junkies have the trailer for the upcoming "Tekken" movie that stole both Roger Huerta and Cung Le away from the MMA world for a little while.  If the movie’s anything like the trailer, it’s not going to be as entertaining as playing Tekken for ninety-two minutes would be, but that’s to be expected.  At least we get a glimpse of Huerta’s acting chops when he shouts, ‘This is Iron Fist!’ at the 0:12 mark.  It’s probably unfair to judge his entire performance by how stitled and unconvincing that one line is, but let’s just say we’re not surprised that he wants to come back to fighting.

The boys at SJ point out that "Tekken" is directed by the same guy who did "Halloween 4" and "Anacondas," and written by the same guy who penned such works as "Spawn" and "The Marine."  You add in a couple of real fighters who returned to the sport to take beatings after filming this joint, along with the guy who played Jim Brown in "The Express" in the role of Raven, and you got yourself a can’t-miss blockbuster. 


Strikeforce Struggles to Walk the Fine Line Between Beatable and Credible When It Comes to Bobby Lashley’s Opponent

(‘All right, Vince. Before we do this thing, you want the chamomile or the rosemary tea rinse? For an extra twenty bucks we can also throw some Just For Men in that bad boy, and that can be our little secret.’)

Bobby Lashley‘s status as MMA’s most famous can-crusher seems as though it won’t be immediately effected by signing on with Strikeforce, as much as we might have hoped for the opposite result.  Strikeforce suffered a setback this week when trying to match Lashley up with MMA fighter and boxer Yohan Banks (2-1 in MMA, 2-3-3 in boxing).  Strikeforce may have thought it sounded like a good idea to shove Banks in against a decorated wrestler and valued MMA prospect like Lashley, but the Florida State Boxing Commission disagreed.  MMA Junkie reports that the bout was denied on the grounds that it was "not competitive," to which we assume Scott Coker responded, ‘No kidding.’

Instead, Five Ounces of Pain says Lashley will face Jimmy "The Titan" Ambriz (14-12-1) at Strikeforce: Miami on January 30.  Ambriz is coming off a win over Chris "The Fireman" Clark (who is 7-30 in five years worth of competition) in August, and his career features a list of losses against notable opponents like Jeff Monson, Sergei Kharitonov, Josh Barnett, Chris Tuchscherer, and Scott Junk, among others.  His biggest triumph was probably a TKO over Ruben Villareal, followed by a draw against Ron Waterman.

But hey, at least the guy has more total fights than Banks, so that qualifies him to be ground into a fine paste by Lashley, right?