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February, 2010

Josh Barnett Ditches Steroid Appeal Hearing to Wrestle Bob Sapp

Josh Barnett Bob Sapp Japan pro wrestling
Bob Sapp Josh Barnett IGF pro wrestling Japan Bob Sapp choke pro wrestling Inoki Genome Tokyo Josh Barnett
(More pics here. Props to FightOpinion for the tip.)

Josh Barnett‘s appeal of his denial of licensure in the state of California was postponed for a fourth time yesterday, after Barnett failed to show up to the hearing. The Babyface Assassin had a good excuse, though — he was busy beating down Bob Sapp at an Inoki Genome Federation pro-wrestling event in Tokyo. Though Barnett’s attorney appeared at the hearing, it wasn’t good enough for the California State Athletic Commission, which rescheduled his case until April 20th. Said Barnett’s attorney, Michael J. DiMaggio:

“We’ve been diligently preparing to present Mr. Barnett’s case and his defense, and he was unable to be here today and we are extremely shocked and disappointed that the commission ruled that they would not go forward with the hearing without Mr. Barnett being present. It’s particularly surprising in light of the fact that we’re not aware of any rule or regulation that insists that he be here…This is obviously the commission’s rules, which are very vague and unknown to us…Presenting issues and raising issues relating to the test results, the chain of custody, the protocol, those type of issues are issues that can be addressed without Mr. Barnett being present. His presence and his ability to be cross-examined is irrelevant to those issues.”

K-Sos and Stephan Bonnar Want to Do It Again, Brother

(I’m not going to lie to you Stephan, that’s probably going to leave a mark.)

Though he appeared to be headed for a loss anyway, Stephan Bonnar is not happy with the way his fight against Krzysztof Soszynski ended at UFC 110, and it’s hard to blame him.  After an accidental headbutt caused a nauseating cut on his forehead which lathered the mat with blood, the fight was stopped and K-Sos was awarded the TKO victory with just minutes left in the fight.  Ideally, a fight that’s stopped due to a headbutt should go to the scorecards rather than being declared a loss for the fighter who was just fouled, but hey, what do you expect in Australia?  No place that produced Hugh Jackman and Errol Flynn is going to play by your silly rules.

But the best part about this story – or the worst part, if you’re Bonnar – is that he now has a scar on his forehead shaped oddly like a ‘K.’  As in, the first letter of K-Sos’s name.  It’s like he was branded by his enemy in defeat.  From now until the day he dies, when his body will presumably be blasted into space because, hell, that’s what we do with everything in the future, at least in my imagination, he will bear the mark of K-Sos. 

And yet, because Bonnar is not the type of guy to give up just because it’s probably the smart thing to do, he wants another go-round with the sharp-skulled K-Sos.  Soszynski says he’s up for it "if the UFC wants it and the fans want it."  I guess this is where we turn it over to you.  Any interest in Bonnar/K-Sos II?  If so, what are the odds that Bonnar can somehow even the score by carving an ‘S’ into K-Sos’s head?  Follow-up question: Do you think he should opt for the ‘B’ instead, just to make it clear that the ‘S’ doesn’t stand for Soszynski?  Short of a custom made signet ring that he sneaks into the Octagon, how would he even accomplish that?


Videos: Shinya Aoki vs. George Sotiropoulos, Shin vs. Testicles

(Aoki vs. Sotiropoulos, Shooto: Champion Carnival, 10/14/06. Props: MiddleEasy. Fight starts at the 4:00 mark.)

Before he was a rising lightweight star in the UFC, George Sotiropoulos was just another Australian prospect trying to make a name for himself. In October 2006, Sotiropoulos found himself in the ring with Shinya Aoki, who had become the 170-pound boss of Shooto earlier that year. As you’ll see, Georgie spent the entire first round desperately defending leg-lock attempts. Clearly outmatched in the grappling department, he tried a different strategy as soon as round two started — he punted Aoki directly in the groin. The Tobikan Judan couldn’t continue, and the fight was ruled a DQ loss for Sotiropoulos. It wasn’t the first time that Aoki was stopped due to a foul, and it wouldn’t be the last. In 2005, Aoki earned a DQ victory over Shigetoshi Iwase thanks to a low blow, and his first meeting with Gesias Cavalcante ended in a no-contest due to some illegal elbows to the back of the head. Bad luck or overacting? And speaking of nasty nut shots…

After the jump: Former American Gladiator/"MMA fighter" Justice Smith kicks a man in the balls as hard as he can, in the name of science. 


Reminder: ‘Wrong Side of Town’ Caption Contest Ends Tomorrow!

Kimbo Slice midget pimp

Ay dog, we just wanted to let you know that our Wrong Side of Town DVD caption contest ends tomorrow at noon ET, so go here to throw in your final entries for a chance to win.

Bonus, after the jump: Check out the picture we were almost going to use for this contest, before we came across the above shot of Kimbo and the Pimpmidget. No, this is not another caption contest — wasting company time to come up with one-liners for a ridiculous photo of Aleksander Emelianenko should be its own reward.


GIF of the Day: The Buffer Two-Step

(Props: McSluggaCrackedMySkull)

Here’s the thing about Bruce Buffer: Even when he’s not working, he’s still working. During Wanderlei Silva‘s entrance at UFC 110, the Buff could be spotted lurking behind Wandy’s team, grooving to "Sandstorm" like everybody else in the building and looking forward to the end of the night when he could tear off his suit and transform into Party Buffer. We apologize that we can only present this moment to you in animated gif form, but if you turn up your speakers, click here and stare at this thing until your eyes glaze over, you’ll eventually start to feel like Bruce is inside you. Don’t fight it. Let it happen.


Video: The Green Ranger Rides Again in Second MMA Fight

(Fight starts at around the 3:40 mark.)

Chances are this was yet another weekend that slipped by without you ever pausing to ask that timeless question, ‘I wonder what that one Power Ranger dude is up to?’ If you had stopped thinking about yourself for one lousy minute and given some thought to Jason David Frank, former Green Ranger and the creator of the Jesus Didn’t Tap clothing line, you might have found out that he won his second MMA fight in Texas on Friday night. Like his first foray into the cage, this one ended in the first round, this time due to strikes against an opponent who was not quite ready for primetime from the look of it.

What Chris Rose lacked in polish he attempted to make up for in sheer aggression, but alas it was not enough. Frank kept the pressure on, so much so that he appeared to knee a downed Rose in the head at one point, and eventually forced the referee to stop the onslaught at the 2:09 mark, much to the delight of Frank’s screaming supporters. Two fights and two victories in less than a month’s time isn’t a bad run, but we aren’t going to get too excited until he agrees to step up in competition and face Lord Zedd in a catchweight bout.


UFC 110 FightPicker Recap: iPod Touch Winners Rejoice, Disgraced Losers Lament

Cain Velasquez and Wanderlei Silva weren’t the only big winners over the weekend. Some of you managed to parlay the goings-on in Australia at UFC 110 into personal success with our MMA FightPicker, and unlike those poor suckers you were able to do it without ever leaving the comforting glow of your computer screen.

But before we get to shouting out some winners, we must answer the question, who was the superior Ben in this weekend’s FightPicker action? The answer is me (BF). I finished sixth in Journeyman Pool 30 #390 with 160 points, which doesn’t sound very impressive until you note that BG finished fifteenth with 130 points, coming in just ahead of Joe Bananas, who we can only assume is the owner of a discount electronics store known for its certifiably insane deals on everything from digital cameras to personal computers.


UFC 110 Post-Event Notes: Bonuses, Complaints, and Next Moves

UFC 110 Wanderlei Silva Michael Bisping
(When you know you’ve won a fight, you don’t have to run around with your arms raised, making a big show for the judges. You can just lay on the mat, drooling like a champion. Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

Following a successful debut in Australia this weekend, the UFC handed out $50,000 performance bonuses to the following lucky bastards:

Fight of the Night: George Sotiropoulos and Joe Stevenson, for their main-card three-rounder. Silva/Bisping might have been a closer battle, but Sotiropoulos gave the Sydney crowd what they paid for — 15 minutes of Aussie domination.

Knockout of the Night: Cain Velasquez, for his first-round smashing of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira in the headlining bout.

Submission of the Night: Chris Lytle, for scoring UFC 110′s only sub, a kneebar of Brian Foster during the prelims. Amazingly, Lytle has won seven end-of-night bonuses in his last eight UFC appearances.

In other news…


UFC 110: A Bad Day to Be a Forehead

(Photos courtesy of Sherdog.)

Good thing the Aussies aren’t a squeamish bunch, because UFC 110 was one of those events that left a lot of plasma on the mat.  Between the accidental headbutt-induced bloodbath of Stephan Bonnar/K-Sos and the gash on Anthony Perosh‘s head that was so nasty even Cro Cop looked a little ill, it was a real horror movie show inside the Octagon in Sydney.  Fortunately the ringside doctor had plenty of gauze, and the viewers at home had Joe Rogan to inject some humor into the situation…


Ben vs. Ben: UFC 110…The Video!

MMA Minute: UFC 110 Edition – Watch more Funny Videos

What?  Why are you even reading this?  There’s a video with everything we care to say right above this text.  That’s pretty much all there is to it.  Other than that, what do you want?  A poem?  Well you can forget it.  What do we look like, Robert freaking Frost over here?  Just click play.